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Back home [OPEN]

Post by Tokemaru Ishida on Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:28 pm

East city was once Kryn's home, he hadn't been back here for a year. Walking through the streets, he wondered just which directions his family had taken. Even though Kryn was immensely bored, he was able to bypass the feeling so he could stop for a few minutes and think of his family. His brother and his father didn't get along so that meant mother went with one of them, she was too frail to go off alone.

Kryn walked to his house, the one he lived in before he came back to hear he was evicted. It hadn't changed a bit. The walls were still the same roughed up old bricks from before. There still seemed to be nobody living here, which made Kryn angry. He wondered why his family had to be evicted if the building would be abandoned anyway.

Kryn pulled off his pack and set it down. Rummaging through the pack he pulled out a chocolate bar and peeled off the wrapper. As he munched on the delicious dark chocolate, he pondered, again, his reasons of coming back.

For one there was a lot of stone so he could practice his alchemy. Secondly, he hadn't been 'home' in a while and thought he might check it out. Third.... He knew there was a third reason but couldn't remember. He'd finished his chocolate and swung the pack onto his back. Then he set off for a good spot to practice.
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