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MISSION: Aerugo Invasion

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Re: MISSION: Aerugo Invasion

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:39 pm

Josef’s meticulous gaze scanned the chaos of the war torn battlefield, making note of even the most minuet of details. Absolute assessment of the battle was critical for this plan to work, thankfully, the troops were withdrawing just as planned and the artillery and entrenched troops were returning a hail of concentrated fire upon the section in front of them, all enemy soldiers in the area were forced to fallback to other parts of the field. Now just to allow the main body of the Central Army to fall behind lines and keep a steady retreat while a small detachment stayed behind to ensure the plan proceeded as planned, though it’d be a practical suicide mission, capture by the Auregese military was inevitable and it was likely that all men left behind would be killed. Josef had already decided that the most efficient course of action would be to stay behind with this suicide brigade to directly command them. Spade, being the prime commander and also being temporarily incapacitated would be a poor choice for this role at any rate, and Josef, being only second in command and the field tactician, was more expendable. Josef also deduced that Spade would not simply allow him to stay behind and play the martyr, but both of them “sinking with the ship” was a very pointless gesture and would only serve to decrease moral amongst the troops and throw them into disarray and ensure their demise.

Josef gazed upon his friend with a look of somber guilt, though he tried to hide it, Spade was too keen to overlook such a telltale expression, even in his disoriented state. “I’m sorry…..But I can’t have you die here” Josef motioned for two soldiers to come and restrain the commander, which they did with bewildered hesitation. Josef ignored their distressed expression and lifted his hand to spade’s forehead. “Goodbye, Spade” Josef spoke softly, mouthing the words clearly enough so that spade could make them out in his deafness. Before the commander could even react, Josef lightly pressed his index finger against the skin of Spade’s forehead, and the suave commander passed out immediately without so much as a struggle. Josef’s alchemy had activated on contact, a jolt of electricity stored in his body was direct towards spade’s body and the sudden pulse caused him to lose consciousness. “Please take him away with the rest of the troops, ensure that he escapes safely” Josef commanded, the two soldiers restraining spade hoisted him up and carried him off with little question, despite the dubiousness of Josef’s actions, his kind eyes assured them of his good intent.
Josef Draper then returned his attention to the battlefield. The bulk of the army had already passed the line of fire and were making their escape, all that was left on the field was Josef’s detachment and artillery and a few stragglers attempting to kill as many as troops as possible before leaving. “Sergeant, the explosives are set” A gruff voice rang out amidst the steady drumming of bursting artillery shells that wrecked the landscape. Josef turned to face the bomb technician and receive the detonator from him. “Thank you, please leave with the rest of the troops, If I fail to detonate the explosives, please set them off” Josef replied. A green light on the side of the remote would indicate the condition of the bombs. “Sir!” the technician replied, and he left in a hurry. Josef couldn’t blame him, dying in war was not his idea of a great life. In fact, the tactician never wanted anything to do with war, if he could help it, he would never become the cause of death of another person as long as he lived, but due to circumstance out of his control, he found himself in this position now. There was no glory in being a martyr, only regret for all the things in life one had never had the chance to experience. But, at least he managed to ensure the survival of most of the men whom he had come to befriend, including Spade.


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Re: MISSION: Aerugo Invasion

Post by Reila Tsukino on Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:11 am

A giant wall of ice fell from the H2O in the air, growing around the retreating Central troops, and dividing them from the foe. A lone girl, small in the distance, stood facing the angry Aerugese troops. Smirking--though none could see but the enemy ahead-- she rose to her feet. Long, strawberry blond hair billowed out in the harsh spring air, whipping below her short skirt. Pausing for only a moment to insure her barrier would last until the few soldiers left could retreat, she turned on her heel and suddenly started sprinting towards Josef whom she recognized. Though they had never met, she knew of him through the database and was sure he would know what was going on seeing as Spade was nowhere in sight. She gathered what information she could from him, and ordered the few men she brought to rally all the troops together for a retreat towards the West. It was all her fault this happened... If Briggs had been here... She turned her eyes to the large number of Aerugese and shook her head. Maybe not...maybe this was inevitable. Or maybe... She shook her head again.

It took a few hours to reach the halfway mark. Men carried men, men limped, men crawled. They left no one behind but the dead in which whose bodies would never be retrieved. It pained her greatly...they deserved a proper burial...especially for going up against that. She turned around just to check the stragglers, but as she did so, shadows reflected on the abandoned concrete from the horizon. No... It was the Aerugese! The ice barrier must have been melted by a fire alchemist! Shit, was all she could think If only they could make it to the border! The Aerugese weren't so stupid as to challenge the West, were they?! Not now at least...

Running was painful...not just for her, but for everyone. Moans, cries, and yelps of fear and agony resounded behind her and in front of her. Reila lagged behind everyone, feeling as if she could no longer breathe. Father was dead... Central forces were obliterated...the South was taken over... Briggs... Briggs had to be okay. She had to save all she could. She wouldn't let this country fall to corruption or foreign powers. Briggs would fight anyone who stood in the way of their morals!

They reached the West border and collapsed there on the ground. Police rushed to the scene and the news were all over them. It took longer for the doctors to be all over them. Ridiculous. Two weeks. It took two weeks for everything to settle and for the Aerugese to stop staking out the border. The enemy returned to the South and Central troops/the Briggs Brigade who weren't hospitalized returned to their designated posts. Reila returned to Briggs.



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