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Points & The Leveling System

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Points & The Leveling System

Post by Reila Tsukino on Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:23 am


Points are what you as a player will use to receive special rewards for posting frequently. Every post you make in an IC thread will automatically give you three points which you can put toward 'purchasing' more characters, levels for your character, and ranks. When you have enough points, PM a staff member and request whatever it is you want to spend them on (unless, of course, you run into someone in the cbox, then you can just ask them on the spot).

Receive Points:
-- Posting in an IC thread (+3 points per post)
-- Posting in a flashback or journal thread (+3 points per post)
-- Submitting a mission idea (+5 points)
-- Completing a mission (to be determined at the time and +3 points per post)
-- Completing a thread (+5 points)
-- Competitions: QOTF (to be determined at the time)

Spend Points:
-- Second Character (-20 points)
-- Third Character (-40 points)
-- Fourth Character (-60 points)
-- Fifth Character (-80 points)
-- Sixth Character and on (-100 points with permission from Aki)
-- Philosopher's Stones (-1000 points)
-- State License (-50 points and Level Two requirement)
-- Level Upgrades (read below)

In-character perks like level upgrades and philosophers stones can only be purchased with one character's point collection. The points for making a new character can be traded within all character accounts.

Once a character reaches level 4 (and including all mod and admin accounts) all points from that character can be transferred between your other character accounts OR can be kindly given to another member's character in the forum. The second situation would apply if you wished for your friend's character to reach the same level as your character or something of the sort. The decision is left up to you.

In order to get permission from Aki to make a sixth character and on, you must be in multiple threads with all your characters. Missions don't count. From there, what we look for is mainly whether or not you can handle it.

Note: You may not have more than five alchemist characters, unless plot calls for it, but even then, it will have to be a dire scenario.

To make anything above happen, PM staff

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Leveling System

Post by Reila Tsukino on Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:24 am


Whether your character is an Alchemist, Civilian, Militant, Chimera, or Homunculus; leveling works the same way. We go by a point system here, with points earned for each IC post and mission completed. By racking up enough points, your character will gain a level.

LEVEL ONE: 0 points; one special ability unlocked.
LEVEL TWO: -100 points; three special abilities unlocked and the ability to purchase Philosopher Stones.
LEVEL THREE: -200 points; four special abilities unlocked.
LEVEL FOUR: -400 points; five special abilities unlocked and the ability transfer points from your level four character to any of your other characters.

How to Level up
Have your applications moved into the revamp section with the [date - WIP] stamped in the title next to your character's name and if you have a transmutation application, its title as well. In your character's history, you have to add 150 words more about what they've been doing since you left off in the last paragraph. I encourage you to write more than 150 words. You can also add or change anything else reasonably. But you MUST color everything you change/add a different color (usually we stick with their language color scheme). Then, you add your abilities to your trans app if you have one, using the arrows to indicate a new ability as well as also coloring everything you change/add the same color as in your character app. Then, you'll eventually be approved and lose the points the level up costs you. Any questions, ask in the cbox or PM someone!

To level-up, however, there are requirements that must be met. Levelling up usual characters requires that the character in question is actively in at least one thread. Alchemists and alkahestrists must be in two, to show they have the appropriate dedication towards playing a high-powered character geared towards combat (usually).


Military Officers
Each time a militant levels, they can gain a rank (Lieutenant/Major/Colonel/General) up in the military. Level four military officers are not automatically labeled as Generals (see the Military Information thread for further clarification).

Military Alchemists/Alkahestrists
As Military Alchemists/Alkahestrists are both Alchemists/Alkahestrists and Military Officers, they share ranking levels equal to that of both Alchemists/Alkahestrists and the Military. However, their ranking up in the Military is limited to the lowest possible rank of the next rank (Lieutenant, Major, Colonel, General). State Alchemists are also Military Alchemists, but they are given the rank roll when they level up, rather than being regulated to the lowest possible rank.

Alchemists/Alkahestrists gain new abilities when leveling up. Beginning at level two, Alchemists can purchase PHILOSOPHER'S STONES, but the cost is -1000 points each. Philosopher's stones give the user the ability to defy the alchemy laws and create 'things out of nothing', but each stone only has THREE uses, so use them wisely. At level four, Alchemists will be able to perform human transmutation to access the Gate and survive. This means they can, if they choose, perform human transmutation, thus able to use alchemy without a transmutation circle and see Truth. At level four, Alkahestrists, if they choose, can perform Falun Gong to access the Garden and survive. This means they will then be able to see Qi as a near-physical essence rather than simply feel it. However, unlike human transmutation, Falun Gong must involve bringing back the life of another person by stripping the existence of ego and sacrificing mind, body, and soul selflessly. See the information guides for a greater understanding.

Starting from level one, Homunculi have a specific amount of lives before they truly die. A level one homunculus will need to be killed TWENTY times before death, each level above it gains an additional TWENTY lives. When they reach level four, they must be killed EIGHTY times before actual death. However, if you want to kill off your homunculus character, we'll make it possible. ;D Homunculi do not change appearance when they level. The only hint that they've leveled is that they have more advanced abilities. At level four, however, their full form is unlocked, giving them a whole new appearance when they choose to go into full form. This appearance can resemble anything from a large black shadow with mouths and eyes everywhere (Pride) to a creature with a mouth coming out of it's stomach from the mouth (Gluttony) to a massive dragon-like creature (Envy). However, you cannot give them abilities that are not already canon-like, so Envy can't suddenly materialize things, Pride can't turn invisible and Lust can't fly, etc.

When a civilian levels up, they gain a higher status in society. Level four civilians are labeled as celebrities in their professions (Like an actress will become a super star, an automail mechanic will become well known as 'one of the best in the country' and gets lots of business and the likes). Each level up also increases the money budget, allowing your character to have a lot more in life. WIP

Each time a chimera levels up, they will obtain a greater assimilation with the animal counterparts within them, gaining a new ability. Just like alchemists/alkahestrists, they start off with one solid ability, gain two more at level two, and so on. Each new ability will reflect greater attention to their animistic qualities and ascent away from humanity.



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