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You know...

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You know...

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:50 am

You know, there's something to be said about being in a new place, especially if you've never actually been there before. It's a mystical, wonderful thing, a place where one can finally find peace--or something of the kind, at least. For Akiha Akihiro, however, that peace was only fleeting, and she soon found herself worrying about life and the world around her. As she sat upon a rock on the beach, facing out towards the ocean, her heart throbbed once more the shores of Aerugo, to finally see her homeland again. "But, is it my home any longer?" Blinking as she spoke those words, the girl clad in the uniform of a maid sighed softly, shaking her head of soft white hair and smiling quietly. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. Ever since her recapture into Project AA, life had always been a worry for her. Her allegiance to the Empress Yuuko, and to that woman Reila Tsukino... Reila Tsukino, the one that was supposed to be lost to the winds forever, was now sitting up in Briggs, with those people around her, ones who loved her. "Vanity..." The homunculus that should not be. The strange scent in the world; one that she could not stand, nor understand all at the same time. The scent that tried to take away her Tossu.

"T-tossu..." Images flashed again, covering her eyes with scenes from days long past. She felt the warmth of Toss' body as she collapsed against it, tired from her escapades through the snow and ice. "Anata wa dare ka o aishiteimasu ka, Tossu?" She had... she had really asked him that. She has asked him, was he in love? Was Toss... was he in love? Not with someone, not with her, not with Vanity, not in any way like that... just... was he in love? If he was, was it with her? Or was it with...? "KYAAAAAAAAH!" A scream, sent out over the ocean as Akiha forced herself to stop thinking over such STUPID thoughts. There was NO WAY that Tossu had ANY feelings for her, WHATSOEVER! Standing up quickly, the girl shook her head wildly. There was NO WAY. NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY! "AHHHH! Why is this so troubling?!" Shaking rapidly, the girl stepped backwards and sighed. Why did this trouble her so? Why, why, oh why did it trouble her like this in the first place? Was she weak, or something? Or was it just a menial thing, one that really had no precedence in this world of all evil and goodness...?


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Re: You know...

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:42 am

If there is one thing people keep calling Carraig, it would be an emerald isle. Filled with leprechauns, some spot on beer, and greenery beyond one's wildest dreams. Or at least that's what Nikolaus read off the brochure. His purpose measured by what many would call relaxation, but really, it was but a vacation. Free from the worries of governing the complex web of intrigues, security, and protection of Amestris. Some rich boy in Security made his CEO father pull off a publicity stunt where the "people" apparently rewarded Nikolaus a nice vacation in Carraig just so his ass won't be so overworked, while at the same time, said father isn't accused of corruption. CARRAIG SEVERAL MILES AWAY FROM AMESTRIS, which was equivalent to an exile albeit a temporary one. Which sort of blows. At least he left management under some competent secretary, whom no doubt knew what to do. She was certainly knowledgeable and smart in the ways of the paperwork and assigning tasks. Something quite admirable of her, and the reason why it took a load off of the General's shoulders.

It felt quite alien though, he was in Carraig not as a military officer, but as a vacationing... civilian. Really weird, he felt quite naked without his guns on his him, and neither his swords. The only thing he would even vaguely consider a weapon is the briefcase he carried at all times, mostly out of habit of having something in hand. It was pretty empty really, he left most of his belongings back at the hotel he was staying at, save that iPhone he took as a trophy from Marismo, made with the new purpose of his very own use, a wad of Crieg money, on the off chance he was pickpocketed so he wouldn't lose his wallet, and some tissue. He wore a slate blue Hawaiian pattern shirt, a pair of slacks, a skipper's cap, a pair of Oxford's, and a watch to tell the time. Already grown restless by the prospect of staying in his hotel room all day, instead, ventured around from his beach resort hotel away from any populated confines. They irritated him. Only to be met with something quite familiar in his sighting, he suddenly felt the need to follow this great tempest of souls he saw, it was dim at first, but he knew it was there. Like a blood hound, followed it. He knew his surroundings, and so far, the life around him was not as strong as the life ahead in the beach, it did not dull his awareness, but merely sharpened his focus. Running across a field of grass, zipping around in a U, he would come upon his destination, behind a slender and lithe figurine he recognized very easily.

Stepping down unto the sand, he watched her from behind, just what are the odds of coming across HER of all people in the first place?!

"YOU!" His familiar voice beckoned from behind the white haired girl, dripping with anticipation, glee, and mystery, his finger rose up to point to the girl meters apart from him, his grip on his briefcase tensed from his right hand, as he shook his head, "To think I'd find you here of all places, silver witch." He waved his hands, "You run quite fast, to have come here ALL the way from Amestris, and now UNLIKE that time back then, you better not freak out and get violent sporadically for no reason, even attacking me first, I never gave you cause to get violent anyways, what I did was in self defense."

He shook his head, "Now you better hear me out, we had a bad start, you attacking me, me blowing your brain out to defend myself as I was fully justified in every way, that sort of thing happens, and just as you know it, you're a Homunculus with many lives, what's one death when you can regenerate? Now we can fight here and now and gain nothing out of it except you dying a lot, OR we can conduct ourselves civilly in conversation where there is much to gain, WITHOUT you going on a hormonal rage and breaking a table of a hard working man in hard economic times. Up to you."


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Re: You know...

Post by Shula Brighton on Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:53 am

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Re: You know...

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