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A Day in the City

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A Day in the City

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:29 am

Ah Esparia... The weather was so perfect here in her home country. The sun was clearly shinning, you could see the glistening water, and the air always smelled of something delicious. Now, the definition of "delicious" varied from person to person, but generally you could smell spices, perfume, food, and quite possibly booze. How could one not miss such an environment? And the laughter... One could not forget the overall sense of personal warmth, merriment, and relaxation. Drachma couldn't hold a candle to the flame that was Esparia. It was certainly a place you never forgot, and Stella did love to be back home.

She had arrived home only a couple of days before from the cold, dismal land of Drachma where she had in fact, found her little sister. The sister she had been afraid she had lost along with her parent and stepmother. She... had been just as she had expected, and so much more. She was just the child she had hoped she still had been for she had been worried that those military men had completely turned her into a killing machine or something! She was supposedly operating a giant machine whose name... Stella didn't honestly know. But either way, there... did seem to be some kind of lingering effect upon her that the albino girl couldn't quite identify during the time that she had been there. She seemed quite passionate about her home country though, and that was usually a good thing. If a countries people didn't have SOME kind of sense of nationalism, it somehow seemed to diminish them. Or maybe that was just her, she didn't really know. It wasn't like she wanted people to clash because of their nationalism either!

Oi, her mind was a mess lately. She could only stay with her sister for a few days, but she hadn't really minded that in the least. Her main mission of returning to her birth country had been successful. So what was she doing now that she was home? well, after checking in with her family and ensuring the shop didn't need her help, she had traveled to the capital of Malos to do some shopping of her own.

This day she was wearing cork sandals that added a couple of inches to her already impressive height (being 6' already), with jean shorts for once. For some reason, she never felt like wearing jeans or pants of any kind. It didn't help that the only kinds of shorts that she normally saw were those booty shorts girls these days wore and those were NOT appealing to her in any way, shape, or form. Her's reached her mid thigh. But as for her shirt, she was wearing a soft green halter with golden bands around her upper arm, complimentary bracelets on her wrists. You could still see the flower circle tattoo on her right arm though, the colors quite distinct against her very pale skin. Plenty of sun block had been applied before she left for she did burn so terribly easily. An albino with Esparia's sun did not always make a friendly pair after all. Her long white hair flowed free per usual, framing her pretty face with its tresses. All that was left was her simple earrings and bright crimson eyes that looked about the great city eagerly. She never got to come here that often!

Yes, you could say she was a tourist in this town for she was from Havanna. Was it really as boring in Malos as Vito had said? Oh she did hope he was doing well, and his friend who was in the hospital too! Why did that day seem so far away now? Oh well, maybe she would bump into him today. So for now she walked at an easy pace down one of the streets in what seemed to be downtown, shop after shop lining the pavement. Food shops, clothing stores, jewelry stores, there were so many! Yet... she hadn't really seen a flower shop or anything as of yet. That was mildly disappointing to her. She had hoped to see what flower shops in the big city were doing to see if she could bring any suggestions to her families store. No matter, she was here to look for something to send to Zinaida, and maybe something for herself. Humming a soft tune to herself, she watched those that moved around her on the street, a calm yet content smile upon her features.


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Re: A Day in the City

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 14, 2012 6:48 pm

It had been some time since Tristao had been in Malos, and unfortunately for him, he didn't have the best memory of the layout. The poor boy was traveling without his feline counterpart today, and instead he spent it with Vasi. Vasi was a beautiful golden eagle that he had found many years ago, and raised it as his own pet. He was a sucker for animals, and often times found their company much more pleasing than humans. They were honest, free spirited, and humorous. Vasi was bold and brave, unlike Lucian. There were many days the eagle would be on it's own, delivering messages between cities and other merchant ships. The bird was perched on his right shoulder, snuggled close to his warm neck.

"Vasi! Vasi!" He ranted to himself several times before looking around. "I don't know where the hell we are!!" The man folded his arms across his chest and stared at the locals that passed by on their busy ways.

One thing about Esparia, it was heavily populated. Every morning, the local streets would be swarmed with people out shopping for personal goods. The culture, climate, atmosphere or whatever you call it, was the best. The boy chuckles to himself before glancing around the scene once more. It was then, in the middle of this massive chaos, stood a beautiful albino woman, with flowing free white hair. His eyes widen and he drops both arms down from his chest. "Vasi, look at that woman. I, I think I know who that is!" Tristao never actually met the woman, only heard a brief description from Vito. In all reality, how many albino's would be in Esparia? This had to be her!

"Hey you! Yeah, you there!" He waves his hand as he quickly jogs over to the woman with white hair. "I, I know this is weird, but I think I know who you are!" He gives his signature cheeky grin and extends his hand for a shake. "I'm Tristao, and I think you know my good friend, Vito?"


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Re: A Day in the City

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:53 pm

Ooo, there was a rather adorable toy store with local wares in the windows, some more obviously factory made plushies on the shelves within the depths of the store. Would Zinaida like something like that? She was twelve after all... And a fighter for mother Drachma.... This was going to be far harder than she initially expected. Maybe she should just send her an action figure instead? No, no, no... she was still a proper young girl! But then should she instead get her something more appropriate for her gender? That hardly seemed correct either. How in the world had her father and mother every decided on gifts for her? This was far too complicated!

Biting her lower lip slightly, she ended up walking past the store and onward towards--"Hey you! Yeah, you there!" "Hm?" Of course, at that kind of exclamation everyones head on the street turned to face the man with the golden eagle upon his shoulder who was running towards... Her. Oh! And he was rather handsome wasn't he? What did he want with her? Oh no, he wasn't some pimp or kidnapper, or (heaven forbid) a seducer of women was he?! Her eyes widened slightly as she slowed to a stop in her step, looking to the man that was running up to her. "I, I know this is weird, but I think I know who you are!" Now she had to stare at him rather blankly at that statement, her own crimson eyes blinking a few times rather dumbly. He... did? But with that kind of a smile, she didn't feel at all threatened. So maybe this was just a pick up line or something? "I'm Tristao, and I think you know my good friend, Vito?" OH! Stella's expression brightened upon the familiar name, her hand reaching to take his for a shake. "Oh! Yes, indeed I do. I'm Stella, or Tanya depending on which you want to call me by. It's a pleasure Tristao." Her grip was gentle and warm in his hand, yet there was a very slight firmness to it. Well well, this was certainly most unexpected!

A smile of her own spread across her lips, bright and filled with the same friendliness she had displayed Vito. It was just a natural thing for her. "I'm so pleased I get to meet one of his friends while I'm here! He spoke quite highly of you while I was with him." She nodded once, her hand sliding from his a moment later as the eagle seemed to watch her with a kind of wariness, drawing out a giggle from her. "Oh I'm hardly a threat so there's no need to look at me like that!" Gathering her bangs behind her ears, her gaze returned to Tristao, tilting her head slightly as amusement sparkled in her gaze. "He's a beautiful eagle. What is his name?"


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Re: A Day in the City

Post by Shula Brighton on Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:40 pm

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Re: A Day in the City

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