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Eagyrn's Tale

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Eagyrn's Tale

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:56 pm

The night was dark, without any light of the stars. Nor did the moon show the way. Many things happen in this kind of dark. No matter, the night was still vivid with action. The beauty of screaming voices. They were lucky to get as far as they did in the pitch black night. The rushing of a monster was heard quite clearly. 3 voices, one disappearing abruptly. The sound of a wet splashing had echoed throughout the field. A field of short grass but many obstacles due to formerly being a part of a forest. The two screamers stopped and looked back. All they saw was a beast who dripped some sort of thick liquid. It grabbed the body using its mouth and dragged it. The conclusion came after this...their mother was dead.

It was a mother and two twins who had to fight back against a cursed father. He was possessed by the Demon of Bones, Eagyrn. They used to reside in a little peasant village by the name of Redonia. But they were on the run, constantly. Every night they swore they could hear the grunting of the beast they once knew as their father. What concluded that he was still following? Demons do not always stay in one body. No, it was pure insanity, induced by everlasting fear. No little boy or girl could ever forget that grey, blind demon. It had only a thin layer of flesh and skin and it didn't even have eyes. All it used was the aura it sensed. Whatever aura he sensed was going to be the direciton he headed in order to feast. The kids knew this quite well. Two little eight year olds had just seen a mauled mother be dragged away by the demon. Caitlyn and Fernando were their names, but they had changed them to Kathleen and Frankie to avoid the demon. They made sure they stayed away from their place of birth as far as they could whilst staying in civilization. But they still have the night terrors, the nightmare of them or their other being mauled to pieces. The blood being splashed everywhere so vividly, so beautifully. The demon would want to thrash them, tear them apart limb by limb so slowly and so brutally. This demon always fed off of hate, and the father, a terrible one indeed, had hated his unfaithful wife. Eagyrn always sucked his victim dry and replenishing them to suck them dry even more. The murder is what it craved, the feasting is what it made.

But the kids had tried banishing this fear. Now they were both in their end years of adolescance. Caitlyn, now Kathleen, had become a beautiful women who had married and had but one child. Frankie had become a lonely man. No friends, no longer connected to the other survivor. The hate, it burned inside of him. The love for his sister was too great. It always had been. Every day hate ate at him, his skin always pigmented into a gray. The more gray he got, the more hate he concealed. Eventually he had a violent episode where he mortally wounded a random group of people. His change was evident, he was overtaken by Eagyrn. It was already too late. His skin and flesh compressed and his bones grew, densified, grew again, and repeated that process. It was late at night, black as it was before. No light from the sky, no light on the streets. The husband of Kathleen had been returning to his home from the pub, only to find himself forcefully dragged into an alley. In only a split second he was dead. A glop of thick, red blood launched from the alley as the man's left hand and head followed. The only goal was to punish and devour his sister. Kathleen had heard the noise, due to it being just about right next to their home. She had exited the safe haven only to see a demon...Eagyrn. She dropped to her knees and realized what had happened. She at first thought about her father but then it came to her. The connection she abruptly ended with her brother that had built over time so strongly. It was like a titanium wall that faded like a dream.

Eagyrn spoke with few words, but they were strong enough to be the mental murderer of Kathleen. "Hello my dear, I came to see you and our kid." spoke the frightening words of the demon. Kathleen knew it. They had an affair, one night, and it had been the peak of her and her husband's relationship. They both knew, but she never admitted why the connection ended. Noone forced anything, only complete love. After the world slowed for her, just as Eagyrn's hand had whilst it pierced Kathleen, she came to full realization that her and her sibling were just like their parents. Maybe even exactly the same. This is the true consequence of unfaithfulness, to be mauled. To be torn into nothing and having that nothing devoured to satisfy a demon's hunger. To brutally kill all of your loved ones, save you to be one of the last. And child can cycle through this if Eagyrn wished, but the family consistency bored him.

Eagyrn simply pierced the abdomen of Kathleen, letting the cherry red bloody flow out like her body was a fountain. It pooled around her and the beast, filling the cracks of the street. As he elegantly slide his arm out of the abdomen, Eagyrn made his way to the little boy. He grabbed the boy by the top of his head and raised him to his face. He simply said, "Daddy's home!". After a very small delay, the boys face was ripped off by the demonic mouth of Eagyrn. Every crunch from the kid's bone was exaggerated. He even let the blood soak into his face, getting a ecstatic feeling from it. As he went into a crucifix position, a wicked laugh echoed and the demon burst into ash, showing the end of this terror.


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