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On Patrol

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On Patrol

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:17 pm

Kierian stepped into South's Bazaar listening to the all to familiar sounds of the hustle and bustle he was used to back from Xenotime. If he was younger he might try and rip off one of these fine people, but now he was here to simply patrol keep people safe and keep people from getting killed or robbed. There had been some reports of pirates trying to scam innocent folks out of their money and possessions with all sorts of different promises. The young alchemist looked all around as he strolled through the busy shops, memories of home flooding his head. Off to the corner of his eye he happened to see some children playing. The young man smiled and walked over to them. Hello, there. He said with a soft smile as he reached into his pocket. Who wants some candy? He'd ask as he took out his large bag of jawbreakers. The kids would swarm around him with their hands out and Kierian would start to hand out all sorts of flavors from orange to grape. The kids would grab the candy and run out to go back to playing. The young man watched and remembered when he used to play like that, when he used to be so care free. It'd been a long time coming to get to where he was now, and to be honest Kierian loved where he was at in his life at the moment. Leaving the kids to play the alchemist headed out to continue his patrol, it seemed nothing was out of sorts just yet, but his wits were about him.


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Re: On Patrol

Post by Marcelina H. de León on Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:42 pm

Ah, the bazaar. A place Marcelina truly enjoyed. Her favorite place to gather new music, as well as new weapons. Finding suitable clothes at the bazaar was slightly more complicated; she would purchase the necessary fabric and then take it to a lovely seamstress who would create her eclectic wardrobe. It took a little longer to acquire clothing, but it was always guaranteed to be a great fit. Today's outfit was of no exception. The warm weather in South meant Marcelina had left her coat tossed over her chair in her room. The sleeves on her white shirt were rolled to her elbows. A blue vest was over this, the buttons and embroidery a beautiful bronze. She wore her short breeches today, brown that came to mid-thigh. Her brown boots cut off at the ankle, leaving long legs of tan skin exposed to the sun. Parley sat comfortably on her left hip, with Parley's little twin, the as yet unnamed dagger on her right hip. She was on patrol.

Rumors had been circling of pirates scamming innocent South citizens out of money and possessions. General Brighton, great woman that she was, knew that her own hired crew were not the culprits. But they had been encouraged to be on the lookout for these ruffians who dared to blacken the name of Marcelina's profession. Shopping was not Marcelina's goal today in the bazaar. She was making a show of force, watching and waiting. The merchants in the bazaar knew her well and they had set up a system of signs to warn her if the ruffians were spotted. Then justice would be swift as Parley came to their necks and they were marched to South HQ for judgment. If a little bruised, so much the better.
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Re: On Patrol

Post by Csilla Angelis on Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:02 am



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Re: On Patrol

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