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The Pessimistic Optimist (open)

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The Pessimistic Optimist (open)

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:46 pm

A day with clouds. The sun shone and yet a secret tail of rain would weave. Could she enjoy the sun? Of course not, it was going to rain. The day was planned and fate d in such a way that left not much as for situation wise. Blue and gray collided and briefly the sun hid behind the clouds, shyly or rather.. maybe the sun was being tied down and blinded by clouds. the usual view of soft and sweet clouds corrupted by the idea of perhaps they covered the sun like a bully, waiting for the night to put it to rest. Pink and orange joined in the torture and it made Deity wonder, what exactly the sky would be, if it were a person. Would it be a serial killer that swept you to the underworld at night or a sweet little girl with eyes full of hope? Either seemed fitting depending on the time of day.

Step, step, step. Pause.
Her feet carried her down the sidewalk without a further thought.

Heat clung to her body with its normal, sweaty imprints. Moisture was thick enough for soup though it would curdle one's stomach especially with all the exhaust from automobiles. Nature was corrupt, life was corrupt. The bright side, things couldn't get worse and yet that was a depressing thought in its own.

Click, click, went her heels as she continued. Without realizing it, she began to cross the street, forgetting to look at either side. Or perhaps, she had, but she couldn't remember? Nothing was anything.

Blue eyes of the sky color seemed to catch the steering of a car that drove so lovingly close to the curb. An intimate embrace and so the story would go speeding by and nearly driving into her. Deity turned her head and for a moment, she stood there. She could die here... it was possible and yet her instincts told her to run. to move, to NOT GET HIT BY A CAR! It seemed that her body had given up. Not obeying the natural notion, she stood there, as if paralyzed, unmoving as the car zipped by.

HOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNK SCREEECH! Well it swerved and yet, that had ended so well. The car kept driving, a man swearing something fierce and a lovely bird flown to show her his obvious content reaction to the situation. For a moment, she stood there, in the middle of a now lonely road and thought. I'm alive... How odd that no matter how many times it seemed she tried to kill herself or how many times she was put in danger's hand that fate simply plucked her up and away. Though, it seemed that on the later dates that she was beginning to feel... How she hated feelings. Stabbing knives that boarded up her glass heart. Slipping slowly in the cracks was the start, but when the spaces were taken, the final knife would shatter the whole into so many tiny pieces that couldn't be counted. The shards surely able to prick her at the slightest attempt.

Once shattered there would be even less of her. One day the world would gobble her up. Nothing of her to be seen and she would be completely non existent. The time being though, left her quite whole if not completely. She would never be a whole being with her heart jaded from even the eyes of a parent. A mother';s love was too rough and a father's touch would break her in half. So it was placed, far out of reach with only the mask of feeling still there. Sometimes, not even that was left. A bird with wings clipped. She could only watch festivities with hands that couldn't feel. Nothing had flavor. Life was a fog she waded her way through and all that mattered was work. Home was a Hell of screaming, curt words and often times her being shoved around as a ragdoll. She wasn't alive.. was she? Such a cup that was so far empty, despite the glass retaining some form to it.

It seemed her thoughts had led her to forget she had a body. Where was she even at? In uniform of a rather long dark grey dress traced in gold, she stood straight up and surveyed. Blue eyes of a silver tint gazed around the world, taking in all and yet knowing nothing. She had come to nothing more than a child's park where their parents took them home for the night. A brief moment passed where she brushed her bangs back with white-gloved hands and took a heavy breath. A child smiled towards her, but as she smiled back, realization came that there was probably someone behind her that more deserving. Such child ran off and the smile faded quickly from Deity's face. pain ached in her heart, emotions.. quick swallow them down. Drown it all with logic. After closing her eyes, she looked away to stare at two children wrestling over a doll, silently watching the mother pull them apart. Not a word to say.


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Re: The Pessimistic Optimist (open)

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:52 pm

Mmmm what a fantastic day! Though it was rather hot, wasn't it? It was nothing compared to that one day at the South City markets with her brother, but still it was hoooooot. A young dark haired girl hummed lightly to herself as one hand gripped the strap of a long bag that hung across her back, its size confusing some people as they watched her skip by with it. It was her Blackfire! She wouldn't go anywhere without her Blackfire. Nopity nope nope! Not when she could finally actually wander around in the real world with a real sword that her papa had so kindly gotten for her after she showed him what she learned while in a coma! Or wait... Had she phrased it like that to him? Eep! She hoped she hadn't! That wasn't very smart of her. Mama and papa shouldn't know what their children had become because they might not like them then. But they were their parents... Would it really matter to them? Oh well! Who knew? It was too nice a day to be dwelling on not being human anymore.

Her dark hair had grown scorching hot beneath the suns rays as it bounced in the wind, the cut its short bob about her face as it always had been, her dark eyes bright and curious. Both were more noticeable against her pale skin, especially with the elegant bronze pin that kept part of her hair back. The design was intricate and it looked like a bird was spreading its wings amidst the flowers and leaves. It was small, but you could tell it was well crafted. She knew why she didn't look like she should and so she didn't care what other people thought. She was alive again! No more sleeping for her like a princess. She would reclaim what time had been lost! Although... She still didn't quite feel right in her body. Its because you aged more in your sleep than you originally thought. Ohhhh that did make sense. She had had some rather deep conversations with some of the souls swirling inside of her now. It was like having friends but inside you! Or else that meant she was crazy. Most people didn't have other voices in their heads. That usually was a sign of schizophrenia or MPD.

So what brought young little Hanna to Creta this fine day? Because she wanted to. She wanted to visit the country that she had heard a little about. She had been in Amestris too long and even though she loved her home, it was a bit boooooorring. She wanted to go and explore! And she even knew the language here! Maybe she should try learning more languages! You know we could teach you more. But wouldn't I have to be asleep then? Not necessarily. I think it would be distracting. But I do want to! Follow your desires then. Oo yes! Yes she should! But what did she desire right now? Wait, where WAS she? Oh! It was a children's park! The 13 year old slowed her walk a bit as she looked all about her, listening to the various voices that carried up into the air. Kids playing on a playground, kids kicking a ball around, kids trying to get the same toy... Was this what she would have done if she had been awake? Pfffft, NO!! Duh, silly! She would have been following her brother around on whatever adventure he had been on! or.. maybe not... He had told her what had happened after the crash...

Ok so maybe she would have had some of her own adventures. Though she did! In her mind! At least, she thought she did. Anyways, her dark eyes focused on the one lone figure amongst the whooooole park, blinking as she stared for a moment. It was a tall lady who had really good posture and really long hair. Harumph, why was she so still? Had the world stopped for her? With a fresh resolution, Hanna strode up beside the woman and adjusted her grip on her swords leather case, tilting her head slightly as she stared up at her. "Why do you stand there so? Did time freeze for a moment? Or did you just feel like standing? Because that happens too." She asked, now knowing what she desired. She desired for this woman to smile. Then after that maybe some sweets. Mmm sweets....


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Re: The Pessimistic Optimist (open)

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:38 pm



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Re: The Pessimistic Optimist (open)

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