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A day in Creta (Vincent)

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Re: A day in Creta (Vincent)

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:42 pm

The girl had spilled coffee down herself! It was fresh coffee too, so naturally that must be very hot! This was the perfect opportunity to play hero! Without a second's hesitation, he grabbed a napkin and started helping her wipe away the hot coffee.

"Here. Let me help you." He said. "That must hurt a lot! You should get home and shower off or it may leave a stain." Of course Vincent genuinely meant what he was saying. He certainly had no ulterior motives but he didn't realize that what he said could be taken that way until it was too late. Oh well. Might as well continue. "I can walk you home if you'd like. And I can get your dress dry cleaned with my jacket. I insist."


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Re: A day in Creta (Vincent)

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:23 pm

Zhanna had closed her eyes at the sting of the hot coffee. "Here. Let me help you." Zhanna gasped lightly as he leaned over and brought a napkin to her face. She then felt her face turn red as he spoke again. "That must hurt a lot! You should get home and shower off or it may leave a stain." Well now, that was straight to the point. Zhanna felt anger well up in her. She liked him but he was just another- wait...he was being serious. He look in his eyes told her as much.

Zhanna grinned her happiness at him. "You're too kind. I'd like that, Vincent." Zhanna turned back to the window. Okay, her house was....somewhere from here. She really did need to get used to Creta, or at least get a map or something. With a little wave, she caught a waitress and got a map from her. Good. Now her house was a good ways away. Zhanna prodded a place on the map. "My house is right there. You sure you want to walk me home? I don't want to hold you up all day." Zhanna smiled at him, her last sentence one of practiced kindness and one of the regular motions. But she realized she didn't want him to go away. She had only met him today, but she wanted to know more about him. So much more.


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Re: A day in Creta (Vincent)

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:29 pm

"Oh don't worry about it! I'm really not doing anything important! Just on a useless errand for the King. He probably forgot about it already. Something about camel feed," Vincent chuckled and continued. "Special camel feed that you can only get in Creta. What a great use for the Head of Fort Rose HQ, eh?"

He offered her his hand to help her out of her chair. When she stood he looked to where the coffee hit her shirt. It was splattered pretty badly and would definitely stain. When he realized he was staring, he quickly averted his eyes and offered his arm.

"Come on. I will escort you home. I can't let you walk alone.' Not dressed like that anyways. Guys would take advantage. He added that last part in his head. She should really cover up more if she was going to walk alone all the time. He couldn't just let her walk alone. No one would mess with a girl walking next to someone as amazing as him. Vincent was quite intimidating when you got down to it. While he wasn't muscular, he was tall and his obvious wealth was a pride issue for other men. She would be better protected just by standing with him! If someone was dumb enough to mess with her while he was around...well let's just hope they weren't. For their sake.

Vincent picked up his coffee and lead her towards the door.


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Re: A day in Creta (Vincent)

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:12 pm

Special camel feed. Hopefully Vincent was jesting her. Zhanna didn't question it. Apparently the king was either crazy or really loved camels or something. Zhanna had heard something about infantry riding camels. Or something like that, she hadn't heard much of Gelemort. Maybe Vincent would be nice and tell her about his homeland.

Zhanna took Vincent's hand and stoof from her chair. She used the other hand to push in her chair before looking back up at him. His gaze had moved from her face to someplace lower. Zhanna flushed and mentally strangled the man. Was he really staring at her chest? Some nerve! Zhanna coughed a bit in annoyance before taking his arm.

"Come on. I will escort your home. I can't let you walk alone." Zhanna smiled at him and pointed out the store window. "My house is that way. Then we have to take svleft and continue up a few more blocks. It's a ways off...I got lost. Haha..." Zhanna gave a nervous little laugh before frowning. She had no navigation skills and didn't know the area very well. She had never been on this side of the town. Apparently she had hopped on the wrong bus that morning.

Zhanna walked from the store with Vincent. It sure was getting late quickly. Zhanna hadn't realized that they had been at the coffee shop for so long. Hopefully they'd make it to her home before it got too dark. She hoped Vincent could find his own place of lodging for the night. (Whether it be a hotel or a relative's house.)


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Re: A day in Creta (Vincent)

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:44 pm



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Re: A day in Creta (Vincent)

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