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Why am I here?

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Why am I here?

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:44 pm

A sigh, inhale, exhale and a glance around. how he had come to be in Amestris was far beyond him. Some sort of needed trip? How the hell she he could care to remember? Scratching his chin and down his throat he would close his eyes though only one would be visible. Akiyama, Ran. A man from Aerugo who could speak Amestris well enough to have a busy conversation. His reddish eye opened and gazed upon the pier. His exact location was something he was unsure of, but for now he stood as if he owned the damn place. One day he would. One day! At least that was his fantasy. He was always right. Who could ask for a better potential leader? Even though he was simply obnoxious at times, he never realized it. A large hand running through the black of his bangs and showing the tattoo over the right side of his cheek that swirled in a pattern down further upon his neck. Tan skin under the blazing sun and a slash over his nose his face looked scary to some.

Beneath his red top was his muscular build. The sleeves covering the majority of his tattoo, but not the collar that stayed firm around his throat. the tassel beneath dangled like the oddity it was. A scowl sat as an expression while he gazed at the passerby. Where to start? After all, this was vacation. there wasn't a whole lot TO do. Not to Ran anyways. Why in Amestris? Well it was either that or Creta and he like the option of Amestris better. Grunting a bit, he threw his finished bud on the ground and smashed it with the sandals on his feet and began walking. Perhaps there would be something of interest around those parts.


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