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Opening Titles!

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Re: Opening Titles!

Post by Sec Invidia on Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:20 pm

Ah, well that was good! Always nice to hear that the idea of getting food was most excellent, y'know. And it was, because she was hungry, and he was hungry, and there was a place where they could relieve their hunger by eating food. And because being hungry is bad, that means food is indeed most excellent! Anywho, as they stepped into the tea shop, Sec noted that many people were staring at them, probably because of Shokolat's wings. Taking a glance at those that were staring, they soon looked away, with him not even having to intimidate them. It's quite rude to stare... Ah, sigh... Some people didn't ever learn that as they were growing up. Which was just SAD. Sec was raised by crack dealers, much as he would deny it to anyone ever, and HE had GREAT manners! Perfect gentleman! Yet much of humanity grew up with parents of a more respectable background, so it would make sense that they should have been taught proper etiquette... That was, unfortunately, not the case, however.

Twas her voice that pulled him from his fixation on other peoples' behavioral habits. Smiling down to her, he nodded. "Ah, yes, no worries there; happens a lot, I'm used to it by now." As he spoke, he noticed a woman approaching. "Hello, welcome to our shop. Once you are seated, we'll have a waitress at your table, okay?" She then lead the pair to a table at the back, which happened to be a lovely booth; wide and somewhat lowered seats, making a nice match for Shokolat's wings and Sec's height.


Sec knows the following languages, and will occasionally use them!
Rouenian (Gelemortian Dialect), and all of these languages are spoken with a posh Cretan accent.

PLEASE NOTE; Sec is THE tallest human male character on MDA! He is 7'5", or 7'11" with his platform shoes and fedora. Which is really tall! And stuff!

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Re: Opening Titles!

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:25 am

The stares. She could sense them. Shokolat slowly turned her head, still biting her lip as she glanced to all those people just staring at them. Unabashed. All of them. She felt suddenly very self-conscious of herself, of the mysterious mistake she must have made to make papa send her out so. Apprehension began to clutch at her chest until they all started to look away from the odd pair, her eyes now a soft, vulnerable lavender as she stared up at Sec. He had been looking back at them. And without even doing anything they all had stopped. She felt such a wave of relief wash over her, bowing her head as a very small smile rose to her lips. Her wings fluttered slightly against her back, looking up at his response. "Ah, yes, no worries there; happens a lot, I'm used to it by now." That was good. Very good. "I'm glad-" She began, immediately falling quiet as the waitress stepped into her view.

"Hello, welcome to our shop. Once you are seated, we'll have a waitress at your table, okay?" Oh dear. They weren't going to be in the aisle's or anything were they? Then her wings would end up in the way and that would be terrible and-- Why was she so worried right now? Was it because she was eating with her new friend? Or was it something she didn't quite know? Either way, she brightened as she saw the booth that they must be walking to, sliding into the seat. Her bags were placed next to their booth, a smile forming across her lips as she found how much room her wings had. Wow... She had never found a booth that left such room for her! This was fantastic! Could this day get any better? Could it? Picking up the menu's that were left for them, she paused, lowering it back down to the tables surface as her eyes rested upon Sec. "I just want to thank you again for today Mr. Invidia, and for all your kindness. I haven't ever had a day like this before. So... thank you." The words came so softly from her, but she felt that they had to be said because it was true. She hadn't ever had a day like this, not even with her papa before the world changed.

NOW she could look at the menu in complete comfort, her gaze darting all across the laminated page. "So what are you thinking of getting?" Yes... today was probably going to somehow just keep getting better and better.



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