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MISSION: World War III: Peace and the Pestilence of RIOTE {3}

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Xing, in a place; RAN, SHIZUKA

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:25 pm

After being rescued from the grenade's blast, he saw a figure approaching, as he wrapped up his little self-pep-talk. Well, who could that be? He pondered it, distracted, as an unknown presence charged him from behind, a Xingese sword of some sort held high. And then he noticed... Ran! His brother! A smile started to form on his face, until he realized Ran was charging after him, as if to slice through him with his plant-sword! Ducking, he was about to ask why, when he heard a stranger's choking for breath behind him. Looking, he saw that Ran had actually saved him from an assassin-guy! "Ran!" His brother moved closer and, in a rare moment that displayed true brotherly affection between Ran and Tas, gave him some inspirational words to keep in mind. "I'll keep safe, Ran, and you should do the same. I'll be fine... Just fine..." Then why don't I feel like this will be fine? He didn't voice his concerns. No need to make his brother worry. Smiling a hopeful ray of sunshine at Ran, he felt the need to reassure his brother. "Who else would made you teriyaki and peanut butter sandwiches?"

Right, Ran then took his thingy and called Yuuko, as Tas went back to commanding the troops here. Not much commanding actually; they knew their duty, and were self-sufficient enough to finish the job before carrying out another one. But rather soon, they finished taking down the buildings protecting the people within the walls of the Jade Palace, and Tas had to retrieve his thingy from Ran when Ran finished with it. "Taka to Suzaku, Taka to Suzaku; phase one is finished, I think. Commencing to phase two. Taka out." Switching lines to that of the lesser commanders within his men, he gave orders for them to give to the footmen. "Taka to commanders, Taka to commanders; Evactuate all Xingese civilians away from here. Escort them to a place far from the violence. Furthermore, we are to move in and hold the gate of the palace. Nobody enters, nobody exits." And this was certainly not among his orders, but he gave these anyways, on neccesity; "And inform anybody with medical training to slowly approach the Xingese medical camp, under guard, and both assist the medics there, and protect the camp; doctors are neutral parties, and the wounded will need tending. We have no medical camp, so their's is to become our's. Don't question me, either, I have orders of my own to give your orders!" Bluff. He was bluffing, but nobody caught it. And warily, the men among them who had at least SOME medical ability, were on their way to keep all wounded soldiers in good hands. So he watched as one of the men held up a white flag of peace, coming close to the medical camp. Peace within war... It gave him a good feeling.

Though there would also be war. His rifle in hand, he cracked off another mighty shot, blowing down a Xingese guard that RIOTE had missed on their way in, with a wince.

"For Aerugo!" And for empress-sama, for Raistlin-sama, and the one called Suzaku; most importantly, as they held this position, for Ran and he to come out ofthis un-harmed. JUst a bit more...


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THRONE ROOM: Xiao, Peizhi

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:54 am

A low smile crossed the lips of the youthful Emperor as he listened to the receding footsteps of all those whom he gave orders to. If there was one thing that he could be thankful for in this world, it was that he could have such a loyal group of subjects. Even if right now he could not see them, he knew that they were there, and that they would be able to stand 'fore him and fight by his side. He did not ask for their loyalty--he had never asked for any loyalty. Instead, he had chosen to work for it and to garner the trust of the Xingese people. Though he had thrown away almost all of the most destructive traditions of the Xingese and earned the mire of some, others had responded happily--he had shaken the foundations of the caste system that Xing had built itself upon, allowed those without power at birth to get power beyond, and built something grand and new; a more modern Xing that would stand and show its power in this world. Although as a newly-formed Socialist country they were young, Ace had shown that he would not give any quarter to those who would call themselves the enemies. Profits were not his largest worry: Money would come from the world itself, giving them a start and a finish. Instead, this young genius was mostly focussed on the people... The world itself would come later.

" mindful; those doors may open to reveal our own men coming to the Emperor. Good fortune." Xiao's voice emanated outwards and towards Ace, who simply shook his head and smiled softly. He had a band of good men guarding his life; he would not have it any other way. The Assassin Emperor of Xing knew that his own strength lay in striking from the shadows, but he had to wonder if fighting on even ground was something that he could leave to others. He was a valuable asset to the country--though some did not see it that way. He would need to speak to Jemutin at some point; try to garner some sort of truce. "Saeji...." Sighing softly, Ace turned his head towards the voice of the soft maiden at his side. Ah, Peizhi. "Do you think my father....will he be okay? What if they attack the clan leaders?" The blinded man turned away from the woman and 'gazed' up at the ceiling, thinking this over for a minute. "I believe that your father and the other clan leaders will be safe. Their target is that of the Jade Palace, and Xi'an. To attack the other clan leaders would split their troops up far too much..." Chuckling slightly, Saeji continued. "Besides. I'm their target. If I fall on my knees, then the clan leaders will supposedly follow my lead..." Planting his hands upon the arms of the throne, the man pushed upwards and got to his feet, taking three tentative steps forwards.

"I wonder... have my eyes healed yet? I wish to see my people with my own eyes..." As he quietly mused this, he reached up to the back of his head and gripped the piece of bandage, starting to untie it and loosening it up over one of the eyes. Though it remained closed, he would turn his body in the general direction of Peizhi, preparing himself for what may come. This had been the most difficult of his graftings by far--one that would allow him to see what others could not. Manufacturing a vision to his eyes that was the equivalent of a eagle in the sky. For those who could see at 2 feet away, he would be able to see from 20 feet. The ultimate in detailed vision. But he was not sure that he was ready yet. Gritting his teeth, the man slowly opened the right eye, preparing for the worst. A sudden burst of whiteness slammed into his vision: his grey eye quickly glowed blue and he was struck with pain. Everything was there--he could see everything. Every detail. Every piece of light. It was pain. It hurt. He couldn't take it. Closing the eye tightly and shouting out loudly, Ace found himself doubled over and on his knees, trying to keep the pain from spreading. As the eye closed, the pain started to recede and fade--the Alkahestry stopped from continuing onwards. Raising a hand into the air, Ace waved over the girl. "...Peizhi. I.. need assistance. Please, I cannot use these eyes just yet..." He felt disgusted in himself.

He was completely vulnerable.. and so pathetic.

{Defending turn... GO}

{Also, Akiha had a lazy moment--that's why she didn't go this turn. xDDDD}


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Post by Guest on Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:06 am

Lucrezia could barely hear the world. A spinning that went through her head, made her sick to her stomach. Could she really do this? She knew she could, but for the time, her body seemed unresponsive. Death. How she prayed this wouldn't end the same as her home. Of all the things she remembered, the dead bodies of her parents was one that haunted her nearly nightly. Why couldn't Luc remember anything less frightening? Her heart hiccuped a bit and she held back more tears. She was such a crybaby, she didn't belong in war. However, she was the healer, a symbol of hope for some who might otherwise not make it. A surge of pride and concentration poked heavily at her mind. She could do this right? She sure hoped so. Mentally she felt like the little engine that could. The same phrase going in her mind while she simply stood and stared at the table before her.

A touch on her shoulder, made Lucrezia jump. Her eyes shooting left than right and finally finding that woman. Uhh.. What was her name again? Oh darn it! She couldn't remember at the time. How horrible she was with names. A beautiful voice swept Luc's ears and her heart stopped a moment for her to smile weakly. "Deep breathes, we will be alright. Offer any prayers to the Ancestors and they will listen. We will show these jerkwads not to mess with us or our friends!" Well, Luc didn't know about that. After all, she wasn't very good at fighting, at all. However, she could punch someone if neede- No.. she really didn't think she could do that much. Luc wasn't a fighter, not in the slightest. As the woman seemed to hop off, Luc turned to stare at her hands. With some focus, she made them glow with a yellow light. Her magic still worked and she smiled. She knew well it wasn't actual magic, but the actual name of it escaped her. Her faulty memory played tricks once again.

Slowly the dancing lights faded and her hands cooled a bit. It felt so weird when her hands activated the ability which they had. However, she didn't mind. Out loud, she marched on a list of things she made sure she had. Her hands pulling and pushing and finally rearranging the items until she felt it was perfect and then, she waited. For a person to enter the tent and the first patient she would have.

In sauntered the woman she was working with. A rather happy look on her face. Perhaps she was used to this kind of stuff. Luc returned the smile with her own. Blue eyes twinkling a bit as she fixed the beds for the patients. "What are your strengths for combat Lucrezia?" Uhh.. that thought again. Lucrezia winced and looked around with a sort of nervous glance. "I-I uh... I can't fight.." She spoke softly, her arms wrapped around herself and then her eyes dipped. "I don't think.. I don't think I could ever harm another person." She was a firefly, she could never hurt others. Not in her mind at least. Her light was for guiding, not killing! Those two just didn't usually intertwine and when they did, Luc took a separate path of cowardice. Panic crept in her heart and she bit her lower lip. She hoped she wasn't useless so she spoke quickly, "I-I uhmm I'm a REALY good healer though! My father was a doctor! I learned a lot from him.. back then!" Her voice stammered a bit. A face beaming with an insincere happiness. Would Jeu-Hee understand her? She prayed so.


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Official Admin post

Post by Reila Tsukino on Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:41 pm


POST GODDAMMIT or you're going to be booted from the mission entirely and I'll nix this entire thread. Also, start drawing it to a close. NOW.

Thank you,


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Re: MISSION: World War III: Peace and the Pestilence of RIOTE {3}

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:48 am

AHA! She acquired yet more text from a clansmen. She was scarcely able to be tracked, as those that looked upon her quickly tried to uncloud their vision. No on who see's Death so freely could be in their right mind...could they? She pocketed the text and then quickly noticed the tremor that took hold of the land. She exited and peered skyward as an aircraft overhead was firing large rounds into Xing. "Fuck...that can't be good for my thieving. Damn thing might blow up some vital information...can't risk it...nope I have to break it. The thing was like miles upward though. She could jump, but even with her abilities such a height was not easily feasible. She grasped her small bag of texts and sighed. She would have to stash it and come back for it. If she was caught by a round or an explosion the texts would be ruined. She quickly hid the texts within a nearby wall, and then turned her efforts skyward once again.

She leapt onto a building, and then continued higher until she reached one of the highest structures possible, the palace. She stood at the top firm in her decision. She leapt from the building and sped toward the ground, a flash of blue and she hit the ground. However, it did not impede her fall, it stretched similar to rubber, and then she was catapulted into the air at an increased velocity. She was speeding towards the plane and upon first pass missed, but as she reached the climax of her ascent. She adjusted her path to fall just atop the plane. Her bone claw of a hand tore into the steel like butter, giving her a hold on the plane. Aiming her free hand at the engines, she began to destroy them one by one. If all went as planned the plane would be sent hurtling toward the ground. However, she would dart to the back of the plane to the rudder to alter the descent path away from the city. Before the plane would leave the Xing Area, she would leap off to hurdle back down into the fray.


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THRONE ROOM: Ace, Peizhi, Imperial Guard NPCs

Post by Xiao Yu on Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:41 pm

Waiting.... war was sometimes a horrible waiting game. The last time he had been involved in battle, he had been flung head-long into the action. And yet now, he remained back within the confines of the palace, forced to wait. He felt himself grow irritated with himself, although the only emotion that emanated outwards was quite normal: stoic silence. He was the picture of serious calm to his fellow guardsmen; in fact, he looked and acted as if it was any normal day in the palace. But that was not the case. The dark storm of war was rolling over the Jade Palace, threatening to tear down its mighty walls. War's storm had crashed against these walls before in ancient times, and they had stood. They would still stand today.

Xiao had his men in their formations and he moved to take his usual position, at least until the doors were forced open by enemies. He stood at the base of the throne, two feet away to the front and slightly to the right. A full view of Ace was awarded from this position to those entering the throne room, but they would still have to get through Xiao. Tactically during battle, it was not the best place to be, but for the time being it allowed Xiao to be within a short distance from the Emperor while he also surveyed the layout of the room.

Ace shouted in pain which caused Xiao to turn on his foot, although he remained in place. Peizhi had caught the emperor, who appeared to have tried to use his new vision too soon. Xiao managed a quick grimace before his face became calm again. The Emperor was not safe in such a position. An explosion suddenly rocked the palace and Xiao grimaced. There were no sounds of gunfire from within the palace but he heard muted shots. Shit. The courtyard? “Men, stay on your guard. We could have company very soon.
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Post by Guest on Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:26 pm

The M60 vibrating in Balthazar's hands clicked empty at least three times over before he tossed it aside. The vast platoons of RIOTE troops had flooded the courtyard proper, and the battle was getting well into full circle; as much as he had yearned for it, the sound, smell, and even the palpable taste of gunfire and chaos seeped into him and satsified every sense he possessed - even touch, until the hulking support weapon had been entirely emptied of all ammunition.

As he would with any woman who he dared lay his hands upon, or the bones of his prey after a damn good meal, he simply through the weapon's empty husk aside into a pool of cartridge casings. Nothing stopped; all of his men continued to fire, and even Eagle Eye laid down further sniper cover from the belltower almost a full mile away. But Balthazar was bored; the chaos had become stochastic and predictable, and the battle had soon taken a turn for the boring. Innumerable bodies laid at their feet, strewn across the battlefield, courtesy of RIOTE.

Whilst for others, this segment of the battle had just begun, for Balthazar, it was becoming a burden more than something joyful. Like a child who's spent five minutes with a new toy and cast it aside, he quickly forgot the courtyard's crossfire, and, garbed in his combat gear, skirted around the side of the open battlefield and slipped into the medical tent.

No, now, what he felt the hunger for was something much more primal. The Xingese moonlight danced within his pale, soulless, grey eyes. He needed not to kill, sleep, destroy, or rape, but now to feed; the taints of psychological withdrawal danced along his tongue, and the smell of blood had him salivating. However, Aurelius would surely give him a slap on the wrist if he returned home having demoralised the troops with an act of public feeding, and it would probably discourage the Xingese so much that they'd retreat, and, thus, their numbers for the killing would dwindle soon.

Plus, the courtyard troops bored him. He sought out the fear of those closer, where he could watch as the sheer ferocity of his cannibalism burned a hole in the innocent heart and souls of the doctors who were unlucky enough to be on duty. Balthazar, RIOTE's very own, wished to see the horror and disgust twinkle through youthful eyes as he devoured their fallen comrades, dead or alive.

He appeared, unarmed, his figure seething and dripping with positive anger and primal urge, hands at his side. Despite carrying no weapons, his fingers were uncurled and pointed outwards, stiffened and ready should he have to use them as weapons. Against the white backdrop of the tent's humble, thin canvas, with his flailing blonde hair, he looked like a black-garbed angel. Or a white-lit demon.

There were two within. The first had long, black hair, cradling a rifle almost comically big for her, and the other, flowing and silver, with a look of innocence stricken upon her face. Both were short, and both youthful. Balthazar didn't care about her armament. He wished to feed, and feed was what he'd do.

The chatter of 25mm gatling guns eviscerated through the humble small-arms fire of the courtyard. The 'sky', as Balthazar had called it, was going to win the battle of the courtyard for them, if anything. He hadn't called in the 40mm cannons or even the horrendously powerful 105mm yet, as the battle itself was still in the opening stages for he, yet well underway for all other parties involved. That's what set Tartarus aside from the common rabble of the soldiers; whilst, for them, battle was something of fear, of hatred, and regret, that couldn't be over soon enough, he saw it as opportunity... a hobby, a pastime, or something to do to relieve him of his pitiful ennui. And as with any enjoyable activity done in excess, it had quickly become a fixation of the madman's.

With a single snap of his fingers, Balthazar caused all manner of chaos. A simple shockwave sent bodies, gurneys, and stretchers - all quickly piling up - flying in all manner of directions. An inhuman snarl as a single unconscious - and possibly dead - Xingese troop slid in near his feet, and the blonde crouched, howling to the sky with urge almost overrunning him, barely able to wait to carve into this fresh joint of meat.

"TARTARUS..." His breath was haggard, and his shouts jagged and coarse, yet all the while carrying with them raw weight, gravity, and power. "TARTARUS HAS COME AGAIN! HE DEDICATES THIS MEAL TO HIS LEADERS AND HIS ENEMIES!" Speaking about himself in the third person gave Balthazar an ego-rush. "BAHAHAHA!" With that, he dove upon the corpse, teeth bared and tapered courtesy of the chimeric DNA dwelling within him.

He took a bite from the man's neck foremost, sharpened ivory ripping through soft flesh and tougher sinews with ease. A crunch tore through the jugular, and warm, pulsating blood slapped his face in intermittent jets. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. As the metallic tang of the crimson decorated and touched his lips, he felt the DNA, the shark, the cobra, the rhinoceros, the bat, and the monkey all surge to the top and rattle their shackles and cages. All of them had wished to feed, and it had been far too long since he'd obliged them.

His muscles bulged and strained beneath his clothing as he further tore into the man's neck and face, taking in the raw flesh and chewing it down to a mulch before he swallowed, exhaling with relief. "So... so good..." The cry was almost orgasmic; for tasting blood once more and setting the feeding frenzy of the shark within him awry had been a pleasure of pure ecstasy for him. Some would have called him damaged; but Balthazar simply dubbed himself perfect.

Bones and sinews reformed themselves beneath his skin, breaking and fusing in a matter of moments, pain surging through to counteract the pleasure as he continued to feed, tearing flesh from every conceivable part of the corpse as he could. Blood still sprayed over his sub-human form as the flesh itself now shifted to accommodate a grossly disproportionate body. Hands, arms, legs... all of his limbs, first. This grotesque transformation even shook his neck, thickening it to the width of his head, now a pin atop a tree trunk. Fingers trembled as Balthazar bucked backwards onto his knees and stood up, stumbling forwards. His vision spiked, and a red curtain descended upon his field of view, when, finally, he went blind, seeing only crimson.

"Hrgh..." The pain wracked his body. A hundred times as intense as ever before, the ecstasy quickly dwindled and left as a sequence of snaps and squelches saw his body reform. He had grown at least two feet. Finally, his pupils dilated until they burst out of the iris proper and leaked into the sclera, the whites of his eyes, flooding them with sheer, animalistic darkness.

The agony soon became too much, throbbing at every joint, stabbing all over his torso and back, and a thousand dull aches sitting, burning inside his head. "HRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" The inhuman howl echoed throughout the tent as Balthazar's newly-grown, tapered claws carved into the ground laid down beneath his feet, tearing up the bottom of the tent, tarpaulin ripped to shreds in a matter of moments.

His body had stopped shifting, but his clothes had long-since split, leaving the once-loose flak jacket to cling to a frame, far too large. The backpack had become sewn into his body itself as flesh had reformed and looped around the straps, but the transformation still continued yet. The pains from before became dampened for just a moment before a wildfire took to his very skin, an inferno dancing along every inch of his body. His skin blackened and hardened, thickening with every moment as his head finally increased to accommodate his new size. The beast that had been Balthazar blinked once more, horizontal eyelids closing together and leaving a glossy, sticky fluid over new, black eyes, a sea of darkness. Blonde hair shortened and retracted, fastening into clumps and then solidifying into numerous and limitless spines and horns.

Over his back, each vertebrae sharpened and tore through the new, armoured, black skin, protruding out to become a new row of spines ridging and running down his back, a dinosaur by any other name. From his tailbone protruded a long, spined tail, shifting out and lashing from side to side. By now, he was simply just a bipedal monster; black skin, horns, spines, hands that could clutch a man's head and crush it there and then: whatever Balthazar had been was bad enough, but this was beyond that. Whilst any semblance of sentience had left him aside from a will to kill and everything living beyond his crimson vision simply being a target, his power had more than quadrupled, and his endurance, too. His speed, beneath lumbering, clawed, three-toed feet, had shifted upwards too, and a crest upon his head made it clear the shark DNA was prominent enough.

Whilst what Balthazar had been before the transformation was bad enough... but this was a new tier, entirely. A creature without restraint, remorse, regret, or reproach. He didn't care; he couldn't even fathom the concept of care. As he bore two rows of tapered, pointed teeth, protruding canines drawing thin crimson rivulets upon where his lips would have been, the beast curved what were lips into some semblance of a smile, but not enough. Balthazar had been a beast before... but now, he was truly, both physically, and mentally, an unrestrained, primal, and entirely animalistic... monster.


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Re: MISSION: World War III: Peace and the Pestilence of RIOTE {3}

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:47 pm

Such was the happening of a war being fought. The people in charge hardly ever had to join the fray personally, they just observed and held the reins - which was just as important as the actual tasks being fulfilled. And from this position, the aerugese head of literally everything, observed and steered their force's attack on Xing and especially that palace. Progress happened, but not in the fastest of fashions, as the various records and reports from the different squads told. Still, progress was had, so it went close enough to the plan. And form what she had seen now, the Kagura woman felt like all the pieces were in place, enough pawns preparingly secrificed and it was time for the stronger pieces to advance.
Picking up the prepared comms, she took a last glance over summaries of current events and positions. Yes, all the preparations were far enough. "This is a Seiryū transmission for all troops, all wings, all squads. It's time we install the much longed for checkmate. Code Jaku niku kyō shoku. The vermillion bird Suzaku will be seizing the front gates and set the events in motion as planned. The Hebi unit is hereby tasked with a special assignment. There is an individual roaming the city premise who is causing more then mere problems for the operation and troops - you are to terminate the individual within reasonable methods. The eagle position is to be extra wary and continue moderate the bottleneck. With our move now, it's bound to get more difficult keeping the bottleneck corked. Request help from nearby allies, if it is necessary - success has utmost priority. Everyone, be strong and honorable to the end."
What sounded like a speech almost - especially because of the nearly standard empire-parole at the end - held instructions most important to the key elements within the aerugese ranks. This was where things would be decided, all or nothing. A clear voice that did not waver, not stop or interrupt once, made it clear to everyone listening on the special comm channels, which of the two options the Empress desired and expected them to archive. But from here on out, she couldn't do much more then put faith in her subject and soldiers.


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Yuuko, Shizuka, Tas, Ran.

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:26 pm

Orders confirmed. she replied.

The end was nigh and The glorious empress of Aerugo had spoken. The orders were explicit and clear, The epitome of all Kagura creations took command by both relaying orders and having faith in her loyal soldiers who had sworn an oath ought to be fullfilled by sweet and blood, The Aerugese always tread the path of honor.

Not minding her prey getting away, Shizuka Gozen left her behind for someone else was supposed to handle the matter. The Ishin-shishi, the men of higher purpose were ready, her company sniped and eliminated the guards at the walls who proved useful at all thanks to their choice of weapon and the Xingese very slow response. Strange indeed, for the adversaries were always renowned for defending strategic with sheer numbers were unable to push through the gate or at least think about it opting instead to turtle in the palace. What would be of the palace with X'ian itself? Shizuka was truly disappointed, she thought it was going to be a battle of masterful tactics. The aerugese royalty in disguise believed in her mistress words. It was time to bring all to end, it was time for the checkmate.

Hurling towards the lone gate followed by her company, her special unit "the Ishin-shishi" and three fresh batches of yellow turbans . She began to issue her orders. The xingese who flipped sides, two units of yellow turbans were to secure the underground tunnels beneath the imperial palace while some of the Ishin-shishi would administrate them. The company itself would bring special provisions beneath that would prove useful in very the near future.

As for the already present vanguard, she would address them. Taka, it is an honor to meet you in battle. Then she looked towards the other person who somehow who looked like him. And you too. then she continued in tone that meant business.

The palace shall fall to our hands tonight but we need first to strengthen our position in front of the gates. Taka.. then she looked at the other one and Washi..The empress relayed to you special assignment, they shall be sent in an encrypted message, best of luck to both of you.

Shizuka returned to her unit to confirm things with them and make sure of the final touches. The new drones newly made from the workshops were quipped with them and of course were ready to launch. Engineering officers prepared traps at the blind sides -to the enemy- of the gate, they would never know what did hit them. The yellow turbans prepared defensive installations and bullet proof barricades deploying three lines of defense at different distances however they were wisely chosen and and the lines formed crescent formations

As for Shizuka, she was present at the first line with a fire team having cover behind barricades. Her men were equipped with short distance weapons which would deliver suppressive fire, with another small things that would be used in due time.

And she received a report from the special unit from the underground. Her men were securing sector A - first of the three sectors - and were currently sealing the ins and outs to the palace, great tidings indeed.


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Re: MISSION: World War III: Peace and the Pestilence of RIOTE {3}

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:01 pm



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Medical Tent ---> Jeu-Hee and Balthazaar

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:59 pm

Lucrezia was stunned. Utterly shocked at what was going on. Her eyes wide in her head as a man came into the tent and ravaged the site with ease. Bodies flew and the young girl could barely move. Fear. TRUE FEAR. Something she'd never before felt in her life. Complete and utter terror, she was defenseless, unable to help a single soul as the man tore apart a man before her very eyes. Such disgusting horror, bones crunching, flesh ripping. All the noises of a man sloppily eating food. Slurps and gasps as if he were starved to death. The woman stopped breathing. Her hole body was paralyzed; amazed and disgusted eternally by this man's disgusting habit. His words didn't reach her, Lucrezia was not there all the way.

Even as she watched, his body changed. Growing hair, growing larger. His voice was a howl and then a growl. Such chills that bumped on Lucrezia's body. She could do nothing. Her body would not listen; legs screaming run, mind screaming defend and all the while her body stood there, quivering. Never before had she seen anything so terrifying. the closest she'd known of was beasts from old stories. It seemed like Yeren corrupted by evil. A spirit perhaps? Something of supernatural proportions that was not in the slightest, happy with Xing. What had they done? Was it a forgotten God having been ignored? She was unsure, but all she knew was that she was useless.

The tears started and couldn't be stopped. Crystal cascading down her softened face that surrounded her whole being with fear and crying. She could only gasp out and hide her face. Many people were dead and she couldn't do a thing to stop this beast. Knees shook and then locked rather quickly. Her eyes closed as if trying to wake from a nightmare. Failure: She was a failure. Sobbing completely, she closed her eyes and simply tried to make it all go away. As if magic would work, though it wouldn't. Truly there had never been a moment that Lucrezia was more terrified in her many years at Xing. Then, showed her utter sadness of being a terrible medic and a horrible soldier. This man was not something she could ever know.

For now, all she could do, was cower. Cry and hope for the best. She'd be eaten too, most likely. Lucrezia had no poison or thorns; a simple and delicate flower that could only heal the wound, not prevent it. So for the time as the man was in there, she simply sought her happy place. Later she would beat herself up for it.


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Just outside the Medical Tent -> Inside: Lucrezia and Balthazar

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It didn't take long for the battle to begin to rage outside of the medical tent, and Jeu-Hee could hear her men taking their action against this common enemy. For the moment she knelt behind a couple of crates and used her sniper rifle to pick them off one by one as they darted across the courtyard. This wasn't looking good at all to be honest. She could see their ancient crossbows were doing their duty as ranks of RIOTE exploded with those special rounds, leaving large gaps even as they ran forward. But there was one man that she saw darting amidst the front of those lines who was concerning her the most. He was moving at a faster speed, and he ripped through everyone so easily. That.... boded very ill indeed.

As soon as she had fired two clips from her rifle, Jeu-Hee slipped back inside the tent as injured began to come to them from elsewhere about the palace, giving Lucrezia something to do since she was their healer. "Lucrezia, how are you-" She didn't get to finish the thought as a man slipped into the tent from one of the other sides quiet as a mouse. It was him. It was the man that she had seen flittering amidst the RIOTE ranks as she sniped them. Shit. Jeu-Hee stared up at him with surprise, wariness, and an utter conviction that she would not let him harm her comrades. She took a step in front of Lucrezia, using slow movements so as not to startle him. Sure she had seen him in action, but even then she could sense how dangerous he was. And... something smelled... off about him. So what was it? Why did he smell different from a human? Was he a chimera like her? If that was the case--


It was just a simple snap of his fingers, yet things exploded away from him as if he had punched the ground with his fist and the shockwave knocked them all away. What.... what was this?! Jeu-Hee went flying back, slamming her back into one of the crates and tumbled, the boxes landing on top and about her. Guns that had been in crates spilled all over her, bruises already beginning to form even as she slowly began to push herself up. "Ow..... That... was unnecessary..." She murmured under her breath as she didn't even focus upon the fact that her sniper rifle had gone flying amidst the confusion. "TARTARUS..." ... what? That was a name, a name of mythology. "TARTARUS HAS COME AGAIN! HE DEDICATES THIS MEAL TO HIS LEADERS AND HIS ENEMIES! Who....... "BAHAHAHA!" The man... was mad. There was no other explanation for this as he began to dig into the body of the man that had unfortunately slid too close to him.

By now she had finally forced all the crates off of her body and had gotten to her feet a bit shakily. Gritting her teeth against the throbbing pain in her back, she had to protect these people, that was her job. Her eyes searched and found Lucrezia crouched and crying as she stared in utter horror at what this man, no, this creature was doing to their comrade. He was eating him. How.... why? "Now when did that ever get fun?" She whispered to herself as she narrowed her eyes. He was beginning to change, and change into something... ugly. And beautiful. And.... frankly terrible. He was Godzilla in the flesh and he was clearly out for blood. Forcing herself to stand up a bit taller, she darted over to Lucrezia and placed a hand on her shoulder before she leaned close to her ear. "Lucrezia I need you to stay with me. I will take care of this guy, buy you some time. Get what wounded you can and get out of here. Retreat back to the Throne Room if you have to and wait for further orders there. Don't worry about me and go." She commanded her in a gentle, but stern voice as her green eyes searched her face. "You are our medic, you must save those that you can."

And with that she turned and allowed her own transformation to begin to consume her form. Red fur replaced flesh as her snout grew a bit, her ears sliding out between her hair as it began to change to a distinct red with white tips. A tail slipped out between the hole that was meant for it in her uniform, the white tip flicking back and forth as she stared with those bright green eyes up at the monster in front of her. Godzilla vs..... a fox. No! She couldn't fail! She had to protect these people! She would not let them down as she had in Drachma! "Hey! Godzilla! Come pick on me." She spoke in a clear, unafraid voice when in truth she was trembling a bit on the inside. The ring had tightened about her finger but it did not break, reminding her that she had to survive so she could be with her love. Was he fighting too somewhere else? He would believe in her, just as she did in him. And so she suddenly drew out two pistols and fired at the giant armored creature, ready to dodge and move as long as she held its attention. Lucrezia was in no state to be fighting right now and they certainly couldn't count on reinforcements.


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Re: MISSION: World War III: Peace and the Pestilence of RIOTE {3}

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"Oy! Godzilla! Come pick on me." Hairs and spines on the back of his grotesque, still-shifting back stood up straight, as if his entire body was pricking as he heard her voice. A slow, lumbering movement, and he pivoted, caught and illuminated still in the moonlight tent's opening. A snort, and warm air gushed out from his flattened, black-covered nostrils; Balthazar was no more. The creature that had replaced him seemed not to care.

But the girl wanted a fight... even now, in his most primal of forms, he had more pressing matters out there - in the form of the few scraps of Xingese lining the ramparts that needed to be taken care of for the courtesy of their Aerugese siblings. His face contorted into a twisted mockery of a grin; he would forgo an appetiser in choice of a hearty main meal to begin. He opened his mouth, strings of drool trailing across abnormally large, pointed yellow fangs, row upon row of them, bloodied from surfacing and splitting the tissue of his jaw. "...INSIGNIFICANT." He spoke brutishly. Frankenstein's monster in all its epitome; yet Frankenstein hadn't been around himself to guide or restrain him. The monster, in all its evil, in all its power, had been simply set loose upon Xing; and his handiwork was present.

A snap of his bulging, black, taloned fingers, and the black and silver-haired girls respectively were sent all but reeling with the force of that immediate shockwave. The larger one - clutching a rifle - had tenacity that seemed to avail her; but the smaller and more 'innocent' was not so lucky, sent reeling by the force of his compression. He snarled to himself, his face twisting once more in a sick grin as teeth overlapped black-pink tissue of his bulbous lips. The smaller girl slammed into the side of the tent, and fell awkwardly; the signature snap of what sounded like bone resounded from her torso. "GRAGH. GOOD... GOODBYE." With that, he pushed himself down onto all fours, and bounded straight out of the tent and into a charge.

At first, he knocked through all manner of troops, Aerugese, RIOTE, or otherwise, in his chimeric stupor, a red veil quickly descending upon his vision, but the stench of blood was overwhelming, especially in the direction of the defendants. His face widened further with that delusional grin, and the monster of Balthazar made for the front of the courtyard, all manner of rifle shots bouncing from the hull of his armour, leaving only his back, the strongest section, exposed, as he ran. "HRAGH!" He howled, the vicious nature in his voice piercing through with true, complete, and perfect anger as he clutched first for a dislodged segment of brick, before snapping it off and furrowing his brow.

The monkey DNA within him quickly adapted to this change, and Balthazar reeled back onto two legs, throwing a hand up to protect him from rifle cartridges raining down upon his figure in the night. Moonlight was ablaze about him like a ghostly white pyre, and the monstrous being made a noise half-way between a grunt and a howl, some sick contortion of both, before bounding for the walls, talons outstretched. Spittle dripped from his jaw in giant, thick, viscous strands - his meal was so close.

With that, he charged upon the wall and grasped for it, pressing his tapered nails into the brick and shearing through weakened points in the mortar as he ascended quickly. Some Xingese tried their best to drop to lower battlements to avoid him; another group flocked straight for the doors back to the palace's impregnable interior. The crackle of gunfire resonated distantly in the night sky above as the Lockheed AC-130 continued to intermittently chip in with its twin GAU-8 rotary-barrel guns.

It took him barely fifteen seconds to clamber up the wall in its entirety, the greed and ravenous hunger sitting apparent from his face. His jaw hung open like that of a demon of gluttony; and his tongue sagged from it in a manner that would have been comical, had it not been black and lined with the knotted makings of spines. With an empowered swing, the chimera snarled and pulled himself onto the ramparts proper, pausing for but a second to howl once more as he broke into a charge. "FEEEEEED!"

He tore straight for the first with a leap, pinning him to the ground like a panther would a gazelle. With two hands, he held the man to the floor, and cocked his head as those empty black eyes flickered, glistening with the foulest sheen and coating of liquids in the moonlight, rifle rounds digging themselves into the armour in his chest then being automatically dislodged not a moment later. "YOU... LOOK... TASTY." Fangs bared, he ran that slimy black tongue over them, before diving down upon the man's throat and shearing through the flesh in a simple bite. A fount of blood availed him, spattering and marring the opaque black sheen of his armour for the first time since his transformation.

Yellow fangs dripping with crimson, he shook the lifeless body, more blood squirting from the ravaged core of the later soldier's shredded jugular vein, before raising it, by the neck, to the sky, and unleashing a devastating howl. The RIOTE troops lowered their weapons, and looked on in horror. "XING!" He growled to the sky, the sliver of pale moonlight amidst the overcast blackened clouds. "IF YOUR MEN ARE HUNGRY," Balthazar managed to gargle out the remainder of a competent threat, before turning to the rampart at the centre of the courtyard and letting the body drop from he height he'd ascended to, and spatter on the floor, a gruesome pattern of crimson and entrails. "TELL THEM TO HAVE A PIECE OF THEIR FRIEND,"

A snarl turned to a howl, and Balthazar beat at his blackened chest as the blood trickled down his chin. He'd only just whetted his fangs; but the psychological impact was dire enough. All around the courtyard's border doors slammed shut and echoes of the monster's cannibalistic cries weaved themselves in as he grinned. One, by one, by one, the remaining RIOTE troops, less than a dozen of the eighty they'd begun with, raised their rifles to the sky, and fired indiscriminately. The courtyard was theirs, and whilst Balthazar had completed the initial attack, his time here was finished.

Like a monkey upon jungle vines, he swung himself back around to grapple from the stone precipice, before releasing his grasp, and dropping the rest to the floor. The weight with which he landed made a dull thunk, and a giant cloud of grit shrouded him as the ground seemed to have taken the impact into something of a concave crater. However, he had landed as a chimera; but when the dust cleared, spent from even just a few minutes of taking rifle fire and such strenuous damage, all that was left was the spent remains of the pale, blonde, Drachman man, panting, wheezing, clutching his backpack, and garbed only in tattered, strained fatigues and the remnants of a flak jacket.

Turning, Balthazar moved back past the citizens, and the remaining black-garbed special-operations RIOTE troops flocked to him as he carved his path back through the courtyard. The AC-130 faded into the distance, the chatter of minigun fire absently leaving behind only a starlit veil of silence as Balthazar and his company trailed behind them copper-jacketed cartridge casings, making a sharp turn down the road into Xi'an, whereupon Eris was waiting for them in the back of a convoy of three blacked-out Jeep Wranglers.

The blonde sidled in with a smile, settling back against the front-most Jeep's back seat as three men pulled themselves into the vehicle; a driver, and two passengers. Balthazar, near-exhausted, pulled open the backpack lethargically, and shut the door, clutching a battered headset attached to a short-wave radio, clicking on to the Aerugese frequency with a hiss. "Red Sun. This is Tartarus. We're leaving. The field is yours," With that, he wrenched the headset back, winded down his window, and tossed it outside, looking to the driver, a man he recognised. Private Krovich. His face paling beneath the black daubs of paint they'd applied pre-battle, Balthazar saw in his pallor little but nausea. And nausea... meant weakness. "Where to, Commander?"

Letting his head fall back against the seat, Balthazar exhaled, and shuffled the backpack back into the middle seat. "Central, Private," A sigh escaped the threshold of his lips as he wrenched the gearstick forwards into drive, and tugged the ignition into gear. "We've got a war to win."



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Re: MISSION: World War III: Peace and the Pestilence of RIOTE {3}

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