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Post by Guest on Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:23 pm

The leader of Drachma was pacing back and forth in her room. The ticking on the clock rang through the silent room. Her face was stern as she thought about the up coming mission and all that was going to happen. Both hands were on her hips as she paces over the extravagant carpet that lined the wooded floor. This mission was going to be huge, something that would either bring chaos to the world or serenity. Her heart was pounding against her chest as she thought of him, Aurelius, completing his duty that he set forth. If everything was going to go as planned, things had to be in order.

-An hour went by-

The homonculus was still pacing back and forth against the majestic window that looked out over her grand city. The sky was dark, as rain started to fall from the clouds. Pit pat, pit pat, the rain hit the glass as she stops to look out. Things had to go as plan... they just had too. Alena turns to her desk and picks up the phone, dialing a number.

Ring. Ring. Ring. The phone sung into her ear as she awaited the other end to pick up. Finally, after almost fifteen seconds of ringing, a familiar faint voice answers.

"Nyx, it's me." Her voice was calm and collected as she speaks into the phone. "We need to talk about Aurelius." She spoke directly about the subject, without even greeting with a friendly hello. There was fear in her heart and she had to understand something. The vainglory fiend was not about to lose the man whom she loved.


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Re: Ying-Yang

Post by Nyx on Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:38 pm

It was peaceful... Nyx was finally getting a break from her busy schedule (okay... So her schedule was primarily consisting of tea parties and happy-happy-fun-time, despite the fact she didn't even HAVE a schedule; BIG DEAL!) and had decided to get ready for the upcoming mission Aurel's talked so much about. So she moved about her room in one of RIOTE's bases, gathering arrows for her quiver, stringing and restringing her bow until it was juuuuust right, and slashing and stabbing the air with her trident, whilst acting like a pirate princess. Because she was allowed to do that and all, being adorable and whatnot. Adorable kids could do anything if it was cute enough!

But as she did her adorableness, she heard a song play; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, t'was, and she withdrew from her small purse her phone, pretty and pink, with blue stars and moons on the back. Answering, she put it up to her ear. "Hi~ It's Nyx! Who might you be?" With a bright and shining smile, albeit one the caller couldn't see, she listened as the voice spoke, that being the voice of Alena, the Czar, and one of Aurel's best friends, from what Nyx could see.

"Oh, hi Ms. Vani~" Not quite the proper way to address a ruler, particularly one of Alena's power and status, but Nyx was never one for formality; Aurel had referred to her as Vanity before, so Nyx called her Ms. Vani. Simple as that. At any rate, she listened to the woman's words, filled with concern for some reason; odd...

Hmm... Mhmm... Mhmm. Talking about Aurel sounded about right! So they should. "Oh? Whatcha wanna talk about, about Aurel?~ I'm all ears!"



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Re: Ying-Yang

Post by Shula Brighton on Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:20 am

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Re: Ying-Yang

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