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Glad it isn't an Interview

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Glad it isn't an Interview

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:31 pm

You know... You'd think being a doctor would be enough of a job, right? Well, for Cora it wasn't quite. Sure she took care of her patients at Fort Briggs, and they were all doing fine, and she occasionally called into the North City hospital.... But she wanted something else. Something random. A new tea shop had opened up and she wanted to investigate. After all, she did love a good cup of tea and it had been a while since it was so hard to find up in the cold North. Hell, maybe she would even put in a job application. You never knew where you could find chicks either! Maybe she would find the perfect one for her. Or not. Perhaps she would remain in single dom forever. That did seem to be her lot in life after all if it wasn't healing people up.

A bell chimed upon her entry, her short head peeking through hesitantly. Oh man... the smells that greeted her... It was like living back at home with her parents and her sister in East City. She didn't come by her love for tea out of nowhere! Totally was a genetic thing. "Hello? Hello~" She called, hearing no response as of yet. She shrugged lightly and explored the store a bit deeper, looking at what was on the shelves before clasping her hands behind her back. She decided to take a seat at one of the empty tables, nodding to a couple of the soldiers that she saw sitting around. Ok.... maybe she wouldn't find anyone here. Meh, no big deal. Wasn't like it was a likely possibility anyways. So she settled into her chair, removing her big outer coat to reveal that she was still wearing her doctors lab coat underneath it over her black body tight suit. Yeah, she was always ready for whatever life was going to throw at her. Patients, a firefight, anything. Except for women maybe. Then she got a bit more nervous and less sure of herself.

A waitress came up to her and smiled, taking the simple order of peach tea and some kind of baked good. "Surprise me." She answered, flashing the pretty girl a warm smile as she went back to make her tea. oh yeah, this was going to be a good day.


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Re: Glad it isn't an Interview

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:14 pm

"Go here she says, Do that she says, be a sweetie and pick this up she asks, What am i a fucking errand boy?" He was a trained killer, skilled hunter and one hell of a jazz musician not to mention the fact he was one sexy piece of ass.... So did she have him doing anything worthy of his many talents? NO! Of course she didn't she had him picking up dry cleaning, groceries and other menial tasks! Well this was the glorious life of a (semi)career mercenary.

"Hmm maybe not even errand boy, im a fucking assistant to an over sexed,psychotic mad woman with personality issues." He sighs some hefts a bog over his shoulder and continues down the street, his dark green and brown slacks get up making hims resemble nothing less then a walking tree. "Well at least she over pays me...That's something to be proud of." Now...where was he heading....He stood on the crossroads at ninth and Addison...and for the life of his he couldn't remember where he was supposed to drop those accursed bags off at."Well...shit....I guess its time for me to....What did she ask me to do....Scout?

But scout what? She really hadn't been all that clear. "Go to north, pick up some of those wonderful furry dresses and scout the town for me pet~~" He could hear her sickly sweet words in his head even now and they nearly made him gag...For what ever reason he was such a little bitch around that woman....He would need to change that!! So instead of standing in the middle of the side walk like an idiot he decided to move his "scouting" mission into someplace not completely covered in snow. So he chose an establishment at random and made his way to it, the predatory smile on his face was a little less considering the amount of baggage he was carrying. He walked up to a counter ordered a cup of HOT coffee and sat a table all with out glancing at who else happened to grace the establishment. So it was a rather large surprise when he noticed one of the "people of interest" that his ohh so caring employer(And lover) had drilled into his head.

So with a quick nod to a rather tasty looking morsel who had brought him his coffee he stood, took the step to his right flipped a chair around and was suddenly sitting in front of Cora. His bags forgotten at the other table and that same smile plastered on his face."Why...Whats up Doc?" It took longer to say those words then it had for him to switch tables...and he was kinda proud of that.


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Re: Glad it isn't an Interview

Post by Shula Brighton on Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:38 pm

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Re: Glad it isn't an Interview

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