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Post by Guest on Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:27 pm

OOC: This incidents happened about year ago upon inducting Maribel to the burial agency.


Well, it was her first day as a janitor. Maribel arrived at the fabled and infamous 'Sombra' which it's whereabouts was unknown and classified. Finding herself clad in all black except for her white shirt, Maribel walked the very neat corridors where there were others as well, elite of the elite trusted by the Generalismo himself. Her coat wrestling the wind following it's master thanks to Momoe's fast paced steps. That coat carried the janitorial badge, beneath this coat. Her M1911A1 was holstered and at the ready as well as her CQC knife.

Well, Momoe was becoming more familiar with her new uniform every minute passed, the formal shoes were easy to move in. However, the loosely necktie would give the others the impression of being unorganized. But, she liked it that way and it was not school.

Regardless, she was going to meet a senior of hers by the name of Vito Camillo Reyes, who would give her orientation about her new position and perhaps more to follow. Maribel used an elevator to go further down in levels where the aforementioned Mr. Vito should be waiting in a training room.

I am Maribel Mauricio, I have been told to meet Señor Vito here. Maribel told the guard who gave her access inside, she found herself inside where The senior was waiting probably with his plans of orientation in mind.


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Re: Orientación

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:25 am

As the cigarette was slowly raised to the man's lips, he felt the familiar breeze of the sea coming at him from the small, circular window behind him. How long had it been, now? Closing his eyes carefully and calmly, the man shook his head and chuckled quietly. "Oh, papa... If only you could see me now..." The cigarette was returned once more, a long wisp of pale smoke rising up from his pursed lips, making long and strange spirals in the air in front of him. He had been given the orders--today, he was to entertain and orientate a new one. Apparently, her name was 'Maribel'. A strange name, if you were to ask him, but he was certainly not going to fault her parents. He had been asked to meet her in the training room, so he surely expected to fight the girl. Pity--she seemed too young for such a fate, and to have been from the Bloodhounds previously? Goddamnit, Nazario would be seething about this one. A long grin crossed his face and he closed his eyes for a second, listening for the sound of the elevator dropping to the earth. His Claves Negro were the only weapon upon his body--close combat would never require him to bring firearms into the room that was only ever intended for training.

One leg was crossed over the other, and the light that came through the small window, Vito was illuminated, almost silhouette-like. Chuckling to himself, he started to sing a quiet song to himself, mumbling it quietly, yet still hearing it spread out within the stilled air of the otherwise-abandoned training room. "I set my sail, fly the wind it will take me, back to my home... sweet home..." Closing his eyes completely and letting his head sit back, the air was almost ethereal with how calm Vito was, despite the chilling song that his voice told. "Lie on my back, clouds are making their way for me... I'm coming home, sweet home." The quiet noise of the elevator dropping to the floor caused him to open a single and dark eye, letting the humming fade with the tune that stuck within his head. The woman that came out of the doors was something akin to a battle-born creature. The woman's face was Oriental without a hint of Esparian, and an eyepatch covered her right eye. She was wearing a suit--apparently the uniform of the Burial Agency, which was something that Vito often neglected. Slowly standing up, the gaunt-looking man placed hands into the pockets of the trenchcoat, slowly walking forwards and towards Maribel.

Both his footsteps and the clicking of the Claves echoed loudly in the stillness of the training room and he continued to walk forwards, not rushing, but not letting time take its toll. As he finally reached her, he would stand in front of her, only just a little taller--give or take 3cm. "So, you are Maribel Mauricio? I had been very barely told about you, except that you were once a Bloodhound." The cigarette in his lips dropped out and onto the ground, Vito pushing his foot onto it and letting it go out. He closed his eyes slightly and looked a singular degree downwards, chuckling quietly. "We are not the Bloodhounds, nor are we normal soldiers. We are the beasts that are hidden in the deepest darkness. We exist as ourselves in the outer world, but if we die we were never alive. I do not know what you were subjected to, though I am assuming that you have addictions...most Bloodhounds do. We can supply you, though you cannot rely on them. And at least..." Turning away from her, a hand was raised upwards. The sleeve dropped downwards a little, revealing the tattoo--the darkness of the room would have mostly masked it. "At least you can hide from your power." Shaking his head, the sleeve was risen once more.

"I am Vito Camillo Reyes, known as the Alchemist-Killer. However, my discretion is what I work with. As a Burial Agent, you are not required to kill any Alchemists on sight. If that is how you think, then I shall respect that..." He chuckled, "I do not hate Alchemists as much as most, so I am able to understand." Smiling quietly, his hands were placed into his pockets once more. "Do you need to test yourself? Or is this it?" He didn't want to stay too long.


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Re: Orientación

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:47 am

He was there, Señor Vito. A man who was just taller than her by a little, the room was slightly dark and that window over there brought blissful breezes of wind once the bitter beauty entered. The Señor, she really couldn't say but he seemed sorrowful. The shreds of glimmering, the room had to offer showed her a stern cold face. Unshaven stubble a wild one and the shimmering cautious eyes in the ready and on the look out. He approached her with sounds of the clicking in the background, dressed all in black despite not wearing the usual Janitorial uniform. Certainly, the Señor looked ominous and grim..but those words had no meaning in her dictionary, Many looked like that and fell by her hands.

Resting one hand on her waist, Maribel listened carefully to what he had to offer putting into mind his choice of weapon. Melee combat within a dark room that offered the slightest of light possible. Señor Vito was not told a lot of her history, it remained confidential. Good..

Okay, the janitors operated differently than the bloodhounds, the Reavers of Esparia who survived the Panei and all impossible odds. But even them, they didn't live for long despite their reputation as survivalists having short span of life if compared with the other sects of the Esparian military. Not that they were weak, they were too strong for their own sake and being addicted to the drugs made them forget the pain eventually dying from a blood loss.

"Though you cannot rely on them. And at least..." The alchemist-killer turned around raising up hand, sleeve brushed away showed a faint signs that resembled a tattoo soon to be hidden again. "At least you can hide from your power."

Unfortunately, it was too late. Maribel was pretty much addicted to drugs, it was her joy in both peace and war add to that, Momoe would do everything and anything to reach her goals whether honorable and this really rarely happens or shameful, and that what Dom Aves usually do..After all, she is a Ḥashshāshīn.

The Señor introduced himself as Vito Camillo Reyes known as the Alchemist-killer, she heard of him, a whisper here and there once Maribel entered the 'Sombra' mentioning an orientation session with him. Somehow the others sorted that out as being unlucky to confront that man of such caliber so much early. It was a training room, it was expected that there would be a fight. Maribel anticipated it, the Señor knew it and the others whoever they were, lamented it...but about them, Maribel didn't care.

Purging the wicked alchemists is the work of the Inquisition..As far as I am concerned, Esparia's stance is my stance, if I am ordered to assassinate an alchemist then so be it. and that how things for her went, She despises alchemists, yes. But she doesn't kill them on sight, unless ordered too.

I am Dom Aves. And of course, tell what to do? Maribel agreed to the testing idea, she awaited further instructions. Momoe savored her real nickname to be said for another time opting only to let him know her call sign.


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Re: Orientación

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:35 pm



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Re: Orientación

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