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God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

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God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:43 pm

So out in the midst of a nice small town in Xing. Okay, he didn't know where exactly he was, but considering he spoke Xingese fluently, apparently he had made his way ever closer to the capital. And needless to say, he got to see first hand, from his arduous trek from the mountainous north to the desert-laden east, how little or much Xing had developed.

Needless to say, he got mixed results. Plenty of places were still agrarian in nature, rural and with next to no modernization . . . but there were some sizable bastions where one can see the urban environment growing, and that was to show the progress of Xing's technological development. But, there just wasn't enough. Or at least enough to impress Hei.

But, what did he care? He was in one of Xing's more modern cities, one that saw lots of foreigners filling in to go look around at ancient ruins. This place was a genuine tourist trap, really, money being brought in and practically deposited for the various businesses. Xing was a nation that needed to change, to adapt to the modern times, true ... it's economical strength was pretty high, for a third-world underdeveloped country, but alas. Xing was not his home, yet. And it would not be for some time.

'Meh' was the only thought that emerged in his mind, as he continued to drink his coffee. He was at a cafe, some famous chain business, a coffee shop that originated in Creta. Just idly watching people go by. This place was pretty good, and caused him to change his opinion of coffee as some tasteless and bland drink that would increase the likelihood of getting cancers, but then again, it wasn't too easy on one's wallet. Ah well . . . not that he cared, he had enough cash to spare just one cup of this coffee.


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Re: God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:47 pm

Feng was a bit unsure was to why he was here but he was and had not questioned it for a moment. He hadn't really done anything of interest, though. He met with somebody for a moment that his dad had told him to meed and all he really found out was it was somebody older than him pretty low in the military who seemed to have no respect for him. He didn't understand what his father wanted but he just talked to this man until they had managed to come to the understanding Feng did not think he was better than him. He figured his father had some reason for this but Feng did not understand it quite yet but didn't mind doing it. Whatever it was. He was considering what to do now that he was done.

He walked through people and looked around with his hands shoved in his pants pockets, looking for something that would catch his attention and he would go there. But so far nothing. He was wearing a somewhat bright blue button up shirt, sleeves rolled up to his elbow, and a yellow tie with black regular fitting slacks. His usual hat in place, of course. He did finally catch something that did catch his attention, which he then had to do the complicated task of weaving out of the people he had been moving with. Finally he was spit out of the crowd in front of the place which had caught his attention. Coffee. If it was vanilla in nature, you couldn't go wrong there. With his hands now out of his pockets he cheerfully make his way over to get the coffee that now stuck in his brain. He needed it, now.

Making his way in he finally got to the part that was easy enough. He ordered. It was rather uneventful, really. His polite ordering of something warm and vanilla and the paying and the eventual taking of this exact thing. He turned around and as always something had to go wrong. Because as soon as he turned the man behind him had stepped forward and there was a collision involved in which coffee was spilled, but thankfully not on anybody involved. But this time it was actually not Feng's fault. For once it was the other persona at fault.

"I'm so sorry, sir" the man said as soon as he recognized who Feng was "oh my.. I just spilled the second in command's coffee.... Sorry sir" he said sounding pretty hectic. As soon as Feng heard his position mentioned he did notice that he recognized this person and sighed but smiled.

"It's quite alright" he said, nodding. He didn't see anything wrong with the situation really. Though while he was speaking he noticed that the man ended up ordering and buying for him again. He didn't really enjoy when people did that but felt this man would not have taken no for an answer. So he just waited until more was shoved in his hand and he thanked him with a slight bow before turning and quickly heading away. He didn't feel like dealing with somebody constantly saying they were sorry. It was just plain awkward.


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Re: God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:51 am

Ears perked. Or well, not really. But his attention certainly did get caught, and he was now looking away from the window and at the current scene. Had someone mentioned 'second-in-command'? Oh, yes indeed! Feng Xiu was the name he found, when doing his research on Xing's military leaders. Second-in-Command ... a more ceremonial position than anything else, but still wielding very real and very potent powers in the structure of Xing's power.

. . . Was this a meeting divined by gods? Of all people to encounter, when scoping out Xing's cities, to be THIS individual? One who has taken the long-vacant post, and apparently has a love for things of vanilla flavor? Hei had to act quickly, as it seems the fellow was trying to leave ... like now.

With much haste, Hei stood upward and walked in front of Feng, blocking him from the door. The Xing-Drachman (despite looking entirely Han) had a beaming smile, more fitting on the face of an old and good friend.

"Ahhhhh, dearest Feng! How long has it been since we last spoke! Come, come sit! It's been far too long, you and I ought to chat to make up for all the lost time!!" and with that, Hei of Drachma managed to drag Feng Xiu against his will to the table that Hei had occupied ... which was close-by the tinted windows, but distance from the other patrons and in a corner. If there was any complaints, Hei silenced it with other words, cheery and brightly said. Warmly, too.

Now, they were both seated, Hei grinning from ear to ear as he addressed the target in question. Oh, what fun this shall be.

"How is Yu, doing? Or Jeu-Hee? I've heard plenty of odd things nowadays about them. Oh, and I presume dearest Saeji Aeries is doing well since I last met with him in the desert? And most importantly! How have you been?" he chatters, idly, speaking with haste in a distinct voice, mellow but tinges of contained excitement that gave no signs of accents . . . particularly when he name-dropped the Emperor of Xing after transcribing and translating the original pingyin of his Xingese name into the pronunciation of the Drachman language.

If that wasn't an eye-raiser to the diplomatic military officers of Xing, reputed to speak many languages, then maybe he had to try another approach.


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Re: God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:16 am

Feng didn't notice at all the man names Hei until he was going to the door and suddenly stopped an noticed this exact persona standing in his way. He didn't know who this man was in any way but he figured it was just a random stranger who would step out of his way soon enough. They always did whether they knew him or not. So now it was just all in waiting. He looked at Hei and that was when he noticed that something was off here.

His smile somehow made him feel like he was missing something. And he couldn't help but stare up past his hat and blink at him, obviously confused. He didn't understand the smile at all. He must be missing something. Tha was when he spoke. Feng listened closely, perhaps trying to pick up something to hint as to who this was and why he was smiling at him and what he got only seemed to confuse him more. Dearest Feng? Since we last spoke? Been far too long? Lost time? Who the hell was this and why was he speaking to him like he knew him...

Wait. Did he know him? His eyes narrowed as he tried to think for a moment. He tried to match him to faces he knew and honestly came up with nothing. He never really forgot faces... But what if he did? He was so confused he didn't know how to react. And as he was being dragged to a table Feng found himself moving with him for the sake of atleast maybe figuring out what exactly was going on here. Maybe find out who this man was and what he knew about him. And he was still smiling like they were once close and that only served to confuse him more.

When he began throwing out names he did know he fell deeper into his confusion. He stared at him, blinking as he quietly sipped his vanilla yum. Yes. Vanilla yum. Wait... Saeji Aeries? One eye narrowed and the eyebrow of the other raised. That was Drachman and... Did he mean Ace? He tilted his head. He wasn't sure but... What if he didn't? He was so confused at this point he forgot to reply for the longest time. But after a moment he looked down, hand moving to the back of his neck as he thought.

"Um... Fine?" he tried to answer but had no idea HOW to answer. He wasn't at all sure of this situation. Was this just another random guy trying to fuck with him with his knowledge of what was going on? Or was this some guy who really knows what is up? And for that matter. DID HE KNOW HIM? He might look familiar but he could just be fooling himself. He just did not know anymore. He felt so confused it was causing a slighty headache. He felt almost bad. If he DID know Feng, then Feng obviously forgot him and it was rude to forget people.


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Re: God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:50 am

. . .

"Ahhh. I see, I see. That's very good to hear.

And you're confused, I see. That's good.

I think you understand it when I speak like this, so ... I'll just keep talking as such, since I know there are no Drachmans here. Okay?"

All suspicions should be confirmed now. Hei was a liar. A damned good one, but still a liar and he was flat-out lying to Feng. But, his lies had a purpose, and what that would be was going to be revealed . . . now.

"Legally, I do not exist, but in whatever documents should still exist, my name is Bai Feng. I go by 'Hei' though, easier to remember and more suitable."

He states simply, now taking a sip out of his own drink, listening or watching Feng to see how the Second-In-Command of Xing forces would take all of this in.

"I was and technically still am one of Xing's trained infiltrators and saboteurs, sent on a long-term mission to investigate the inner echelons of Amestris."

No more build-up, no more delays. He just dropped the truth flatout.

"As you no doubt can tell, things kind of hit a few snags and bumps in that mission."

He gives a smile, one less bright as before . . . but definitely more truly, now. It rang with signs of sheepishness at the mention of complications, and opened way into Hei's inner self. His more relaxed self, that manifested when his blood remained cooled.


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Re: God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:28 am

Feng had heard him starting to talk in Xingese again and then suddenly he threw in Cretan in Amestrian and he had to take a moment to process it, honestly. That was the thing about him with other languages. He had to take them in and translate each word one by one which wasn't a quick thing. Wasn't all the slow either. But yeah, he was right. He was confused. He honestly had no idea what was going on at all right now. Then came the Drachman then back to Xingese... Who was this man?

His eyes narrowed slightly as he listened to him speak and listened about his name. So Bai Feng, huh? Nothing he had ever heard, and he was figuring that because this 'Hei' fellow was introducing himself like this that perhaps he was now aware Feng had no idea who he was. Hei was easier to remember, he did note. It was a little more... Flowing. Slipped off the tongue easier. He nodded slowly, still a bit thrown by the whole situation.

As he continued he was now thinking rather deeply. He was quite sure he never heard of anything like that but... Then again it wasn't like he was in his position long so perhaps it was before his time and they didn't feel like updating him on it due to this 'snags and bumps'. He nodded slowly again, taking a drink slowly as he watched him smale a smile that certainly made him feel much less uncomfortable than his last one had.

"Is this some kind of joke or are you serious?" he questioned, narrowing his eyes slightly and looked Hei in the eye. He could catch liars sometime and so far this all sounded a bit... New. So he didn't know. It could be real, it could be just some random guy fucking with him.


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Re: God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:50 am

"Is this some kind of joke or are you serious?"

The Xingman smile fades a bit. No, scratch that. After that question, Hei's expression faded away into a neutral, non-expressive face. And he immediately responded, with an impassive and utterly deadpan voice. Or one could pick up a tinge of distaste or annoyance.

"Yes, of course this is a joke. I'm actually an alien who immigrated to this planet after studying Xing culture through the internet for the last twenty years, and picked up how to speak your language through radio dramas."

He then takes a moment to sip away at his coffee, allowing for either a harsh response to his sarcasm or just silence, either way, he resumes speaking again: This time in a forceful tone that would silence anything this person had to say. After all, he wasn't just fucking around. No, there was some business that needed serious work here.

"Look. I can't provide you much proof, since the man who had the right missing screws to come up with this project was essentially your predecessor. Except, the entire intel team he set up ended up biting the bullet because of negligence, and once they were gone, all of us in the field were pretty much abandoned and left to fend for ourselves. To date, I've only managed to contact ONE other person of this whole debacle, the rest . . . for all we know, are dead." his words are bitter. Hate, of a sort, was laced with everything he said. Had things held together here in Xing, the plan would have had some success as opposed to the miserable failure that forced him into becoming what he is now.

"The only reason why I came back to this god-forsaken country that left me to die sixteen years ago, is out of loyalty to he who sits upon the throne. And by god, we don't have all that much time!" urgency could be detected, clearly given his choice of words.

Someone needed to know. Telling the Emperor himself was not going to beneficial, since he hadn't gotten rid of his identity quite yet. Seeing such a man, as opposed to this windfall of an opportunity with the Second-In-Command, would invite disaster on any attempt on his part to try to avert the coming calamity. As such, his next question was vital. Eyes, brimming with hopefulness as well as a sense of fury and despair, gaze forth into those of Feng, as he speaks again, only shortly after his last words.

"I'm going to have to ask you to take my words in good faith ... will you trust me and what I have to say?"


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Re: God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:16 pm

After listening to him fully Feng kinda shrunk in his seat. His tone made him feel like all he described was his fault. Like he did something wrong or that... He could have done something to prevent it. Though he knew he couldn't. Then again he was most likely just accepting this information somewhat incorrectly. But it didn't make him comfortable to think that somebody in the country he loved so much did something like that to one of their own. He smiled nervously and looked down at the cup in his hands before realizing how suddenly uninteresting it sounded at the moment. He exhaled deeply.

"Okay... I am sorry... I believe you... sorry that all happened to you" he mumbled quietly as he took another drink despite his lack of interest. He then spun the liquid around inside. "Is there... Is there anything I can do...? Within reason of course" he moved his hand to the back of his head. He set down his cup and sighed. What did he do to make something like that up to somebody? Was it even up to him to try? He felt like it was... Maybe because he was generally nice like that. He liked people and he liked helping people. And if he could he would try and help Hei. He certainly seemed to deserve it.

"I will trust you" he added with a nod. And like that he DID trust him. He figured if he bothered to tell him this at all he had a reason to be trusted. Unless he was lying, of course, but... Feng was giving him the benefit of the doubt. This may be one of his bad habits. He trusted people rather easily. His trust in the good of mankind was his downfall but he honestly believed that people were better than what the world showed. But that was how he was so confident in helping to make the world better.


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Re: God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:11 pm

Most interesting was that this person, Feng Xiu was the name if he recalled his info right, had slipped back into his native tongue, despite holding pretty reasonable conversation with Hei in Drachman. Wait, how was that interesting? That was irrelevant! What was important was how this younger fellow responded to what he had to say.

"Okay... I am sorry... I believe you... sorry that all happened to you."

An apology? Oh dear. This wasn’t what Hei had intended, yes he got irritated over the whole questioning whether he was serious or not business, but he wasn’t looking for a) an apology or b) pity for what happened to him. Stuff like that happened, pretty much all the time really. Having someone uninvolved with the whole matter apologize for it? Not exactly a good sign about the conversation.

"Is there... Is there anything I can do...? Within reason of course."

Is there anything he can do? Well, now. This was a bit more spot-on. At these words’ mention, one can see Hei’s expression return to a more … normal state. A gentle smile, relaxed nerves and posture. At least what he had to give would not be lost, the chances of it being put to good use were high now.

"I will trust you."

The million dollar answer.

”Good enough. Your trust and your prompt action are all I ask for. And, don’t be sorry. There’s no need to be. After all, you had nothing to do with that . . . fiasco.” He responds in kind, to the last used language by his coffee-time companion. And then he glanced aside, taking a look at the other patrons. Foreigners, most of them . . . and a couple of them seemed to be nosily looking over here in earnest due to Hei's earlier performance of switching about languages. Well, damn. That made things more annoying.

"Shall we take a walk? Speaking about such a dreary subject while cooped up surely won't be good for the mind." he speaks cheerily, but since this message was directed at Feng, and given in a much more hushed voice so the eavesdroppers couldn't catch on it, it'd be quite clear Hei wasn't willing to start chatting away about whatever it was he wanted to say in here. That, and he was already standing up and making ready to leave anyway.


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Re: God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

Post by Shula Brighton on Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:26 pm

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Re: God Save the King . . . Wait . . . No.

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