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A Shitty Morning...

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A Shitty Morning...

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:12 am

I look out towards the window, as a breeze rolls by ruffling my brown hair as it passes through me, lazily jumping out of bed and walking over to the window to peer out watching everyone down below. How feeble they look just wandering around out there, there's the newspaper boy here to deliver the paper as should be here soon then too...

"eh time to get up....," I lazily scratch my backside as I shuffle along the carpet, my white sauna robe swaying as I get into my fluffy slippers to walk down the steps. I hear a thump as the paper is thrown at the door. "Coulda thrown it harder could you?!" I yell at the newspaper boy, "Trying to knock the damn door down?!". "Dumb ass newspaper boy...if I was any younger..." I grumble muttering to myself as I make my way down the steps opening the door, "Yeah you better run! Fuckin' bitch ass paper boy..." I grab the paper slamming hoisting myself up the steps back up to my room, the stairs are exhausting, and I reach the top panting. "Should just cancel this damn paper don't even read it anyway..." A breeze flows past me and I glance back down the stairs to find the door wide open swaying gently in the breeze, "Goddamnit! Fuckin' door, fuckin' newspaper boy-" I stop staring at the boy as he stutters, looking wide eyed at me, " forgot..t-to close the door m-mister...".

"I KNOW WHAT I FORGOT I'M NOT FUCKING STU-" My feet slip, gliding against the slippery steps as I watch myself fall, tumbling down the steps faster than I can finish my sentence. I frantically flail as I tumble, my weak body looking to grasp something, anything to catch my balance and my hand clenches to a mirror hanging on the wall ripping it straight down. It shatters all over me with a sickening crunch and the shards fly hitting my body like knives cutting through me as I reach the end of the stairs. I land with a sickening thud and a squelching sound as my blood splatters all over the wall, the potted plants, and the unfortunate newspaper boy spotting his face and clothes in red. My neck snaps in half and I lay a crumpled heap of blood and disfigurement at the foot of the stairs staring wickedly at the newspaper boy, incriminating him with my eyes. Leaving marks that will haunt him for the rest of his life.


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Re: A Shitty Morning...

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:14 pm

Mission Objective: Eliminate traitorous informant hiding in East City. To begin, take time to identify target and if the subject fails to respond (i.e. you are caught by the authorities, etc. etc.) ... RUN, RUN, RUN AWAY.


And so the black-clad Xingman, not wearing his non-existant and non-functional armor due to technical difficulties, but rather donning black garb, ran madly. There was good cause, since this target was heavily defended ... and as such, his silence meant that it was NONE OTHER THAN A DECOY TO LURE HIM IN PLACE! Those bastard East soldiers! He'd get them back for tricking the great, glorious and grandiose BLACK KNIGHT. Wait, why was he being all hammy? They were shooting at him!

'Less hamming, more running then ...' mutters he inside his mind, as he turns a sharp corner onto a different street, now entering a residential area. The first thing he did, on instinct, was smack the poor newspaper kid who was trying to flee in his general direction. IT WAS INSTINCT! The kid was in a rush, and so was he, and he ... just thought he was an enemy or something, so he might've hit the poor fella too hard. But enough about that, the soldiers were gaining! He had to escape!

And so, upon seeing his first avenue of escape, the Xingese dove in shortly after the newspaper kid had fled from the home in which the poor homeowner had fallen down the stairs and landed neck-first in a heap at the bottom. Without so much a glance to see any other residents were home, his mind too occupied with the legions of hell bearing down upon him, he promptly slammed the door shut and locked every single means of sealing this simple door had to offer ... and promptly turned around to lean back against the door, sighing in relief. One could feel his relief so much, that they'd notice he was sliding down the door into a seated position.

That's about when he noticed the bleeding man in a heap, and just stared at the sight before him.

He had never seen another human being in such an embarrassing situation. And he had seen many incredibly odd or peculiar things, but this was a first. So much so that the gun he was holding, a combat shotgun that he had managed to wrest from one of the militants was now aimed at this peculiar thing ... that seemed to be alive despite being in a position that would be most inconducive to continued human existence.

"What sort of creature are you?" he inquires, despite being an armed intruder with a clearly armed weapon that was pointed directly at the poor man who would be riddled sooner or later.


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Re: A Shitty Morning...

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:06 pm


Went the gun, and heated metal was found rammed into the poor abomination's face. Not his business, though, whether or not this individual felt any of it, since he didn't care.

No, what mattered was that the gunshot had drawn the attention of the crazed mob of soldiers trying to hunt him down, so no time to skin this biological nightmare and bring it home to stuff up and send to a museum for display.

The Xingman rushes away from the door, planning on heading up the stairs ... just as he makes his way up, the militants have started trying to break down the doors, forcing the Xingman to look back. And then realize that he had killed a man who had fallen down the stairs and broken some bones.

'... Whoops' was the only fleeting thought he had, while he fired one more into the poor corpse's chest just to make sure it really WAS dead. Didn't want zombies arising. Unfortunately, the second shot seemed to draw more attention, as now the doors was coming off the hinges. SO HEI QUICKLY MADE LIKE A DRUM AND BEAT IT OUT OF THERE ...


Seriously, though, he just took advantage of the fact that he could surpass normal human limitation and jumped out a window to crash through another window of a next-door house and continued running to avoid getting caught, thus becoming the infamous serial killer and wantonly destructive breaking and entering nut.

-> EXIT <-


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Re: A Shitty Morning...

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