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A little bit of forced vacation

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A little bit of forced vacation

Post by Guest on Sun May 05, 2013 5:48 pm

...Why was Master Wolfgang so strange? Just to say, he was so...strange. He had noticed a large amount of the work his personal employees were doing and...gave them vacation time. Forced vacation time. Mariette was going to spend it at the palace, lounging by her area heater and reading, but then Wolfgang had an idea. That idea being to have her and Amadi go on holiday far away from the palace. So far in fact they had to fly. Mariette was reeling in the plane the whole way until she felt the A/C hit her and she passed out the entire way, snoring quietly in her seat beside her co-worker. Mariette had never even spoken to Amadi, she'd only cleaned her room and in most cases, her armor. Then again, the same could be said about most of the palace residents. She came of the plane shivering and with Amadi went to the hotel.

The mix-up had been the singular low point of the day. The room that was reserved was wrong; instead of two twin beds, there was one queen bed. In the shape of a heart. The honeymoon suite...Mariette was mad, though she couldn't place why. On the bed was a note...from Wolfgang. "Have fun you two! Thought this looked better than some regular suite." ...His thought was misplaced, but appreciated. Mariette had already started to clean the room out of habit, dusting and wiping and so on, so forth. Then she began to unpack all the clothing, separating the shirts, skirts, pants, so on. Then she came upon the armor. She had brought it with her? Really? Mariette sighed...but took the armor up and laid it out. Amadi had gone to shower, so Mariette supposed she could've maintained her armor. With a bit of shine and polish, as well as deep cleaning the inside of the armor (for it smelled as if it needed it), Mariette had finished before Amadi was out.

She took up a seat in the love-seat in front of the window, picking up one of the novels that the staff had left on the counter. From the first few pages, "Fifty Shades of Grey" was turning out a nice read, Mariette having her leg crossed over the other in her pink sweater dress and boots. The dress clung to the curves of her body, which embarrassed her when people stared, but it was warm so she couldn't complain. A stray finger went to her hair and curled around a lock of it, already absorbed in the book.


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Re: A little bit of forced vacation

Post by Guest on Thu May 09, 2013 11:19 pm

It. Was. TORTURE. Not only did Amadi have to leave Lord Wolfgang's side, but he was sending her far away from him and told her to relax for a while. What was a knight to do?! She had to go. In fact they were trying to get her to go without armor?! Yeah, that wasn't going to happen.. until the airport personnel took her aside and explained she COULD NOT WEAR IT. As pissed as she was, there was no Wolfgang to save her this time. She stripped it off and put it in the cargo. They allowed it, but it did shift the plane's weight quite a bit. Not like Amadi cared too much. She was busy trying to hold it together. Today she was nobody. Her armor was not there to protect her. She said naught a word as they slid through the airport. Silent, not a hum or weighted breath. It was as if she were a ghost.

Once they reached the hotel, Amadi fled into the bathroom. She needed relief; to escape that which clutched her. The fear: terror that flooded her veins when she was without her armor. It was a drug to her. It silenced the pain in her mind and the insignificance in her body. Silently, she sobbed in the shower. Water poured down her and mingled with the tears. This was nothing, this was pain.

It took nearly twenty minutes for the fear to silence. Once she was done, Amadi stepped out and wrapped a towel around herself. She dressed herself and stepped out of the bathroom. Gentle and yet stern eyes stared blankly. This was.. a terrible day.


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Re: A little bit of forced vacation

Post by Guest on Wed May 29, 2013 11:22 pm

Mariette looked up from her book as Amadi walked out of the shower. Her face was sort of puffy and the skin around her eyes were red. So were the whites of her eyes. Mariette stared at her for a while, thinking of a reason she would cry...she couldn't think of one. She snapped her attention back to the book, hoping not to have been noticed as she reversed the crossing of her legs. She continued to read this odd little romance title and as she flipped the page, she noticed that the book was starting to make a strange turn. The actions that Christian was taking made her blush and it continued. Despite Mariette's purer conscious, she kept reading and reading. Then, the foreplay was over, and Mariette's eyes went wide, screamed, her face went red as blood, and she threw the book straight across the room.

As she panted, she could only manage one sentence: "...That book is perverse."

She wasn't wrong of course, but she only threw it because her thoughts had begun to Wolfgang. When she overloaded, she lost it. So she stood up shakily and scampered to her small, pink bookbag. It was stuffed to the brim with books and she dug in for another book...then she found one she had packed for Amadi. It was "The Mage and the Cavalier", a nice little novel in a time long ago, a time that Amadi seemed thoroughly obsessed with. Mariette went to the bed and almost slithered under the velvet sheets. As she put the book in her lap, she gazed at the illustration on the cover, a blonde haired man in armor and a robe clad, purple haired beauty. Then she spoke.

"Ms. Amadi, since we...or at least I don't think...we have plans, I had brought this book along for you....I'd be most happy if you'd," She gulped, holding the book up for Amadi to see it's cover, "let me read it to you? I thought you'd like it..." She looked away, rocking side to side in an uncomfortable way. Mariette liked reading, and she knew Ms. Amadi was feeling off. He duties as a maid usually stopped at cleaning...but the well-being of her charges was also important.


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Re: A little bit of forced vacation

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:16 pm



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Re: A little bit of forced vacation

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