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Breathe me

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Breathe me

Post by Guest on Wed May 23, 2012 3:15 pm

It was stuffy. Horrendously so, as he feeling of impending doom would not shake. Seamus couldn't help but clutch the thin worn jumper round his shivering frame. Professor Cassidy offered no hint to where they were going or what was going to happen. All he knew was that this was going to make him some use to his father.

But as the busy street turned into dark unwelcoming roads surrounded by wear houses. He tried to bury himself in his clothes hiding from the coldness like a scene from a thriller book. As the professor stepped out and slammed the door with enough force to shake the entire car. "Hurry up! I got to pay for every day we use this." Seamus swallowed and slowly removed himself from the car.

The man opened the warehouse thirteen and he boy's stomach churned. Was this what the hang man's noose felt lichee. This suffocating fear. The man fluttered about messing with equipment and supplies. Seamus could refrain from looking around in mild confusion. When the loud bang of Cassidy's hand slamming down on he metal table made him jump.

"Shirt off and get on." He snapped making the boy shakily undress. Carefully folding the articles and lacing them on the side. Cautiously with the same amount of caution as one would take with a rabid animal, he sat on the cold metal operating table. The grooves of he circle causing minor discomfort. Cassidy shoved him down causing a yelp to escape his throat. It was icy cold against his skin.

His eyes widened as professor Cassidy hover over him. He tried to muffle the shriek as a soft warm light surrounded him. Warming his back and spreading along his skin leaving odd goosebumps in it's wake. So his was he power of alchemy? "Now I would refrain from moving to much...this circle will keep you alive." A weak nod in return to the proffessor's order. As he heard the cluttering of bags opening.

"Oh dear..." Oh dear? Oh dear? That was never what one wanted to hear when there were about to be operated on or something. "Wh...what's wrong?" He asked as the man sighed heavily and laughed. "Silly me...I forgot the anesthesia all I have is adrenalin...damn I even forgot the pain relief!" Shay's eyes widened as he struggled to sit up. "Ok...I guess this is off then?" He panicked but the man's strong hand pushed him down. "No...we do this now."


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Re: Breathe me

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:41 am

He screamed. So hard his throat felt like someone was sandpapering it. He could help but attempt clawing at the table trying to find purpose. Cassidy had already sliced his chest open and now he was sawing away at his ribs. And it was pure agony. It took so much effort not to trash and fight him. It was unimaginable, a sickening reminder of medieval medicine. He could feel the tears running down his cheeks as he choked slightly.

He felt like he was dying. He was going to die in this filthy hole of a place. At least it would take forever to find him. The horrid crack of bone as Cassidy finally pulled his ribs apart. He felt the blood in his throat gargle and glug as he tried to breath feeling it bubble out of his nose.

"Now this may feel weird as I flush your blood from your veins and clean them." Seamus blinked confused, his voice to broken to verbally question him. "It's like if you put diesel in a petrol car." The man's pleasured grin was more then disturbing. "I need to flush all your dirty blood from your veins and then we put this special blood in." The odd sensation of water jetting through your core, flushing the network of veins clean almost tickled. But as it passed through his heart it burned like nothing before. He squirmed crying out in pain. "Stop that you worthless waste of space!" Cassidy scolded as he watched the blood fall into the tub below.

It took hours. Seamus has lost count of the hours. The pain of having his heart flushed through for all that time had exhausted him yet disallowed sleep. He felt the horrible rasping of his body as he breathed. So this was what dieing was like. His body was begging him with each rasp to die but the alkhestry disallowed it. The Alkhestry was keeping him very much alive.


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