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Timeline (Updated May 2013)

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Timeline (Updated May 2013)

Post by Reila Tsukino on Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:33 pm


ARC I - Father's Demise:

  • At the end of the FMA anime, Father is sent from The Gate into the future (exact date unknown) via Aurelius' Black Hole

  • Aurelius sends Xanthus (his best friend) to APRIL 2010 after Father

  • Aurelius sends himself to MARCH 2010

MARCH 2010
  • Father has become the Fuhrer of Amestris since being sent to the future (exact date unknown)

  • Aurelius arrives from the past into 2010 with no memories (Beginning of March)
    - Aurelius is adopted
    - Aurelius meets Hild (his step sister)

  • Aurelius remembers everything (End of March)
    - Aurelius tries to kill himself via train, but lives
    - Aurelius stabs out his right eye, Hild mimics, but loses sight in hers

  • Aurelius decides to make Hild Fuhrer and realizes his own aspirations for true peace (End of March)

MAY 2010
  • RIOTE: Remove Intervene Overtake Terrorize Exterminate is created by Aurelius (Beginning of May)
    - Adolf leads it under the vise of eradicating alchemy, but it is just a cover--a piece of Aurelius' plan

JUNE 2010
  • South City is transmuted into two Philosopher Stones by a money-hungry fool hired by Aurelius (Late June)
    - All that is left of South City is a large crater
    - Aurelius Schwarz secretly obtains one of the Philosopher Stones
    - Briggs Brigade obtains the other, thinking it is the only one
    - Zaska is killed by Dai weilding the stone
    - Xanthus Icarus betrays the Amestrian military (by order of Aurelius) and is let go by Reila, escaping custody
    - RIOTE is seemingly destroyed by the Amestrian military

JULY 2010
  • Spade Aeries becomes Head of Central Command in Amestris (Early July)

  • Reila and Daigoro hide the Philosopher's Stone in the Briggs Mountain Range (Mid-July)

  • Fort Briggs is attacked by Drachman forces on one side and Drakkar rebels on the other (Early August)
    - Fort Briggs is victorious by way of the combined efforts of Reila and Houka
    - Xanthus Icarus confronts Reila

  • The Fuhrer of Amestris is Father?! (Early August)
    - Xanthus Icarus (as ordered to by Aurelius) gathers a team together to assassinate the Fuhrer: Reila, Murazar, Menoitos, Daigoro, and various equipped forces

  • Veil Awaikage, Emperor of Aerugo, attacks South City while it is undefended
    - The Fuhrer sends Central Command (Beginning of October)
    - The Central City HQ is undefended, cuing Reila of an opportunity to take down the Fuhrer
    - Central Command is defeated in South City
    - Aerugo takes over South City

  • Aurelius separates Father's powers from his consciousness, rendering him weak (Beginning of October)
    - Aurelius reunites with Xanthus momentarily
    - Aurelius sends himself and Father's powers to APRIL 20, 2012

  • Father/the Fuhrer is killed by Reila (Mid-September)
    Hild Schwarz becomes Fuhrer

ARC II - Creta & the Rise of RIOTE:

  • Markus Samaris, commander of the Cretan Military is ordered to take West City HQ in Amestris (Beginning of November)

  • Markus meets with Spade Aeries, Head of Central Command to prevent this
    - Under a guise, Spade 'betrays' Amestris, allowing for Markus to appear to have taken control of West City (Beginning of November)
    - The corrupt Head of West City is killed (no one cries)
    - Spade lights the HQ on fire by accident
    - The Prime Minister of Creta is shot and killed by Markus upon inspection of West City
    Creta retreats

  • Markus is voted in as PM (Mid-December)

  • Jethro Black is assigned as Head of West City (Late December)

MARCH 2011
  • Spade Aeries is assigned to organize the Central City Annual Festival (Late March)

APRIL 2011
  • Central City Festival (Early April)
    - Markus Samaris, the Prime Minister of Creta, is told that Spade's invitation to the festival is a front, and that his true goal is to kill him
    - Markus confronts Spade about it, and his accusations turn into a fist fight
    - Spade accidentally kicks Markus off the ferris wheel
    - Spade jumps after him, but Markus dies
    - Ace Aeries, the young emperor of Xing (also Spade's younger brother) spots Spade but does not confront him
    - The Pirates (Sal, Celesto, and Euphie) cause explosions to go off in order to scare wealth out of those that flee
    - Reila begins to put out the fires, but sees her half-sister, Saga who immediately attacks her
    - Reila conjures an F4 tornado and stabs Saga through with icicles (she doesn't die) then is rendered unconscious
    - The Empress of Aerugo, Harumi (Reila's cousin), manipulated by Lord Dietrich, erases Reila's memories of Dai
    - Dai is told by Lord Dietrich that Reila won't remember him and makes a deal with him
    - Aurelius absorbs the tornado into his Black Hole

  • Dietrich becomes Prime Minister and King of Creta (Late April)

  • Lyte (Xanthus' brother) of RIOTE secretly plants bombs through the four major cities of Amestris

MAY 2011
  • Harumi is found dead (Beginning of May)
    - Yuuko takes the throne in her stead

  • Amestris prepares for an attack from Creta on West City
    - Fort Briggs and East City come to aid West City
    - West City is evacuated

  • Central City attacks the Aerugo-occupied South City with the war cry: "THESE ARE OUR WATERS!!" Seeing as the crater has filled with rainwater and turned into a giant lake. (Mid-May)
    - Josef Draper is killed by Raistlin Ambros, the commander of Aerugo
    - Central City is victorious and Aerugo retreats

  • Creta attacks West City (Mid-May)
    - Dietrich fights Reila and Jethro in a melee
    - Spade arrives with reinforcements directly from South City
    - Daigoro, pretending to be a Cretan soldier, cuts their supply lines
    - Reila regains her memories
    - Aurelius hacks a radio transmission to all whom possess a radio and announces the return of the long-dead extremist group, RIOTE
    - Aurelius activates the bombs planted all throughout the four main cities of Amestris
    - Amestris, (now lacking a leader), and Creta agree to cease fire in order to fight RIOTE as allies

JUNE 2011
  • Amestris cuts off West and East City Head Quarters in order to focus on rebuilding (Early June)

  • Esparia allies with RIOTE (Late June)

JULY 2011
  • Vanity takes control of Drachma by assassinating Loki (the previous leader) (Beginning of July)
    - RIOTE takes control of Drachma, obtaining popularity of the populace
    - Kallie Stuka, Amestrian Militant, manages to send a message to Spade about RIOTE's agenda before Nyx, RIOTE Militant, kills her
    - Amestris mobilizes for war
    - Reila contacts Lord Dietrich for assistance
    - Spade contacts his younger brother in Xing for assistance

  • Fort Briggs arrives in Drachma first, followed by: Creta, Central Command, West, and East City Forces
    - Toss Ivanova, ace pilot of Carraig and homunculus Greed, was called in on a favor by Vanity to assist RIOTE
    - Toss crashes his plane by accident into the Kremlin and is captured by Reila
    - Esparia sends in a troop to assist RIOTE, but Catalina is killed in action
    - Xing arrives late to assist Amestris
    - Ace loses his mind and orders his men to switch sides
    - Spade thwarts his insanity by revealing that he was the successor to the throne before Ace; he orders the Xingese not to listen to Ace, and they abide
    - Aurelius enters the battlefield after creating another Philosopher's stone in the basement of their hideout
    - Amestris, Xing, and Creta retreat, making it RIOTE's victory

  • Toss is reobtained by King Gavin of Carraig from Fort Briggs for a hefty sum (Early November)
    - Vanity is thrown off balance and is rescued by Aurelius
    - Aurelius shoots himself in the head out of suicidal tendencies and is comatose

  • South City Head Quarters officially opens with Shula Brighton (assigned by Spade Aeries) as Leader (Late December)

  • Hild dies by giving her soul to Aurel in order for him to live (Late February)
    - Aurel wakes up

APRIL 2012
  • Gelemorté declares war on Esparia, via phone call (Late April)
    - Esparia mobilizes and kills the Gelemortian messenger
    - Wolfgang, the leader of Gelemorté's, flagship attacks Vasco, the president of Esparia
    - Vasco kills Siegfried
    - Valdis of Gelemorté calls a retreat and Wolfgang obliges, thus it's Esparia's victory who is currently allied with RIOTE

  • Vanity arrives at the White House in Creta for a dinner party with Lord Dietrich (Late April)
    - Dietrich has had parts of Creta evacuated and destroyed documents in the White House in preparation
    - Dietrich shoots Vanity several times
    - Aurelius enters the ballroom and watches Vanity heal
    - A scuffle between RIOTE and Cretan Militants takes place
    - Vanity comes back to life, flings herself across the table and poisons Dietrich, effectively putting him in a coma; she threatens to slit his throat unless the Cretan militants let them leave
    - A helicopter is called for the Cretan retreat
    - A limo drives through the wall for RIOTE's charge onward to Central City, Amestris

  • Balthazar of RIOTE begins an assault on Xing with Aerugo, led by Empress Yuuko (Late April)
    - Xiao, the commander of the Xingese army, sets up Ace and others in the throne room where they wait while the battle happens
    - RIOTE troops up and leave for Central City, Amestris
    - Aerugo is forced to retreat

  • Shogun Yoshida assumes control of Aerugo (End of April)
    - Empress Yuuko is killed, method undetermined (End of April)

  • Valeria of RIOTE is undercover in Fort Briggs, impatiently waiting for the signal to attack (Late April)
    - Murazar radios Reila when two droids are shot down
    - Ivanka (of RIOTE, leading the attack on Fort Briggs) gives a lengthy speech and is flown onto the top of Fort Briggs, somehow having gotten over the tall Briggs Range
    - Zabulon (of RIOTE, leading the main force) attacks simotaneously
    - Iris Tsukino (Reila's sister) makes the call that they're being attacked from the inside
    - Ivanka is killed
    - Valeria loses her arm via Ayden
    - Reila calls a retreat/regroup into the basement of Fort Briggs
    - Reila gets down to the basement and finds that they are surrounded by RIOTE
    - Briggs surrenders, Reila Tsukino is captured alive

  • Spade, Head of Central in Amestris, learns about the attack on Briggs and tells men to prepare for war (Late April)
    - They learn about Creta and Xing and propose an evacuation of Central, which is done by Csilla Angelis

  • South City remains on guard in South City just in case of an attack there that never comes (Late April)

  • Elastor Ito, royal guard of Creta, is still effected by Vanity's poison, but is determined to go after Dietrich in Amestris (Late April)
    - They gather a team and dispatch to Central City

  • Aurelius kisses Vanity before he leaves the limo, which has arrived in Central (Late April)
    - The kiss is a death sentence, as Vani's lips are poisoned

  • Spade confronts Balthazar who has arrived in Central (Late April)
    - RIOTE versus Central ensues
    - RIOTE is moving toward the Head Quarters, breaking Csilla's perimeter
    - Chancellor Hans is captured and brought to Vanity who was dealing with Cretan Militants
    - Dietrich is given back to Creta still comatose; Creta retreats

  • Aurelius appears on the top of Central HQ
    - Hild's dream comes true, for in that moment, RIOTE has control of the entire world (albeit short-lived)
    - Aurelius shoots himself and appears to die; his body is not recovered
    - RIOTE retreats
    - Chancellor Hans appears to die
    - The true Aurelius arrives from the past (OCTOBER 2010) through his Black Hole
    - Chancellor Hans obtains Father's powers, which was sent with Aurelius, and he ends up surviving his injuries because of it
    - RIOTE makes it safely back to Drachma where Aurelius must learn everyone's names and so-forth-haha

MAY 2012
  • Ace steps down from Xing's throne (Beginning of May)
    - Qin becomes Emperor of Xing (Mid-May)

  • Reila Tsukino and Daigoro Ito are killed in action attempting rescue from a RIOTE base (Beginning of May)
    - Briggs is given to Taras Makarov of RIOTE; however, no other movement is made besides its occupation (Beginning of May)


JULY 2012
  • Rachel is crowned Queen of Creta due to Dietrich being comatose (Mid-July)

  • Esparia is obtained officially by RIOTE due to Vasco's disappearance (Early August)

  • Rouen is chosen to be a direct result of RIOTE's aspirations (Mid-September)
    - Rouen is unoccupied and left as a free nation (End of September)

  • The Central City Festival (Beginning of January)
    - Dietrich, who was thought to be comatose, shows up at the festival
    - Shinku Kamogaya sends Spade Aeries a vague text message
    - Spade Aeries deducts that the spaceship launch is rigged
    - Alisa Donnikova is given a PDA and dossier containing Xingese names connected to the planting of the bomb
    - Alisa hands it over to Shula Brighton, wherein it is seen as potentially setting up Spade for the blame of the bomb
    - Spade and Dunstan Hue remove a bomb from the spaceship while Toss Ivanova, Creig pilot, freaks out
    - Spade suspects that Shinku wanted the bomb to be removed
    - Queen Rachel Ascot of Creta kisses Aurelius Schwarz, leader of RIOTE
    - Peyton gives birth to a baby girl with the help of Elastor Ito and Csilla Angelis
    - Spade and Alisa escape the festival grounds
    - Toss Ivanova of Carraig launches into Space and lands safely
    - Aurelius rides the merry-go-round

APRIL 2013
  • Vanity, Czar of Drachma, goes missing (Beginning of April)
    - Kit Estential takes over her position (End of April)


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