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Post by Guest on Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:37 am

She gave a squeak of surprise when he lifted her off the floor. He hands instantly gripping to him tighter. But once he was steady she couldn't help but give a soft laugh nuzzling closer to him. Especially when he had to duck through the doors. Bless him they had to be irritating at times.

As he approached her bed She blushed as still tucked in like she left it every morning the extremely long blue rifle lay. Kurt... The dear present from its namesake slumbered. Lucky she kept it unloaded as Fiachra sat down luckily not on it and she felt herself laid down on the plush matress. His rough hands tenderly stroking her face.

She couldn't help but whine as his hand left. But soon the red and fluffy cape was placed over her causing her golden eyes to blink in confusion. It was warm and smelt musky and of everything that was Fiachra. She couldn't help but blush at the gester or hold it closer to her frame. "Suits you." She blushed more and reached for his hand. Don't go.... Was what she wanted to say but her voice was gone from her mouth.

"I'll go park up on the couch, alright?" She quickly grasps his hand in her's a tugged gently. "No...Don't..." She sat up a bit wobberly but wrapping the cap round her shoulders she gently removed Kurt from the bed. Sorry...there's not room for three of us... In expert but drunk hands she managed to carry it to its glass case and place it gently inside. Closing it and hearing the lock click she was happy. Her baby was safe and close at hand. Heading back over she would come to regret her quick morning routine as he foot caught in the towel from her earlier shower. Her balanced tipped. Had she of not drank so much she would of quickly saved herself...maybe even avoided the damp article in the first place. She stumbled and fell.

Luckily instead of head butting the wall at high force she fell straight into the chest of her guest. She couldn’t help put smile as his hard muscle rippled under her fingers. She blushed more and looked to him. “Stay…please…” Placing her knees either side of his lap she leaned up pressing a kiss to his lip. Nothing had to happen but she didn’t want him to go. She would give anything to stay in those warm arms tonight.


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Post by Guest on Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:10 am

"No...Don't..." A hand gripped his, the man's eyes briefly closing under the dim light of the bedroom. She sat up, Fiachra attempting to catch her as she wobbled. "Ah--" He blinked; she had taken up the weapon and carried it slowly away from the bed. She moved rather quickly for someone who was off their face drunk--Fiachra could only smile and watch as she placed that weapon back into its glass case. "Y'really care for it, huh?" He wouldn't be surprised; a weapon was like a personal friend towards its wielder. A friend that saved your life, brought you to your knees to use it. A friend that cared not for your feelings, but saved you when you needed it. It never spoke when sheathed, but when blasting or cutting through the enemy it would sing songs of beauty and peace. He chuckled dryly, watching her with a smirk. The sounds of a clicking lock broke his thought train, so he silently continued to watch her with eyes kinder than those of the Silent King himself. A quick motion and those eyes turned worried as Artemis stumbled forth, falling forwards and landing on him with a soft noise.

“Stay…please…” He was going to respond. Fiachra was going to say something to appease her; a confirmation that he wouldn't leave. His mouth didn't even get a chance to open--Artemis' lips pressed up against his and silenced any moments of speech that he had. Not resisting, he let her hold the kiss for as long as she wanted to, before adding on another half-second of his own. Pulling away for air, the broader man smiled calmly at her and nodded. "I shall stay if you wish, Artemis." Wrapping his arms lightly around her, he rose her up into the air and placed her onto the bed once more, admiring her figure. Though tempted as he was, he would not do so. Fiachra would not destroy a drunk woman--it was taboo, almost. He would sleep here on this bed tonight, but sleep was all he'd do. Defiling someone who had no sense of what was happening was by its own right foolish and disrespectful. Though if it was anyone else, he may be convinced differently; Fiachra wished for this to stay... nice for tonight. Stepping away from the bed, he adjusted the cape over her shoulders again, before walking around the double mattress and climbing onto the bed himself. His weight pushed the mattress down a little, though not enough to pose a problem. Fiachra closed his eyes, waiting for sleep to come, hearing the breathing of the woman beside him.

"Goodnight, Artemis..."

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Post by Guest on Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:38 am

She couldn't help but rejoice as he kissed back. Her arms wrapping round his neck pressing herself closer to him. As they parted she couldn't stop the smile on her lips. A much better reaction to the last one. "I shall stay if you wish, Artemis." He laid her down once more and for a spilt second she could see the want in his eyes. But it quickly left as his trained self control as a warrior kicked in and part of her was thankful for it.

As he stood she panicked that he was going. But the cape was fixed to its correct position on her shoulders and soon followed by the dipping of the bed. He laid beside her and she couldn’t help but feel attracted by the warmth. Curling toward him she couldn't stop the twitching of a smile at the taught that no doubt by morning she most likely be sprawled across him. There had been many times during training out in the wilds she end up kicking Kurt in the jaw multiple times and even pushing him out of the tent due to her feverish sleep movements. Though she heavily doubted she had the strength to push Fiachra anyway.

"Goodnight, Artemis…" She smiled and snuggled into the cape. "Sleep well...Fiachra…" She whispered curling towards him as her eyes fluttered shut. In seconds the alcohol that buzzed in her system lulled her into a sleep. The scent making sure her dreams where peaceful.

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