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Hunting for Ms. Silver-Hair

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Hunting for Ms. Silver-Hair

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:29 pm


Her hair dyed in black missing it's usual ribbon hair accessory still maintaining the short length that she left a lot comfortable with. Instead of the ribbon, a white eye-patch covered her intact and operational left eye. Dressed in closed black jacket that reaches slightly beneath her waist, somehow that jacket looks similar or rather exactly to a school uniform, beneath it a white shirt with a red ribbon adorning her neck. Down below, a long skirt that hides her legs well and the lengthy socks that reaches her knees. Of course, she wouldn't walk without shoes, there were ones indeed...classic and leather in nature.

Walking in the same street the female freelance ninja with a WIP as her description trod before, while in Shiroi -white- mode, her weapons mood became white, hidden and concealed. Southern amestris is what to be considered and viewed by her eyes as "Behind enemy lines", the history between the two nations was indeed bloody for Aerugo was able to conquer south of amestris only to be retaken later by the latter pushing back the former. But all of that happened in Empress Harumi's reign long time ago. May the late empress rest in peace and long live the current empress Yuuko.

The reason behind that faint aerugese presence that went easily unnoticed due to many global factors and her forged identity was simply tracing the footsteps of the aforementioned Kunoichi, sniffing her whereabouts. It was not really hard to find a lead thanks to an incident happened there in that city labeled as 'south'. The lead was a bakery-cafe shop, the same shop which door she stood in front of.

Upon the door, the sweet aromas of shy chocolate and dominating cinnamon flirted with her senses of amusement. With parasol at hand by it's own very tip on the ground supporting her giving her a very relaxing pose of standing. Speaking of which, she stood in the same spot as 'Akiha' before to decide what sweet to take. The disguised Kunoichi chose differently pointing at and tapping in a quite and elegant manner the transparent existence that separated her from the cinnamon roll catching the attention of the baker who hasted and complied to the girl whose remaining eye took the guise of crimson. And before she would pay him the 200 cenz, she asked him a question with her broken amestrian accented in xingese about a silver haired girl. It took five minutes to tell a breath-taking incidents hard to believe only to be seen in movies and games so she thanked him through the means of a tip.

Taking a seat in one of the tables within this fine establishment that served stim packs of sweet awesomeness, picking up the fork after setting the roll and readying it for the cutting buzzing the caramel in a very gore-ish manner. The driver of her thoughts was named...



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Re: Hunting for Ms. Silver-Hair

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:38 pm

It was really disastrous the battlefield between cinnamon and caramel that left no winners, cutting is not one of fork uses. Forks are used to poke food for the pick or stab people for the kill. Ah, Kunoichi - the nine and one - has their ways with every object with it's various forms using them for the purposes of the yin and yang.

Actually the only victor was the fork or the holder who divided the sweet earth into several isles with different shapes and sizes. The giant picked one of those cinnamon tiny isles with the dressing of caramel to that orifice that only accepts drink, food and air though it is not recommended to breath from this orifice. Regardless, she munched it in thinking about the entry blog she did just a couple of minutes ago. Indeed, she was in need to know more, it seems that this outfitted as maid has a lot of secrets behind her. Thinking out of the box was in order, Amestris may have some of the clues but all of it began in Aerugo since the subject in question was of Aerugese origins so it was decided after pushing forward to the north to dig more in her native land.

After feeling the mixture of cinnamon and caramel inside her mouth and licking the traces across her slight pink more of a beige lips. Truth stroke her while snatching the new invention used for cleaning that is a disposable handkerchief to wipe of the remains that was not licked.

Nothing beats Aerugese sweets.

With that she stood parasol at hand exiting this establishment that only served flirtatious smells from where she entered.

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