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What a big....chariot you have...

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What a big....chariot you have...

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 09, 2012 3:09 am

The mental check list was being ticked off in her head as the bike thundered towards the address she would be spending the next week at.

Go to doctors pick up contraceptive pill to avoid any accidents....Check

Speak to Alfred about keeping an eye on Gavin.....Check

Pack things and bring my two beloved boys Kurt and Agro....Check

Not miss the turn off...WOAH EEP....Check

She shook her head as the nervousness grew in her stomach as she slowly pulled up outside the house. Well she knew she was meant to expect it to be large but she was still sat there straddling the roaring monster of a bike that was most likely informing the man she was visiting that she was there. While she made large deer in headlights eyes at the house. Shaking her head she pulled the bike up to park and went through the locking procedure. She did not want Agro stolen. She would cry for days if the bike and rifle were pinched.

Slowly heading to the door she froze on the front step. Duffel bag bumping her left hip at the stop trying to remind her she was meant to knock or ring the bell now. She still could turn back....Maybe he hadn't heard Agro and she could sneak off without him knowing she was there. NO! She wanted to be here. She was just a little nervous...that was all. She loved the man on the other side of this rather flimsy looking door. She wanted to be with needed to be with him reaching up she knocked hard and loud on the door. If he didn't already know she was there he did now.


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Re: What a big....chariot you have...

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:27 am

A week, a week, a WHOLE DAMN WEEK! Almost dancing around the room, Fiachra was hurrying to make everything right. He'd been working for two or so hours, yet nothing was finished! Well, nothing but the bedroom and the bathroom, though they had been first on his mind and first to finish. Gritting his teeth as he ran through the oversized house, Fiachra had come to realize that cleaning for a lady friend was a lot more difficult than he had expected it to be. Usually, it was night time and they were drunk. This one was sober and definitely coming in the middle of the day. Twirling the vacuum in one hand, Fiachra (in pants) continued to clean house as he felt the impending doom approach. Why was he so nervous? This was to be welcomed, right? Or was it the ramifications that came with this? Fiachra... he was someone who loved everyone, though opened his heart truly to one person. What exactly could he be hiding, one had to wonder. He didn't want to admit anything, that was for sure. Not hearing the sounds of the motorbike approaching over the sound of the vacuum cleaner, he finished the house just as somebody knocked on the door. Blinking and turning towards it, Fiachra almost literally shuddered. Here already?!

Without warning, the vacuum cleaner was put away and Fiachra was approaching the door. He had to remain calm, remain calm. Placing a hand quietly onto the doorknob, the excessively large Creig closed his eyes, breathed in, breathed out and turned it, opening it up indoors and seeing... a small woman there, standing in front of him. Burning red hair dropped down her back and he chuckled softly. "Welcome to your home for the next week or so, Artemis." Turning to the side, he motioned for her to enter through the door that was designed for people taller than 7 feet and showed her into the house. The house was, of course, larger than average--so it would be interesting to move about in for Artemis, that was for sure. Smiling softly, Fiachra nodded at the girl to continue on so that he could shut the door behind her. He wasn't exactly sure if she'd be leaving this house for the next few days, but he'd be sure to help her if she wanted to. "Do not worry about security. You don't think the current leader of the Faolchú would be without protection, right?" He laughed loudly, voice shaking a few of the not-nailed-down objects in the room. He wasn't kidding, though. Seriously--her bike would be safe.


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Re: What a big....chariot you have...

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:15 am

"Welcome to your home for the next week or so, Artemis."...She had heard the statement many times from a computerised voice of Gavin. But it was different hearing it from the lips of the man mountain. She could feel the emotion and welcoming care when she said it. Not to say Gavin never meant it but. Well Sorcha should look into maybe rebuilding him a voice box or something.

The house itself was amazing. She wondered how much he had paid for this to be built. After all she doubted he had by sheer luck stumbled on the perfectly designed house for him near by his work. "Do not worry about security. You don't think the current leader of the Faolchú would be without protection, right?" She nodded and smiled to him softly. "I doubt there would be many stupid enough to take you on in your home territory." flicking her hair slightly she felt the nervousness build again. She....had no clue what to say or do. She was in his house....on his his comfort zone. She on the other hand was way out of her depth when it came to this sort of thing.

Biting her lip nervously she was about to ask where she could put her bag but she stopped. That would be the bedroom.....Oh...that would be to eager right? How would that come across as. She then noticed the man was in trousers for once. Her eyebrows shot up into her hair line as she took Fiachra in normal clothes. Surprisingly not bad, A little strange but it was a pleasant change. Yet there she was stood in her usual clothing looking ready to switch from pretty girl to deadly vixen in seconds. Maybe she should of put more effort in her looks before coming here. GAH she had only made in through the door and she had already messed up.


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Re: What a big....chariot you have...

Post by Shula Brighton on Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:08 pm

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Re: What a big....chariot you have...

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