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First day on the job

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First day on the job

Post by Theo Chulainn on Wed May 01, 2013 9:12 am

Theodore Chulainn ex-fugitive now Bucephalus of Faolchú this was something that made him want to be sick. A can of relentless in hand he stepped onto the training field. Everything screamed Fiachra in his face. This was his territory the tesoterion was aspungeont as lions marking there land....or maybe a bull elephants musk....And with the informationarty had told him which was more then he ever wanted to know the second most likely was the most accurate.

Calcifer felt warm on his back giving him some confidence. Taking a breath he stepped out onto the field and waited for the troops. Setting up a warm up jog round the pitch he remebered the good old days in his fathers men training them with Drai and his cousin.

Well till the both of them turned on him killed his family and made him run away... Well his cousin had...Drai's part was still unknown....and Theo prayed he was just as much of a victim as himself....

Well the time to mop would be later in his new apartment Gavin had given him in front of the tv with a tub of Ben and Jerry's..... maybe five....

" Right men now warm up is done... let's do some light sparring." The faces stared blank back at him. " I know...I'm not Fiachra. The man has retired and i'm in charge now so listento i didn't murder my family....any other questions?" He huffed glaring down at what would be the countries elite.
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Re: First day on the job

Post by Gavin Etheridge on Fri May 31, 2013 12:12 pm

The Silent King had been watching, unsurprisingly enough, in silence. Theo had been cleared of the charges and instated to Gavin's Faolchú head. With Fiachra retired, they needed a strong leader, but they also needed someone Gavin knew he could trust with his life and more, and there were very few the King knew fit that role. Despite the crime that had been pressed against Theo before, Gavin knew that his cousin, his playmate, and the man who stood fourth in line for the throne was one of them.

Arms folded against his chest lightly, Gavin watched as Theo warmed up with his new troops. They'd been briefed to respect and comply to Theo's command, but Gavin observing wouldn't hurt. he'd been teased plenty as a kid, but Theo wasn't exactly useless, especially not with Calcifer in his hands. " I know...I'm not Fiachra. The man has retired and i'm in charge now so listento i didn't murder my family....any other questions?" A silent chuckle passed the King's lips. Good to know that was out of the way at least.

Finally, Gavin stepped out from the shaded area where he'd been watching, giving a wave to the men who stood before his cousin and smiled as they all snapped to attention. With another wave, they stood at ease as Gavin reached for his aid. "I thought I would come watch," the automated voice cranked out steadily. Gavin smiled lightly, his eyes lighting up as he looked at Calcifer. "Thought I might do a round with my Faolchú... Perhaps a demonstration, cousin?" This was not to test mettle or wound pride at all; this was to let the men see who they were serving under now and what he could do beyond what tabloids painted him to be. It would boost confidence from them, and hopefully inspire them to serve as faithfully as they had for Fiachra.
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Re: First day on the job

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:17 pm



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Re: First day on the job

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