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Comfort Zones

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Comfort Zones

Post by Rachel Ascot on Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:51 pm

September 14th
London, Creta

Knock knock knock knock knock.


Knock knock knock knock knock.


Knock knock knock knock knock.

"Aaron, as your queen, your boss and your friend, open up!"

Rachel was not surprised by Aaron's behaviour after Deadlight hit the news. He had always been a recluse. She had to force him out of his house whenever she needed him, and that was difficult given that he could work at home. So having a legitimate excuse for himself to hide away meant that he had all but disappeared from the world.

Still, just because she was surprised didn't mean she wasn't worried. The little she had heard about him, apparently his eyesight was getting worse. This revelation brought a rare panic in her, and she rushed to his house with a team of doctors, the same who did tests on her after she had volunteered as a guinea pig. She didn't even care if she was infected by barging into his house; she'd probably say that the reason was that she needed someone to mock, but in truth Aaron Hartmen was a friend to her. A friend that needed her, and would get her whether he wanted her or not.

"Look, Aaron, don't be an arse," she pleaded, stroking the door a little. "I know that your eyesight's gotten worse. I've gotten some doctors who can confirm that you haven't got Deadlight, and if you want they can leave once they're done. I just want to hang out. I was going to force you to come shopping with me, maybe hunting for some nice hunks, but I don't mind just sitting and chatting." She looked to the ground. She was better at pretending to be vulnerable than honestly letting someone else know that she was feeling worried. It wasn't really something that was in her comfort zone, but if that's what she needed to do to awake the hermit then that was what was happening.
"Come on, you silly sausage, just answer the door already,"
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