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Polar opposites

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Polar opposites

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:24 pm

A soft hum whirred through the air, as a woman with hair rolling to her knees would patrol the streets. Not a care in the world was on her soft face at her short height. Her attire seemed a bit messy, but put together in an odd fashion sense. The black shirt over black shirt, cover only some of her shoulders and showing the black camisole beneath. her skirt was a pleated pinkish red, that stood out sorely on her rather pale legs. Eyes of sky blue took in all, while portraying only a general love for the world, gazed upon buildings and people. A gathering of sorts! The idea of festivities excited the oddball and she would rummage in her knapsack for the frayed and old book. After flipping to the first page, she realized it was the wrong one in general and turned until she found the day she wanted.

"What am I supposed to do today?"
Pondering the ideas, her mind swiftly recorded the accounts of her writing. She of course couldn't read her sleepy penmanship, so she simply laughed and smiled. "I can go look at what's going on!" A street-goer glanced at her with rather odd expressions that were short of disturbed and incredibly confused. As if they didn't know how to respond to a woman so overly jovial towards simply investigating. At the same time, he was ushering his family to the scene.

Sticking out as a daisy among tulips, the girl skipped forward and glanced over the large area. So many gadgets and thingies! Lucrezia was incredibly interested. What were the items? What did they do? Some seemed similar to cars, but bigger and a few looked like a house, but had wheels. A large splay of people were around, shouting and shuffling. Some smacked others in the face with a cloud of dust, others pulled hair. This seemed... violent. Lucrezia didn't approve. What caused these people to hurt each other? Of course, she didn't see a movie in her life and even if she had, she thought it was simply real life. A naivety towards everything made Luc a bit lost in a world that was far ahead of her. Actors and Actresses, alike were scattered among a scenery as perfect as the beautiful sun above. The droplets of rays, reminded her of her favorite things; fireflies. Lights and cameras.

Curiosity unnerved her and she stepped forward, tapping a man on the shoulder. "Uh.. what is all this, sir?" her voice cooed in an almost song. He gave her a cock-eyed expression before turning and muttering something about someone being in the way. not long after a man looked at Lucrezia with a rather intimidating glance. Of course, Lucrezia didn't get the threat and simply smiled at him. "Hello, sir? Are you going to answer my question?" the man snorted something about a smartass and pushed her back towards the rim of the crowd. Quite quickly, the silver-haired woman was lost in the waves of people. Her hands flailing as she was pushed and shoved away while people shouted in microphones. It wasn't too long before she was pushed to a trailer and her curiosity set aflame. Peering in the windows, she investigated, as people stared in disgust at such a pervert. A moving house! Lucrezia was enthralled by the idea of magic, moving houses.


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Re: Polar opposites

Post by Lust on Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:07 am

The busy crowd of people quieted, large cameras mounted high above the ground with men riding with them rising into the air and stretching out like mechanical dragons stretching their necks to get a better look at the scene that was unfolding before them, boom mics being held up and dropped down skillfully. It had taken quite a lot of skill to transform this beautiful area of Xing to look like Esparia, but there was simply more room to work down here, and it was more cost-effecient. But the area had been leased out, built up to look like an old Esparian villa, every detail perfect. Water from an ancient-looking fountain splashed lightly as it cascaded down, sparkling in the sunlight. A loud clack sounded, extras moving to their marks and walking across the background, filling the empty space, gardeners working the grounds casually and the occasional set of priests walking the open hall in the back of the shot.

Cameras loomed around as two people started from the edge of the courtyard, walking slowly together. One was an elderly man with his hair neatly kept, dressed as a priest, the large rosary beads swinging loosely from his robed hip. Long legs strode beside him, tall black motorbike boots covering tight black jeans that laced up the sides. A loose and rather modest gray tunic hung down past the waistline of the form-fitting pants, lime-green curls rolled down her body in a high ponytail. The Esparian language dripped from their mouths like honey as the two made their slow walk to and around the large fountain.

"...Sister Bonifacia, I really just wish you would reconsider. Grief does funny things to people, but this is so extreme. Come back to the church- I'll even help set you up in a few convent." Curls swayed from side to side as Tanandra shook her head.

"This isn't simply a phase brought on by mourning, Father. God calls us when we least expect it, but He is calling me to this. Joan of Arc was a simple farm-girl when the blessed words came from the Angel's lips, and she led armies. The police are corrupt and won't help us; you know that, Father!" The two moved and sat on the edge of the fountain, a modest gap between them as they spoke. The boom mic moved down lower as the main camera swiveled and came closer to zoom in on them talking.

"He does, but a nun? You can't take them all on, Sister. And the church cannot turn a blind eye to what you're doing. To tell the police would be to give you a death sentence, but it is the law..."

"Law? What do they care about the law? Us? The people of the city? You've watched the news. You know how frightened people are of the police, their "law," and the people who control them. And if nobody will stand up to them, then nothing will make them stop and realize that what they're doing is wrong." The priest sighed and went quiet, his face conflicted with weighing what was legal and what was right. He knew which he wanted to uphold, but was afraid for himself, all those living in the villa, the city, and especially for the nun who sat before him whom he could not convince to put her habit back on. Slowly, Tanandra stood up, not meeting the old man's gaze. "I'm going, Father. With or without your help. God has called me to war, and I will fight." With a dramatic flair that could only be described as purely Esparian she turned away, walking away from the priest as he raised his hand, making the sign of the cross to bless her as Sister Bonifacia left to start her crusade against the underworld that would bring the city down in flames and screams and laugh as everyone died. The camera pulled back slowly, one focused on the priest watching her walk away, the other two on Tanandra walking to her motorcycle at the gate.

"AND CUT! Everyone take ten." Walking back to the fountain, Tanandra stretched in the afternoon light. It had been a good day of shooting, and these were easy scenes. TOnight they had some action shots and she'd been talking with the director about not using a stunt double for as many of them; she felt she owed it to her fans. Besides, not like anything could really hurt her... Not that they needed to know that little detail, but still! Tanandra walked past the crews and other actors as she headed to her trailer, knowing the next scenes being shot today didn't need her and were pretty lengthy so she could take a break. And there were some nice col-

Golden eyes blinked, the tall, tanned woman pausing just short of her trailer's door. There was a young woman peeping in through the windows, seeming to be marveled at the actress' portable pad. Tch. Interns. She didn't look Xingese, though, and most of the servicing staff were. "Can I help you with something?" The Esparian and Rouenian accents mingled and weighed heavily on the Cretan words, hoping the girl would understand. Tanda waited a moment, rather patiently. "Do you speak Cretan?...Esparian?....Rouenian?" Not that she really expected a yes to the latter; The closest Tanandra would get from people was the polluted dialect from Gelemorte, but it never hurt to ask. And if this girl was an intern, surely she spoke something useful to work around the set.

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Re: Polar opposites

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:48 pm

Nosy Lucrezia, had her life on view, as she examined the house. Not a care was given as she short of invaded the place with viewing. A peak under the trailer, a look at the part that hitched onto the trucks. "Can I help you with something?" Ah. A voice, but it was speaking in a way that Lucrezia didn't understand. It was listening through water for her. Her smile faded and for a moment, she seemed completely lost. Her large eyes blinking once, twice and thrice, before she simply smiled. A smile translated in ALL language after all. "I don't understand you." She stated in clear Xingese.

"(Some Gibberish) Cretan?...Esparian?....Rouenian?"

This woman was speaking in tongues! The dimwitted smile on her face glowed as she simply stared. Lucrezia wasn't exactly the brightest looking girl, despite her healthful glow beneath her shabby clothing. The smile ear to ear, never ended, even though she didn't understand a word. Though the last one, she relatively guessed what the woman was asking. When she heard this pretty woman speak of Rouenian, Luc nearly jumped out of her skin. A shout of happiness.

"OO! THAT ONE THAT ONE!" She yelled, a bit louder than expected. A sweet smile on her face, though she was oblivious to the factor she SHOULDN'T know such a language. It didn't matter to a young woman. Though her accent was a bit faded from so many years in Xing, it remained a pure Rouenian one. Her blue eyes opened as she stopped hopping and then giggled a bit. "You know that language! Are you from-"

There was a pause. Lucrezia leaned forward with a serious expression. Quickly her eyes darted left, then right, then back to the woman before her. A hand cupped over the left side of her mouth, making a wall. Who was she hiding her words from? Not even she knew, but what her best friend had explained, was law. She wasn't supposed to mention the forbidden world, that used to be her home. "-You know.. THAT place?" She didn't want to make him angry. It wasn't as if he were always with her, however Lucrezia was loyal and whole-hearted. So instead of mentioning the actual world she knew, she simply assumed the woman knew.

With or without an answer, the woman straightened to her short height of five feet and four inches. Her eyes danced excitedly and another giggle dangled from her lips. "Hello, I'm Lucrezia Marie Dorand! I'm not supposed to talk to strangers! But it's okay! You know Rouenian, so we're practically neighbors!" Happy-go-lucky simply flew off of the girl like static electricity. A smile for miles and her voice almost sang everything she spoke. Every word was a hymn of it's own before she stopped and blinked a couple times. What was she doing here again. "I don't.. know.. why I'm here."

Her memory problems had kicked up and left Lucrezia in a wave of confusion. Where was she, even. Turning to look around she found the woman and then the trailer. OH! That had to be it. "Miss! Is this YOUR moving house? Is it magic?!" If excitement were tangible, Lucrezia would have been spitting a wall of bricks. The joy from her overly caring heart simply beat off of her as the sun to its rays. Nothing seemed to get her down from her height of the world, yet a humbleness about her had mingled. Turning back to the woman, she gave a warm smile. She could do magic, too! Only hers was less able of moving houses.


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Re: Polar opposites

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