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MISSION: The Dissolution of Drachma and RIOTE's Rebirth

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FORT BRIGGS > DRACHMA - Outside of Moscow: Dai, Dietrich, Ela

Post by Reila Tsukino on Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:34 pm

"Please do enjoy your visit, Sir Dietrich," Reila replied with a laugh before hanging up rather abruptly. She stared at the phone a moment, pondering. In peculiar ways this man worked... She noticed Dai out of the corner of her eye and looked up. "I really have no idea what you just said..." She sighed and stood up from her desk, walking around it and towards him as gracefully as if she were walking through the floorboards. "But anyway, yes, it's true...unfortunately. We don't get a damn break." By her speech alone it was evident that she was in one of her moods--the kind of mood that said mess-with-me-and-you-won't-even-have-a-gravestone. It didn't help that...that-- She felt tears fill her eyes and she slammed her fist into the nearest object, which happened to be the wall. "GODDAMMIT!!!" Dai had to be startled now... She cursed under her breath and slowly withdrew her bruised fingers. Taking a deep breath, she resettled her eyes on the man she...she--

She didn't know. "Mura's gone again, Dai. I--" She buried her face in her hands and pushed red hair away from sticking to her cheeks. "He-- I don't even know how to explain it." You don't need to, Rei-chan. Just let it out. Ugh it hurt. Her very core thrashed against her insides, clawing at who she was and sinking garish fangs into her soul. "Something went wrong and he--he just--agh. Dai..." Desperation...she just couldn't get it out. Dropping her arms limply at her sides she stepped forward and buried her face into Dai's shoulder, sucking his his smell and shutting her eyes. "His soul is transmuted to me. There's no bloodseal, but he's in there somewhere. And it hurts. I don't know how to return him to his body... He's still alive it's just...I don't know what to do. And now this... We have to go now." She stepped away, rubbing at her eye--disguising a tear for an itch. They had to go. Forcing a smile, she grabbed his wrist and towed him along down the halls and towards the hangars where she then let go of him. "Make sure you have everything." Why she said that...she also didn't know. Looking out for him? She could have easily just commanded him to gather supplies... but...

Golden eyes filled with the world reflected her craft, the UFO. She loved it and yet...wished it could gather some dust for a while while everyone healed. Nothing waited for them though; it was life, however unrealistic it seemed. Flipping most of her hair up into a high pony tail, she slipped behind a curtain and changed into her armor. With the Amestrian symbol painted across the metal, the chest plate snugged into her form, outlining her curves and making them stand out more. Two tails of red on either side of her head fell down from two metal wings she clipped into place to serve as a helmet that protected her head from attack. She slid her arms into gauntlets that reached her shoulders in ornate silver, glinting in the sunset that fell through the window panes. Through the clear ceiling, she could see the bleeding sun in dashes of red, orange, and pink. Such a beautiful scene... She wondered if maybe it would be the last she'd ever see. Tearing into a battle this dangerous with Drachma could very well end any of their lives. She faced this fact strongly, and when she exited the curtain with a clunk of her metal boots, she did so with a smile.

Two...three...four of her ships had now taken off, swooping into the air like birds in flight. In a short time, they would touch down in a tundra far colder than that of their home, Fort Briggs. She let the smile lessen as she climbed aboard her UFO, waiting for Dai. She didn't have a coat; just her sword and what was on her back. She was a girl that didn't need things--didn't want things. She already had everything she had ever wanted: people who cared about her. And the reason why she now went to battle was so she could protect those people. Loki too was her friend--a man who for the first time made it possible for Briggs and Drachma to stop fighting. was happening all over again. Loki's honor was tarnished... She would avenge him--if anything, she would slay the one who had slain him. The survival of the fittest. Well, we will see who the fittest will be. Whoever killed Loki would pay for their sin in blood. She felt the venom rise in her, knowing...just knowing that it wasn't her own. Calm down she said to herself, hoping to quell the beast growing inside her soul. It wasn't just was everyone. She felt she knew things she never knew. She also felt things she would never nervousness, made her unsure--a leader could never be unsure. But Reila had also learned how to kick them out of her mind--how to throw them in a cage and tell them to behave or else. And the else was something they sure as hell never wanted to find out.

What a fearsome woman. A what?! She grit her teeth. That's right, bitch. Mess with me and you'll face hell. She sighed, a deep, heavy sigh, and Dai finally showed up. Instant silence came about her--a peacefulness settling inside that shouldn't be there in the face of eminent war. She looked to him with a shimmering golden stare until he looked back. And that was all she needed.

It was a short ride before her skilled pilot turned in his leather seat to say they had entered Drachma's airspace. But just as he had done so, something exploded nearby and the UFO lurched quickly downward, making Reila's stomach get caught some miles up. Apparently a skyward battle was happening between a spacecraft called The Fallacy and another that wasn't labeled on radar. They jutted out of the vicinity before Reila gave the order to. "Thank you. Now land us down just outside of Moscow. Use the highway as a land--" The ship dipped a little. "--ing ground." The pilot did so quickly after apologizing for the turbulence, and reported that he spotted a strange-looking vehicle traveling toward their landing site. Reila stepped out into the snow and the puffs of air slithering down from the UFO, trying to see past her hair whipping into her face. That looked like...

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MOSCOW: CITY SQUARE - Zabulon, Esparians, Marismo, and Zinaida

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:21 pm

The calamity was heard from the direction of the Kremlin, the sound of fighting had arisen to plague the ears of all of Drachma once more. Did the loyalists still resist? Had they not shown them the will of the people? If they continued to fight, then they would be destroyed. Drachma has no need for disobedient children.....

A man clad in communist uniform, the uniform that all officers of Drachma would wear as soon as the Krasnaya Armiya was reformed, approached Ivanka and whispered in his ear, and then hurried off to the side where a few well armed men, distinct from the rioters and militia that filled most of the streets of Moscow. These men were professional soldiers, those whom had followed Ivanka, Chaos, and Alena to this new Drachma. Most of the military had, only the Loki loyalists resisted, and they were dealt with by the full extent of the will of the people.

Hopping down from the makeshift stage, Ivanka waved to the people with a warm smile to urge them to remain calm, and then hurried to go speak with the soldiers off on the side, for they had urgent news, information that dealt with the national security of Drachma. At a time as critical as this, what could it have been? He greeted the officer of the group with a firm handshake and a genuine smile. Ivanka spoke in joyful tones, that charismatic bliss that always seemed to engulf him. "Comrades! What news do you bring me? I am hoping that this joyous day will not be interrupted, our people have suffered enough hardship for now"

"Comrade Kolokovsky, we have several reports coming in. A force of unidentified soldiers have broken through the city parameter and are now outside of the Kremlin. Another enemy group, whom we believe to be Cretan, is marching towards the Kremlin as we speak! Our soldiers have met with them but they are well armed, we cannot hold out for long. We need to organize a counter offensive immediately. Also, there have been reports of an unidentified aircraft over Arkhangelskolye and attacks on our military buildings there, our communications relay was just cut, we believe they have already infiltrated the building, we haven't been able to contact our men since. If we don't act quickly, they might cripple our supply source and send our army into disarray. We believe that this foreshadows a possible invasion." The officer paused to catch his breath, his weary blue eyes glancing over the crowds that had gathered around Moscow Square, some now frightened by the sudden commotion coming from the distance, others excited by the prospect of fighting one more. "What are your orders, commander?" he asked, a hint of uncertainty in being overwhelmed by these events, marring his voice. Ivanka gave no immediate reply, instead, he turned his back on the man, and he let his violet gaze cast itself upon the Kremlin, not to far off, where the sound of gunfire was picking up, accompanied by explosions that carried with tremendous sound, across the crisp, cold, night air of Moscow. So it had come to war already? Was it inevitable, that the evils of this world would try to smite their attempt at creating a new, prosperous Drachma? Did they seek to prolong their suffering. Ivanka clenched his fists as he was filled with a vengeful spirit, restless because he new that more Drachman blood would be spilt. Innocents would die, all the work towards toppling the oppressive regime of the Czar, it would be for nought now. Not unless, Ivanka stopped it, and he would die trying if it meant protecting this country and her people. "Call a pilot to bring our transport chopper, the one loaded with Beserker. If Marynia is still away, call any pilot who can be here in ten minutes or less." "Yessir"

Ivanka strode forward, tall and proud before his fellow Drachmans, his sledgehammer, Titana Kulak, the fist of the titan, still clenched tightly in his hand. As he approached the center of the plaza once again, a hushed silence fell upon the crowds, and they watched intently, waiting for his to speak, to assure them over this new threat to their very home, their very lives. The sandy haired man inhaled deeply, and then let his words echo over the masses, contending with the concerto of war that afflicted them.

"Comrades! There are those, forces of malicious, greedy intent, who seek to steal our hope, to smite it with with guns and bombs! They destroy our homes! They spill our blood! And for what, comrades? To Oppress us! They will not end their treacherous campaign against our freedom until every single one of us is trapped under their iron heeled boot! These monsters, the governments of foreign nations, they drink the blood of the earth, they feast on the misery of her people, they thrive in a dystopia that they themselves have orchestrated! Well I say that we will tolerate this madness no more! To arms comrades! We fight for the motherland, we fight for our freedom! We will send a message to the world! Drachma will never fall!" The souls of the Drachman people were ignited once more, now filled with a thunderous roar, a call for defiance, for revenge. They would not allow the evilof this world to destroy them! They would prevail, Drachma would prevail. "FOR DRACHMA!" Ivanka shouted, his powerful voice a fuel for the fiery spirit of the crowd , and the masses shouted in turn. FOR DRACHMA!!!!

Ivanka stepped away from the center of the ring of people that encircled the plaza, and made his way over to a man that stood out in the crowd, figuratively and literally, as none seemed to stand to close to him. Dressed in black from head to toe, with matching, long ebon hair, pale skin, and blood curdling red eyes, brandishing a crimson scythe that complete his appearance, that of the grim reaper. Most were frightened from his shadowy appearance, the appearance of a spirit of death, presiding over this night of blood, but to Ivanka, he was another Comrade, and therefore a friend of his. "Commander Goncharova, I am pleased to see that you made it to our presentation! But now is not the time for pleasantries, comrade, I need you to take command of the soldiers hear and organize the city's defenses. I am afraid that we may come under attack very soon, and we must prepare, we must be vigilant." Ivanka gave him an endearing smile, the sign of his friendship, his warm nature towards each and ever one of his comrades. "I place my trust in you comrade. Please, protect our city, protect our new leader. The Kremlin is under attack, but I am afraid that I must tend to other concerns, away from Moscow. May fortune watch over you, comrade". He placed a heavy, gloved automail hand on the grim man's shoulder, the one opposite of where his raven perched, which watched Ivanka intently with beady eyes.

With another smile and a nod, Ivanka took his leave from Zabulon's side, and briskly walked over to the Esparian mercs, who sat around the makeshift stage near the square's center. "Esparian comrades, Drachma has need of your assistance. I am grateful for you help today, I pray that after this is all over, we may share a drink to communism. If we are victorious today, then perhaps your country too, can reform for the greater good of its people.". Ivanka smiled to each of them before his stern gaze fell upon the one called Tristao, a young man with silver hair and crimson eyes, dressed in an ornate navy blue uniform, the leader of this band of mercenaries. "Comrade Tristao, I am afraid that our forces are limited in the Southwest section of the city, and we are currently under attack by the Cretan RTF in that area. Hurry to the enemy's position and assist our men, do not let them reach the Kremlin. Fortune upon your men, comrade.". And from the young guild leader too, he departed with a simple nod and a smile. There was much to do, no time to chat. Zabulon would organize the defenses, the Esparians would deploy to where they were needed now, he would trust that their acclaimed ability would help his men that were now struggling against the Cretan devils. RIOTE too, they would keep the Kremlin protected. Alena would live, Drachma would live.

Finally, Ivanka approached a young woman, Marismo Kasanov, his trusted comrade, a member of his new unit, Kuvalda. She was a young, most would not expect her to be a soldier, but Ivanka saw much promise in her. And even younger still, was Zinaida.....Ivanka signaled for Zinaida's handler, a somber man, to bring her over. She was very young, far too young to be on the field of battle, yet she too, was to be a member of Ivanka's special unit, and for good reason too. Everyone was here, everyone but Marynia. Ivanka hoped that she was well. Her mission should not have taken this long. He would have to search for her after all of this was over. Catching his mind from wondering, Ivanka turned his attention to the children, looking upon them with soft eyes and a warm smile. "Zinaida, Marismo, war is upon us, we are going to have to fight to protect our homes, the ones that we love. Are you ready? I believe in you comrades, we will prevail together. Now, hurry with me, I will brief you on the way to our destination". So the four of them went, including Zina's handler, away from the scrambling crowds of people and off to an opening, a large clearing in the buildings of Moscow, next to a river. As several minutes of waiting for the transport copter, Ivanka wondered silently to himself. The safety of Zinaida, and Marismo, who were like sisters to him, were important. But they were soldiers too, capable soldiers. But if it came to it, Ivanka would protect them with his life, though he was confident that they would not need it.

The sound of the chopper blades beating the air reached their ears, distant at first, only as audible as the gunfire in the distance, but it drew closer and closer, until the great flying transport came into view, hovering over them with a deafening roar as violent wind kicked up around them, causing clothing and hair alike to wave around sporadically. The copter made no attempt to land, there was not time, and instead, a rope ladder was thrown down from above, tumbling and unfolding until it straightened out, a mere half a meter off the ground. Ivanka nodded towards Marismo, and she nimbly climbed up the ladder. Next, he nodded to Zinaida's handler, who responded by retrieving a harness from his bag and fitting it around the young girl. The man quickly lifted her up and strapped her to Ivanka's back. They had no time to see if she could climb the rope herself, so Ivanka simply bore her all the way up. The four of them settled aboard the copter, each now setting about preparing for battle. Ivanka retrieved his rocket launcher, Titana Gneva, Zinaida's handler prepped her for Beserker, which was stored in the back of the Copter, and Marismo prepared in her own way. Alchemical things that Ivanka did not understand. They would arrive in Arkhangelskolye in ten minutes. He hoped that that would not be too late....

((To be continued in a second post, unless you are in Kuvalda, or you are Deirge and Rebecca, there is no need to wait for me))

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Post by Guest on Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:00 am

An explosion. The tall asiatic man's back stood taught as his crimson eyes trained on the direction of the Kremlin. His expression did not change from its normal deadpan, though the corner of his lips did twitch slightly. Was that even at the Kremlin? He felt a vibration in his pocket. Meaning the walls had been breached. They were under attack. But who from? That was the question. Aye, the loyalists would resist, but he wasn't so worried about them. They would be few and far between. Besides, he had already researched into that matter so his men were ready to deal with them.

More gunfire. Movement upon the stage. Zabulon cast his eyes upon Ivanka, his gaze rather piercing even if the member of Kuvalda didn't realize it. He was receiving a report from a man wearing what he guessed was their new uniform, the wind buffeting his bangs lightly before his eyes. There was trouble afoot. He must away. Another text. That smile did not fool the Head of Defense. Sliding his cell phone from his pocket, he discreetly checked it as the whispers began to spread, heads turning towards the Кремил, then back to each other.

Breach at the Eastern Wall. Appears to have come from Amestris. Destination unknown. Alerting troops of their advancement. Will keep you informed. ~ O

So. The Amestrian's were so bold already? But what cause for they to enter this? There was the slightest downturn in his lips as he raised his eyes back to Ivanka. Was he quite done? He personally had work he really should be doing. It appeared that they were done speaking, and the proud man with his sledgehammer stood taught with tension. Narrowing his eyes slightly, he could only imagine what words he might speak to those that were before them. He could understand indignation, but this was borderline unnecessary. Perhaps this was why he was better suited to worry about the defenses than politics. Pretty words spoken to instill a flame within their men. Better than nothing he supposed. He did prefer to be quick and to the point though. Unmoving as he could sense the change in those around him, he was tempted to slip from within the crowd to the edges, but he remained firm, a subordinate already forming up on his left. He had his contacts at each directional point of the city besides key locations, and they were in constant contact. They knew what was going on. "For Drachma." He muttered with a curl to his lip as he started to move onward, until..... Well well, Ivanka wished a word with him?

"Commander Goncharova, I am pleased to see that you made it to our presentation! But now is not the time for pleasantries, comrade, I need you to take command of the soldiers hear and organize the city's defenses. I am afraid that we may come under attack very soon, and we must prepare, we must be vigilant." A smile. He was a rather charismatic man, wasn't he? Lovely eyes. Too chatty though. "I place my trust in you comrade. Please, protect our city, protect our new leader. The Kremlin is under attack, but I am afraid that I must tend to other concerns, away from Moscow. May fortune watch over you, comrade."

As the rather heavy hand came down upon his shoulder, Zabulon remained stark still, merely nodding once to his comrade. What he said merely confirmed and added more light to what he had been told, Olga returning to his shoulder while observing Ivanka with a beady black eye. She was wary of this man, but even moreso of his great weapon. "Of course." As the light haired man departed, the contrasting darkness of his form seemed to grow in its height as his subordinate reported to the others via a mic and ear piece. Aye.... time to get busy.

He seemed to glide through the crowd towards the edges of it before unsheathing his great scythe. Raising it into the air, he whistled rather shrilly to get their attention. "To your stations! I need two squad to head for the Kremlin, and another to the Eastern wall. We will have more company across the city soon in the future. We must prepare. Distractions are their best strategy right now, we can't afford for that to be. Gather up your troops and MOVE." Though his voice was deeper, it boomed out across the crowd and he could see the chill that ran down some spines. It mattered not. It was time to act, not be ninnies. His long coats edge fluttered as he whipped about, holding the scythe at a relaxed position with the blade towards the ground, the staff section pointing at a diagonal behind his back.

Waving two fingers to his subordinate to his left, he spoke some commands into his ear and watched him nod before running off. Casting his gaze to the others in the square, they were moving quickly which pleased him greatly. Good. They hadn't forgotten their training in such a moment. If they had he would have to do better with their training. Everyone remembered the one who came before him, and his grip was even tighter than hers. He would not allow his country to fall. A jeep came and picked him up, driving him onward through the streets till he was just a bit north of the Kremlin.

He had a base of operations set up rather discreetly within an office building of sorts, nodding to his driver before he stepped out. "Communications might be down across the city, I want the backups checked and for the two rings of the siren to be sent out. The people will know to report to their shelters. I will not risk their safety. I doubt these.... visitors will think twice of blowing up buildings." He spoke in a rather low voice, which was quite low for him indeed. "Aye sir." And with that the young man drove off, leaving the imposing man to retreat within the building.

It was already a flurry of motion and a wave of voices, all growing quieter for a moment as he entered the room. "As you were." He intoned to them all, glancing to each section that handled the various districts of the city, two particularly flustered. "Communications are down in the South-Western sections sir!" Came the cry as he glided to his desk, reports laid rather neatly down for the most part. Except for the new ones that laid there. Hrm, the South West? The direction of dear old Creta. His impassive expression remained so as he merely stared at the man who reported. "I'm sure Ivanka is sending someone. Still, I want the units there on alert. Ivanka can only work so fast. Be warned, these troops are not just mindless oafs, they hold some smarts. Set up in E5, move it." He answered, looking up at the next flurry of action. There were actions such as chess that he had planned out. If communications were lost in a sector, prepare the backups. If a force was particularly troublesome, formations would be taken.

"Alena and her... erm... guests are confirmed at the Kremlin. It is an Amestrian squad, small. Only about 6 men. One woman. Their leader is..." The mans face grew hard to read, causing Zabulon to inwardly raise an eyebrow. "Sir, possibility leader is a Drachman. Course of action?" A Drachman? Now what..... He paused and narrowed his eyes, the base of his scythe tapping against the ground as he set it down. "Organize and coordinate with the two squads that should be arriving shortly. Set up A2. I want men getting in alternate ways to ensure the Sekretar's safety." He wasn't positive, but best to be overly prepared just in case. Amestrians did have a rather wide variety of people in their forces. They would be ready.

And now he saw to the rest of the city, only able to take guesses at just which countries they would be dealing with besides Amestris and Creta. At least, if his one assumption was correct judging by the direction. They had various countermeasures ready for use across the city, even all the way out to their walls. As for himself, he wasn't quite sure where he wanted to be. From here, he could direct it all. Yet he felt a calling to get out into the field, be amidst the bloodshed that would come. And oh... it would come. This, he had no doubts upon.


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From London onwards. Dietrich

Post by Robyn on Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:37 am

Reaver had to admire the new look he had given himself for battle. As much as he loved his top hat and coat. It would only bother him if he needed to defend himself. He had even reflicked his hair into the other direction and grown a cheeky little goatee. The clothing that was normally white was now a rich burgundy. His short cape fluttered behind him as he walked toward the large white building. As the tight trousers tucked into boots where strapped tight that didn't click like his formal ones. Swagger stick was now mounted onto a proper sword handled and sheathed now attached to his hip. Along side Red rum in its holster. He looked like a prince of pirates as he passed a few footmen and women heading up towards the crowd of Cretan soldiers and even gave a few a flirty wink.

He had headed to where troops where departing for the frozen lands and stopped staring at the craft full of men and women. He could smell fear and nerves radiating from them and poisoning the air. His fingers stroked the butt of red rum for some form of comfort. He had heard there was trouble brewing in Drachma. A whisper in his ear had mentioned Vanity too. She was one of his kind. So he had the responsibility to help his king. He had promised as well. He was now Creta's Wrath. And with a shaky breath he raised his right foot and descended it onto the walkway. He had talked the he had to walk the walk.....are you ready boots?

It hadn’t of taken him long to find the people worth talking to. He had had a lovely chat with some nice fellow and had invited him to a lovely bedroom party if he returned from the fight unharmed. As they landed in the cold land. Reaver was glad his clothing was warm. Though he would never die from the hypothermia. Though it would just be an annoyance. He quickly located Dietrich with the help of his eye and smiled joyfully. Walking over he felt the horrid nerves eat at him again. Combing his fingers through his hair he closed the distance. Watching for a moment as the king greeted the Amestrians he smile slyly. Walking over and waited for the politions to finish talking.


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DRACHMA - Arkhangelskolye: Ivanka, Zina, and Dei

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:41 am

Her hands hurt from climbing the rope. It was sort of funny... She giggled slightly and brushed fingers over the burn. It had been so long since she did anything related to acrobats. It seemed even while no longer living, she could still do it the same. In the air, she could see the Kremlin fully--see people shouting and firing at each other--see that a tank had smashed into the outer wall. The hand she had been examining clapped over her mouth in horror. Tears filled her eyes anew. So horrible... Why were these people fighting one another? They could just come to an agreement already! There was no need to bring about more and more pain like this, was there? Did they deserve this pain? Marismo wished she knew more--wished that this man Ivanka would open his mouth and give her reasons aside from the downward glance a father would give his daughter. She didn't want that! Her father abandoned her; she lived with a cruel old man that ordered her around and threw her on stage. War was a different kind of stage.

Her hand fell away and tear-streaked eyes assessed the man as she opened her mouth, almost regretting it before the words even came out. "Uhm sir, I--I don't have a home or ones that I love. Is that okay, I mean--" She clutched at blond curls and lowered her green eyes in shame. "I am not of this world. Everything is my home; I love everyone, but at the same time I cannot walk with them..." The helicopter had landed and her soft words were lost by the sound of blades--alchemic blades. Her eyes widened and she quickly jumped out onto the snow, running a distance away. This was bad...she couldn't let that man die...that man that gave her purpose in the drifting world. She pulled out her iPod touch and their accompanied speakers, letting her mind clear and focus on the need to protect. To protect...what did that mean exactly? She didn't want to see anyone die...anyone. Closing her eyes tightly, the hum of the projectiles got louder and louder until it was almost on top of her. She pressed play, held her palms out to the night sky, and let go.

The transmutation circle on her left wrist glowed vibrantly, lighting up the distance around her and expelling a pitch that would deafen any dog or animal with good hearing nearby. And then they came... swords of all shapes and sizes. She saw them through the cracks in her eyelids, widening her sight further in shock. Her shield faltered a second, but soon the weapons froze in flight, hovering there as if time stopped. Momo smiled and released the shield, observing as they fell into the snow and left footprints.


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ARKHANGELSKOLYE - Marismo, Zinaida, Deirge

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:01 am

As the chopper sped across the night sky, a thunderous noise was heard, and a strange light, like lightning, flashed in the distance, obscured by clouds. Ivanka slid the heavy metal door to the chopper's side open, the cold wind whipped his hair about wildly and chilled his skin. Light, violet eyes gazed ahead, squinting as the cold wind caused them to water. There was a an, two of them, fighting a distance off from their their ground target. One of them must have been the enemy aircraft that was reported over Arkhangelskolye, the one that had dropped of the covert ground troops in the town's military base. But the other? Well, no matter who it was, they were engaging the enemy craft, they must have been a comrade. Ivanka had his own objectives to worry about. The two titans of the sky clashed violently in the distance, providing an ominous ambiance for the town of Arkhangelskolye that night. The civilians in the area must have already been evacuating....he would put an end to this threat and allow them peace once more.

The chopper slowed down its pace as it settled to land in a clearing next to the cluster of military buildings, only half a kilometer from the communications relay. As Ivanka prepared to leap out of the chopper as it touched down, Marismo spoke up, her voice soft and timed, barely audible over the roar of the copter and of the air battle in the distance. "Uhm sir, I--I don't have a home or ones that I love. Is that okay, I mean--". Suddenly, a peculiar sound, otherworldly in nature, drowned out her words as it increased in intensity. Ivanka caught a flash of blonde hair out of the corner of his eye, and them Marismo was gone, sprinting across the snow. There was little time to think, all Ivanka knew was that they could not afford to separate just yet. "Chernov!" Ivanka called out to the serious looking man, who was now at the back of the chopper, assissting Zinaida into her mecha suit. He did not turn to face Ivanka, but he knew the man could hear him. "Get Zinaida suited up quickly and investigate the communications relay tower. I'll handle the enemies in the area. Good luck to you comrade"

Ivanka leapt out of the chopper and hurried in the direction that Marismo sped off to, his rocket launcher, Titana Gneva, in tow. The snow crunched underneath his boots as he ran, alertly searching for any signs of Marismo or the enemy. But what he saw was a path of destruction; buildings reduced to rubble, soldiers cut to shreds and ribbons. What sort of enemy were they dealing with? The high intensity hum picked up as Ivanka dashed forward with inhuman speed, carried by swift mechanical legs. Then he saw her, standing in the open, enveloped in a luminous glow that lit up the night air like a lone star. The mysterious hum reached a crescendo, and with an overwhelming suddenness, a storm of shining blades, illuminated by the light emantating from Marismo, materialized from the darkness. "Marismo!" Ivanka called out, rushing for her in vain attempt to save her from the gruesome fate of the men strewn about the area. As all hope seemed lost, as it seemed like both of them, and perhaps even the helicopter, along with Zinaida and Chernov, would be torn to shreds by the onslaught of possessed blades, they faltered, slightly at first, but then they slowed to an absolute halt, suspended in midair, seemingly suspended in time. Ivanka stopped in his tracks, looking upon the sight in awe. So this was the extent of Marismo's alchemy? He should have never doubted for her why did he? He spotted some moving in the darkness ahead, just as the various blades fell harmlessly to the snow. So that's where the enemy was. "Thank you, Marismo, now stay put". With a great push of his legs, Ivanka leaped onto the roof of a nearby house, his winter boots finding enough traction on the snow covered rooftop for him to dash ahead, crossing over several houses with exceptional speed. So the enemy was an alchemist? There could be several of them, he would have to take them all out now, before they could find the time to launch a second attack. Ivanka skidded to a halt, perhaps only forty meters from the target's supposed location. With minimal effort, he hoisted Titana Gneva on his shoulder, the five and a half foot personal rocket launcher, as wide around as a small tree trunk, with four barrels for rapid fire, two rockets in each barrel, for a total of eight shots. A button was pressed and a targeting scope that looked like a tiny translucent, two sided computer, emerged from the side. Ivanka held his eye up to it, looking through it to the area in which the enemy was. A quiet beeps run out as a tiny red, square shaped marker appeared on the screen in front of his eye, aligning perfectly with the targeted area in the center, programming each missile to lock on to that specified area, with some divergence in flight path, to spread the area of effect.

The trigger mechanism on the underbarrel handle was pulled, followed by four distinct noises, the sounds of a speeding rocket's WOOSH! The darkness ahead lit up with several explosions, a fiery barrage the kicked up snow and earth, sent rubble flying in all directions as the targeted area was decimated. Ivanka smiled to himself as the launcher on his shoulder made a sort of clanking sound, indicating that the next round was locked into place. He leaped down from the rooftop, landing in the snow with a heavy thud from the combined weight of his automail and his launcher. A six and a half foot tall, imposing figure, he strode towards the wreckage with a smile upon his face, so similar to the warm grin he always wore, yet somehow eery as his face was illuminated by the small flames burning among the wreckage, that lit up his shining, violet eyes. "If you are still alive" Ivanka called out to the unseen enemy as he approached a small fire near a building. "Show yourself and lay down your weapons. Do not throw away your lives for such an evil cause! Drachma is as merciful as she is powerful, we will not kill those who promise not to harm us!". He waited in silence for an answer, the crackling sound of the flames and the distant rumble of the battle in the distant clouds filling the chilling night air.

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XI'AN, XING; JADE PALACE; Ace, Jeu-hee, and Xiao

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:09 am

"C'mon guys, is this really neccesary? It was a joke, a joke I swear" Peizhi whined, her pleas falling on deaf ears as the stoic looking imperial guards dragged her backwards by her arms, her feet dragging on the floor in the proccess. It was at times like this that she wished she hadn't dressed in a traditional black martial artist uniform, (you know, the kind used for stealth) and tried to sneak into the most heavily guarded place in all of Xing. Yeah, probably not her brightest moment, but she was so certain that she could do it! It was a much more interesting way than being escorted there by the pink haired, bubbly maid, Shuang. Not that she didn't like Shuang, but she hated being escorted. Besides, Saeji would just tell them it was all a misunderstanding and she wasn't an assassin or anything like that. She was just trying to have a little fun. As they dragged her off to some unmentioned location, she eyed the sheathed sword in one of the guards hands. It was the Huabanjian, the petal sword, the blade used by Hua Mulan herself. Man, she wasn't supposed to have that sword with her in the first place, it was supposed to be at home, in a fancy little case in a room all to itself. It would really suck if they didn't give that back.....

The guards came to a halt, and so did Peizhi. Seriously, did they have to drag her likes this? Maybe it was customary or something, but it was really killing her arms and her back, so uncomfortable. The brown eyed girl glanced to the side and noticed someone else was waiting by the door, a green eyed girl with brown hair, uncommon colors in Xing, just like hers! Well, minus the green eyes, Peizhi had plain old brown ones. Peizhi stared at the girl as she stood there, then looked at the men carrying her, then back at the girl. Realized how ridiculous she must have looked just then, she shot the girl and embarassed grin. "Ha ha, I, uhm.... It's not what it looks like, I swear".

Just then, the doors to the throne room swung open and she was dragged forward, spun around, and then left on the floor with an abrupt suddenness, leaving her facing a really tall, light skinned guard, and Saeji himself. "S-saeji!" Peizhi exclaimed in surprise. Aiyah! She hadn't though of how exactly she was going to explain herself! They should have given her time to prepare! "Uh, uhmmm, haha, I got caught breaking in" she muttered with an embarrassed laugh as she rubbed the back of her head with a grin. "You see, I heard all the rumours and all that, and my parents probably wouldn't let me go if they knew that I might end up going with you to Amestris, or Drachma, or wherever you might go, assuming you were going to take me of course, but I really wanted to come either way, so I dressed up in the outfit my servant, he used to work for the Emperor you know, gave me, and grabbed my ancestor's sword just like she did thousands of years ago, and ran off while my parents slept! I was with Shuang at first, and all, but I thought it would be cool to sneak in and surprise you, you know, like one of those secret servants that always appear out of nowhere, but I got caught and and and-" Peizhi stopped as she lost her ability to speak. She had reached the pinnacle of embarassment now. This was not how it was supposed to go at all! She had to change the subject, quickly, quickly, quickly.....uhhh

"So, umm, whats with the outfit? It looks cool! Better than this old thing" said she, looking down at her own, run-of-the-mill Xingese secret guard clothing, a black ninja suit. She had forgotten the mask though........

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Post by Dai on Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:46 am

"I really have no idea what you just said..." She responded to him... His red eyes looked over at her and his face turned into a slight look of worry. There was something there. There was something there, and he didn't know what it was. He didn't know... What was it...? "But anyway, yes, it's true...unfortunately. We don't get a damn break."" Psh. She wasn't wrong there. They needed a rest. A holiday. A damn swimming pool full of nice, warm water... SOMETHING! He blinked, though. Because... that look in Reila's eyes. Oh, there was something else there. He was about to step forwards and speak to the woman. He was about to try and say something, anything, in order to console her, to calm her down, when-- "GODDAMMIT!!!" He stepped back slightly as Reila turned and punched the wall. W-what?! The man blinked a few times, certainly astonished by this outburst from Reila. He blinked, and shook his head to get his bearings in all of this. What...? She looked back again, through eyes that looked like... she... she... why was she looking at him like he was a stranger? He wanted to shake her, to turn around and try and get her to understand. That was the look that she'd been having THIS ENTIRE TIME! It almost infuriated him! HE HADN'T CHANGED! Why was she not looking?! Why did she not see that?! WHY? It was something that he couldn't stand!

"Mura's gone again, Dai. I-- He-- I don't even know how to explain it." Mura... what? Gone? He knew that Murazar had the occasional (understatement) coma, but what did she mean by... gone? He hadn't died. That much was for sure; if he had died, then all of Briggs would've heard it, right? Right. So what did she mean? "Something went wrong and he--he just--agh. Dai..." There was a body against his now, muffled words against his shoulder. He blinked slightly and looked down at her, tilting his head to the side as she spoke further words. What was she talking about...? The redhead was confused, if only slightly. "His soul is transmuted to me. There's no bloodseal, but he's in there somewhere. And it hurts. I don't know how to return him to his body... He's still alive it's just...I don't know what to do. And now this... We have to go now." ...oh. Oh. He understood now. A slightly dark look crossed his eyes, but he didn't let her see it. He could never let her seem him in his times of need. He needed to be the strong one for Reila, the one that she could depend on. If she saw him like this... what was he supposed to do, though? He just wanted to burst into tears now, cry out everything that he had locked inside the back of his mind. But... no. That was the wrong thing to do. He reflected back onto the words that he had spoken when he had given chase. They were all that he'd needed to say.

A hand suddenly gripped his wrist. Woahwoahowoahwoahwoah! The man found himself being dragged along, taking steps to stop himself from falling on his face! He was being dragged towards the hangars, he knew that, but why was she trying to fake a smile? And, as suddenly as he was grabbed, he was let go of with an order to make sure he had everything. But...

"Reila." His hand reached out, and he gripped the thin wrist of the woman, pulling her back in closer. He wasn't done with her. He finally knew what he wanted to say to her, those words that had made their way to the tip of his tongue as he'd been dragged along. Disregarding any possible cries against his pulling her in, he pulled the woman in as close as he could, taking her into an embrace before her, closing his eyes slightly as they went. "Calm down, Reila..." He swallowed a little, collecting his thoughts about having her so close once more but pushing them away as quickly again as he could in order to speak to her about the terms on his mind, "I could hear it. The Stone as it spoke to me... had Xan's voice. I know what it feels like to have the disembodied voice of one you care about in the back of your mind, Reila," He gave her a solemn smile, before continuing on, "So I'm here. If you need support, I'm always here. I never changed, even if you may look at me like I have... Hui ē, hui ē, tāiki ē..." He nodded and let her go, turning away with a soft chuckle and walking into the armory. He had gotten into his uniform, but he also needed to be ready for anything else that may or may not come his way. The redhead gritted his teeth and slid the top half of his Amestrian uniform off, revealing his own slim torso. He smiled softly, and picked up a specially-designed vest off of a rack.

Slipping the heavy-duty bulletproof vest over his torso, he smirked and made sure that it was secure. With a chuckle, Dai put the rest of the modified Amestrian uniform back on: It was a darker shade of blue, in fact closer to black. To add to that, inscribed in the middle of it was a heart-like shape and a pair of tails that spread out both down in front of him and behind him. He stretched and readjusted the special boots on his feet, making sure that they were tight. He then stood up straight and stretched once more, making sure that he could move properly in the rather heavy vest. He cricked his neck left and right, before checking the tranquilizer pistols on his hips and cocking them to make sure that they were fully loaded and ready for battle. He smirked. Despite being a proper pacifist at heart, one would know Dai to truly take on the role of the attacker... when he had something that he truly cared about and wanted to protect. The redhead replaced the pistols with the safeties on, and smiling softly. He turned towards the door and nodded internally, ready for everything. Walking forwards, he made his way quickly out of the room, dipping fingers into a bowl of water that he kept by the door and sprinkling the clear liquid over his head and body, smiling softly about the small ritual that he performed before most battles. It seemed small and petty to most, but to Dai... it was needed. He chuckled lightly and stretched again, looking over at the end of the hangar again. He needed to talk to Nika, get her to know exactly where they needed to be. Not... that he had any idea where he needed to be. Sighing softly, he placed a hand over his heart and nodded internally, taking steps towards the large ship that Reila had entered. The UFO.

Climbing into the craft, Dai felt... a strange twang at his heartstrings. Looking down at his right hand, he sighed softly, knowing what it was. He was climbing aboard this ship... without Xan and Mura (physically) present. Now he wished he had something that represented Xanthus. Just... so they were all together. Turning away slightly, he closed his eyes as he took a seat, looking out the window and thinking it all over, taking a few moments to consider everything. Loki, Loki was dead. They'd killed him. Drachma... it was their enemy again. Why... why wouldn't people get along?! There had to be a reason for it. Gritting his teeth and sighing, Dai leaned back in his own seat, feeling the burning gaze attacking him from nearby. Hrn? He turned to see that Reila was staring at him. He gave a reassuring smile to the woman, completely honest in his gaze, before turning away again to stare out the window. It wouldn't be long until they reached Drachma, he needed to be completely psyched and ready for then.

Drop. Yup. That was a drop. Definite drop. The pair fell down, fast, and towards the ground in the UFO. His stomach was in his throat, and he looked out the window to see a dogfight going on nearby. Hrn. "Thank you. Now land us down just outside of Moscow. Use the highway as a land--" Oops. A drop. "--ing ground." They landed, and Dai watched as the woman in her rather... beautifully deadly armor stepped out of the UFO, and the redhead in his own dark clothing stepped out behind her, placing a foot into the snow and looking in the general direction that she was, folding his arms and looking away again, sighing softly in the snow. It was... rather cold.


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Airship going north to Briggs/North; Spade, Acra, Csilla, Ten

Post by Shula Brighton on Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:18 pm

Shula was quiet beside Spade as everyone boarded the large airship, her mind far from easy. They had all already suffered so much, lost so much; none of them wanted to do this, even though many of them did want retribution for their personal losses that they all shared. The short reprieve of just a few weeks hadn't been nearly enough to help everyone patch the holes in their hearts, make all the bad dreams go away... But it was clear that it was a necessary evil. If they didn't strike back now, there would be little hope for stopping RIOTE in the future. She looked over to Spade who'd also been quiet, the man honestly looking like someone had killed a room full of puppies that he'd been cuddling.

She sighed, focusing her attention on the notebook in her hands. Pages were coated from top to bottom in Shula's detailed notes, not coded in the slightest, but very precise mixed with very random to allow her brain to spill onto the pages and help her think. Plans would be solidified once they got to North and could group up with Briggs, North and West, but for now a tentative plan was needed. Shula almost didn't notice Acra approaching them until he was there and his fingers were in her hair. Or did she simply not want to know that he was there on that envoy with them, heading into the same soulless fray that they were and faced the same risks they all did? "How's the new lapels, Princess?" Her heart moved into her mouth as Acra teased, letting his fingers linger in her hair. She almost didn't want to look up to his eyes for fear of seeing that look she hated so much; she never wanted to see Acra look at her as though he'd never see her again. Swallowing it down, Shula tore her eyes away from her work in a playful smile at Acra. "Can't you tell? I just can't wait to get to the ball and show off my new dress." She'd be lying if she said she wasn't proud of her new rank bars; her childhood dream had finally come true. She only wished it wer under better circumstances that would allow her to ease into her new position and get used to it.

"Oh trust me, after this I'm taking a swimming pool at South and turning it into the BIGGEST strawberry margarita with a sangria float any of us has ever seen. I've already got the crazy straws ordered." Shula's smirk was faint and almost playful, but forced, though that plan did sound pretty solid to her. After all this they'd NEED it. Her eyes moved back down to her notebook, scribbling away with one hand as the other moved toward the breast of her jacket, fingers resting on the tiny bumps that belonged to the gem Acra had given her. Don't think about that now. You can't afford to distract yourself with what you want when you have to focus on getting everyone out of this alive and winning this battle... As Shula went back to her notes, a voice she was just as happy to hear caught her attention. She smiled up at Csilla, fidgeting awkwardly as her friend gave her a teasing salute. God, she'd never get used to that and had half a mind to ban it with her. "Looking for some orders, boss. Because jumping out of an airship into a war just isn't my style. Nothing like a good winter vacation, eh, Shula-boss?"

Her notebook moved to her side as Shula tugged at Csilla, pulling her down to sit with her. The tiny Ishvallan's arms wrapped around Csilla's shoulders from behind as she pressed her head onto the blonde's shoulder. "I've actually never seen a real winter... or ever had a winter vacation. So this will be the first time I've ever seen snow." It was true. Winter had always bored down on Shula with the ominous tones of her impending doom, the cold always weakening her frail body and terrifying her with respiratory illnesses that lasted far too long. She was free of them now, but it was a shame her first snow would be ruined by blood. She sat there a long moment, lost in thought and feeling the restlessness of those around her prick at the back of her neck. Oh, this was maddening. But at least now she had a halfway-solid plan on paper that she'd lay out at North when they all--

"Hello friends." The monotone voice held a vague and distant interest, causing Shula to look up once more. Takumi. She smiled lightly. She'd been so surpised to see him again and that he'd remembered her, and more surprised that he'd be working for her now. "I believe everyone is fidgeting for facts. I cannot tell them anything as you have not given orders, m'am, sir..." Shula drew in a small breath, releasing her arms from her friend as she reached for her notebook and swallowed her nerves. Right, she was being asked to do something boss-like that came with her new position. She glanced to Spade and bit her lip at the expression on his face, and then looked back to Acra, Csilla and Takumi.

"Well, for now the orders are just to sit tight. Once we arrive at North we'll confirm things, but the tentative plan is that once we're all together, the majority of our forces will divide into five troops to take Moscow. The first three troops will close in around the city from west, south and east and engage Drachman soldiers. While they're engaged, the fourth troop will close in from the north to hit them hard and effectively seal in the area, which should drive the leaders out looking for safety. Afterward our fifth troop will reinforce the south force with heavy artillery and be the final push before our strike team goes in to take out the leaders." Shula paused, glancing at her notes again to make sure she was right, and then looked back up. "Once we get to North we'll know just how many we have with us and then divvy the troops. So go ahead and pass that on for now and get everyone ready to hit the ground running once we leave North."
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Post by Guest on Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:27 pm

Her body was lingering on the desk the moment Aurelius and Hild had walked through the doors. To her right was Sablya, one of her loyalist subjects as well as close friend. Blood stained the sleek hardwood floor from the dead body of Loki. He was just a pawn in everything that arose. From the day he was born until now, he was a piece to the puzzle. A piece that was easily disabled of. Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, bathed in her glory as she rose to fame the moment her dagger cut through the flesh of the man dead on the floor.

"Chaos, Mnemosyne, I'm so glad for you to join." Her voice was conceited and cold as she rose to her feet and joined the young lady at the window.

"So it is done, Milady? Shall I go to the square with Kuvalda and listen to their speech to the people? Or shall I remain here at your side?" Sablya intergected quickly, offering her service to where ever need.

"Darling, please, stick with me. You know how I love you by my side, Sablya." Alena grins and flickers a quick smirk to her yet to be determined brother, Aurelius.

Large crowds were roaring in laughter and chants as the statue of Alena was put into place. Banners were falling over the massive columns, and streamers were flying throughout the air. Time was frozen for a moment in her eyes, as she stuck her lips to close to the window that her breath fogged up the glass briefly. Her eyes widen with vain, as her growing success and power was rising like a star on top of a large christmas tree. Everyone was looking for her, she was theres and they were hers.

It didn't take long before her eyes flickered to the sky, desperately attempting to see a plane soaring through the clouds. Toss, a.k.a Greed, was somewhere and she knew it. Deep down she was connected with Toss in a way that she couldn't explain. Part of her hated the man, but the other half felt warmth towards him. Deep down however, he mind quickly reflects back to Greed. Was he okay? If only she could contact him in some fashion... Her fingers resided on the window pane a moment longer before she turns on her heels and approaches Chaos.

"Chaos, what's our next move?" After all, he was in control of RIOTE! and there plan of attack. She did her first task, but her desire for power and fame caused her to want to do more. RIOTE! was going to win this battle, win this war, and take control over the world. "We'll have to continue striking hard and unpredictably if possibly, wouldn't you agree?"She suggest with a faint tint of confidence in her tone. Alena stands by the desk of the last Czar and begins shuffling through his papers about other world leaders. It was vital for the to understand the world powers as much as possible. She found a stack of notes in a folder that had just about anyone she needs. Reila and Spades, from Amestris. As well as Ace and The Prime Minister, Dietrich. She licks her fingers before pulling out one piece paper from folder. The title stated "RIOTE!" in bold lettering. Not much was listed, but it gave a few suspects within the group. Before anyone could blink, Vanity ripped the piece of paper in half and allowed the tiny pieces to fall into the blood stained puddles on the carpet.


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Re: MISSION: The Dissolution of Drachma and RIOTE's Rebirth

Post by Spade Aeries on Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:48 pm

The wait for the airship to be loaded took much longer than the number one lady-killer ever would have imagined. He waited and waited...all the while sitting next to Shula who was religiously staring at that notebook covered in letters he was too lazy to read. It was no wonder he grew weary and pushed his sunglasses up his nose to cover his shutting eyes. He missed takeoff, snoozing on his outstretched arm while still looking like he was awake and actually alertly paying attention to what was going on around him. It wasn't until a familiar voice spoke up about getting wasted that Spade drifted back from a dream and into another. Wasted? Coma? Sounded like a plan. He opened his eyes and smirked like he had been paying attention the entire time. Only Acra would say something so absolutely epic. He opened his mouth to give his typical quirky response, but Shula beside him got to it first. He clamped his jaw down and listened to wonderful words. "Oh trust me, after this I'm taking a swimming pool at South and turning it into the BIGGEST strawberry margarita with a sangria float any of us has ever seen. I've already got the crazy straws ordered."

"And that was why I made you Head of South City, Shu. But are you sure...? Because I've seen some pretty big margaritas." Aside from his voice being scratchy from sleep, Spade sounded like he always did. Something about spending the last week in South City with Shula and his men made the world seem less torturous, cruel, evil, and a waste of time. He stopped thinking about women from the past and started thinking about what he could mix together to make the ultimate drink. He smoked one pack a day and a cig from the second, and said no to nothing. That was why he had a hangover all day and it was even dragging into now. He also hadn't eaten...what with the preparations, making sure Shu wasn't going to go crazy with stress, you know, the usual. He straightened himself in the most uncomfortable chair in the world and tried to crack his aching back to no avail. He raised his eyes in time to see Csilla salute to Shula, wondering what that was all about. He suddenly felt neglected and scoffed, reaching for the whiskey bottle and taking a swig. It burned, but what best way to get rid of a hangover?!

"I've actually never seen a real winter... or ever had a winter vacation. So this will be the first time I've ever seen snow."

Spade put down the bottle and laughed, slipping a cigarette between his lips. "Sure you have, Shu, if you've seen a margarita, that's all the snow you need." He lit up and sucked in a deep breath before blowing it backwards away from everyone. "Just make sure you have a coat." He looked away from her to see a man he didn't recognize. Friends? What was this an episode of Barney? He frowned and puffed on his cancer stick while waiting for the situation to rectify itself before he went over and taught the kid how to speak Amestrian like a normal human being. He saw Shula bite her lip and almost laughed aloud at her expression. What did she think he was going to go over there and strangle the guy or something? Hardly. He leaned back leisurely in the most uncomfortable chair in the universe and blew smoke rings up into the air, appearing not to listen while actually analyzing every word. Yep, she had it down to the marker. "Yeah, we just gotta get there first before we really know what's going on. This is just our battle plan. Reila may--will have something different planned. If she's even still there."

* * *

"JESUSGODFINALLY!" Spade stretched once his feet hit solid ground, but was soon followed by a massive shiver. "Shit it's fucking frrreeeezing." He wrapped his arms around himself, climbing back onto the ship to grab his rustic brown-colored trench coat. He slipped it on and then re-exited. Reila wasn't here, as they were informed. But a list of instructions in human form was. The unpleasant burly man with a broken leg scowled at him as he rubbed his arms for warmth. Wasn't it summer like a few weeks ago? WHAT WAS THIS SHIT!?

Anyway, the guy eventually got over his depressing attitude and showed Spade and Shula's troops to specialized stealth crafts where they would have to split into two groups. That said, it was a shorter time before they and everything else was loaded. They took off and headed right for Moscow: the heart of Drachma--the warzone. And needless to say that Spade was slightly nervous after getting shot and nearly dying. Because alchemist or not, anything could happen--there was no preventing it. Could he go and be satisfied leaving what he did behind? This time...could he say goodbye?


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No shit, Spade. B) It's elementary, my dear Shu.
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Post by Aurelius Schwartz on Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:52 pm

... Aurel pulled in a sharp breath to hold himself back from rebuking Hild for her...whatever that was...laughter while he was on the phone. He glared at the bloodied carpet until Vanity spoke to him. Chaos, she said. He smirked ferally, lifting two different colored eyes to grace upon her. Taking a step closer, he raised her chin, eyes in slits of grandeur. "Our next move, you say?" A laugh, "Certainly we are to take the capital. Root out all the rats and then Drachma will be yours." He moved from his place beside Hild and stepped over the body littering the ground. It had begun to smell quite foul in the small office. Most definitely Vanity would prefer a much larger one. He scrunched up his nose and exhaled through his mouth, thinking about her quick words. "Striking hard and unpredictably are two very different things." He traced a finger along his chin and sent Hild a backwards glance. "However, if we are to do both, we would have to attack ourselves. But for now, let us observe elsewhere, shall we?" It wasn't a question; Aurel didn't ask questions; he gave the answers.

And with a quick flit of long, raven hair he was right in front of Sablya: a girl he had just met. "I see how you enjoy each other's company, but I must ask. Might you go to the first floor and take care of the mess starting? You will meet Daemon and Nyx down there. I ask that you aid them, seeing as they are blocking our exit." A vicious smirk licked across his lips and his eyes flashed a beady danger for only a brief moment before he turned away towards the door.

The door opened and a man appeared. Aurel paused, darkness seeming to spread around him but for a moment of surprise before seeping back into his skin whilst it came. "Hello there, Vincent Alexander," he cooed in response, perfectly satisfied with his own reaction to the unwelcomed presence. This was a man who worked for the Amestrian military in Central Head Quarters. Aurelius had seen him frequently, but never enough to hold an unwanted conversation. This itself was something he wanted to avoid. Time was valuable. And people were bothersome. He breezed past the man as if he wasn't there, turning just to confirm that Hild, Vanity, and Sablya followed. "Come," he said, "let us take this conversation elsewhere."

They descended back down the elevator, reaching the bottom with a plume of smoke. Half of a tank was visible and the night air was leaking in. How Joyous. At the bottom, he met Daemon's eyes, Nyx's, and nodded his approval for their existence there. The car still waited outside and Takatori--the leader of MiW stood beside it smoking as if bullets weren't whizzing past his head. How utterly suitable for RIOTE. Aurel snickered, flicking his hands out as darkness gathered around their group, eating anything that interfered with their straight path to the car.

"Sorry for the delay, Chaos, I will rejoin you all shortly," The earpiece in his ear stated. It was Valentin. He fished the microphone out of his trench coat pocket and pulled it to his lips. "Hardly a delay. I thank you for bringing Esparians to our cause." Aurel flopped into the passenger seat, relishing in his need to be nearer to Hild than where he was. But it was okay...they would be okay this time around. Another victory was on the horizon. Drachma would be RIOTE's. He secured the channel to all RIOTE members, a deadly expression crossing his face. "Take out the leaders of Amestris, Creta, and Xing. Aim only to kill--only to destroy, for we cannot build upon breath."

They reached the hideout deeply engraved in the side of a towering white mountain. The interior was small, but filled with ornate decor, chandeliers, and a polished master bathroom. It was all they could ever want to stay there for as long a three months without needing to go outside, however Aurel doubted this battle would last through the night.


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Post by Guest on Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:20 pm

Jethro Black stood at the head of the War Table, having just finished a conference call with Izzy and the intelligence officers from Briggs. From what they could see thus far, all was going according to plan. Izzy and her team were en route to aide a squad of Royal Task Force in the Southwestern sector of Moscow. The Esparian Militants seemed to be heading to intercept the two groups, diverting notable forces there. Viktor had broken into the Kremlin with his squad and were wreaking havoc there, and the Spectres from Creta had infiltrated and disabled communications in the station just South of there. Command had already given the detailed battle reports to Jet, as well as plans for the upcoming attack. Amestris was utilizing small, elite task forces this time, knowing that a full scale invasion would only draw things out and hurt their country even more. Because of this, Jet knew the entirety of his army would not be attending this little performance. Instead, they had been tasked to protect Fort Briggs in case of any kind of counter-offensive or sneak attack. The Western Army was well known for its defensive prowess, hence why they were the obvious choice for this undertaking.

Jet nodded to the guard, who saluted and opened the door, allowing the senior officers of the Western Command into the room. They saluted upon entry and then took their respective seats, Black at its head. He was of course the last to sit, and decided to get straight to the point. "All is going well my friends, Izzy and her team have made contact and the distraction is going as planned. I have also received orders from Command, we are to send the bulk of our army to guard Fort Briggs, while I take our best and brightest to hit Drachma head on," he began, knowing bullshit and hamming it up weren't always the best options. That was more for the general ranks and files anyways. These were highly trained warriors and leaders, they just need information and orders, nothing more, nothing less. "Sir, is that such a good idea?" Captain Angelos replied. "Drachma may be weakened from the rebellions, but with RIOTE and Esparia there to help them, they are still a force to be reckoned with. To end this quickly, wouldn't the best strategy be to take them out with everything we have?" Jet sighed and shook his head. "No Captain, for if we did that we'd be brought into a lengthy conflict that would last weeks. Our troops and supplies are already being stretched to their limits with this small invasion, a full scale one would only make matters worse. If these smaller groups can punch through and hit 'em where it hurts right from the beginning, it will give Amestris time to regain its previous strength before they can strike a decisive blow against us. This battle is not just to defeat RIOTE or to kill the traitors. This battle is for the very survival of Amestris..." Jet barked, anger springing up in his voice. He was infuriated, and did not completely agree with this offensive. The strategy was sound, but besides that doing so in the first place to Jet seemed a bad idea already happening. Yet at the same time, he knew that if they didn't, Drachma would invade Amestris en mass. Though they would fight to the last man and woman, their once proud and powerful nation would soon fall. Jethro, would not allow this. Not while he still took breathe.

"I'm sorry Captain. I just do not fully agree with this invasion. But it is our duty as warriors of Amestris to defend and protect its people no matter the cost, and that is what we shall do. Your excellence in leadership and great morality are what make you a good commander Angelos, and that is why I'm leaving you in charge of the defensive forces in my stead. Do not let me down Captain, Amestris is depending on you. You have your orders men, good luck," he said as he stood up, the other officers doing so as well. "And may fortune be with us." With that, they all saluted and left, each one going to prepare the troops in their transports to head to Fort Briggs. Captain Angelos was surprised to be put as the head of the defensive forces, but that surprise was immediately taken up by pride. He would do well, Amestris is safe in that mans hands. Jet grabbed his helmet from the table and placed it underneath his right arm, his left firmly holding the hilt of his blade. He then walked through the door and down the hallway, exiting a door on his right to the outside. It was late afternoon, and the sun would set within the next few hours. "We'll be fighting in the night huh?" he said to himself as he watched the horizon. "It's gonna be one hell of a night..."

Black turned and walked onto the deployment pad, almost in awe of the sight before him. Six Stormhawk vehicle gunships, two Stormraven light gunships, five Thunderhawk gunships, and four Lightning Fighters all sat prepped and ready to go. What was more scary was what laid inside and underneath these craft. A Land Raider sat underneath one ship, holding the deadly Terminators, tank warriors of death. The Land Raider Crusader was Jet's, in which his Honor Guard was awaiting his arrival. Four Tactical squads, two Devastator squads, two Scout squads, two Assault squads, a Vanguard Veteran squad, and all of the pilots and crew members of the craft and heavy armor the West would bring to bare. Two Predator tanks, two Vindicator tanks, and four Razorbacks completed the assault force, a total of 180 men and women in all. This impressive force was none other than the Black Templars, the elite warriors of the Western Army and the best they had to offer. Their prowess in combat was unmatched, and the cold black ceramite power armor they wore was the culmination of the world's most advanced technology, including their weapons and vehicles. Dramadus, the Captain of the Black Templars and their Black Champion stood at the entrance to the Crusader, waiting for Jet. He was a burly man, as everyone looked in the bulky yet uninhibited armor they wore. The recent addition to the color scheme had been the red highlights on the shoulder pads to represent their other side, their leader and the Crimson Fist, Jet himself. He nodded to the man of Cretan descent and walked with him aboard the transport tank.

"It is good to see you my friends, it has not been since the Cretan Conflict. I am sad that our reunion must be now, but we have things to do and places to be," Jet said with a smile to his personal Honor Guard, all looking with respecting eyes to their Commander and Chief. "This is to all channels," the Black Templar himself began, speaking into his headpiece. "Templars, today is a dark day. War sends its beckoning call to us once again, and once again we must answer. We will not answer with kind words and useless bickering, we will answer with sword and bolter! The enemy grows weak from fighting one another, and now they dare to point their blades at Amestris, our homeland! This, we cannot allow. We go to cut off the head of this vile snake, we go to kill Aurel, RIOTE, and their newest leader Alena. Come my brothers! Come my sisters! Tonight, we go to war! To victory!" he exclaimed, a rousing cheer rising in response. "Authentication granted, you are clear to launch," he finished, this time to only the pilots. With that, the seventeen aircraft all launched in sequence. The two Stormravens were the first to leave, their speed taking the two scout squads to their forward objective, securing a landing zone. "Good luck Marines, and may fortune be with you," Jet said to himself as he watched the two craft fly off.

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Post by Guest on Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:49 pm

"We'll have to continue striking hard and unpredictably if possibly, wouldn't you agree?" Vanity's words weren't really registering in Hild's mind. She was simply staring out the window with an eye that showed utter glee for the destruction that had been caused. First, Drachma. Then, THE WORLD. She let out a small chuckle and stepped away from the large plate of glass, turning towards Chaos and Aphrodite, returning to her originally composed look without a single hint of the psychosis that had overturned her mind on her face. She stepped slowly towards the pair, not noticing the armored girl to her side. Her eye was in fact so focussed on the pair of them, that when Aurelius spoke to Vanity about their plans, she wasn't listening. She was just watching, intently staring through a single blue eye, holding her own loss of mind inside the back of her head. She was focussed... and then she wasn't.

Because a door opened, and she turned her head straight for the portal outside with eye narrowed. She growled slightly, stepped forwards and placing her hand onto the pistol at her side, watching the intruder with vicious intent. If he did anything that would injure them, she would kill him. She would kill him dead. Her tongue slid out from between lips and licked the soft pink flesh around her mouth, staring at him with almost what could be called a daring gaze. Hild was challenging Vincent to attack. If he did so, she'd have some fun with the bastard. Yes, she knew who he was. He'd frequently worked for her in Central HQ, back when she had the entire country under the illusion that she actually cared for what happened to them. Heh... they were such suckers back then. That said.... her mind rolled to Shula Brighton for a half-second, but retained it's original course of crazy. She grinned and made a step towards Vincent, before hearing a voice call her from the side,

"Come, let us take this conversation elsewhere." She nodded at him, and then looked at Vincent, making motions as if she was telling him that he was "lucky" that nothing happened. A scoffing laugh as she walked defined her motions, and she moved her hips a little bit with a smirk, following Aurel to the elevator and descending with him, walking through the lobby to see everything that was going on. She could only laugh at all of this, narrowing her eye slightly with her giggles. She walked calmly through the smoke and scent of gunfire, approaching the car and sliding into her seat with a soft sigh. They would reach their destination soon enough, but she was disappointed. Hild honestly wanted to be there, destroying everything in her path with her Flames of Rage. She gave a slightly worried look, and looked out the window as the car moved along.

"Take out the leaders of Amestris, Creta, and Xing. Aim only to kill--only to destroy, for we cannot build upon breath." She smirked. Pity. That would've been fun. Oh, well. As was the lamentations of the figurehead leader. Their car travelled along through the already-attacking land. Drachma. Hmph. She shook her head and laughed softly, leaning back in her seat and closing her eyes. Aurelius would let her know when they arrived, and then it would all go in their favor from there. Her mind flickered between the ranges, thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong from here. Despite her loss of sanity, she still retained her own strategic mind, and so every variable was processing itself in the back of her mind, over and over again. Amestris was weak. They wouldn't pose much of a threat. Nor would Xing; they played defense in most situations. No, her worry was from the Cretans. She shook her head and leaned forwards in her seat, sliding something out of the back of the driver's seat and trying to retain a sane mind long enough to play with this. It was a map of Drachma, or at least; Moscow. Aurelius had given his orders; but she had orders of her own. While the Foreis of RIOTE were going to be dealing with the people within the Kremlin, she had her own soldiers lying in wait. They would be attacking when, and only when she gave the call. And that time would be a long while from now, she predicted. With a grin, Hild placed a finger onto a rather large building in the map of Moscow, nodding to herself. That building had been there since the wars of a hundred years ago. It wasn't going to fall to puny Amestrians...


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Post by Guest on Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:31 pm

Ahhh Moscow.... It was so peaceful right now, so... desperate. He could only imagine the sort of fun that he could have if he managed to gain control in the city. Maybe he should have a secondary location for his gang be here... He was sure that Vanity and RIOTE wouldn't mind. It was a bit cold though. At least the company was hot enough to make up for it. Smirking, he chuckled to himself as he stomped out his finished cig, glancing up as one of his men dragged a loyalist up to him. Excellent! Entertainment! Crouching down next to the man, he drew out a small little pen knife from his pocket, his elbows resting upon the tops of his knee's. The man was raving. On and on about his country, and how they were all pigs, just on and on.... Suddenly stabbing into the man's shin, his scream of pain made the smirk return. "Good. Glad I got your attention. Now-"

He didn't get to finish his thought as an APC came barreling down the street and into the Kremlin, immediately catching the attention of Takatori. Pulling the pen knife from the mans shin, he wiped the blood off on his coat and straightened up, observing as the guards scrambled to respond. It certainly wasn't something you saw every day to be sure. "Well well well... Someone's got some balls. I like it." Laughing lightly, he lit up another cig as he slid the pen knife back into a pocket, pulling out his pistol instead. He was no longer interested in the injured man to his right, not even bothering to look upon him anymore. No, he had far more intriguing things before him. With the muzzle against his forehead, the loyalists end was quick as his own gunshot was a predecessor to what rang out from inside. What a lively tune! He was inspired to dance.

"Get the boys ready. Its time to kick the beat." He muttered as the body hit the snow with a muffled thud, replacing his pistol into its holster at his side. His man ran off to make the call, his single eye following after him as he puffed quite casually upon his fag. Truly excellent, the ball was about to get moving. Shifting to the left, a bullet whizzed by, appearing rather bored as he refocused upon the battle going on within the lobby of the government building before him. He could hardly say he was concerned what might happen to Vanity or any of them, he knew they were... special. In some way. Running a hand through his spiky hair, his eyepatch required adjusting once more, his cig hanging from between his lips as bullets whizzed by him. Whatever. It wasn't any worse from a night in West Philly. Or parts of North Philly. Nobody liked to go to those places.

Wimps. Thats what they were. Though.... now that he heard the gunfire and the shouts.... GOD HE WANTED TO KILL SHIT. He really just wanted to lob a molotov into the building behind him. Or something. Maybe some rough fucking. Shit, he didn't know. His blood was all alight though, and he demanded action! Grumbling to himself, the rather towering man leaned more against the car behind him, tapping his foot impatiently to some beat in the snow.

It didn't take long for him to notice some figures coming out the Kremlin, recognizing them for his.... companions in crime. Nodding to them with a faint smirk, he stepped aside from the car and planned on what he might do. "Have fun~" He said in a sing song voice as he gave them a little wave, suddenly reaching within his coat and pulling out an M16 from his back. Yeah, lets make these fuckers dance! As they would drive off, the Men in White would prepare for the guests, Takatori humming lightly to himself. Mmm, what a good day indeed!


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Re: MISSION: The Dissolution of Drachma and RIOTE's Rebirth

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:39 pm

"Darling, please, stick with me. You know how I love you by my side, Sablya." SHe stood rigid as she was addressed, before bowing low towards her Lady Alena and proffering a stern nod. She would comply, as was her duty to her Lady Alena. Turning towards the newcomers; a man and a woman, she could only blink. Was this man the Aurelius that her Lady Alena had spoken of? Hrn. If he was, or if he wasn't she had no place in questioning anything that her Lady did. Instead, she would simply watch as a bystander, but suddenly feeling the shaking of the building as something crashed into the side. She blinked in slight confusion, holding the sword at her side carefully, all the while regaining her footing on the ground as the sudden shake dissipated into nothing. The knightly young woman gave a sigh and watched the group as they spoke, adjusting her armor around the blue dress that she wore; the petite young woman closing her eyes and hearing, but not listening. She had no place to listen. She was but a knight, but a blade. She stepped forwards and stretched her neck, chuckling to herself and looking over to the side and looking out over the square once more. This was a glorious day for Drachma indeed. She had finally been given a purpose, this young King of Knights. She chuckled lightly again and placed the tip of her sword, Excalibur, onto the ground in front of her, holding it down with her left, gauntlet-covered hand also drawing out Caliburn from it's more ornate sheath and placing it, tip first, onto the ground with her right hand.

But for now, let us observe elsewhere, shall we?" She looked up to see the man with the raven-colored hair approaching her. She blinked a few times as he appeared right in front of her, and spoke directly to her in Amestrian, "I see how you enjoy each other's company, but I must ask. Might you go to the first floor and take care of the mess starting? You will meet Daemon and Nyx down there. I ask that you aid them, seeing as they are blocking our exit."[/i] He was... trying to make a request of her? Sablya's eyes met with her Lady Alena's for a second, and then returned to the mismatched eyes of Aurelius. That gaze in them, even if it was only brief, was dangerous. She shook her head to the try and get any thoughts of that out of the back of her head, and then gripped the swords properly now, holding them at her sides as the trio began to leave the office before her... and yet a door opened, Sablya gripping the hilts tightly and watching the person who came through the portal that led to the outer world. A strange man came through, and so Sablya ignored him. He posed no direct threat to Lady Alena, therefore he was unnecessary in the small parts of the world. They suddenly made their way past the newcomer, and Sablya followed hurriedly, entering the elevator and making sure that her own pair of long-swords didn't bother the trio around her.

They reached ground floor, and stepped out into an area that was, to put it lightly, quite damaged. She walked calmly through the area though, not bothered by the general destruction. If it was her fate to die, then she would accept it willingly. The girl closed blue eyes briefly, before walking towards the car as Lady Alena, and the newcomers entered the vehicle. As Lady Alena went into her side of the vehicle, Sablya closed the door behind her, and knelt low in front of the window, closing her eyes in repent and using her Excalibur to prop herself up, forehead touching the hilt. She was going to do something that she had not expected to do today...

"Lady Alena, I am afraid that I am unable to accompany you. I shall remain here, and protect the Kremlin as well as I can, for if it falls, the people of Drachma will lose their faith in the cause of our new regime." She looked up at her Lady Alena, and proffered a kind and heartfelt smile, "Therefore, I shall remain here. I hope that you do not hate me for this, Milady. For I wish to only serve you." She slowly returned to her feet, and stood beside the car as it pulled away, nodding with confidence in the knowledge that her Lady Alena would be safe in the hands of those newcomers. They exuded power, though they were lacking honor. She turned back in the direction of the Kremlin, and began her approach towards the group that she was meant to back up, seeing a black-haired man and a younger woman, stepping behind them and nodding her head.

"I must assist you two."


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Re: MISSION: The Dissolution of Drachma and RIOTE's Rebirth

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:48 pm

As soon as Ivanka jumped out of the helicopter, Zina freed Berseker from its restraints. Her handler wisely lowered the back ramp, which creaked precariously as Zina slowly approached the edge. It was time to do her job. Without so much as a word, she leaps off the side, landing with a thunderous crash on the ground, quickly standing up straight before heading to her first target. Ivanka was to handle this capitalist pig. She would find the other one.


They approached the communications tower carefully. It was some ways outside of Moscow, but it was still important. Communication was always important. Or at least, that’s what they were told…

Regardless, the tower was offline. How, they did not know. But this wasn’t normal. Nor were the imprints in the snow, leading off far into the distance. Looking around the scene again, they deduced this was the only lead they had, despite being – quite literally – cold.

Was that a “pun” they had heard so much about? No, maybe some other play on words, then?

… Now was not the time to deduce the use of words. They had a job to do. And today, they concluded, they were Berserker. They were to act with ruthlessness and efficiency, in the name of Soviet Drachma, the Communist leadership, and, most importantly, their new leader, Alena.

So off they went, trudging through the snow after the Cretan ghost that has caused so much trouble so far. Soon enough, she would face the wrath of one of Drachma’s finest: Berserker.


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To Briggs; Spade, Shula

Post by Theo Chulainn on Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:22 am

He smiled to her wishing he could of taken her skiing before this horrid mess. Made the experience for seeing snow more enjoyable then a bloody alchemy version of Black ops. He grinned and ruffled her hair playfully. "Beat you in a snow ball fight later princess." A brief taught flittered through his head. He wondered what pitch he could get Shula to screech from shoving a handful of snow down her shirt. He couldn't stop the memories of when he gotten Alaric close to a suprano by shoving it down the front of his trousers when they where teenagers. Shame Spade was his boss or he totally know where to aim his snow balls.


Acra stepped out of the ship. Cold air assaulting them to the bones. He quickly rubbed his palms together and pressed them to his chest. A small trick he learnt on a few frosty Amestrian nights. He felt his body warm up to a pleasant tropical temperature and he could almost laugh as he heard Spade shouting a swearing. "Freezing?" He asked teasing his superior. "I could quite happily go for a nice cocktail by the pool. Kinder tropical warmth you know?" Licking his lower lip flashing them a cocky smile. As long as he topped up his alchemy on himself every hour he wouldn't be hindered by the cold. Following the group onto the second ship he couldn't help but ponder what his role in this was going to be. He looked towards Spade getting serious once more. “Where do you want me Brigadier General?

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Post by Csilla Angelis on Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:40 pm

Csilla had disappeared back to her quarters for her things as they touched down at Briggs. She sat down on the floor and rolled up her pants, slipping her boots on. She stood back up, smiling down at her low heeled boots. Perfect. She rolled her pants down and slipped her coat over her shoulders. She buttoned it up and pulled her earmuffs over her ears. She walked back out towards the exit of the airship, gloves in hand. She shivered as she stepped into the frigid air of Northern Amestris. She quickly put her gloves on, making sure the palms were securely shut. She giggled as Spade complained about the cold, stooping down to scoop some snow into her hands. She let it sprinkle through her fingers, smiling. She had never seen snow in such abundance before. There would definitely have to be a return visit to North City once this war business was taken care of. She stifled down a desire to make a snow angel, instead standing. There were stealth airships waiting for them and the supplies had to be transferred. Csilla was willing to lend a hand and soon enough, she was boarding another airship.

As the airship sailed through the sky towards Drachma and war, Csilla grew quieter. Shula had spread out some good orders on their way to North but of course, plans were always subject to change. But all of the plans meant battle. Which Csilla wished to avoid at all costs. Rising from the corner she had tucker herself away in, she searched for Shula. She found her in the main control room again with Spade and Acra. With a quick smile to the two boys, she tugged at Shula's hand, pulling her off to the side. She kept a smile and giggled, letting the boys assume they were talking about some “girl” thing. In reality, she dropped her voice quietly. “Shula, problem. And clearly Spade is letting you run this thing right now...” She glanced over at the boys again, wondering for a moment why Spade had been so off recently. She then turned back to Shula. “Battles and I do not really cooperate. I need to get set up a smaller mission. Spade usually sets me up automatically with something. But...” She shrugged her shoulders with a rueful smile. “Think we can pull something together?


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DRACHMA - Outside of Moscow: Reila, Dai, Ela

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:06 pm

Dietrich sat patiently in the back of one of the APC’s in the convoy. Like the legendary Leonidas and the Spartans of old, he had brought with him a large number of heavily-armed bodyguards into enemy territory. And now he was wreaking havoc in the greater Moscow area. How delightful!

Even back in Creta, he’d been making his own loopholes in the system. ”Lady Duchamp,” he says calmly and politely, his sub vocal mic transmitting for him, ”should you need it, we do have artillery support available in small numbers. And please, avoid collateral damage if at all possible, my dear. Otherwise, have fun…” With an impish grin he relaxes, his fingers rapping against his cane. Underneath, he was growing a bit uneasy. The Amestrians, god save them, were taking far too long in mobilizing their forces. Even if the emergency resolution passed, say, an hour ago, it’d still be hours before he could get any backup. It made it just a little unsettling to be in the current situation he was in.

”Sir?” a man asks over the radio, the vehicle coming to a halt. ”We think we have a visual on something.”

”Really?” "Something?" How specific. "I'll go take a look, then." He stands up striding to the back of the AC and lowering the rear hatch. Good or bad, being inside that metal tomb wouldn’t help him very much. Stepping outside into the darkness, he watched and waited in nothing more than his suit as the plane made its descent and landed on the highway. Tapping his cane against the metal ramp impatiently, he eventually eyes Reila and Dai stepping out onto the highway. Finally.

”Elastor,” he says, leaning into the APCto speak with him directly, ”contact the other squads up North and tell them we’ll be rejoining them soon. And when you’re done, make nice with the Amestrians. A proper introduction goes a long way, after all…”

Stepping onto the highway, he approaches Dai and Reila rather casually. ”General Tsukino, Mister Ito, what a surprise to see you two here!” he says with a friendly smile. ”It appears I’m overdressed for the occasion, but so be it. I’m afraid that I didn’t want to be as subtle as you two today, what with the untimely death of Czar Loki.” Walking up to the two of them, he extends his arm out for a hearty handshake. ”Now, I already have people in the greater Moscow area stirring up trouble, which should tie up some of their forces. Given time constraints, I’m afraid we’ll be relying on the collective Amestrian initiative to do the grunt work, General Tsukino, which I apologize profusely for. Now, how can I be of service to you?”


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EDGES OF MOSCOW - Zina is on her tail?

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:08 pm

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. She was no longer alone. Rebecca was currently ducking behind a parked car, the edges of Moscow within her sight. She could only imagine where Deirge was at this point in time. They could not fail. Grimacing within her mask, she peered out of the purple screen of her helmet, carefully peeking behind her down the expanse of white. The Drachman militants were moving. Good, let them--

Then she saw it. The rather intimidating looking armament of Drachma pounding through the snow after.... Well, probably her. "Least they aren't dumb..." She mumbled to herself as she dug into the snow immediately in front of her, her other hand reaching into a pouch at her waist. There was a small mine in her palm, shifting where her weight was. Although its blast radius was all of seven feet, she was hoping that could at least buy her some time. Placing the mine down, she covered it with snow after activating it, pushing off and away in a run. Rounding a corner, she drew out a pistol, checking the ammo before she reached into another pouch at her weist. EMP grenades that denoted in a ten foot radius, should be rather effective against the mecha behind her. Heh, she couldn't help but think of some anime. Now how WOULD she get out of this one?

Peering carefully around the corner of the building, it was drawing closer, the cross-hair upon her screen zooming and analyzing its make. Space Program. Drachman. Pilot: Zina Tarasov. 12 year old with spinal damage outfitted to the suit. Well that was--Waitaminute 12?! Straightening back against the wall of the building, the spectre was put at a loss. She was fighting a 12 year old in a suit that could easily pull her in two. Right. Ok. Change of plans then. It didn't matter that this was war and that people died, she was NOT ok with the thought of a twelve year olds possible death on her conscious. That was just all sorts of wrong. Bugger. So what did she do?

Closer. She had to keep moving. Following to the left down the alleyway right there, she cursed under her breath as she came upon some Drachman militants. So much for stealth. "Ah! Убейте ее!" "Whatever that means." She muttered as she opened fire with her pistol, curving to the right to dodge their bullets. A couple whizzed closer than comfortable to her, crimson eyes glaring at them as she slid the EMP grenade back into its pouch. She needed to reload. Holstering the one pistol, she drew out the other and continued fire, diving into a pocket for a knife. One awesome thing about her suit? Crap ton 'o pockets! Throwing it forth, she pulled out another and held it ready, practically tackling the remaining man to the ground. He hadn't expected her to get that close that quickly. His mistake. With her knee's pinning down his arms, the blade ate into the flesh of his neck, immediately turning her head. She knew that Comrade Tarasov HAD to have heard that. She had to get moving. Pushing herself up, she sheathed the knife and proceeded to reload, running to the right down one of the main streets. Moscow rose up before her. She would soon be in the city. Lets hope I still make it that far.


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DRACHMA - Kremlin, Moscow Aurel, Hild, Vanity

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Vincent... Damos laughed at the name. He had almost forgotten that's what they knew him as, one of his many identities throughout the years. Vincent was but a mere creation, a character made for the sole purpose of semblance. Truthfully, there was no Vincent Alexander, only Damos Carafax. He could tell he wasn't welcome here, as his sudden appearance made them all uneasy. Simpletons, too taken up in their own livelihood. They'd rather sacrifice an entire country filled with innocent people than die, it made Damos sick. People like that didn't deserve to live, and the mere thought of their self-serving nearly made him puke. If he wasn't under direct orders to ensure their survival, he would kill every single one of them right then, right there. They'd get what was coming to them soon enough, as they say, karma's a bitch. He chuckled at their expressions of surprise and anger, all looking like they were about to kill him if he made a wrong move, and Damos knew they wouldn't hesitate. He merely smiled in response however, knowing that if they attacked him and won, the self-destruct mechanism in his armor would kill them all in an instant. Of course they didn't know that however, it was his dirty little secret, his edge if you will.

There were four people in the room. Damos knew of three of them, there was Aurel and Hild, the infamous "Destroyers of Amestris" and leaders of RIOTE, and there was Alena, the newest leader of Drachma and the humonculus "Vanity." The fourth person on the other hand was someone he did not recognize, most likely some rank and file soldier there to protect the new Czar. She didn't look like a pushover however, and Damos took note to keep an eye on her. Aurel and the other three walked by Damos, heading towards the car waiting for them downstairs. Knowing exactly where they were headed, the Paladin turned as they walked by and followed them down, a car of his own already parked behind theirs. As they reached the vehicles, Damos nodded to the driver, Noren already in a different outfit than before. "This is my ride, I follow you," he said to Chaos, sliding into the passenger seat and closing the door behind him.

As they drove, Damos received a call. "Grey Knight, it is I, the Farseer. I call you now bearing grave news. Lillian Black, the younger sister of Jethro Black, is there in Moscow and en route to find him. I have seen the fates, and they are very dark. If the two of them are to meet, all will be lost! Once you deliver the message to RIOTE, this will become your number one priority: stop them from meeting! Understand?" the voice said, urgency in his tone. "Of course Lord Farseer, your wish is my command," he replied, cutting off the call. "Noren, get the Rangers to locate and watch Lillian Black, make sure she does not come in contact with her brother, General of the Western Army Jethro Black," he said quickly as the car came to stop, opening the door and stepping out. Noren simply nodded, the only reply necessary. Damos closed the door and turned, following the rest into the building. It was rough and ragged on the outside, but inside it was extravagant. Indeed, fit their tastes down to the letter. All the money goes to them, none for the poor men fighting for their lives out there. Disgusting...


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Moscow seemed to be going to Hell in a hand basket. Her radio wouldn’t stop squawking, so she just turned it off. She couldn’t even track the chaos without having to learn the language first, so it was just another piece of her disguise. A disguise that was working strangely well, as a matter of fact. This began to worry her…

”Major Galicia?” she hears in her earpiece. Glancing around, she ducks into an alleyway before responding.

”Lieutenant Zai, what’s so important?”

”Major, some of the men have been reporting in about some foreign militants in the area, likely Cretan based on the equipment. Something you’d be interested in?”

Isabella sighs, rotating her right shoulder. She should’ve kept the sling on…

”I want you to keep me updated on them then. Have someone stay close, but out of sight. We’ll need to rendezvous with them eventually.”

”Roger that, Major. I’ll be report back in in a minute.”

Putting her gun on the ground, she rubs her automail shoulder. She was pushing herself too far with this one, and if she wasn’t careful, she could be back in the hospital sooner than she wanted to be. Actually, in all likelihood, she’d end up there anyway, so she might as well go all-out, right?

”You have other things to focus on,” she reminds herself, digging into a coat pocket and pulling how her tactical map of Moscow. After unfolding it, she pressed it against the wall, waiting. All of hell was breaking loose, and she needed to keep an eye on some Cretans. Just in case.

”Major? I have to coordinates.”

”Ready and waiting, Zai. And quick with it.”

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Mountain Side Hide Out

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:41 pm

Alena was in the center of the room when the door opened. All was silent for that one second, and she couldn't help but shift over behind Hild and Sablya. It wasn't because she was afraid to fight, it was more out of protective instincts. Vanity didn't trust Vincent, and by the apparent quick grab of a gun, Hild didn't either. The beautiful homunculus stares down the newcomer and growls slightly underneath her breath.

"Come, let us take this conversation elsewhere." Aurelius quickly interjected. Whenever Aurelius said something, you followed orders.

Vanity releases a quick sigh of relief before holding onto Sablya as she walks down the stairs. Click by click her heels tapped against the marble stairs as she descended towards the car outside of the grand Kremlin. A sleek Audi was standing before them with Takatori grinning wickedly. He was an interesting fellow, but in her mind he was just another pawn to the grand masterpiece. Her eyes look up into the sky once more, as the cold air skim her bare collarbones. "Toss..." She whispers before looking back at Sablya. Her loyal partner was about to be departed on another mission, something Vanity wasn't too pleased with but had to agree under the current circumstances.

"Sablya, please take this." Vanity quietly mumbles under her breath. "If this little gem starts flashing a red color, it means I'm in trouble. Please, find a way, anyway of getting to me." Her eyes flicker towards Vincent who was about to enter into his own carr. With that, Czar Aphrodite slips into the back of the Audi next to Hild.

The drive was a bit long, but Vanity couldn't rest her eyes. The elegant woman just sat still and looked out the window the entire car ride.

Once the car reached the hideout, Alena quickly exits the car and follows Aurelius and Hild into the well spaced, secluded hideout. For something so far up in the mountains, it was rather beautiful and quite appealing to the vain one.

"Well, look at this place you've got us Chaos. I'm impressed." She smirks before flashing a quick look at the door. "I suppose Vincent is coming along as well?" She frowns and crosses her arms across her chest with just the thought of the man.


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DRACHMA - Outside of Moscow: Reaver, Dietrich, Reila, Dai

Post by Elastor Ito on Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:16 pm

Elastor jolted upright when he heard Dietrich's voice prick into his line of thought. Whipping his head around, he met the man's eyes with such intensity that it could melt the snow for miles around them. He nodded once and grabbed the radio beside him. Pulling the speaker to his lips, he said in a cold, emotionless voice: "We will be joining you soon." He cut the connection, knowing his vagueness could breach even the simplest of minds. Vague was safe, and the Northern squads were already informed of the relative plan. Standing up, Ela exited the vehicle behind Dietrich and into the cold...

Frigid night gusts blew at them from all directions, taking the redhead's black trench coat by the seams and shaking it out. Icy eyes twitched into slits, matching the temperature to the dot. He swallowed a shiver and left boot prints behind him. If the Amestrians raised even an eyebrow as his King, Ela would slay them without hesitation, but... "make nice with the Amestrians. A proper introduction goes a long way, after all..." He sighed and ran a leather gloved hand through his left tail of hair. Make nice? This was war. Ally or was but a month ago that they were the enemy. Ela had a hard time thinking of them as anything other than such. Except... flashbacks of blond hair...a warm smile...soft hands. He shook his thoughts away internally and turned his head but slightly.

They were being watched.

And it wasn't human. Nothing human could bypass his detection for long enough to get that close. Violet eyes flicked to the side, focusing on the half-cut shadow lurking just out of sight. Elastor's hand tightened on his sword, teeth clamping against one another in anticipation. An enemy or...? A nearly silent hiss escaped his lips in a huff of steam. He waved it away and stepped up to the group conversing, pretending he hadn't noticed the thing watching them talk. His fingers turned white, eyes burning, but he wore a calm ghost of a smile. After the major introductions passed and suggestions from Reila to search for a hideout, he scanned over the two other redheads and visibly frowned. Confusion set in briefly before he wrote that off as well. Better to always be on guard. "Ito?" A simple question--simple puzzlement allowed to leak through onto his features, and then a simple pause. "I am Elastor Ito." He lowered his voice, "We are being watched." His eyes darted to indicate the direction of the approaching figure through the shrouding darkness.


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Re: MISSION: The Dissolution of Drachma and RIOTE's Rebirth

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