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Idiots. [Open]

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Idiots. [Open]

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:13 pm

You know, there are some really stupid people in this world. I mean, seriously. Let's start from the beginning, eh? When you're walking down the street, and you notice a girl walking all on her lonesome, what do you think that you should do? Most people, lo and behold, will leave said girl alone. Kudos to them. Seriously, kudos. But then you get these people, and they're real idiots, like one-hundred percent stupid. And these people are strutting down the street just fine, and then they see this girl. She looks totally innocent, so what do they do? Attempt to mug her. Well ain't that a fucking stupid idea?

The first fist, of course, landed squarely in the solar plexus of a large man, wearing black. Normally, a punch from a girl that size would probably just casually piss the opponent off. I mean, she's only 5 foot 4, and certainly not that powerful-looking. Even if the school uniform did disguise muscle, there's no way she'd be able to do anything else, right? Wrong. The male hit with the quick strike to the chest quickly doubled over in pain, gasping from breath. "Tch. Weak." Next, her leg was swept downwards, uniformed skirt quickly flying up to reveal a pair of bike shorts beneath. The quick attack collided with his ankles, and he was easily knocked to the ground in his weakened state. "I've met babies with more fight than you." A cocksure smirk, and she stepped over the prone body, not really noticing the presence behind her, carefully swinging a large arm at her back. The pain suddenly cracked out, and she was knocked forwards, sliding along the ground a little with an expression that told anyone that she was sore. "Owwwwwww...." Reaching up and rubbing her head, she heard more steps behind her, taunting her, telling her to get ready for a fight.

Her hands and shoes scrambled and scraped as she managed to barely get to her feet, quickly turning around and staring at the male that now approached with a pair of blue eyes, speaking defiant tones without a single word to shout. She would grant him the privilege of hearing her voice, however. "What do you have to gain, my friend?" Strange, he seemed confused. What, was she a bit too formal? Well, come on, speak! SPEAK! No, nothing? Fine. A soft sigh, and Sayuri raised her right arm up in front of her, hand pointed at the sky; bent at the elbow. She carefully pulled the sleeve down with her left hand, revealing a rather thin arm to the world--there was nothing out of the ordinary there, was there? Well, yes. Yes there was. Smirking, she'd quickly close her right hand, using her own energies to quickly activate it--a series of transmutation tattoos, glowing bright blue. Obviously, the idiot in front of her started to actually see what was going on, and lo and behold... he panicked, if only slightly--he didn't have long enough to panic further. Without any form of warning (though I guess that you could call what happened earlier enough) the girl would quickly charge him, a casual smirk crossing her face. He was in a right mood, but that wouldn't matter very soon. Ducking down low in front of him, her right fist was raised up... and hit.

Can you guess what sound it made? Honestly, it's not what you'd expect to hear... though I guess it's also a very obvious sound at the same time. Plop. The sound of every molecule of fat being pushed in a shockwave at once. Crack. The sound of several bones--most likely ribs--shattering, or at least fracturing. Grunt. That one... was the sound of a released breath, forced through the mouth. With the additional force granted by the Alchemical reaction, the attack that Sayuri planted upon this bastard was... rather glorious, to tell the truth. The male screamed out loud, suddenly forced back by something he had never realized could come from such a small girl. Pity. He underestimated her. Last thing he'll do for a while. Turning away, the sleeve was rolled back down as Sayuri began to walk off with a casual gait.

"Idiots. Who do they think they are?"


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Re: Idiots. [Open]

Post by Ayaka Nanakorobi on Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:26 pm

On any normal night, she'd have been at work at the temple. Sweeping and mopping the veranda to free it of leaves and any dirt that tried to embed itself in the boards of the ancient floor, or trimming the hedges in the gardens, or even tending some of the new bulbs Ayaka had planted earlier that week, anticipating them to bloom that spring. The fiery tones of her tiger lilies would be offset by the soft pastels of the lavender. On any normal night after school, Ayaka would have been at the ancient zen temple and by now maybe taking a break, having tea with Aki-hun. Instead, just as the bell rang for her second to last class, Ayaka had been called out of class. She was going to leave early, picked up suddenly by her father.

"It's for the good of the company," he'd said, the teen brooding and staring out the window of the sedan the whole ride to Edo. He was talking endlessly. Ayaka wasn't listening, really. She could do whatever she wanted, she just had to be back at home in time to dress nicely for dinner. Dinner with her wonderful, amazing daddy who was just sooooo important that it would make a much better image for him to have dinner with him tonight while he had dinner with two foreign investors who were big into work and family. This date came as a surprise, though, Ayaka having to call her grandfather to run a message to Aki-kun at the temple to tell him that she wouldn't be there today or maybe that weekend. Even if Ikuto brought her home the next day, Ayaka knew herself well enough to know she probably wouldn't be in the mood to be around anyone for a day or two and expect to be entirely civil. She also knew her father well enough to know that if she didn't do what he wanted and behaved, she'd have to go to work and school wearing new accessories to keep from having to explain how her weekend was.

"Don't make me look bad." The only warning she'd needed. "And try to smile, Ayan." ....A warning AND a sugar-coated threat. Always the best way to start the afternoon off, the girl only replying with a distand "Hn." It was gonna be a long night. There was no bold makeup, no wigs, no lace and ribbons, and no coloured contacts to shield Ayaka and give her something to hide behind; just herself as a shield to deflect and distract the other businessmen from whatever it was that bastard was trying to impress them with. And Yakumo wasn't with her this time. Ayaka paced inside the narrow and constricting bedroom she'd lived in most of her life, fuming as she brushed her hair. He was the golden child anyway! Why didn't their father just go get Yakumo from the university for this stupid dinner?! Not like Yakumo could do any wrong or like Ikuto would ever attack him! She sighed heavily, shaking hands putting the old hairbrush back on the little vanity she'd had since she was six.

Air. She needed to breathe. She needed to hold herself together just for the night and put on a great big smile and not fuck up and-- Without realizing it, stress was starting to make Ayaka's heart race, the pressure starting to pulse in her head. The teen nearly made a dive for her purse, racing to open the bottle and shake out the rather tiny tablets, popping them in her mouth and swallowing them without water. She knew her pain and how fast it set in, and sometimes the moments needed to find a glass and get a drink was more than enough time to take her to her knees. Slow breaths in and out, Ayaka sat on the edge of her bed, leaned over and breathing slowly. Nice deep zen breaths and calming thoughts of her flowers. The rosebushes that were so delicately cared for and the little patches of herbs that would sneak between the flower beds. The pulsing slowed, the pain ebbed, and one more thing to make the day suck was averted. A black cardigan easily four times too big was pulled on, draping over her arms and rumpling at her slight waist, fingers reaching out to grab her purse as Ayaka hurried out the door. "I'll be back in time to get ready," she called out, not caring if her father responded, and not really caring if his goon tried to stop her or follow. Let him follow, hopefully a cop would spot him and think it was creepy that man in a suit his size was following a high school girl for blocks.

The light autumn air didn't smell as nice here as it did in Kyoto, she found, but the familiarity of Edo was almost nice in its own way. This had been home, afterall, even if it stopped being home after mom left. Ayaka didn't really care where she was going... maybe toward some of the shops but away from the schools; class hadn't let out, and if it had, clubs were underway. Shops wouldn't have too many students in them, so it'd be quiet and there wouldn't be much chance of running into anyone she knew. Well, used to know. Blocks away from her house, Ayaka's stomach sank a bit at the thought of running into Uzuki again, but the thought was quickly shoved aside. No. Uzuki didn't love her, and pushed her away after she came out of her coma. All her friends did. And she had new totally superficial friends that cared just as much as her old nes hadn't so.... Sigh. Same story, different characters. Ayaka crossed the block and turned another corner and suddenly stopped, brown eyes wide. Some very large men were all going after a girl. She took down one easily enough, but another struck out against her back and threw her to the ground. The black school uniform moved in a blur, Ayaka hurrying to get out her cell phone and call for help. Screw her father's image, they were gonna hurt--- Eh? She.... She was winning??

Ayaka walked closer, hiding beside a mail box, phone still in her hands. She watched in disbelief and shock as the girl seemed to very easily take out all of them, in the end leaving all of them lying flat as she strolled away unharmed. .....The hell.... did she just watch?! And that uniform.... She checked both ways quickly and dashed across the street to catch up with the other girl. " 'Scuse me!" She panted slightly, breathing deeply to stave off another round of pain. Looking the girl up and down quickly it was plain to see where she'd seen that black uniform before: it was the same one Ayaka wore to school. Buuuut that was in Kyoto. Maybe she was here visiting too. "I saw those guys attack you.... Are you alright?" Ayaka glanced back at the men as they slowly moved upright again and scuffled off. Nope. Nope she wasn't going to waste her cell minutes calling for help for them.
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Re: Idiots. [Open]

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:55 pm



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Re: Idiots. [Open]

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