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Your Chariot Awaits

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Your Chariot Awaits

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:10 pm

Benjamin rolled down the hallways of the hotel with a slightly irritated look on his face. He hated when he KNEW somebody was in here and wanted to talk to them but the bitch ass owner wouldn't tell him the room number. Oh well, if anything he just cost himself some paying customers. He had been opening all doors to all the rooms he came across but so far all the ones he had been to had been empty. so nobody was there to ask why the 17 year old short kid was opening their doors and demanding their name. He was wearing his black jacket, the inside orange and a white t-shirt under that with black finger-less gloves and black pants made out of the same material as the jacket. Not to mention the orange straps connected to his clothes that were just kindof dragging at this point. The hooks surprisingly rarely snagged on the hall rug, much to his appreciation. He stopped now and opened the door near him.

The first thing he saw was a woman laying in bed watching tv. She looked at him and screamed and he just closed the door and moved on to the next one. He opened that door and saw a man reading in the chair. He looked up at Benjamin and looked surprised. "What is your name?" Benjamin asked blunty, sounding annoyed. The man said something and he slammed the door. Not him either. He moved on. The next door he opened and saw luggage on the bed and nobody inside. He had no real comprehension of right or wrong and he rolled in and unzipped the bags and began digging through them, looking for an ID. He hadn't even heard the person coming inside until he was a few steps away.

He looked at him with his one visible eye and sighed. He then just rolled past him and out and slammed the door. Quickly. Very quickly. He then moved next to that and opened the door and slammed it again. Blushing slightly. What he just saw he was never going to tell anybody. He rolled to the next door aaannnd... Knocked. After knocking he crossed his arms and stared down the door, waiting for somebody to answer the door. This was irritating. Why couldn't he just find this guy? Athelius Masters was his name. A gun for hire. Somebody they could use for his alchemy as well as skills. After a woman answered and asked what he wanted he just turned and went on without answering. She tried to catch his attention again but he continued to ignore her. He knocked on the next door and she figured he had just knocked on the wrong door and went back to her business.

"Hurry up and answer the door, I cannot be assed right now" he yelled at the person on the other side of the door. His arms were still crossed and he was glaring at the door. He would have to remember to yell at the hotel owner later. They may black-mail him for free service but maybe they should start blackmailing him for shit like fucking hotel numbers. Was that too much to fucking ask?


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Re: Your Chariot Awaits

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:33 am

Athelius walked through the halls of the hotel, medium sized leather bound book in his hand. He walked through a crowd of people, bumping shoulders with some of them yet never looking up from his book. He was consumed by it. It was a newer book outlining the major points of some groundbreaking research being done in the field of physics. Some of the ideas presented seemed ridiculous, but to Athelius they filled his head with ideas of his own. He had come to London for an exposition being held there by the author, but after being held up in Xing Athelius was a few days too late.

He walked up three flights of stairs, again never looking up from the book. He came to his floor and entered the hallway. He looked up from his book for a brief moment to check if anyone or anything would be in his way, then continued walking. He made a note of the teenage boy standing three doors away from his looking frustrated. Athelius paid no attention to him as he walked by him and reached into his pocket for his key. Then the boy said something that caught his attention.

"Hurry up and answer the door, I cannot be assed right now"
Athelius lowered his book and looked back at the boy, checking the room number on the door he was knocking on.

“I hope you’re not looking for that nice couple, they left this morning. You’re not their kid are you? What type of parent would abandon their kid at a hotel?” He tapped his chin a few times with his index finger, then just shrugged. “I guess the world can be cruel.” He raised his book back up to his face and unlocked his door, leaving it open as he walked in.

“Hey kid! If you need to call your parents then you can use my phone!”


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Re: Your Chariot Awaits

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:23 pm

Benjamin heard him and as soon as the word kit hit his ears his teeth and fists clenched and he hit his head against the door. He had to contain himself... But dammit, it was hard. He looked over to glare at the stranger through chenched teeth as he tried to regain his composure. He partly wish Zayden was here because then he wouldn't do something stupid. Like be temped to rip this man to little pieces and feed him to dogs. He took in a deep breath and released it all the same before closing his eye, rolling the way to the man's door. Taking in another breath he scowled.

"I am not a kid. Now answer me something. What is your name?" he asked through clenched teeth as he moved into the pathway of the door without really thinking about it much. His eye glaring steadily at the man before him. If this wasn't who he wanted he was going to yell at him as soon as he said so. But he honestly kinda fit the description he was given by his trusted Judgement. And he did not at all understand why HE was the one doing the recruiting. He was far to nice for his own damn good, it seemed to him. Though that was a bit... Far fetched, really.

"Also, my parents are dead and I am considered a young adult" he deadpanned, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes though only one was clear. He had too much to do to be wasting time talking to this man so he just summed up his feelings in a deadpan comment. There was nothing more he hated more than being called a kid. He doesn't even hate failing as much as he hates being called a kid. It made him want to destroy things and rip his hair out but that wasn't exactly productive. Though, it didn't stop him most of the time when Zayden wasn't there, being the voice of reason he never asked for. But dammit, that didn't stop him from getting it. Damn umbrella carrying asshole.


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Re: Your Chariot Awaits

Post by Shula Brighton on Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:58 pm

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Re: Your Chariot Awaits

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