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Modern Day Alchemists Help Center

MDA Questions
Why isn't it letting me add a link to a picture in my Character App?
Can I be a General?
Can we use general alchemy?
Why aren't alchemists as varied in their ability as they are in FMA? (Since each alchemist has their own special abilities + that is all the alchemy)
Is liquid time allowed?
Can I role play solo?
Are characters able to use alchemy without a transmutation circle?
Why haven't you approved my character yet?
How do you shorten 'Central Military Headquarters?'
How did you come up with Modern Day Alchemist?
Will you teach me how to (insert thing here)?
Can I be a staff member?
How can I access the chat box? It just says I'm disconnected.
What year is it in rp?
What season is it in rp?
(Asking something that is clearly stated in the rules OR is clearly made obvious in the FMA Manga)
Can chimerae use alchemy?
Can I make a new homunculi like Vanity?
What is MDA's rating (PG, R, etc.)?
How do the dice rolls work, and for what are they specifically used for?
Can chimera be fused with mythical creatures?
MDA is modern times, but not the same world as ours. What are the key differences people should be aware of?
Why are people on MDA so close and so inviting?
How common is knowledge about Father and homunculi to every day people and non-militants or alchemists?
What are the requirements for having a 6th character?
How many alchemists can I have?
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Use of cookies
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