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Reporting for Duty [Open]

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Reporting for Duty [Open]

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:52 pm

The halls of the Amestrian Military HQ were quite impressive and beyond intimidating for Cadet Captain Melwood as he marched in his well pressed military blues. His boots were freshly polished, his uniform free of stray threads and lint; Kenneth wanted his first impression with his commanding officers to be one of pristine appearance and he hoped to impress them. His courier bag hung from his left shoulder and cross to his right hip where he kept his normal supplies, the USB he always wore around his neck was tucked inside the uniform and the glasses resting on the bridge of his nose were adjusted as he walked over the red carpets in the hallways. The walls were segmented with marble pillars and the huge windows allowed the sunshine to come in through their bullet-resistant glass. He marched rather stiffly, knowing any officer could be walking in these high ranking halls with offices a plenty for those so far above his own military station that they could end his career with a snap of their fingers.

Despite all of the pressure he had put upon himself, Ken was far from nervous and even urges to reach up and run fingers through his hair to comfort himself were out of his thoughts at the moment. He was a well accomplished hacker, a strong military tactician, a logistics expert; Kenneth had no reason in his mind as to why he would be denied a rather quick series of promotions to the upper echelons. The only thing he truly lacked was field experience and that is why he was assigned to Central. Here he would hopefully be thrust very quickly into the field and gain the experience he needed to advance.

His travels down the hallway was occasionally interrupted with a well placed salute to a superior ranking military official or the quick dodging of an officer assistant running down the hallway with something important to do. Central was a busy place full of movement and a sense of urgency that flooded the building. Kenneth checked his watch and assured his prompt arrival to the door where the letter had prompted him to go. Bringing his heels together straightening his back, Kenneth reached out and rapped his knuckles against the door with three succinct knocks onto the solid oaken doors. A deep breath in, a long exhale; Cadet Captain Melwood waited for the door to swing inwards and open.


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