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Eating My Soul (Iris, Open)

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Re: Eating My Soul (Iris, Open)

Post by Iris on Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:29 am

It was half irritating, the way he made her swoon and simple weak with his actions. Words with precision that made it worse. And God, that kiss had been simply amazing. Her lips still tingled from the kiss. Her breathing a bit shaky still while her pink eyes stared into his blue. It was almost as if the world around the were playing. Not even the sound of the movie reached her ears. It was simply her and him. The room was just them, no prying eyes and no awkward feeling for Iris. A fear of people judging, though rumors might flicker around. It didn't matter, they could think what they pleased, after all only the truth was what could hurt, right?

He spoke words that made her blush more, melt more internally. It was frustrating and scary, that she was so easily fallen to his will. Sweet and soft breath on her ears. Words so well placed and floating on her ears like sweet nothings. She couldn't help but moan again into the following kiss. His sentence was incomplete, but she didn't care. Romance was flowing into it, a grace of her lips to his. Something that was only shared between lovers. Did that make them as such? Her eyes closed as she submit into the kiss, the wonderful taste in her mouth. Why did it feel so good?

As he broke the kiss, her eyes were glazed with disoriented desire. His hands on her back, tracing her skin beneath the cloth. Digits that roamed with intrigue upon her soft and sensitive flesh. Such a feeling so unfamiliar with Iris as he spoke of being intimate. She was picky too... extremely so and he was talking of her choice to let this happen more often- "E-eh?" Again a light vocal that had no real words. Instead, it was simply a question of so many at once. 'I don't know what to say' was the most conveyance of the world.

Words were a loss. She was incapable of forming and actual response other than the utter blushing and sputtering at the attempts of a word. Gah why couldn't her brain work?! After a few seconds of her brain being dead, she cleared her throat and leaned in. Her lips pressed to his softly, as if experimenting what it felt like to initiate the kiss. Her eyes closed and she pushed herself into it. It wasn't long before she pulled away, blushing some. "I-I'm not sure- I might need some more conniving..." AH what was she saying? Yet she wouldn't take it back, her eyes half closed and staring into his with a sort of challenge.


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Re: Eating My Soul (Iris, Open)

Post by Shula Brighton on Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:50 am

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