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Spade's Funky Shizz

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Spade's Funky Shizz

Post by Spade Aeries on Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:35 am

CASE FILE: Transmutation Equipment

Spade Aeries
→ Clairvoyance
Memory breaking

→ Alkahestry: Mental Stimulation
Alkahestry: Mental Stimulation
Alkahestry: Mental Stimulation
Alkahestry: Mental Stimulation
Alkahestry: Mental Stimulation

→ Four

→ It is a tattoo of the transmutation circle located around Spade's belly button. He also has two Xingese pentagrams tattooed to both his wrists in black. When Spade is within reach however, he is skilled in various forms of martial arts, and can kick your ass or use his steel wire to strangle you.


→ The transmutation circle is an array of broken circles, swirling about each other in hopes of becoming one. In the middle, is an oval in which a line attempts to break it in half and fails. Just like the tenacious human mind that cannot ever be completely broken. This circle works against all elements, and everything else; there is no weakness to an attack on the human mind. This is both defensive and offensive. Spade must know every detail of the brain and everything it is made up of. He must be able to discern certain chemicals and nerves from each other in order for his technique to work.
To tell the differences of human emotions, Spade must be capable of discerning the reaction of chemicals on certain lobes of the brain when stirred about the concerned memory. This memory can then be assumed destructive, cherished, or mundane. In order to even discover these memories, he must also know where they are stored in the brain and their age from the moment they were recorded.
Constructing a thought--not just a thought, but a plausible idea that holds the ability to take shape inside a stranger's head is something that is little more than impossible for most people. Spade, however, harnessing his keen eye for a person, is able to deduct how a person thinks, using it then to his advantage in envisioning exactly what he wants to implant in a person's mind.
A backwards inception is a complicated process, wherein he must hold a strongly evident question or desire in his own mind before even daring access another's. This question or desire can easily be lost or forfeited to the extreme complications of certain minds, which is why it must be strong in his own. Combating all odds, Spade can then activate his alkahestry to delve into the person's memories not to erase, but to withdraw certain bits of memory: sound, picture, feeling, stench, etc. related to what he needs to record in his own mind.
Since this is a technique done on himself, Spade has to be willing to face any consequences. Used often enough, this ability has the rebound of being unable to shut off, causing his perception to flux from real time into some time in the next few moments. It's a struggle to tell what is real or not--what's happening now or some time later. His mind has to be able to grasp the constant double flow of images, processing them through his eyes while also bridging the gap of the space and time continuum in himself. The overwhelming level of this ability is enough to throw anyone's focus, making it very difficult to gauge the difference in now and in later.

Alkahestric Mental Stimulation circle (on his abdomen):



Clairvoyance (Alkahestry): The brain is made up of an array of chemicals that cannot be easily manipulated with alkahestry. Though no alkahestrist before has dared delve into this complex and dangerous world, Spade personally found a way. He spent approximately seventeen minutes conjuring the genius work of art that is his alkahestric circle. The strange-looking drawing can hardly be called alchemy or alkahestry for that matter, but to the world’s surprise, it has proven to work. Spade focuses solely on the neocortex section of the brain that controls sensory perception, higher-order thinking, learning, and memory. Many alchemists and alkahestrists before have attempted to piece together the confusion of the human brain, but they have always failed. What Spade does is he taps into the chemical balance of a certain person's mind and changes it. In order to do this, he must be within fifty feet of them and in deep concentration. But once he is, their perception is disrupted. Once light hits the retina, normally it takes one-tenth of a second for it to translate into an image, which then creates a neural delay to the brain. But it is said that the human visual system has evolved to compensate for those neural delays by generating images of what will occur one-tenth of a second into the future. This foresight enables humans to react normally to events happening in the present time, by typically seeing the future. Now, what Spade does is he rids the brain temporarily of this foresight. The result is that they would be thrown one-tenth of a second into the past, allowing Spade to dance at least one full circle around them before they register the fact that he is even moving. But now, Spade can tweak his alkahestry to the point where he has an entire seven minutes to do whatever he desires before their perception returns. To others, it appears as if Spade freezes time only for that person or people, thus, his title Clairvoyance: one who sees into the future--seven minutes ahead of the opponent. To the person under Spade's alkahestry, everything around them (including themselves) seems to move in slow motion except their thoughts.

Memory Breaking (Alkahestry): Memories themselves are impermanent essences recorded in the mind. Spade knows this fact extremely well due to the loss of his brother's memories. Through a thick cloud of depression, he began studying the workings of the mind. By memorizing each lobe and nerve swirling in complex webs within the skull, he began to slowly discover how specific memories--long-term and short-term--sink into the file cabinets of cells. Knowing how something becomes stained is also a way in which to begin finding a way to unstain it. Spade then dove into his family's alkahestric books that taught him secret Xingese methods of tapping into the Dragon's pulse and reading the Earth's chi. This was the key to the magic of the body. Spade's growing ability was not something that he could easily practice or test on anyone, and thus he opened a clinic in Central for the severely depressed. At first... no one came, but then slowly war veterans and the brokenhearted began to trickle in. He slowly began to learn which nerves in what areas of the brain contained the strongest, most important memories. And from there, he could depict what kind of emotion they embodied to that person. Spade then could choose to erase their most precious memories or their most hated memories. By doing this, he could either ruin someone's life or correct it. After perfecting his memory alkahestry, he could by just touching someone's head activate it at any time he desired using the power of his own mind. After more time using this ability, Spade slowly grew comfortable navigating other people's minds, thus being able to choose between erasing negative or positive memories or all their memories in general. With this power at his disposal, he could dispel all of a person's memories, all of their current memories, all of their negative memories, or all of their positive memories.

Inception (Alkahestry): After no practice, Spade obtained the ability of implanting simple concepts into people's minds. He cannot change a way someone thinks and he cannot change their natural personality; the only thing he can do is implant a simple suggestion or memory and hope that they change in the way that he wishes. An example of this is that he could make someone believe that he is their brother by implanting a thought or tweaking their memories slightly. What he couldn't do would be to make them believe that he is their sister. He cannot mess with common sense or the obvious or he risks getting found out. The unique factor in this ability is that Spade does not need to touch the person in order to corrupt their brain cells with his wishes; he merely needs to flick his lighter so that they hear. If they do not hear it, then it will not work. This sound that allows the right fluctuation of sound waves is the trigger to his Inception. And Spade will do everything he can in order for the sound of his lighter lighting to seep into the ears of his prey. He can only effect seven people at a time.

Digging (Alkahestry): By being within a range of ten feet, Spade is capable of creating a form of inception that is not necessarily implanting, but withdrawing a proposed element of command. Meaning, that he must first hold a question strongly in his mind and then impose that on the mind of the person in question. Without their knowledge, the projected images will transfer into Spade's own mind upon that question being asked. For example, if he wants to know where a weapon is being hidden, images from that person's memory will fuzzily appear to Spade. During this time, he is blind-sighted and very susceptible to any physical attack. Another miscalculation can be the time of the memory. Memories can last up to ten minutes, effectively blinding his mind's eye and making it hard to concentrate on anything else. In short, it completely weakens his awareness of the world around him and outside his mind. From those memories, however, he can obtain valuable information by discerning where an item is or interpreting them to gain knowledge. It's like a human portable television!

He does not have to touch them or inform them in any way what he is doing. The other party will not feel any different nor have any recollection of that memory being accessed. Spade can then easily choose to remove that memory completely from them if it advantages him. Or he can leave it be where it remains as just a normal memory. Sometimes memories can be fragmented, coming to Spade in fragments of colors and clipped sounds. It can be very hard to get anything from some memories, ridding the ability void.

Oracle (Alkahestry): Tapping into the neocortex section of the brain once more, Spade essentially uses a technique on himself that does not reverse the effects of the human visual system, but instead increases their level of evolution. Instead of the human mind perceiving normally one-tenth of a second into the future, Spade raises that in himself to seven minutes flat. In the expanse of a moment, Spade is constantly drawing in seven minutes' worth of images and sensory perceptions. He can only use this technique on himself and no one else, however Spade is able to reduce the amount of time he sees forward, going as low as one-eleventh of a second to as high as seven minutes. The closer to one-tenth of a second he becomes, the more coherent and capable he is at normal functions. Whereas at seven minutes he hardly has the ability to think let alone speak, at, say, five minutes he can get out fragments of speech, and at two minutes he can form sentences. The strain is immense and if the effects of two minutes last for too long, his nose will start bleeding, if the effects of five minutes last for too long, he will temporarily lose his sight or pass out, and but further, if seven minutes is held for an extended amount of time, Spade can lose his life. Despite these flaws, essentially Spade Aeries can see seven minutes into the future.



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Re: Spade's Funky Shizz

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:55 pm


Right, after much explanation, and proving using the theory of relativity, and the compromise that this isn't going to be used without approval, as confusing as this is, it's going ahead.


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Re: Spade's Funky Shizz

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:49 am


The second picture in your forms (I'm assuming the pentagrams) is broken. You should fix it. But I shall approve it because everything else looks fine.


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Re: Spade's Funky Shizz

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