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Post by Guest on Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:35 pm

I sat on my desk, my legs crossed.

Dressed in the mainly school outfit in all aerugo, the sailor outfit covered all my body not showing any signs of white aerugese skin. “Ohayou~ Hisoka-chan” charming words of greetings left my lips as my right hand played with the strands of my red hair. His hazel nuts met my verdant marbles. He smirked delighted to see my visage because he knew very well that I meant business. “Yo enigmatic Saya-chan, how may I be of service?” I leaned and whispered like detective talking with another of his kind “Hisoka-chan, I want all what you know about Fujiwara Eiji” his smirk disappeared, he asked “Why being interested in Aho-ougi? Wait, wait…I don’t need to know, right.” I giggled and repeated his last word “Right~” In every school I went to, there is always the informant guy or girl who usually knows everything about anything, I always keep them close to me yet not close enough for there trade to sniff out my traits and motivations. I knew them better than themselves. Changing sanctuaries, admitting in new abodes of learning constantly meeting new souls socializing with them, eventually I became a sociologist.

He gulped then to me whispered...”He is a masochist.”

My eyebrows didn’t rise up and my innocent features took the pose of calm. My requests dealt only with dark side of people and it was not the first time for me to ask for one. For many by me were requested, regarding the top three students dirt was collected. Indeed, I am intelligent and becoming the first is a regular habit of mine yet as insurance I destroyed all opposition to amuse myself in a great gap of marks between me and them. Yes, the top three students had a lot of troubles this semester that kept them busy from studying. I am not innocent though my features stated otherwise as Mr.Hisoka is not reserved as his name implied. I felt no regret about my actions as it didn’t collide with my principles of spiritual refinement, I am a Kagura after all and failure is not a word present in my dictionary. Masochism, the pleasure to feel pain was just the start however this was not considered dirt yet. To know more, I had to pay the price and fulfill one of his requests, this was the deal between us, information for some actions made on my part with no “why” asked.

“So, what do you need in return?” I leaned back crossing my arms.

He smirked again, there was more to this information that would be revealed if I became his instrument of destruction. Said smirk was put to halt as his throat strings played voice and his lips coped. “Sasuga, Saya-chan. You know Kitamura Chiharu, she pissed someone and that someone wants revenge. See to it and I expect it to be hair-raising” my head nodded in acknowledgment and with no thud my forts landed on the classroom floor where they gracefully led me like a deer to the outer school garden though I was no deer. I felt pity for Chiharu-chan because I really liked her but sadness was no part of the equation, happiness was most of it, for me to be a machinator in Otousama’s service. Looking for a baby Shimahebi – striped snake - to hunt and hunt I did. What remained was to deliver it to the equipment locker, with a firm hand the snake’s jaw that held fangs with no venom within them was closed shut, all what was needed to be done was to sneak in undetected, and ten in term of minutes separated me the daybreak period from P.E class that lied in wait, Chiharu-chan is responsible to get the equipment needed for the class, so gomen ni chichan. I became a shadow as my forts carried me subtly forward and with my knowledge of shinobi-iri, faster and quieter I became. Most of the students were going to their classrooms at that time and I took that as an advantage and to insure mission completion routes with almost no one there by me was chosen.


Something I didn’t anticipate happened, stars thrown at me missing their intended target on purpose or I was just too lucky, probably not. Still my body rolled on the dark dry muddy ground like a monkey towards the nearby tree seeking a sanctuary. It must be him, no one else. The jounin, the same Jounin who humiliated me was out there mocking my whole existence as a kunoichi fledgling. “Ah, great” my visage frowned, he got me pinned down again. Only one hand of mine was free, my grey seifuku had no weapons on it except for a shuriken that fell beside my cover which became a new possession of mine, I was in a serious need for a miracle to be delivered. My verdant marbles observed my surroundings noticing the angle of how the shurikens were thrown getting a general idea on where was the source. It was obvious like the burning lantern that lights us everyday that my pockets had less of time bills being spent extravagantly doing nothing behind my cover.

It was time to cut time.

My will in a very professional tone advised that it was time to move and change the tides of battle to my favor. My caution subtly whispered “You are out of his league”. Fleeing was the best course of action. I stood up, I imitated the same move the jounin did to gain the upper hand the day before, the imitation was not at all perfect for close quarter combat still good for long range one, I gave him the impression that my body intended going out form my cover to my right yet it was left I intended, circling around the cover that was a tree, like crazy my forts ran. And when I mean like crazy then it was crazy, my body was athletic and now is a lot better, my body moved on it’s own will. “Faster, faster, faster” my central command kept sending signals to all hands, my forts reached its final speed enhanced with the shinobi-iri technique.

My ear drums heard the subtle orchestra of the falling stars behind me.

An open window, which was my destination and it was not the final one. My forts leaped and I found myself within a chemistry laboratory room landing into the safe eluding sound that never caught me red-handed. Strange aromas hailed my nostrils, unpleasant ones. I didn’t stand up yet instead kept crouching and found the exit to the hall outside standing up again and kept my distance from the fragile transparent existence called ‘window’. . My strength is adaptability, my plans changed. I still have that helpless baby shimahebi in my skirt pocket held by my iron fist. Instead of going to the equipment P.E room, I decided to go to our changing room, that oasis forbidden for men. My plan was simple.

A diversion was only the thing needed.

Upon entering, my verdant marbles darted to all corners of the room, this room was filled with girls changing their uniforms, a sight which would make any lad drool. My locker was beside chiharu’s and that how we met each other and that why we were standing beside at such moment. “Hey, chichan~” amusement can be heard in my voice “Stop calling me that” she demanded and she was too cute at it. Playfully I hugged her blocking her vision from seeing what my hands were doing. Like lightening, a shuriken was thrown unnoticed breaking a nearby window. The crash let a lot of heads turn around, my diversion was a success and the proof was the screaming within this small guild of harem . That other hand of mine slipped into Chiharu’s locker when she went to expect the damage as her lips gave birth to two cute ‘Nani’. I closed her half-closed locker with the ‘cargo’ inside ready. The girls in haste began dressing, including chiharu-chan who opened her locker to find my surprise inside, she screamed and the small harem guild –which proved to be her chorus- screamed well. Feigning ignorance, I screamed too.

I like mischief.

A mischievous smirk could be seen within the oriental features of Mr. Hisoka and truth to be told, his smirks and grins tended to be ‘Hentai’, his eyes reflected me sitting on my desk with my forts crossed and my hand flirting with a small strand of a burning hair let loose over my shoulder. Eventually he spoke “I never expected that you would do that to your own cherished friend. I think, I shouldn’t get on your bad side” without hesitation, he would hear words from me that lacked warm cheerfulness and more of cold intimidation. “Yes, you shouldn’t” he was a bit startled by my unprecedented of attitude, my clear crystal green eyes told me, so and I meant to send him the message of ‘Don’t mess with me’ he gulped, his throat reflected that. “Ok, Ok. About Eiji, they say he is a masochist. A year ago, he was found beaten to a pulp nearly naked, he said that he enjoyed hurting himself and bang case closed. I was not convinced and curiosity is my favorite dish so I dug in more. I found out that the three delinquent trio, you know them, had a dispute with him last year because he reported something on them, I say they are the ones who did it”

“Arigataku” the word of thanks left my lips.

So Eiji is not a masochist after all. From my understanding to the whole situation, he alleged being a masochist because he didn’t want to reveal the fact that he was beaten to pulp and undressed to the point of being almost naked or maybe totally by three girls. Yeah, I knew them but didn’t deal with them too much since mingling with them means bad karma. They are the delinquent type, their skin on purpose tanned, they put a hell lot of make up, they think they are awesome and for such reasons they didn’t pop up in school a lot. I played the role of delinquent before, I was truly awesome being the delinquent scoring full marks. Anyway, my plan was plain and simple.

My hand wrote and left him message that he can’t overlook.

I wanted really to die, it was too cliché, the secret message that I left him only appears in third rated movies, he will never come In the middle of the school’s indoor basketball playground after the end of the day. To my surprise, he came, he was and still is an aerugese, if he is still breathing to this current date, so black hair and eyes were his common features, Aerugese white was his skin, yellow that is. He approached me with a disapproving look on his face, he threw what it seemed to be a white tiny irregular ball to the playfield’s ground still it didn’t bounce. It was the paper with the message left by me, my forts bent leaning to the ground, my hand catching the paper and my eyes reread it. A wry smile formed on my lips. He asked trying to be firm “what does this mean?” and that’s when I read the message not with my eyes this time but with words composed by that naturally music box in my throat. “I know your secret” he tried to balk “what secret?” the answer came, my music box adapted and composed a very confident note “That you are not a masochist as people says” his face showed anxious “I know too who did that to you” I played another note of confidence. He was silent but that didn’t stop me from conducting more notes with magical effect. “Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. I really don’t which is the worst, alleging being a masochist or lying about being a masochist” he would smell the scent of sarcasm in my offered treat of words.

His eyes widened then he said “How did you know all of that?”

Bingo, my magic worked. I was not there when it happened, this semester only my presence existed. He was startled and of course I didn’t answer the question “Eiji-san, to be a masochist or not to be a masochist, that is the question.” he tilted his head “What do you mean?” he needed more explanation that would come whether he asked for it or not “I mean prove to me that you are a masochist or I am going to spread the news of you being a naked cry beaten by Masami, Masumi and Masuyo” yes, the trio names were somehow identical like their tendencies. “No one will believe you.” He turned to leave. I didn’t really want to implement plan B so sticking with plan A became my unwavering intention after all he would be the one to get hurt. Since, if he didn’t then I would have to beat to pulp and picture him naked, ewwww. “Then how did I know about your beating and how did I know about you claiming the masochism as a mantle.” Oh, I was getting more poetic by the second, He stopped moving “No one will doubt your masochism if you give them the proof, no one will know that your pride and dignity were taken away from you by a three girls…not even boys” I spewed my venom then my hand let loose of a utility knife to the ground. He looked down to the blade and eventually asked “Why are you doing this?”

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Re: "Shizuka-ni"

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:37 pm

“Isn’t it obvious…it is because I am sadistic” I lied and I am good at lying.

He picked it up testing it to see if it was real or not with his hands so I continued after giving away evil laughs covering my wry lips with my hand exactly like weird anime protagonists “I like to see others moan in their pain but I am unlike you. I am sincere with myself, I accepted myself. Can you accept yourself?” in haste he answered “but I am no Masochist..” he crumbled to the ground as his tears began flowing “I am no masochist...I am just a coward who couldn’t defend himself” he began crying. For me mission was accomplished at this point since my cell phone was recording this conversation from the beginning. He is no masochist, he is just a timid person that couldn’t defend himself and the world we live in is not that merciful and forgiving

“Tsumannai…you can leave” he heard my boredom.

In his crying seizure, in a heroic act he stood up though his forts tried to disobey him yet what left of his honor suppressed such rebellion. He left as I stopped the recording then returning the cell phone to my pocket. I was not alone for there was another presence within the indoors. “Show yourself” my voice echoed and became many through the playground, it took me a second or two for my ears to tell that there was someone behind me. “Osoi” the man dressed in black said criticizing my late observance. My verdant marbles perceived him when my young body turned around. The usual dark hair, the usual dark eyes in a black suit -of course he was not naked- a true aerugese indeed and I am indeed the one weird. It takes a lot of explanation for me to make for the teachers board that my hair is naturally burning red, regulations of school dictates that no one dye their hair. But I digress, he was not the same man who assaulted me the day before.

“This morning, you messed on purpose.” My kunoichi existance demanded an explanation.

That was the only explanation available that my mind could believe, the shurikens were thrown at me from behind and I didn’t notice them and instead of hitting me, they hit my surroundings. “If I didn’t, you would be in heaven right now.” my teeth gritted only to loosen a second later “Why are you here then?” I asked a question and my ears waited for the very obvious answer “To make you fail.” Yes, the whole mission was not yet complete, the flash memory within my cell phone needed a delivery to my post box. “Zurui” came out of my lips as my butt predicted a really hard ass kicking. I leaped backwards to where was the borrowed from school’s kitchen utility knife, leaning and picking it up. “Osoi” I heard this word again that became one of my taboo words later on, my athletic body turned around with amazing speed, my hand pierced and slashed only to find the air, he was constantly dodging my blows always getting behind me.

“Osoi, osoi, osoi, osoi, osoiii.” he sounded his boredom.

That’s when the curtain fell to end this chapter of my life. I tried to pierce and failed and he hit my hand clad in steel melting the iron grip holding it, that’s when it loosened and that’s when steel fell. I didn’t have time even to retaliate for his hand squeezed my left upper arm where a freshly made white bandage covered a new founded wound of mine. He squeezed and I gasped in pain, the pain that shackled my body from continuing the fight. His free hand found its way to my skirt pocket where my cell phone lied. “H-H-Hentaii” I screamed but he meant business and took the cell phone. He was tall and I was short so he held my arm as my feet didn’t reach the ground, with my non-held hand kept waving trying to get my cell back trying to break through pain that shackled me “I like your insistence however..Owari-da” my body felt another great surge of pain.

I opened my eyes..

I was on a boat, it was midday and arriving late was my clever plan. The island of ganryu blocks my sight and there waited the rival of life. Once the boat reached the shore, in my black and very humble outfit I jumped where my bare feet met with the wet sand only to be hailed by Kojiro Sasaki.
“I have grown tired of waiting for you, Musashi” he noticed my hand armed with a wooden stick. “Are you going to kill me with this plaything” he unsheathed his katana and throw the saya away.
“Kojiro, You are already dead” My music box spoke manly.
“Nani” my ears felt a tone of sarcasm in his emanating voice.
“Why did you throw the sheath away if you are to survive” his action ticked me.
“I won’t use the sword after killing you” he stated his reason.
My ears heard and my lips gave him a faint smile as he invited me.

“Koi, Musashi”

I started running along the shore and he followed until my legs both leaped both landing in front of him evading his Nodachi that intended slashing me. We stood in front of each others as we mustered our samurai aura, the coming blow would be the final one. He held his katana as the tip of his blade looked towards the sky. My hand held my wooden stick but unlike him my wooden stick was just below my waist with its head having a balacony view over the sand. The sea waves were the background music. Like years, the seconds passed. I made the first move approaching him, he slashed at me but I knew his blade’s length so the only thing he managed to cut was the strap of cloth around my head, my legs jumped as he readied himself for another strike however the sun behind me blocked his vision allowing me to deliver a direct hit to the head. My body landed and it only took seconds as my eyes noticed the scent of red seeping from his forehead then he lost balance and fell. My body leaned downwards as I found myself beside Kojiro as sadness burdened me “Migoto-da, Musashi” he commented on my excellence that was met by my faint “Kojiro” he advised me to go “Ikee” but when I was going to run for my boat to flee the samurai who would trail as intended. I heard a strange melody emanating from my hakama. A melody not from this world since my ears never encountered instruments if united would produce the quite strange treat to my ear drums. My hand searched my hakama and found a black bar, I didn’t comprehend what it was. an ever changing very colorful sketchbook that produced sounds. The samurai approached but they didn’t come close due to the strange thing in my hand even Kojiro was surprised. I read some hiragana within this small sketchbook, it read “Chichi”.

My eyes again opened.

But this time for real, My weakened body lied on that couch in my living room. My cell phone was ringing waking me up, my hand reached for it above the nearby table and that’s when my right index finger felt the touch screen drawing a vertical straight line to answer the call. “Moshi Moshi” the cell phone microphone would hear a weak and faint voice, the sound speaker told my ears what the person on the other side said. “Saya-chan” it was chiharu-chan’s voice “hey Chichi” I said “Stop calling me that..Daijubu?” she said through the means of the wireless “Genki genki” my music box imitated a voice of reassurance “I thought you would die because of the hebi’s bite” she would hear my chuckle then other set of reassurance tones “Don’t worry, I don’t die easily” a brief silence then chichi decided not to tire me “Take care of your self..Matta-ne” I replied “Ja-ne”

I returned back the cell phone to the living room table.

The memories flowed within my halls of remembrance. I began to remember what happened today unable to sit on my couch for my body was in shambles. After Chichi found the hebi in her closet, she screamed and the snake leaped at her and that’s when my forts dashed on their own guarding her with my own body. I couldn’t see her getting hurt for she is my friend after all that’s how my left arm from the biting was wounded and that’s why it was bandaged. My blood at such time was spilled and Chichi unlike me fainted. I spoke with Hisoka, he told me about Eiji who – the latter – met with me at the end of day. My cell phone recorded his confession regarding being smacked by three delinquent girls, alleged being a masochist and lying about what really happened to the teacher’s board, my cheesy dialogue was effective. My mind went off into the realm of fantasies and found myself taking the mantle of Miyamoto Musashi going for that famous duel with Sasaki Kojiro, the dream was the replica movie not that one Toshiro Mifune as the lead actor though I really wanted to be Mifune. Well, anyway, there was the gap between Eiji’s blackmail and my dream and me sleeping on the couch. What happened? Did I teleport in all awesomeness like Hattori Hanzo or fell asleep and walked back home on auto-pilot?

“Itaaaai” my body purred in pain while taking the sitting position.

And that’s when I noticed a black letter on the same table where my cell phone lied. Out of curiosity, my hands reached for it, opened it and eventually read it and it read like that “Did you learn the lesson? Of course, you lost because you were unable to complete but you were to spot me, so you will be given the bonus. – Ryu sensei, Side note: There is a credit card for you within the envelope, use it wisely and remember to burn the letter” and that’s was it. So, he carried me here. Before checking the other item within the envelope, I checked the memory card within the cell phone to find nothing. Ah, failure always tastes like rotten expired food. The credit card found my hand, I will survive the game for a while. The lesson, no they were many. On my behalf, a discovery was made. I was just a teenager with visions of grandeur of becoming a kunoichi of legends only to slam with the cold wall of reality. Yet, my powers were blooming and would mature with time. The last five cycles, I was’t alone, wasn’t independent, and lived within the shadows of my Otousama with his eyes around me observing. ‘I shall show them who is king or rather who is queen’ the thought crossed my mind with the full intention of making it a reality, paying debts was something new added to the schedule. My forts helped me stand with my last reserves of strength to burn the letter and to send this worn body to bed. Thrown, the fragile looking body of mine found rest over this spongy surface without any care for that open window nearby or me not being covered with the light blanket. I closed my eyes and my last memory of that night was the cold breeze flirting with my cheek.

Five cycles passed.

And they weren’t merciful and forgiving. My ‘sensei’s, the people Otousama sent to watch over me taught me and wiped the floor clean with my pride and dignity but they taught me well. With time, my personality toughened and became more resilient, doing missions was the usual day occasion while attending to other activities like going to school and hunting for Koka-ryu techniques. Two cycles ago or rather two years ago as my mind always refer it. Yes, bitterness makes one poetic, sarcastic and word twister. The Shisu-Ken, the sheathed sword or the secret service had a new member two year ago who specialized in Choho and Jouhou Kaishou, and that new member was me. Espionage and information gathering, to get in and out without being noticed and without being scathed is my specialty. Anyway, months ago, after finishing a mission of mine, I went back to my temporary home so deliver some dirt to my post box - my extraction point - watching my back with that invisible eye in the back of my head called caution and its theme was vigilance. No one encountered me until such moment, taking the stairs up my forts led me to the same dark hallway my being had to tread everyday to get to my temporary base of operations that was my home.

My two hands prepared eight senbons, four for each hand between fingers.

My awareness told me that harada-sensei was there hiding within the lurking shadows born form the hallway’s darkness. My senbons flung at him and of such action my hands were accused and found guilty. My ears heard metal speaking with metal, my sensei used his tanto to deflect them all. “Sasuga Sensei”, he dashed at me and my forts done the same. With his tanto he assaulted me but I chose to go bare handed as there was something needed to be done from long time ago. I manipulated my steps giving him the impression that his opponent was coming to his left but his opponent that was me went for his right. My hands found the vital points of his right hand dismantling him of his weapon. Quickly, my forts onward to his behind dashed and that’s when my knee cap poked his fom behind forcing him to land on the ground as the cold steel of my Yoroi Toshi -which I call “Beni Zakura” by the way- would be away from his throat by a capillary.


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Re: "Shizuka-ni"

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:39 pm

“You need more training…Ojisan.” Sarcasm emanated from my voice box.

An old debt paid in full, I jumped backwards twice to reach my post box to deliver what need to be delivered hearing his chuckle from a distance then eventually something other than a chuckle which my mind could understand. “Where did you learn Karumijutsu ?” “From a monk living in a temple” I answered giving him a smirk soon after, I never knew that monks were that artistic when it comes to martial arts, The Karumijutsu is a very complex technique which I will explain later. “Don’t get cocky, I only used twenty percent of my prowess but anyway your training is now complete” Oh, joy found my heart, my first victory after five complete cycles of humiliation. My hand brushed away by grey-silver-white short hair. Oh, my burning red hair and green yes were just a true lie of my many true lies. But anyway this was not the last thing he said.

“I have an assassination mission for you” he said.

So the time came for me for the real deal, the time came for me to take a life or for my life to be taken. A kunoichi went rogue and some shinobi followed in her fallen path. My mission was simple, smite them and become the embodiment of “Tenchu” only with white weapons and so such was my test. Last they were seen was in Akita prefecture in a small town called ‘Nishimonai’ normally, I would go hunt them one by one however there was at such time the bon Odori and that last for three days, it will be hard to locate them by normal means due to the incurring festival where there would be a lot of people. So I made very daring move on my part, My cell phone sent my target’s cell phone a short message since the shisu ken provided information regarding the target, She was able to kill some of our kunoichi who were sent after her, she had extreme confidence in her abilities, an excellent user of kusarigamajutsu she was, didn’t use guns and was a very honest person, even the honest strays from the path. She led five shinobi of low level so she had the advantage in the encounter I prepared for her. A fresh jounin she was like me and would find it intriguing to meet in battle. The sent message read as “Meet me in X location at X time. There, I shall kill you.”

“Soree..Soree” I heard the chanters and the flutes from afar.

In my dark kimono in a dark small street within the dark night, only a simple lamp shed a very shy light having a rivalry relationship with the neighbor shadows. Another too cliché message was sent, somehow my brain felt stupid and more stupid as I stood there offering them an easy target below the light next to a short building within this small town. My hand flung a senbon then my ears heard a thud. Someone fell from a roof, someone wanted to make an attempt on my life. The sovereign of night is a close friend mine, in his reign I see more with my ears more than my eyes. Soon after, two dark figures were landing around me. One from the front and the other from behind, from my front, the assailant’s hand clad came at me with a kunai piercing through air and eventually me if my body didn’t dodge as for the assailant coming behind he held a katana and he was drawing it. Dash forward I did side stepping using my knowledge of karumijutsu then parrying and holding his hand pressuring a vital point, he moaned in pain, his hand dismantled the sharp metal as it became mine, my other held his neck from behind, he became my shield and the kunai my new long arm. His teammate hesitated and hesitation means death, he found a kunai buried deep into his neck that was flung by the same hand that held it, as for the shield he didn’t live for long as his cervical snapped with a very subtle movement of my arm.

“Sagasasa…Woo-hooo…sagasasa” I heard the chanters and the flutes from afar.

I took the katana from the rogue shinobi before he fell. Other four appeared though I thought they would be two, that means she recruited other two. Didn’t matter, the more the merrier but soon they dwindled before me. Two coming from the right and other two coming from the left, they were baring their fangs, their Shinobigatana. Calm flower danced and those who wanted to pluck Shizuka would only feel her aroma and all in her fragrance were bathed. Unstained, I left them all behind for I am the calm flower, my aroma is my blade and my fragrance is awe and despair. Their constructions fell and the ground was flooded by the red like that of Tatsuta River, this river stained my Zori.

“Sugoi” a voice came from the presence in front me that bugged me.

A woman in a white Kimono unlike mine there she stood. Strangely she left her fresh underlings to wither and die without a hint of aid and help. She stood calmly when I was slaughtering those who followed her and from her ‘sugoi’, it seemed to me she was impressed. “I never believed in shinobi, they are much weaker than us and I was looking for a true comrade, a kunoichi, someone like you.” So she was testing me with the ones she manipulated but my answer was swift and true “Moushiwaki gozaimasen deshita..I am only here to exact Tenchu” I am truly polite and behave myself well, when dressed in a kimono. A faint chuckle from her and in the same manner a smile followed.

“Then I have to kill you..” She let me hear her disappointment.

Quickly a nerve moved, my arm band loaded four senbons into the air subtly taking their positions between my fingers immediately throwing them at her neck, but with her fan, she was able to deflect them. So Senbons didn’t work, she prepared her kusarigama and started to swing the weighted chain at me. Indeed, she was marvelous, my body was barely able to dodge. Her hand pose changed and so the weighted end of her Kusarigama but it was too late for me to notice for she was as skillful as me. The weighted end was not swung at me instead tried to ensnare me from behind. Hearing the metal chain’s rattle, I managed to bend my body backwards, my spinal cord was able to do such deed but the weighted end found its way to the katana held by my hand trapping it. “Shimatta” my mind was in distress knowing well that the kusarigama user would come at me like the wind and so she did with her sickle striking as my blade pinned down. Still, my off and free hand grabbed the well hidden -within my obi- Beni zakura to block. Our eyes met for a second, my third hand decided to take the initiative. It was a fukibari – a two inch needle- hid within my mouth, my tongue curled forming a tube shape spitting a needle to her eye. She gasped in pain and her firm grip when she lost her sun over her weapons loosened and that’s when my beni zakura found her chest digging in deep.

“Soree..Soree” I heard the chanters and the flutes from afar.

Her forts crumbled and she eventually fell on her knees. I didn’t take out yet my beni zakura yet from her chest. “Ba-ka-na..” the faint broken word into three left her lips, same lips vivid color became pale. My golden marbles saw the effect of my magic, crimson autumn leaves spread across her bright kimono, the summer of her life passed and the autumn wind came to devastate the remaining foliage of her late summer. Indeed, my blades bring autumn and autumn only. Slowly, she raised her head for eyes to see mine and my golden eyes saw fear in hers, she wanted to say something but she would see my index finger raised and just slightly away from lips and those lips of mine would tell her the last word she ever heard.


In a very theatrical move and after taking away her fan to be mine, my hand took off my beni zakura and the crimson leaves were washed away by a red tsunami, I was no longer in front of her as my feet danced putting me at her side, my ears heard her crumbling as my hand swirled my tanto sending the stuck blood away to sheath it, my cell phone rang and that’s when my index finger enjoyed the touch screen functionality to answer. “So how was it? Your first kill?” his sound rang through “…” my answer was silence no more and no less but he continued “Don’t worry, it is always hard the first time” still his reassurance attempt was met with silence “Return home and take some rest.” And that was it. Somehow he knew I finished the task at hand and that’s harada-sensei for you. Still, a question in mind popped up “Why people think I am that fragile?”

“Sagasasa…Woo-hooo…sagasasa” I heard the chanters and the flutes from afar.

But my forts didn’t send me to home instead to the festival and there my presence existed for a while enjoying the moments of every year made tradition. A black letter, a katana, a wakizashi and a ninpo scroll waited my victorious return to my temporary base of operations. My hands opened the letter and my glowing flints read. My lips took smile as a mantle. A well made katana and wakizashi as a gift and a ninpo that would prove well in my future endeavors. Not only that, I am officially now an imperial Miko. It was time to return to the imperial palace but my body needed a very relaxing bath. Then my mind would later think of what to come.

Juntoku In

“Momoshiki ya,
Furuki nokiba no,
Shinobu ni mo,
Nao amari aru,
Mukashi nari keri”

Last of the ogura poems.


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Re: "Shizuka-ni"

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 26, 2012 4:32 pm


Jito Tenno

Haru sugite
Natsu ki ni kerashi
Shirotae no
Koromo hosu cho
Ama no Kaguyama


In a monochromatic world, where nothing lies in the horizon except white and black, my heavy breathing was mostly all my ears could hear. The legs carried me like the wind, The lungs declared a state of emergency and that chest of mine complied with
a lot of heightening and lowering. All the veins across that aerugese body that kept running felt the pulses, the pounding of my heart that never stopped only growing more sending shock waves of blood to the cells in need.

I kept running along the white road outlined by the black and shadowed faces , they were mocking me with their silence and unseen stares. The red glowing bullet shaped following me never hit it's mark. I kept running forward and my living memory was not able to remember when this journey started and didn't anticipate when it will end. To the 'no end', there was despair yet my worn limbs carried me desperately to no end but alas, such destination grew more and more away from me.

A far destination, the destiny my legs couldn't carry me to. Or, what was like fate trailing me. What to choose? A hard choice indeed but if I can savor some of my strength, rest a bit then walk forward step in front of another giving no interest to the mockery at the sides of this road then certainly I would arrive to no end. But first, I need to face what was left behind that never left the chase.

I turned around and braced myself for an eventual confrontation but nothing of such nature happened. My golden eyes saw in front of me a mirror, in black and white I saw 'me' with the exception of my golden eyes that shined with golden tears. My hand raised to my face and wiped off but there were no tears and that 'me' in the other side didn't follow my actions. I gave my both hands away to the entity that resembled Shizuka beyond the strange medium meeting no resistance whatsoever pushing through the veil to hug myself still instead of that, the medium served as a portal and that 'me' served as the guide -the guide I kept running from- to the other side.

Was this the no end? the hourglass skin of mine felt the warmth of the light that there lied. I tired to reach it with both my hands knowing very well that this will not happen. It was there by then that I woke up from my usual dream to look at the clock nearby.

It took only sixty seconds though it felt like sixty years.


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Re: "Shizuka-ni"

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 03, 2012 4:45 pm

Kakinomoto no Hitomaro

Ashibiki no
Yamadori no o no
Shidari o no


It was upon time ago and in the term of cycles not really long. It was just after my first kills that's when the agency deemed my skills ready to take more and more of them souls, the purpose was to hone my senses and ways of thinking. Another contract was given to me and the objectives were enough clear. Approach target, collect information, neutralize and leave no trail or leave one but invisible and untraceable.

It was a tea ceremony, a small room with Tatami floor and a scroll hanging on the wall mainly a wisdom written in kanji. Upon greeting my two guests, my targets sat there striking up conversation while I was sitting Seiza with the utensils needed within my reach. My hands started cleaning the green tea container knowing well that the hidden recorder was operational in it's hiding. Afterwards, the knowledge stored in my mind about tea ceremonies instructed me to start the procedures of cleaning the green tea scoop. The aroma of the nearby incense filled the small room, relaxation was evident on their faces.

Tea ceremonies takes sometime and I tarried more. My hand dressed in a silk cloth made exclusively for this matter removed kettle-lit from the iron kettle. They started to talk about that certain topic. It was turn of cleaning bamboo tea-whisk by then and not long after I began to warm up the tea-bowl making it ready for the scooping of a spoon and half of powdered tea. And after removing the lit from the fresh-water container and by using the iron kettle, I slowly poured a bowl with hot water then started to whisk the mixture of tea powder and it came clear to me the green tea froth was well mixed, I finished by drawing the hiragana symbol of "No" leaving the foam to rest in the middle of the bowl.

I served one of the guests a bowl of tea after turning it two times one-quarter anticlockwise. The second bowl was served after following same procedures of the second half away. They liked it, I knew. Good, since it was their last bowl of tea ever. After all, The mixture was poisoned. The Shisu Ken never fails to impress, the poison made was designed to leave no traces whatsoever. They will die after a while but certainly not nearby. I cleaned the utensils then got the hidden recorder and found my out.

Certainly, it was not the end. There was another set of orders to be given depending on that information within the recorder. And so I waited for them in my sanctuary.


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Re: "Shizuka-ni"

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:16 pm

Kakinomoto no Hitomaro

Naganagashi yo o


And so, I received my next orders. The information that we got thanks to my well made tea ceremony led us to a high ranking official. The target was using his influence assuring his relatives spots of command within the government. His loyalty was questionable and uncertain and such individuals proved to be liability that needed to be taken care of, the best course of action was total silence and eternal sleep. However, death sentence should be subtly delivered in a way that would keep questions from being unasked and will rid us from the malignant tumor that spread across some of our positions.


Cutting the belly was the answer. Cornering him and forcing him to do the honorable deed. It was left to me to decide how to force my target. Two ideas came to my mind. Frame some dirt on him leading to a public execution. Or, force him to pick a Tanto and suicide. Both are seppaku after all and both would lead to Yomi.

In my point of view, framing a false and perfect evidence was a hassle and a path I didn't want to tread. So instead forcing him mentally through the shear force of intimidation and fear was what I favored. It all came clear to me and became obvious what was next to be done.

I was about to become heartless but not merciless. I spent that night thinking of a plan organizing the steps to come and soon after my eyelids closed and sleep paid me a visit but didn't linger for too long.


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Re: "Shizuka-ni"

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:25 pm

Kakinomoto no Hitomaro

Hitori ka mo nen


Just a week after this destined night, the fated ceremony where my hands weaved a very beautiful poison. Just after seven days, news burned like fire across the Haystack in all journals about an high official who committed Seppaku and soon after an uproar fell like black rain because Seppaku is a ceremonial cleansing act for a shameful display made and done. His accomplices within the government from his relatives and whatnot got kicked out to be replaced with others who are loyal to our cause, the kagura's cause. Ah, Aerugo became ours more than before.

What they don't know? Commoners and their like. That I was the reason behind this unfortunate death. Some people got injured let's say by intended accidents and planned incidents and all of them were close to that man. Grandchildren, children, brothers and sisters, Some of them were left at the brink of death however survived because killing was not my aim.

The day of death, I paid him a visit as a Geisha, it was his habit to bring one at the end of each week. The real one who was supposed to entertain him got this acute case of diarrhea, not by the means of coincidence of course. I went and performed my magic and sadistic, it was. My golden eyes kept darting at his familial photos in his room while my lips parted some words for each family member. Oh, I do remember the look on his face until now though I don't remember his face as fear was the only and one impression that lasted. To his ears, my lips whispered premonitions of other very painful visits to some that would painfully kill.

I left him behind after telling him what was needed to be done to save the poor souls and he complied very quickly indeed, his last words were "Nobody is perfect".

Guess what?

I am nobody.


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Re: "Shizuka-ni"

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:50 pm

Yamabe no Akahito

Tago no Ura ni
Uchi idete mireba


In every Buddhist temple, there is always this rumor somewhere here or there partying the lips of those who serves and those who pay their respects and visits, about an urban legend that is called in many names such as hungry spirits or man-eating-ghosts. I paid no heed to this matters for there are no opponents out there that my blades can't cut. That what my mind thought at first until the fateful meeting with her.

I had been told not to pass through that certain hallway after midnight. No one really gave me solid answers regarding 'why'. It was like a taboo, not to be spoken about. But to me, it was this pandora box locked that needed a lock pick. Though old enough, the mischievous me took control and gained the upper hand over my mind pushing to this mode of ecstasy which is mainly known as the urge of knowing the unknown.

And so I waited for the that hour of night soon to come. Once the moon of such time lied it's light over, I braced myself in my priestess uniform ready with a lighted candle handle at hand to guide the path. And it was indeed guided by the little monstrous young flame dancing violently by my movement while my hand was guarding the flame protecting from it from the weak breezes coursing through the airy hallways from a sudden death.

And there I was waiting for whoever shouldn't be named to come and show itself. Time passed and nothing happened so the idea crossed my mind that maybe all of that was just a joke of sorts. But suddenly, a blow of wind came at me when most relaxed and unguarded to kill my flickering guide.

That was when I felt something pulling my red hakama. Swallowing my stagnant saliva, I turned around.


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Re: "Shizuka-ni"

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 22, 2012 10:02 am

Yamabe no Akahito

Shirotae no
Fuji no takane ni


And nothing was there, it was dark but my golden marble eyes could tell that the red Hakama of mine was stuck with the railing thanks to the sudden breeze and me trying to protect my guiding light. My tongue touched those frontal teeth of mine giving away this 'Tsk' sound mainly known as an expression of irritation. My free hand, the one not holding the lifeless candle pulled back my hakama back. At such moment, I figured how stupid of me to let my mind to tread the realms of anticipation, lush forests of thrill and sovereignty of expectations. I decided to return yet again my hakama was pulled again, probably it was the wind playing tricks or maybe a game of hide and seek. It was quite impossible to catch the wind, it was a game lost anyway. My mind transcended the limit and dived in it's own thoughts.

Oneesan, What are you doing here?

I was astounded turning around falling in the process which by all means was a shameful display for a kunoichi of my stature. After feeling pain registering to the mind thanks to my neural network being heavy in traffic. I saw a small girl who looked like 'Sadako', The movie 'Sadako' yet she was not as frightening. She was a pale skinned girl with both black eyes and hair, other than that her features were small and cute.

Who are you? the question parted my lips as my memory served me correct, I never saw such a girl before since my couple of days ago arrival by that time I am Yuuki, Aren't you the new Miko? she responded giving the implication of her knowledge about me. I am Kasumi, sorry. Didn't notice you as of yet apologizing did I while stretching away a hand for a shake in turn she did the same and so I felt the warmth of her hand.

That how I met Yuuki, She was indeed a nice girl. She helped me in my chores and priestess duties, showed me around the temple telling me about it's secrets and most sacred place and we played Karuta as well. She was indeed fun but those funny days were bound to end for I had to relocate to another shrine.


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Re: "Shizuka-ni"

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:19 am

Yamabe no Akahito

Yuki wa furi tsutsu


It was winter by such time and the temple was in hokkaido. It was really cold and freezing but I enjoyed seeing the snow falling in calm everyday. Aerugo is indeed beautiful, but I digress. The last day came as it was the nature of all things to sooner or later end. I remember me and Yuuki sitting, playing the last game of karuta with each other. A game that naturally I did win as expected of me. Yuuki shed little tears for the moment of separation was soon to come and so she presented me with a partying gift, a beautiful hair ornament which my hands received in all gratitude.

Leaving her behind, my forts that are my lower limbs led me to the gate where a cab would be in the waiting to send me to my next destination. A priest tagged a long to do the farewells but on our way, he asked me. "Kasumi-san, I am really curious. Who do you keep speaking with in your room every night?" a very obvious question which had a straight-forward answer. It is Yuuki-chan, that orphan the temple is taking care of. he guided me to the temple gates with his last words like this There is no one here by such name or description, Kasumi-san.

It hit me like lightening. Yuuki had two meanings, courageous and ghost. But how? her hand was warm and the hair ornament is real - I do keep it until now - Did that mean that I was interacting all this time with a departed soul? I took the words as they were never ask to him whether the urban legend of this temple was true or not. Instead, I got into the cab with a blank mind deciding to contemplate over it in a later date.


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Re: "Shizuka-ni"

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:46 am

OOC: The first part of old history:

Tenchi Tenno

“Aki no ta no,
Kariho no io no,
Toma o arami,
Waga koromode wa,
Tsuyu ni nure tsutsu”

First of the ogura poems


Twenty cycles ago, a girl was born to a very influential family or a clan as I like to refer them as. That girl was born within the blooming period of such cycle where the Sakura trees were beautiful and elegant as ever. The window was open and quite breeze flowed in to a woman who was just hours ago in labor bathing her in the fragrance of a nearby Sakura tree as its blossoms were born anew. The mother tree didn’t send any of her fledglings to where the woman resided protective as the woman herself over her second newborn. Yet, the mother tree sent her own scent as congratulations for the Kamikura’s – The Kagura – newborn Miko and thus a name was bestowed over the new fragile existence, Shizuka…The calm fragrance.

And that girl is me.

As I said, I belong to the Kagura clan and before I delve in to turning points of my life which somehow defines who I am, first I need to wonder or maybe perhaps I need to contemplate the reason behind and the cause of my existence. Kagura, mixed in Kanji and Hiragana means God’s entertainment, this word when come to one’s mind makes him or her relate to a very ceremonial art, a theatrical dance from the days of old when the empire of the rising sun in terms of cycles was still young. Coincidence, is it? Strange, isn’t it?

Unlike many, I do believe in destiny and fate.

I belong to the Kagura and I am surrounded by many influential and important visages and figures. But two of them are the most prominent. My father, his destiny is to control the strings that shape fate of others. My older sister, her strings of fate was manipulated by Otousama though not like a puppet but as an inheritor of his own legacy or that how I view it. Not only that, fate stored a role of great importance for her, for her to be the Aerugese Jotei because after all she is the epitome of all creations Kagura, for she is all cunning and all beauty. I refer to her as Chuuguu.

And such was the masterful play of fate.

Who am I? I am but a shadow cast away by light for if there is light, there is always a shadow, but I digress. I am the second daughter to Otousama and four cycles separates me from Chuuguu – the first born – and to tell the truth, I don’t know much about her.
When Chuuguu was twelve and didn’t yet ascend the throne, she became more occupied in her lessons as Otousama planned and she didn’t have the luxury of having leisure time to interact with any, me included. When she was twelve and I was eight. I showed maturity despite my immature visage, instead of reading Manga and watching Anime I read books of history, for Otousama’s library is indeed vast in knowledge. I read about the Sengoku jidai and the Ashikaga’s decline after the Onin wars and the rise of the tokugawa shogunate. I read also Miyamuto Musahi’s “the book of five rings” and the romance of three kingdoms about the distant Xing.

Days passed and I loved dawn, dusk and the rising sun.

Unaware I was that Otousama too had plans for me – maybe by noticing my intellect - still of lesser stature than that of Chuuguu. He came to me with certain book to read that had no author for it was a script collected specifically for a certain purpose and that was to bring forth a kunoichi into existance. The script was about Seishin Teki Kyoyo “Spiritual refinement” passed down form the tokagure ryu to the Koka-ryu of the koga-clan most famed of two ninja factions within the aerugese history. I read and took my time reading.

And indeed, I was intrigued.

Unknown to me and I kept pondering. Were my strings of fate being manipulated since my birth? Or was I just drawn towards a path that intrigued me? Regardless, it was a path that I decided to tread. I requested more from Otousama however he told me that I have to go and look for myself and in turn he will provide me with resources at my disposal under the condition that I must be successful at studying and I should provide positive results regarding uncovering and learning Koga-ryu Ninjutsu.

So I was left to my own devices.

Of course at such moments I thought to myself, I would not be able to find what I wanted here in the state. So I decided to leave but before doing that I had to plan first, I was going to hunt for information regarding the Nin techniques, learn and master them so figuring which prefectures to visit first was crucial. So I returned to my own study to study, I spent many days in planning, which figures to approach, which school to apply and where to live. A time schedule was made that I intended to keep without fail. At such stage of life, information was given to me when asked, a maid servant was my entourage and the flow of money never stopped until a certain point in my life.

I was ten when I left home.

I cloaked myself in different mantles of forged identities as I didn’t linger in one place for long still it was long enough to achieve results. For me one semester and its holiday was more than enough. All what I needed was to organize my time between studying, ninjutsu seeking and my hobbies. Don’t get me wrong, hobbies will prove crucial in the longer run. At many times, I was that close many times to fall from exhaustion but when I remembered that there is something needed to be done, an objective that yearned to be achieved and a failure that would make me see disappointment in Otousama’s eyes. All that gave me the drive to rise again.

After all, I couldn’t afford to lose to her.

By adapting to my new hygiene in life, I found out that being wake up for most of the day and only needing two to four hours to sleep, became ability of mine due to the circumstances that surrounded me and was further honed with time. On my part, a lot of activities were made along the day according to the time table. Visiting my mentors who taught me what they knew about the Koga-ryu, studying my given lessons as being number one is my sole intention and lastly my hobbies and they were many. Brain storming GO, card catching Karuta, School running team, practicing tea ceremonies, performing traditional dances, plucking Koto strings and Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū.

In term of cycles five passed as I bicycled.

I did have a bicycle at that time since there was no other way to get quickly to your destination without one. That heightened my stamina if you add running into the equation. Of course, here in Aerugo things tends to be small unless you are living in Edo, Kyoto or a prefecture capital. What I meant is that houses and buildings tended to be two stores at most. With Shinobi-iri, I could have run rather quickly as sound panted never able to catch up with me. Hichojutsu, a specialty of mine, I could have jumped to hights that would leave people behind in awe and despair, both perks of the Koga-ryu. Of course running over buildings would catch a lot of attention so a bicycle was a good alternative. Speaking of which, danger alarms rang in my head, I was being followed.

I pressed on and hasted.

Like mad, I crossed the alley, pulled the hand brakes of the mechanical two rounded beast that I tamed. Eventually leaving behind my mount, jumping into someone’s outer garden, clinging to the wall behind me. It was a moonless night. Too perfect for someone to die, I hoped that that someone was not me. Concealing my presence yet still aware of my surroundings due to my Zanshin – clear mental awareness – hearing the footsteps of fate like the subtle Beethoven’s 5th symphony while destiny separated us like the wall behind me. Footsteps stopped, I released no sound. I knew footsteps was checking my bike then my hearing senses told me, footsteps of fate left.

My chest sighed out of relief.

But not for long, my heart quickly throbbed as fear seeped into it like a thief. Looking upward, my clear crystal green eyes widened. Fate’s existence transcended from a merely footsteps into a grim shadow of death. All what was in me screamed “Fight for your life” Quickly like lightening I picked up the perfectly hidden Yoroi Toshi above my hip beneath my shirt then soared into the heavens like a viper, blade in hand with the sole intention of impaling. Strangely, he escaped what I thought the perfect counter instead grabbing my hand clad in steel like vulture hunting vermin. Still, I wanted to live and such urge surged across my body making me more vicious. With my unequipped hand that knew well Taijutsu and a mind that grasped the knowledge of Kyushojutsu – vital points art – indeed like a viper I pierced to spread my venom directly for the heart aiming for a stop eternal. Yet, his second talon caught my venomous hand then we landed together and since he held both my hands. I used the landing momentum to hit his abdomen with both my knees.

A success.

I forced him to leave me as he staggered backwards. With no thud, I landed preparing for the strike that will end game. However my eyes caught a glimpse of a dark silhouette and when I thought he was going for my left and prepared my counter accordingly, I was surprised by his sudden presence at my right. Not only that, I felt pain in my right hand that forced me to drop my mail piercing tanto by hitting my own vital points. Poetic justice, isn’t it? To swallow my own bitter venom. In a split of a second, he was behind me. Quickly he struck my knee from behind while firmly holding my injured hand. In humiliation, I withered in such awkward position and fell feeling pain on my knees with a question at that time floating in my mind. “Who is he?” I didn’t ask him but waited with despair crushing me for the blade that would stop my breathing or the bullet that would end my thinking only to remember three words that belonged to three people.

“Otousama, Okasama, Oneesama”

Helpless and vulnerable I felt, my dignity held back my tears yet my vision became blurry for my marble verdant eyes were watery. Burdened I surrendered, such a bitter fate to be pinned by ‘fate’, A Kunoichi like me held like that meant only death and death I saw smiling at me and in turn I wanted to return back such a noble gesture but my lips failed me. “You need more training” Grim shadow of fate spoke and his words struck my ears bitter. A black letter, it was a black letter over my shoulder beside my head. “Your father sends his regards” he said as my free hand grasped it then he became one with darkness as I felt no more his firm hold on my right arm as I felt no more his presence. Alone, the ground became wet by rain that was my pearl looking tears. And I didn’t know really what to feel, sad or happy. When I became Shizuka, I stood up and opened the envelope pregnant with mystery. I read it and hit the wall with my injured arm. my fist at the helm

“Chikushou..” I let a whisper cringed in humiliation.

My left hand held firmly the letter as my two forts walked back to where my Yoroi toshi fell to sheath it remembering the words in Kanji and hiragana that my verdant marbles read inscribing them into the deepest deep of mind never to be forgotten for it tasted sting like a clove in one’s tongue “Dear calm fragrance, Congratulations. At last, you were able to spot the man watching over and after you. From now on, I strip you of all your privileges which were given to you. From now on, you will work hard for your own resources to gain. So, here is your first labor. I need you to collect some dirt on a boy in your school called “Fujiwara, Eiji” the reasons are none of your concern. I expect no failure from Yuuko’s sister.
P.S: As expected, you spotted him after five years. If you manage to spot the jounin again, I will give you a bonus. Leave the dirt in your post box and in the same place you shall be rewarded. Ah, please burn this letter.”

“Expectations and comparisons, Honto ni chikushou.”

I jumped to the alley where my two rounded beast was left to tame again. I found my way to home with a heavy mind thanks to what was my freshly experienced incident. The maid servant was no longer there, the same with the money even the food in the refrigerator. All lost, I burned the letter as my heart burned in frustration. I thought to myself while tending to my right hand that has a scent of red in it, my mission will come later since hungry was my theme and venting off the heat was my serious need.

So my existance set forth looking for the perfect victims.

It was too late at night, I skipped whatever scheduled hobby lesson for my mind was both clouded and shrouded. My visage darkened and my innocent features scowled, I intended no good walking through the alleys. Two delinquents – they have strange hair style - were there in the corner and took notice of me, approached and their lips rudely flirted. “Scram” my lips in turn rudely insulted. “Nanda temee” one of them was offended and held firmly my right shoulder and that was a mistake on his part. My left hand pierced hard into his inner forearm mound, he felt the pain as my eyes saw that in his. His firm hold loosened and that was when a follow-up strike with my main fisted hand to his under chin, he blacked out. His nakama – friend – was a bit surprised by what happened but he joined the fray with a knife in his hand and assaulted both verbally and physically..

“Kono Joro” he war cried.

A big mistake on his part, he wanted to pierce me but agility is one of my many many weapons enhanced by Taijustsu training. I dodged as my left hand parried pushing away the danger holding his same arm that wanted to mortally wound me while my main hand made two successive strikes. The first went for the golgi tendon organ relaxing his elbow make it easier to break and that when my second strike came into play, breaking the elbow. He fell on his knees - as my knee found his stomach striking - like someone else before and before he noticed, my hand armed like blade delivered the final blow to his occipital ridge – back of his neck – and in the same spot he joined his friend in his long nap. Wallets drawn out and bare, bills found my hand. Of course I only defended myself , my mind defended itself making excuses, my intention is to return the money back someday. And to the nearest twenty four hours convenience store my forts marched.

It was an instant noodles night.

Next day, I meditated and thought of my actions of the night before, before going to school. How did the jounin dash at me and how he deceived me making me anticipate a false flow of actions? Surely, this was some sort of technique. I felt sorrow for seeking out money in such manner and as a practitioner of seishinteki kyoyo, True shame indeed was felt. So, the mission must be accomplished within this current day. Leaving for school deep in thoughts about this ‘Eiji’ for he was a classmate of mine, he seemed to be the quite type, someone hard to interact with. My knowledge about boryaku – strategy - came to play. Luckily, in this school others viewed me as cheerful girl by the name of Saya, approaching others would prove no problem. A master of intrigue, I did in many mantles cloak myself indeed forged but they were woven by the very threads of my imagination. I was them as they were I, my soul can shift shapes and forms, for such is the art of disguise and impersonation for the sole purpose of infiltration.

OOC: Continue from post 1


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