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Absolute ... mayhem!

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Absolute ... mayhem!

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:32 am

So, there wasn't a whole lot to say. He wanted to take a legitimate vacation to Creta, and not that random 'see a Xing ruin in the middle of the Drachman-Cretan-Amestrian border that actually houses a million Chimera that want to eat you alive' business.

No, he wanted an ACTUAL vacation in Creta. And by TRUTH, he GOT one.

Except, now he had run int trouble with the local authorities. And here, he had no freaking clue where he was. At the present moment, he was just on the lam (god damn it ... again!), running through some random city in Creta . . . ah ... pretty heavily urbanized place, and all that, but yeah. So maybe he was wanted for assault and battery, and a couple homicides . . . and vehicular manslaughter (that was probably the first count), vandalism, destruction of private property, obstruction of Justice, assaulting officers

Oh, and public indecency, but that was just him having to tear his shirt off to bandage that new gash in his arm! When the hell did Cretan Police officers use anti-personnel rifles?!?

Well, given the bullet hadn't quite ... y'know, gone straight though his chimeric arm, it'd probably finish healing with the next few minutes since he got shot a couple hours back. Well, okay, about seven hours back, but yeah. This was by far the worst thing that could've happened to him, so far, when he took vacations. Sure, he'd be hooked up to a virtual-reality simulator that was intended to keep his mind sedated for whatever purpose in that last Cretan trip, but never before had he found himself completely weaponless and running around shirtless in a Cretan city. Well, at least he still had some knives, left, but yeah. His coat wasn't thick enough to compensate for his shirt, which REALLY made him think why he didn't take some thing else to use to deal with the wounds on his right a-Oh, because there was still wounds from when he got blasted with lightning, that's why.

Bah, not that it mattered, as he was stumbling his way into what appeared to be a construction site. He only had a few minutes to get his ass out of here before the whole precinct would be on him and out to kill him, so . . .


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Re: Absolute ... mayhem!

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:58 am


A couple of explosions and a sudden screeching of a cars tires as it turned sharply around the corner. "Faster, faste,r FASTERERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" A man screamed to his driver. Today had been the worst day in his life, his gang had randomly been attacked by a rouge man with fire red hair and a eye patch. "That bastard....he killed Pete and Drew..." The driver said in utter astonishment. The man looked at the driver. "Pete and Drew!? He wiped out everyone in the fucking warehouse! Who the hell is this fucking psycho?" That psycho was actually Jericho Phailbarn Cross. Why did he randomly attack these low time gangsters? Well thats easy....he was bored and these people were sooooooo weak. They were almost not even worth his time.

"There it is, are reinforcements are standing by right?"

"Yeah boss don't worry I called Paulie, there ready for World War 3 here."

All of a sudden there was a loud thunk on the roof of the car. Shit! He had managed to get of the rooftops he persisted on chasing them on. Then a loud screech was heard over the drivers seat at a Nodachi cut a whole like a can in a can opener. He pulled his gun but, it was too late as the nodachi went through his heart. The man in the backseat watched the site in horror and the man on the roof of the car leaped off and the vehicle swerved and began to roll on its side and crashed just outside the construction site. Opposite of Hei actually. The gangster got out of the car his arm broken and running with a limp. "Get away from me, y-you freak!"

Jericho had to admit this guy was harder to get rid than a cockroach. He followed the man into the construction site at a walking pace as he dragged the nodachi along the ground making it spark. He didn't want the chase to end just yet. "Yeah thats right, run you fucking coward HAHAHAHAHA!" Jericho laughed with pleasure at this bastards helplessness. Its not like these bastards were innocent, they did the same thing to helpless people themselves but, that was not the reason Jericho gave chase. He just found it amusing. But there was one thing he didn't get, they made plenty of noise from the warehouse to here for the past 6 hours......where the fuck were the police?


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Re: Absolute ... mayhem!

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:49 am


Ah nuts, the voice of annoying police officers much too soon. Damn it, he knew it was their job and all, but did they REALLY need to chase him for about half a day? I mean, in the end, it's a waste of their manpower and all, but they could have done something more efficient to catch him. Then again, considering he was a bit out of breath from all this fleeing, and he wasn't one to enjoy being shot at (even though the pain wasn't all there . . .), maybe he shouldn't be criticizing the Cretan police force for the way they handled things: After all, it was working just wonderfully here.

"Haaaaa ... Haaaaaa. Shit. Not this whole god-damned goose-chase again . . . haaaaaa." the Xingese breathes heavily, feeling his lungs burning a bit ... or maybe that was a different part of him? Still, he was already mightily uncomfortable since he'd been hounded. If he could just get five more minutes to sit down and rest, then things would be great. Or, if he kept his breathing steady, he could get inside this damn . . . what was this, a skyscraper? Perfect. Wonderful hiding spot. No really, a god-damned SKYSCRAPER? Could his luck have gotten past rock bottom?

Still, the black-clad (minus shirt now) Xingman didn't have time to be picky, so he barreled into the incomplete building. Technically, they had about ... what? Thirty, maybe forty stories already done? Not much more? He didn't know, he just needed to get out of here. Maybe hide in the ventilation shafts or something, squeeze himself in there like in the god-damned action movies and take a nap until later. A couple minutes later, he was already several floors up, having practically leaped up the stairs. For now, he was waiting. Praying for goodness sake that the whole force didn't come marching into this building trying to hunt him down.

Except, now he heard chatter from INSIDE the building.

'Oh. GOD DAMN IT.' he shuts his eyes, for the time being, it seems this place is meant to house plenty of office space, as there's cubicles and stuff and ... things. Point is, he's tired. He has no idea why he's even here, and he's currently sitting down, his back to a wall (literally AND figuratively) and listening into what sounds like concerned chattering. Mutterings. Stuff. But, where was all that noise coming from? And why the hell were there police here in the first place? Unless they weren't police to begin with?


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Re: Absolute ... mayhem!

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:20 pm

The man began running up the steps. "GET HIM BOYS!" He screamed as he ran past. Jericho couldn't help thinking......what a loser. He quickly wiped out the two who the man had called on. There screams and the blood streaking across the walls was music to his ears. Guns......such pansy ass weapons. "Where are you!?~" Jericho teased as he walked up the staircase and through the doorway. He could barely here police sirens now, well it was about time.....strangely he also heard gunfire. He wasn't being shot at...who was the cops? That would make sense. Jericho continued his chase taking out and gang members he saw on his way. The were so weak....he hated them all. They all needed to die for being so weak.

He came to a large room with men with machine guns pointed at him and their boss standing in the middle with a smirk on his face. Sweat dripped from his brow and stained his shirt. Jericho could almost smell both the fear and the physical effort he had been having wafting off of him. "This time you die, any last words?" His over confidenced sicken Jericho. A look of other distain came over his face. "Just first," he said as he raised his arm and shot out a fireball from it. It hit one of the men vaporizing him in an instant. Two more went flying through a wall near where Hei now laid. The lost of the follower got a Nodachi ran right through him. The boss fell over and scampered to his feet in a panick as he ran through the newly made hole. He stumbled and fell upon Hei. "You got to help me! HES PSYCHOTIC!" The poor bastard had no idea what he was in store for....


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Re: Absolute ... mayhem!

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:00 pm

"You got to help me! HES PSYCHOTIC!"

Uh ... what? Was there a psychotic cop in the building? What?

"Sure, I guess. But, just so you know, there's a whole squad of cops surrounding this building . . ." Hei just mentions casually to the clearly unnerved 'boss' who seemed to be taking refuge from one particularly insane cop. That was about when this boss fellow bolted, heading for the stairs and apparently going up, muttering something about 'getting the rest of the boys' and shouting at the last moment "STOP THAT MANIAC! PLEASE!!" to Hei.

The Xing-Drachman could only open the door that was just beside the gaping hole from which that poor person had been thrown through. And boy, was he surprised. There was a red-head wielding an overly large curved one-sided sword, and blood was all over the place, along with one corpse for that ... and two smoking bodies.

Well now, what had have we here, an interesting person to fight? This was going to be fun, he supposed.

"Nothing personal, but if you're a Cretan cop, then I'm going to be kicking your ass, alright?" he says simply and plainly, there being no hesitation in his words. And immediately after that, he draws forth the hidden knives in his sleeves, six total, three in each hand.

In the same second that his knives were revealed, he flung them like darts at his enemy. . . . Darts with the speed of bullets and the striking force of boulders, but darts nonetheless. That was just a diversionary tactic (he didn't really expect them to be THAT fast as to actually hit his opponent), so he could keep his foe's attention off of him as he rushed forward, keeping pace with the flying projectiles (not really at the speed of a bullet, but still absurdly fast for a hand-thrown object . . .)

Now, what would happen next, as he was charging forward with the daggers ahead of him?

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Re: Absolute ... mayhem!

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:39 pm

Jericho grinned as he watched the coward run and was starting after him when another man came around the corner. What the hell? Where were all these lackies coming from? For every hundred he slayed a hundred more took there place. But, the man spoke in a language unlike the others. Fantastic! He wasn't one of these so called "lackies." He might even prove entertaining, who knew for sure? Too bad Jericho couldn't understand a lick of what the man said. Oh well, the only language that meant anything in battle was body language. The flow of the body as it swung, dodged, ATTACKED! Then suddenly the man flung something at him. Oh well guess it was time to "communicate."

Jericho lunged head first into the fray running straight at the new comer. Would this be interesting? His speed suggested YES! Jericho ducked under one of the darts while another cut the strap holding his eyepatch to his face. He quickly met up with Hei their blades clashing and his eyepatch falling to the floor revealing Jericho's automail eye. The red eye with a black scelera, Jericho's one flaw in his eyes revealed for all to see. Did he care? Maybe......then again as of right now he was locked into the lust of battle. He quickly brought his fist back and lunged it forward to Hei's face, he wanted a good fight and he hoped this man could oblige, he then quickly dropped down in an attempt to swipe the feet out from under him, if the man jumped he would kick upward. "LET IT BEGIN!" Jericho said with absolute lust in his face and his voice full of excitement!


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Re: Absolute ... mayhem!

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:22 am

"LET IT BEGIN!" the man would say, except. It would be silenced by a headbutt. It was a logical course of events, after the Cretan-cop-who-spoke-Amestrian dodged his knives and rush him decided to throw a (feint) punch, Hei didn't have time to stop. So, given he was throwing all of his body forward at absurd speeds, there was only one option: Keep on going.

Stopping was too much trouble, turning away ... too much trouble! So, the punch was coming for his face, and was slapped aside (not slapped so much as he was pushing the arm of Jericho aside with his own respective arm to avoid getting a direct punch to the face) and that left Hei at arm's length just moments before a conscious decision of Jericho was made to try to sweep Hei's feet out under him.

That sweeping foot decision was timed with the call, which was silenced by Hei not able to stop himself. After all, both this Cretan Cop and Hei, despite the Cretan-cop-who-spoke-Amestrian trying to throw a punch and he trying to grab the cop by the throat, were still moving forward at pretty good speeds. So, the likelihood of them impacting, and Hei opting to try to knock his head into the Cretan-cop-who-spoke-Amestrian's face, was far greater than either of them completing their appropriate original attacks (feint, leg sweep or knee to the gut ... and ... claw to the throat).

Immediately after impact though, the attempt of the leg thing-a-majig that Jericho Cross threw at Hei Bai did in fact succeed, since it was already in progress the moment the collision occurred. A shot aimed for his knees. Except, by now, a natural consequence due to a collision of heads, no matter how psychotic and masochistic they both were was them reeling a bit from the blow. Though, given they are masochitic psychotics, that was a temporary thing and less likely to keep them incapable of functioning properly.

Hei, however, decided to avoid this matter altogether. How? Because his natural inclination to go back, he opted to fall down. And thus accidentally caught the foot of Jericho, as the kick was landing against his leg when he was already falling.

So, as to what that means to Jericho, it wasn't Hei's concern . . . though he was pretty sure he landed on top of the Cretan-cop-who-spoke-Amestrian's foot. The next thing he did was roll to his left, immediately, get onto his elbows and knees and in the next split second was back standing upright, whirling about to face his opponent. No doubt, at that point, his opponent was fully recovered and ready to begin the offensive. Well, Hei wanted to be ready for that. And his right hand, which had been lingering about the edges of his coat, reached inside one of the deeper, inner pockets and withdrew the Dadao he had on his person.

While his left hand was sneakily fishing around in an outward pocket, one of many that held his knives (besides the few he kept inside) and fished out two knives, held between the central three digits, clasped tightly.

But, and hopefully his opponent had started straight into attacking, since there had been a good two-three second pause now after that incident where they had bumped heads, in which Hei opted to speak while drawing his weapons.

"Haaa, why would a Cretan speak Amestrian?" he inquires, aloud so they could both hear, but really it was more him voicing his questions aloud.

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Re: Absolute ... mayhem!

Post by Shula Brighton on Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:17 pm

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Re: Absolute ... mayhem!

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