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Luckiest Loser (Open)

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Luckiest Loser (Open)

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:56 pm

Slowly a car pulled up to the shining casino. Not a star could be seen in the sky of Firenze here, except for those in the eyes of one man. The black Impreza's door opened, revealing the Falzone family's Omicida, his golden hair pressed under a pinstriped fedora, wearing a matching suit and scarf, pipe clenched between his teeth. Smoke wafted from his mouth as he rose and closed the door with a slight thud. The parking lot wasn't very packed, most tourists choosing to walk here from their hotel, but Vecchi wasn't one to get a room first.

Nodding to the men at the door as he approached, Massino allowed them to pat him down and check for weapons. He had left Giada in the car, neatly tucked away within her casing. Nothing found on him, the man smiled as walked inside, and removed his pipe from his mouth. Slyly dumping the contents into a potted plant, he then pocketed it and walked to the front desk.

"Hello, sir! How may I help you this evening?" The woman asked, her voice optimistic and lively. Reaching into his pocket, the man presented a wad of bills.

"Five hundred even, right there, eh? If I need more chips I got plenty more cash where that came from."

Flipping through the bills, the girl then smiled and pulled out a chip carrier, filling it. Nodding with a smile, Massino took them and walked out to the tables. Spotting an open Blackjack dealer, he made a brisk pace toward the table before pulling out a seat and laying his chips down.

"Evening, Mister...?" The dealer started as he began shuffling his deck.

"Vecchi." He replied, a bored expression glazing over his face as he undid the top two buttons of his shirt under his jacket. The man behind the table raised an eyebrow, before finally laying out two hands.

"What's your bet, Mr. Vecchi?" Massino smiled as he peeked at his bottom card. Pushing his entire chip carrier forward, he tapped his finger on the table and gave a sigh.

"All in, eh? Hit me."


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Re: Luckiest Loser (Open)

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:26 pm

Meanwhile, in the depths of the lovely casino, a man's jaw cracked as it was met with the iron fist of Claudia, personal bodyguard to one of the most powerful women in the world. Constanza stood before the man, staring with an even, hard stare as the smoke from her cigar trailed upwards towards the dark ceiling. A single lamp lit the small office space, casting most of the room in shadow. The man went tumbling over the chair before splaying onto the floor with a bloody nose, clutching pathetically at his nose as he stared up in terror at the Madrina of the Falzone family. "I swear madame, I did-" "Did I say you could speak you sniveling sack of shit?" She snapped rather calmly, an odd glint giving her blue eyes a rather... creepy appearance, especially since it was only in her right eye. Claudia didn't miss a beat as she kicked the man in the side hard, her boots probably adding extra damage as he coughed and groaned in pain.

Constanza, however, did not care. She stood there in her dark magenta heels, black tights, and dark magenta business suit, her nails painted to perfection as they held the cigar almost delicately between her fingers. Around her shoulders was her fathers old military jacket, now a faded green with his medals and stripes of recognition. She leaned down and gripped him by the front of his shirt, pulling up off of the ground so that his toes barely scraped against the linoleum. "Now, listen well because I'm not going to repeat myself." She began, her arm as still as stone despite holding all of his weight. "You are never to set foot in this city again. You will take your family, whatever belongings you deem worthy, and you will leave. If you aren't gone by the morning, I will give your wife and your daughters new eyes. I hear 10mm is in season. Am I perfectly clear?" She spoke softly, calmly without any hint of any emotion except for the firmness which she demonstrated. He nodded fervently, blood dripping down to his lip which he licked up quickly as if he was scared of it touching her pale skin.

Her gaze pierced into him for a few seconds longer before she let go and let him drop to the floor, turning away to take a puff on her cigar. Claudia almost seemed to ninja her way around to the door, quickly opening it for the Madrina so she wouldn't have to open it herself. Constanza didn't slow as she stepped out into the basement, taking the elevator back up to the main floor now that her business was completed. Claudia stood as quiet as ever on a diagonal behind her, wiping off her knuckle with a handkerchief from a pocket so that she wouldn't have blood visible. It seemed to put some people off. Go figure. Constanza on the other hand, sighed lightly, drawing on the cigar before blowing out a steady stream of smoke just as the elevator doors opened. The sound of slot machines, dice, and shuffling of cards exploded upon her amidst the roar of voices and exclamations. Her steps were slow, a meandering pace as she gazed out on the expanse of life as that dangerous glint faded from her eyes. A smirk began to take its place as she could smell the profits in the air.

Ah... but she wasn't here for business anymore! Now, the evening could be spent upon pleasure. Perhaps she should have invited her family to join her, but then again, she hadn't because she knew that she had this one bit of unpleasantness to deal with. The speck was gone now, and Constanza was wondering which poison she should pick. "Your usual amount miss?" A soft voice spoke in her ear, Claudia standing there with a chip carrier for her. Oh, she hadn't even notice the girl vanish to take care of that. She really was such a good girl. "Yes, thank you Claudia." She spoke with a little smile, pausing near an ashtray to tap the excess at the end of her cigar. "Of course ma'am." Claudia nodded once and continued to carry it for her before they slowed to a stop beside a table of Black Jack. Removing the jacket from her shoulders, Constanza smoothed out her skirt before sitting down, crossing her legs comfortably as the dealer started. He knew exactly who she was. "Wh-whats your bet Misses Falzone?" The man stammered before blinking at the chips she set down.

She chuckled softly as she brushed her long wavy blonde locks back, puffing on her cigar with a smirk. "Oh please, you'll make me sound like some old woman." She looked at her hand quietly and considered it, sighing lightly as Claudia appeared again to place an ashtray beside her. "Thank you Claudia." She said softly before finally raising her eyes, glancing to the others that were at the table. None at this one. But then one particular figure caught her attention out of the corner of her eye at one of the other Black Jack tables nearby. Massimo Vecchi, Omicida. Well well, what a small little world they lived in hm? "Uh, bets madame?" The dealer interrupted her thoughts, quietly tapping for another card before adding two more chips to what she had laid down. So what kind of luck was going to pair with them tonight?


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Re: Luckiest Loser (Open)

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:10 pm



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Re: Luckiest Loser (Open)

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