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Come To The Dark Side! (We Have Cookies!)

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Come To The Dark Side! (We Have Cookies!)

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:58 pm

It was a Saturday night, and as usual Blanca was out in the city wrecking havoc. Not in her usual manner by getting smashed, however she was a tad bit baked. Her state of mind could only allow her to do so much on a physical level, but mentally, the right hemisphere of her brain was bursting with creative energy. There were cans of spray paint lined up next to her, and a sketch pad which was open to a page with a brightly colored illustration. A light "tsst-tsst" was audible from the can she was holding, and with a few presses to the nozzle, her masterpiece was completed.

She places the artistic medium on the ground and slips off the bandanna tied around her face, leaving it to hang around her neck. Upon doing so, the smell of paint fills her sensitive nose with the intensity of a thousand garbage trucks crammed into a single street. Not that it smelt anything of the sort, nor was such a feat physically possible. But it did make her feel rather nauseous. So in haste, she picks up the opened sketch pad and takes a step back to compare the mural against the rough draft. A statement colored in electric blue stood in the middle of the aged bricks, simply reading "WE MAKE MONSTERS, INQUIRE INSIDE."

She smirked to herself upon reading the statement as it was true. The building before her was where her transformation happened, roughly two years ago. But with no actual weapons or allies to aid her in tearing the place down, giving the twisted conglomerate something she called an "Anti-Advertisement" was the next best thing she could do. But still.. It would have been the police doing the dirty work if they saw the message. There wouldn't be much satisfaction in that for her.

Speaking of the police, was she hearing sirens in the background? Blanca looks to her left, which had nothing.. Then to her right to see blue and red lights flashing in the distance. Crap. Well that was a lot earlier than expected. She hadn't even run a proper check for mistakes in her work yet! Aw man, was she that spaced out? She quickly kneels and unzips her bag-pack, cramming all her materials along with the sketch pad within it before closing it up once again and hoisting the straps over her shoulders in one swift motion. Then, getting up she pulls the bandanna over her nose and throws the black hood of her jacket over her head.

She nearly froze upon hearing the sirens get even louder. Oh yes, it was definitely the cop car and it was fast approaching. They were on to her, and she needed to run now. But just before she does so, she notices a large drop of black paint trickling down the wall. It was out of place and made her masterpiece look absolutely disgusting.

FUCKK. Her eyes widen as she glances at the cop car, then back at her painting. She'd have to fix that up another time. For now, she had to look for an escape. She begins to work her way up to a speed of thirty miles an hour in the opposite direction of the car. It could catch up to her, but it definitely couldn't squeeze into small spaces or climb any ladders to reach the roof. She'd have to take whichever came to her first and remain alert, as difficult as that was considering her rather buzzed state of mind. Upon noticing a small alley with a clearing on the other side, she immediately takes a sharp turn and dashes into it. This should buy her some time, but the chase wasn't over yet.


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Re: Come To The Dark Side! (We Have Cookies!)

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Jun 17, 2012 6:32 pm



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