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Wiiiiiild Thing

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Re: Wiiiiiild Thing

Post by Gavin Etheridge on Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:39 pm

It was as though watching Nuada himself, their ancient and praised supreme God of War, doing battle with Hornéd God Cernunnos of the Hunt, here on the training grounds. Ancient gods of an ancient island, held only in song and legend by their people, the island ignored and forgotten by the rest of the world to leave them in their mist. The world tended to discredit what they could not comprehend or feared, and Carraig, since its birth from the mother goddess Danu, had always been both. Even after the pagan beliefs of old faded out with time, the peoples' spirits and the spirit of the land hadn't change; the hunt and battles were still the most glorious of events. For centuries Carraig funded itself through its soldiers, and now through weapons and technology to help soldiers of the world. But the world didn't realize that the greatest weapons were here, in Carraig, and would only serve the blood-red sword that waved on their flag.

Here on the training grounds, even though it was only a physical test, Gavin could feel the heartbeat of Carraig pulsing in the spectacle of watching Fiachra wrestling with quite possibly the only living thing big enough to be a fair fight for him.He knew that practice goes and training matches were and would become commonplace between them, but to see the first of many? That was a treat. The next treat would be the first day the other soldiers got to have a go with the great beast that was Roarke. Roarke... He truly was an impressive individual; very few would hop the rather formidable wall that surrounded the palace grounds and walk right into the castle to speak with Gavin directly, face to face like that. It was common knowledge how well-guarded King Gavin was; any normal man would have thought two or three times and still probably reconsidered. But timidness is not how one gets what they want or need in life. And it was that earnest willingness and boldness that led the King to feel Roarke would certainly have a place among the country's elite, fighting now with the man who led Carraig's armies and who had served his father before.

Gavin sipped at his morning tea, slowly enjoying breakfast alfresco with something more than entertaining. It certainly beat the dreariness of the morning radio shows. The rest of the day would probably be dull as hell, but the morning would carry on through the day to make everything pass a bit faster. As Fia and Roar finally came to a finish, Gavin applauded both men, beasts and warriors one and the same. Artemis sprang to her feat enthusiastically, cheering and bouncing excitedly. "That was amazing!!! Bravo! I want to play too!!" Gavin's jacket sailed off Arty's lithe frame and seemed to flit in the wind before rumpling onto the ground. Boing. Boing. Boing. SNAP. Artemis boinged one time too many, the thin straps of the bra surrendering to the ample weight of his guard's tracks of land, her breasts now bouncing and free in the morning air. Heh. Free-range boobies. Unaffected (they were nothing new to him), Gavin gave her a half-laughing, half-serious look, signing frantically as Artemis scrambled for Fia's cloak.

"Put those away before you put someone's eye out. Or they die of a nosebleed." The King laughed silently. Palace mornings were many things. Today's was anything but dull.
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Re: Wiiiiiild Thing

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:37 pm



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