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Long overdue

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Long overdue

Post by Guest on Sat May 26, 2012 12:06 pm

Well the news had leaked through the family. It was interesting enough and for once, Deity felt like trying once again to mend things over with her sister. Though the beautiful cowgirl never wanted anything to do with her, Deity always found a part of her wanted to mend things over with her. It was a risky step. After all, she often walked the line of broken hearts and limited resistance. She was never on 'good terms' with most of her family. It was a soft and shaky breath that fell from her from within the Cretan limbo. The world passed by in a slow in a slow saunter that blurred to nothing but meaningless colors. Oh cruel world, it passed her and left her confused. The drive had taken days it seemed. The woman with her high-class robes and looks, would be sitting there, going such a long way for something she never expected to work in the first place. As the car came to s screeching stop, she stepped out. After such a long way, she needed somewhere to rest and so did the driver. They were resting in Amestris for the night.

Fixing her gloves, she realized where she was and found a face in the distance that looked ever so familiar. Was it him? She wondered. Squinting her eyes, she would walk forward and motion the limbo-driver to go. She had his number, after all. A man was shooting bullets off at the training area and though she was not of Amestrian citizenship, she hopped the fence and walked over. Once he finished a load and people turned to stare at the Cretan beauty. Her blue eyes on the Kowalke boy, making one such man elbow him in the side. A pointing finger sent them to look towards her.

Her usual form of annoyance and 'I'm better than you' looks were there, though unintentionally. Simply, she was eyeing him, waiting for him to finish. "You have good aim." She clapped without intending on sounding like a complete bitch, like she did. It was only natural. Her eyes showed lack of interest and therefore lack of sincerity as she straightened herself, waiting for her cousin's response.


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Re: Long overdue

Post by Guest on Sun May 27, 2012 9:09 pm

[OOC]:[ - Bolded text is just NPCs talking. - ]:[OOC]

The smattering sounds of gas-powered guns could be heard over the training field, coloured balls flying in a deadly net of crossfire, apparently pinning someone down while others advanced. "Keep it up, we can't afford to let him-" the voice was cut off as a yellow coloured spot of paint appeared on his gray uniform. There was much swearing as the person hit immediately dropped to the ground and began to crawl back to the resting zone. As if it was an insult to injury, he felt the painful sting of another paintball striking his arse just before he exited the area he was downed in.

In the meanwhile, at the cover currently being hosed with the collective paint of three firing guns, sat Minoru, listening to the staccato of pops that showed who was firing at him in that moment. "By the sound of things, they are moving forward under suppressive fire..." There was a choke point in the cover that they would have to go through if they wanted to keep the suppressive fire up long enough.

A hand was briefly visibly above Minoru's cover before a pear-shaped object bounced once on the ground in front of the guy moving forward just as he was to begin passing his partner. The call of Grenade was heard throughout the area. Two persons dove into new cover as one person dove out of his. Minoru had localised the odd man out and the paintball imitation of his treasured gun, Freya, thumped once during the dive. Rolling into new cover the gunslinger marksman smiled slightly when he heard someone cry out the words of 'boom' followed by 'headshot'. Lots of cursing was heard while the next couple of moments decided the match as Minoru hefted his other weapon, an automatic instead of being semi-automatic like his Freya-replica, and two half-second bursts of focused fire let the last two opponents drop to the ground. Minoru stood up and dusted himself off.

"Was that all, 1st. Lt., sir?" Although the match had been fun, and a decent way of making sure that his reactionary skills were still top-notch, the exercise had been cutting in to the time in which he preferred to spend polishing his marksmanship with the weapons of his choice. Luckily he just needed to get out of the gear and grab his duffel-bag, everything he needed was in that bag.

"Yes, that will be all, Kowalke, you can return to your duties." Minoru saluted his generic superior and went to get out of this warm protective suit they had forced him to wear, and he wasn't even tagged by a shot. All that had been about 10 minutes ago when he was lightly elbowed in his side. Irritated at the interruption and the way it was done he tuned to the man who had committed the act of sacrilege to disturb a marksman while shooting, fully intent on giving him a verbal dressing down, when Minoru's eyes caught the sight of who the disturbance was pointing at. "Deity? What is she doing here?" This was strange, the Cretan woman usually did not stand the sight of Minoru so her seeking him out like this was a first.

Slinging the rifle over his back, Minoru alleviated the concerns of the man who had grabbed his attention with a placating hand gesture and approached his relative. Braced for some sort of caustic remark he was... surprised when the words spoken did not have any form of biting meaning to them, even though her eyes and her tone of voice could hint at otherwise. it almost stunned him, but for an odd look sent her way there would be no sign of this effect her words had caused in Minoru. The clapping, however, was unnecessary, and he couldn't help but feel his eyebrows twitching, wanting to draw together into a frown. "Well this is quite the surprise, I didn't think I'd ever see you out here if it was not for some sort of joint exercise." His eyes flashed over appearance, a barely noticeable movement that none the less let him remember all of her view thanks to his born oddity. "And while the praise and the company is... appreciated, I'm quite curious as to why you are here, Deity."


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Re: Long overdue

Post by Guest on Mon May 28, 2012 11:31 am

"Well this is quite the surprise, I didn't think I'd ever see you out here if it was not for some sort of joint exercise." He seemed to look her over. Hint of distaste. Clearly he was not happy to see her. Oh well, what did she care? If he hated her, so be it! She could give no fucks about what he cared about her. "And while the praise and the company is... appreciated, I'm quite curious as to why you are here, Deity." There was more distaste. Wonderful, glorious hate in his voice. Again, Deity gave no fucks. Her eyes scanned this man and remembered the last time they had met. Glorious fighting. They had practically killed each other all because Deity didn't care about anything. Prudent snob. The memory cut her sharper than a knife.

Her eyes rolled and she sighed. A brief shrug of her shoulders. "Seeing as you're in love with my sister, I was hoping you would guide me to her? I have a gift for her." Deity spoke softly It was the truth, whether that man believed it, or not. She had heard of her sister's newest endeavors and felt it was time due to meet up with her once again. Though they would fight, Deity wasn't too worried. She loved her sister, even if Amity hated her entire guts.

"So if you don't mind, hurry up and tell me. I don't have time to waste. Besides, I know you hate talking to me anyways. Think of it this way, the quicker you tell me, the quicker I can go away." Was that emotion? Deity cleared her throat and looked away. What was this feeling? Jealousy? How quaint. Throwing it away, her face turned back to Minoru's as she awaited his response.


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Re: Long overdue

Post by Shula Brighton on Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:22 pm

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Re: Long overdue

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