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Ill will towards MAN-kind

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Ill will towards MAN-kind

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:05 pm

A walk in the park! How lovely. Woman on arm as usual until she went off with her friends, blushing and giggling. Her eyes batting at him. Oh Ran loved it. The look in her eyes, the way she swooned so easily and yet.. it was so easy. Almost boringly easy. He ran a hand through his hair, and showed his black little tattoo over the left eye if only for a moment. His red-brown eyes looking around in a bored demeanor. The world was at ease, the night falling upon the world with the stars twinkling within the sky above. Like eyes starting to open upon the world to watch them. A gorgeous pink and red glow in the air. It was sunset and he was alone standing in the park. Not that he minded, after all, if he was really that lonely, he could always find a lass to fling on his arm. For now he was content in being rather bored and off in his own world of being on his own.

The park was relatively empty except a few people littered upon the grass. Their eyes guided onto such a 'romantic' moment. Making out and what not until the sun was gone below and Ran took a seat. In his traditional Aerugese wear, red top with tight tie and then the long, somewhat baggy pants. Traditional sandals upon his feet and his scar sticking out as usual. The ponytail stayed limp upon his left shoulder.

Flicking out a small cancer stick, he pressed it to his lips and then with his other hand, pulling out the lighter. Flipping the top of it would ignite and then set fire to the cigarette. Smoke started and the scent of mint would mingle into the air. The scent of smoking mint and flowers filling the damp atmosphere. His mind set in curiosity on what he should do now. After all, he never had anything to do, really ever.


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Re: Ill will towards MAN-kind

Post by Guest on Tue May 08, 2012 9:50 pm

Benjamin had been rolling behind Zayden, not really moving, his arms were crossed and he had on a grumpy expression as on of the orange straps attached to his belt was hooked to a belt look of Zayden's pants. He hadn't bothered to say anything about it, nor had he made any attempt to hide the fact he did it. He was just horribly lazy. And today he was dressed rather nice though he wasn't sure why. And what dressing nice was for him was a whited button up shirt with only straps on his wrist, and black jeans with no straps at all. And of course his black, blue, and orange rollerblades that were always present. He wasn't even wearing his eyepatch today, so his swampy green eye was out with his usual golden brown.

"Zayden, can we go faster? Can we terrorize people? Can we do SOMETHING?" he groaned, bored. He got rather childish when he was bored and he didn't really give a shit. He ran his hand through his hair and looked around where they were. He saw literally nothing of interest. Only thing he could ever see to do was but the surrounding people or just plain bother Zayden. He sighed and shoved his hand in his pockets and closed his green eye, his other glancing around still.


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Re: Ill will towards MAN-kind

Post by Guest on Tue May 08, 2012 10:01 pm

Zayden just silently walked as he pretty much lead Benji around. Seeing how he was attached to his pants with his straps he didn't have to do much. As usual Zayden dressed in his suit. The pattern being a deep blue and black for the colors. The whole suit black with the tie the deep blue, along with his black gloves. Holding his umbrella propped on his shoulder he looked around and was bored himself but knew now that they were in someone else's organization then they really couldn't do much of what Benji liked to usually do. As he heard him suggest all that a sigh escaped and he looked back over his shoulder at him.

"You know we can't do that kind of stuff now. We are in something different then before and we can't call shots anymore." It might be a little nice if they could but he couldn't do much about it. He was more worried about Benji then anything so wasn't going to push buttons. "Makoto would probably kick out asses if we did anything." Would just be more trouble for the Yakuza.

"Suggest something else and lets see what we can do." Looking ahead again as they stepped into the park and started to head to a bench to sit down. Maybe he could have fun here and skate around doing tricks or something.


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Re: Ill will towards MAN-kind

Post by Shula Brighton on Sun May 20, 2012 5:00 pm

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Re: Ill will towards MAN-kind

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