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Otto's List

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Otto's List

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:36 pm

3 years ago
A young man is sitting in a tattoo parlor. He is leaned over a counter, sitting on a stool while the artist starts his tattoo gun. In a few minutes the young man looks at his new tattoo in a mirror. The tattoo is medium sized and located on his shoulder blade. It’s a list with one name on it Toshio Masuda

on a clear moonless night at the home of a high ranking Aerugese official named Toshio Masuda. Toshio was an elderly man who believed in the past of Aerugo and would often protest the modernization of Aerugo; he could be called a halt to progress. The official was eating at a large table when suddenly the light within the building went out leaving nothing but pitch blackness. The man doesn’t flinch he continues to eat in pure darkness as if nothing happened.

Otto Approaches the large home gingerly having already dispatched of the guards at th front gate. Otto begins to move through the building with complete stealth quietly knocking guards unconscious; then moving on. In around 15 minutes only two people in the building remained conscious.

Back in the dining room Toshio has just finished his meal and suddenly the lights in the building turn on revealing a young man behind the official. The official sighs then says “I knew you were here as soon as the lights went out.” He turns around the laughs with surprise at the 14 year old assassin with a gun pointed at his chest. Then he says with renewed confidence “They get younger every year, I should have known a true assassin does not have time for theatrics… Put the gun down son”

Otto didn’t hear the comments all he heard was laughter, this causes a huge amount of rage to form in Otto’s mind, it wiped away all doubts of what he was about to do of what he was about to become. The man thought he was weak Otto was going to show him how wrong he was by personally ushering him into the afterlife. Otto aims the gun at the man’s head and says “I hope you’ve made your peace with God because you’re about to meet him.” Otto pulls the trigger without hesitation.

The next day Otto is back in the same tattoo parlor in the same chair with the same artist the artist is editing the list while Otto looks at the muted news on the T.V. it was talking about a political official who had been murdered in his home in cold blood. The tattoo artist finished and Otto looks at the tattoo in the mirror .The list at first glance is unchanged but if one looks the firstname on the list is crossed out.


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