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I have no idea

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I have no idea

Post by Axel Belial on Mon May 06, 2013 4:03 pm

Flashing lights and pulsing beats passed his closed lids. but the memories of the night before were nothing but a blurry memory.

He could only remember leaving to head to a new club. Dancing and then...gone it was nothing but flashing lights and dub-step beats and glass after glass of brightly coloured alcoholic beverages.

but now...he was cold...and possibly a little wet it was hard to tell...but his eyes ached and his head pounded...which was strange...Axel never really had hangovers...Rolling slightly in where ever he lay he had to stop...a strange object was poking him in the the dip before his backside. Curious... hoping he hadn't done the deed with someone Axel let his eyes blink open.

well he wasn't in a bed naked with some guy...that was for sure.

But he wasn't clothed either..

Nor was he in a bed....

The sharp object turned out to be a large stone... well that was less awkward then a......

And it appeared to be that Axel was in a ditch...naked....well this was interesting, Slowly stand with a bit of effort casually brushing off some dirt the next task was to find out where he was. Walking down the road ignoring the honking of passing cars he found a road sign.

South?? How did he end up in south??? How did he end up in south naked? Well...he still had his goggles so...he wasn't completely naked....
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Re: I have no idea

Post by Shula Brighton on Wed May 15, 2013 3:53 pm

The partying life was not something Shula had ever been accustomed to. Despite the girl occasionally dressing to fit in with the crowd at a concert, or even as a raver on the times she'd drag Hild out from her office to go to a club with her, Shula Brighton was not a partying girl, and since Raistlin removed his array from her body Shula no longer had magical drinking capacities that could leave even the likes of Spade under the table.

No, she was just Shula, and only rarely drank with Spade, Csilla, or Lisbeth, and since accepting Spade's proposal found herself becoming more like the traditional girl she'd been raised to be. Unlike some people in Amestris, Shula hadn't been out all night and morning partying- most of today she hadn't even been home. It was a beautiful day today, and since near dawn Shula had spent most of it in the temple. Whether she liked it or not, whether she was modern or not, Shula was still an Ishvallan woman and a bride-to-be. Regardless of her groom's lineage (and her mother, mother's parents and family, and the priest complaining about his not being Ishvallan or even arranged for her), there were still preparations she had to take until she was married. Going to the temple more was one of them.

The top of her pale blue vintage bug down, Shula drove along the lonely stretch of road that was heading back toward South's main residential and shopping areas. The bazaar was in the heart of where the city had bloomed, HQ wasn't far from it, and her home was a bit further out than that to give Shula her much-loved freedom and privacy. But going to the bazaar sounded like a great plan right now, now that she was done with her devotions and covered in dark henna patterns, and especially now that the old ladies who had been with her and the priest talking to her about her duties as a wife had chatted her to death. Really. They were confusing Shula for a vending machine or planned for her to single-handedly repopulate all of Ishval.

They meant well at least, but just couldn't understand why the tiny General would flush and get so flustered when they told her repeatedly what was expected. Prayers for a long life, prayers for prosperity, prayers for wisdom, prayers for what, by now, was an army of children... Shula squirmed in her driver's seat, doing her best to shrug it off. Nooooope nope nope. One thing at a time. First came easier things in life, like solving world hunger and mastering parallel parking. But at least the patterns that adorned her body were pretty as a result, and the oldest lady at her temple had given her a talisman Shula really hoped Spade wouldn't question or wouldn't recognize as a very old Ishvallan fertility charm.

It was pretty at least, the figurine's hands and arms raised high above her head in devotion, legs folded into a lotus position, and a fire opal implanted in the figure's swollen belly. RIGHT. Because that was something Shula could just casually wear around the office and at home with nobody commenting on. She'd find a nice spot in her jewelry box to stash that little item. Shula sighed, turning up the car's old stereo, the heavy metal soothing and drastically contrasting with how she was dressed. She'd just head back into town and go right to the bazaar and maybe get some ice crea--

A lot of the cars passing ahead of her were honking. At.... a man? Walking along the road? Shula slowed down. It was dangerous to offer rides, but it was also dangerous to walk on the highway... Naked?! Shula's eyes shot wide. No wonder they were honking. She slowed down as she passed Axel, wondering if offering a stranger really was a good idea or not when she glanced at him in the mirror as quickly as she could, now even more confused. She kenw that man! Well, sorta. It was a friend of Spade's she'd met. Axel? Her cheeks flushed hard as she waited for the man she thought was Axel to hurry up to her car, trying her best to not notice that he was, without a doubt, very, very nude, her hand raising up to the side of her head to act as a blinder.

"Axel, right?" She was pretty sure it was, and at this point Ishvalla help her if it wasn't. "What are you doing out here? Do you need a ride somewhere?" And where on earth are your CLOTHES?!
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Re: I have no idea

Post by Jay Furor on Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:07 pm




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Re: I have no idea

Post by Sponsored content

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