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I have a mouth, so I must scream.

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I have a mouth, so I must scream.

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:05 am

Drip. Ice. When on the ground, it seemed alright enough. But when even a single drop of water from the body landed upon its frozen span, it would melt just a tiny bit. As more drops fell, the ice would continue to melt, spreading out a puddle of liquid, fringed by small patterns of white freeze. As the water spread, a pair of already-sodden knees fell into the liquid, splashing up water around them that froze in the cool air, falling to the ground once more. Holding her hands up and hugging her body tightly, the violet-haired girl could only cry. He... he had left her. The smiling face of the blonde man was only ever etched into her vision, as she looked up before her with tears lining her face. It was cold, here in the North. Though it had only ever been cold after he'd left, or after she'd found his bed empty. "I never... even got to..." She fell forwards, her hands landing on the ice and creating small cracks along the lining of the puddle. "Never got to..." Her fingers drew backwards, lines made by her fingers and nails scratching over the surface. "Celesto... why... why did..." He was gone. Gone, gone, gone. Gone from her life. She could feel his presence, but it was far away. From her own sense of direction, she judged that he was heading towards Gelemorte, though his exact presence would be unknown to her. "Why did you leave...?" She had to choke back further tears now. It was getting too much...

Images of the smiling blonde man appeared and disappeared from her vision, his voice speaking out to her from behind her head. "Ne, Euphie~" "Oi, watch this!" Memories. They were present in everything. Ever-present feelings that caused her heart to sink with the simplest thought of the man. Her heart hurt. It hurt with fires that burned from the deepest depths. Kneeling forwards once more, she opened her mouth and screamed, sending rending cries of the deepest despair resounding into the darkness around her. The shout dying down, she breathed in and slowly looked up once more. "I never even... got to tell you that I love you, Celesto... Silly man, running away like that." She laughed dryly next, shaking her head and reaching a hand up to her face. Tears were wiped, and Aren slowly got to her feet. "I'm going to find you, and I'm going to tell you." Without thinking it through, she made her resolution. "But... I must finish my life here, first." Turning to the left, the girl watched the streetlights as rain slowly started to fall from the sky, the silhouettes of each raindrop shining with the light...


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Re: I have a mouth, so I must scream.

Post by Bronze Degan on Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:06 am

Dancing! There are always dancing light's in the north. Lights that fade in and out of existence, yet they remain one of the few constants in this world. As He walked Bronze reflected on this deep and philosophical point....Err...At least he would have if he was mentally able to at the point in the night. As it was he could only think in thick cloudy thoughts that seemed to center around what ever was the shiniest object at that given time, which at that given second was a rather remarkable prismatic object falling from the face of a weeping angel. The way it took in the white light and turned into a rainbow of unique and astounding color's took the mans breath away, he bronze rimed eyes watched fixated as it feel to the ground, the passage of time slowing to the miriest crawl.

The beauty of a simple almost numbing.... His Drug addled mind seemed to clear as he watched the dance he had always wanted to learn, but never could manage. Finally the droplet hit the ground...and his eyes traced the slight ripples in the already wet surface. It was then that he looked and saw the weeping statue for what it was.. A woman crying hear heartfelt tears. This isn't right... as his inner world slowly fell back into place, he slowly stumbled over, his long stride stunted by inebriation. Slowly he moved his arms causing gentle lights, like those he had seen in the young woman's tear, spring up slowly around her, reflecting off and through the droplets that fell from the sky, dancing lights to comfort a troubled soul. Finally he reached her his hands still slowly moving as if conducting a symphony. in a gentle voice he calls out, his words the only thing clear in his mind."Don't cry...the worlds a topsy tervy place but everything gets better....and if it doesn't well don't cry alone.." Look at the lights.....there like a halo... He smiled at that....because hallucination or least for a brief second...he new what an angel truly was...with that he slowly fell foreword, vision dimming, the lights one by one went out....all except the halo... that stayed firmly in his mind...Until the drugs took hold and he slipped into unconsciousness. Light so warm...and full of...peace....
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