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~Someone to Share With~

Post by Guest on Wed May 30, 2012 10:43 am

Hmm... Where was he?

Animos had been walking for hours now, teacup in hand, sipping fondue every now and then. Hmmm... Perhaps for next Christmas, he'd ask Santa for a neverending bag of crackers, so he could have crackers and cheese any time he wanted it... But his thoughts were currently on finding something sugary to eat, and somewhere to comb his hair with the new rake-head he'd found in someone's tool shed. It was fine, they probably didn't need it that much. Their tomatoes could grow without a rake, y'know. So he was on the prowl for an alley with candy and tranquility, so his unruly tangles could be swatted down. Idiot... I want to kill something. C'mon bro, do me a solid. Most certainly not. Do as you will, Animos, but avoid listening to this psychopa- "Sh-shut up, GUYS. I g-got to f-FIND candy..." So he found a trash can outside and started rummaging through it. Nope, no candy. But he found a breadstick. So he dunked the breadstick in his fondue, took a crunchy bite (bread shouldn't crunch like that... o_o) and went off on his way. He soon found an alley, as he'd been looking for, and when he saw nobody nearby, he ran the rake through his hair a bit, drawing a few flecks of blood, as rakes are inequal to combs. Right-ho, candy time.

A dumpster. One of those outside dumpster things! They usually had stuff in them. So, with another crunch of his breadstick, he lifted the lid and peeked inside. "Hello? C-candy? YOU i-in heeeere?" Nope. No candy. Just a sack of rotten potatoes (he found out they were rotten because he ate a few...), a lot of paper towels, and a cat. And as he wasn't quite what some would call a stereotypical xingman, he didn't eat cats in the dumpster, which is how that stereotype goes. So, munching on a fondue-ed potato, he sat on the ground, wishing candy would fall from the sky... No luck. Darn. "CAAAAAAAANDYYYYY..." Hmm... he sniffed a few times and stood up. He smelled fish... Fish, or a drumset, one of the two... And it was coming from an approaching figure... "Candy?"


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