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CHAPTER I: Steel Industrialism&Caramel Perfection

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CHAPTER I: Steel Industrialism&Caramel Perfection

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:59 pm

34 Days Before the events of Chapter I: Painted Beauty & Lilith Lust

Charity was a rather perfectionistic though seemingly a commercial field for anyone with the means to supplement large qualities of money to give back to an organization or foundation less fortunate. In exchange for supplementing funding per annum or what have you, in return you attain but respect and recognition. It was truly the grandest of schemes exploited by political figure heads and megalomaniac individuals who only sought the advances of their own person. Spending a little to make a lot in the long run; looking towards the larger scale than just the general scope of things. Taka was no different on the surface; though his intentions were quite unalloyed.

Hosting the Blue Moon Harvest—a charitable party which all proceeds go towards developing scholarships for technical degrees, the young Entrepreneur found himself resting in a corner of a large, expansive room. A large dome-fashioned edifice housed dozens of benefactors and guests from around the world; the attire of each and every one outfitted to billet a more formal style of dress. Suits pressed and primed to perfection as dresses, both exotic and sophisticated danced around with purpose to their own desires. A grand orchestra playing classical euphony at the head of the room as crystal chandeliers rested along the ceiling, dangling from thick metal. Tables clothed and dressed for dinner, it was obvious this party was high class, though Taka didn’t make a move towards anyone.

Having given a thorough and prolonged weapons presentation just hours prior, he was somewhat taxed, though it was also a amalgamation of lethargy. Being the man of the hour, he was expected to give some long-winded speech about why he decided to donate a hefty two million dollars and give internships as an alternative, regardless that would have to wait. People approaching anticipating photos both intellectual and provocative conversations with the genius himself, he somewhat shrugged them off as he gave smiles to the ladies and waves to the men. He rested at a corner table, off from the masses as he sipped gradually on a fine class of chardonnay.

Fashioning quite the casual sexy appeal, he kept to himself as his blue hues canvassed all around him.


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Re: CHAPTER I: Steel Industrialism&Caramel Perfection

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:27 pm

Trading in her metallic studs and flashy attire for pearls and a black evening gown were one of the sacrifices Blanca had to make on this particular evening. This was a fine event after all, and she had to appear more tamed than she usually liked, but this wasn’t much of a concern to her. Sometimes she enjoyed surrounding herself with members of the upper class, and truth be told she actually fancied a few of the finer things in life such as horseback riding, and even travel. However to this point she found the majority of attendees her age to be uninteresting or strange; the men usually conversed about their OH SO MASSIVE collection of sports cars, whereas the young women usually kept to their own group of friends, constantly looking down at any female outsider that came their way. And they would all stand there with their already stuck up noses held even higher than she thought they could possibly go, while munching on some finger foods, taking light sips of their wine and swiveling their glasses around. Pretending to be classy and all that while taking the fact that their parents earned them the right to such a privileged life, rather lightly.

So naturally with her ill feelings towards the majority of the youth present, she was sitting on her own at a table to herself. She couldn’t bring herself to converse with any of the more mature attendees of the ball either, as she noticed some have been giving her odd looks. Not the kind that expressed disgust. No, it was more of the expression that accompanied the wonder of ever having seen that person before. Her family was well known around the world for owning so many businesses, and currently they didn’t know of her whereabouts. It would have been absolutely awkward if someone familiar came up to her and asked her the very question she dreaded to hear that night.

She was not here for shallow small-talk anyways; however she couldn’t help but feel stagnant from her lack of social activity. But as long as she couldn’t find anyone of interest, she had to remain for the sake of finding out what she could about the possible weaponry she could equip herself with. Being a woman that constantly exposed herself to the dangers of street crime; a weapon would obviously be of extreme help. Now the question was what? Lifting her glass to her glossy pink lips, she takes a long sip and begins to contemplate on her options. And as she does so, she notices a young man, seated on his own just as she was, and clad in a classy looking suit. She recognized him as the host of this event, and seeing him by himself made her rather curious. Her lips part from the glass as she stood up, deciding to find out for herself as she pushed her seat back and began to walk over to him.

“Hello, Sir. Mind if I join you?”


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Re: CHAPTER I: Steel Industrialism&Caramel Perfection

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:27 am

Sitting in the comforts of his embellished chair, Taka would find himself incredibly bored. Several yawns escaping his lips, though fortunately not captured by the espying media as his sense of adventure and fun quickly faded by the moment. While he enjoyed being in the public eye, he didn’t find it amusing to tailor to individuals who only looked to him for financial support and publicity. Not one who advanced the undeserving, despite his paparazzi prerogatives, the young billionaire’s only ambition came in helping those who truly needed his assistance. This fund raiser was to show appreciation to the young minds of tomorrow, not the pig scum of today.

But alas, he had to put on this front—this gimmick. It was hard enough leading a double life, though lying to himself in the only reality he knew made his existence all the more dismal. Using his free hand, the young bachelor would find his fingers gliding through the opening in suit, reaching into the inner pocket as he retrieved a small, though partially transparent sheet? Regulating it into his palms, and a few taps of its surface, the once lifeless object shimmered and within seconds, applications and apparatuses emerged on its face; this wasn’t some flashy mirror, no it was Taka’s cellular phone. Quite advanced as compared to others, it was a personal model and kept him alert of all aspects that was controlled by his personal A.I interface.

Muramasa, show me the stock market and all investments I’m involved in.” Speaking in his native tongue, though in a murmur, Taka voiced his command, and the phone oblige. Emerging on the screen, several tabs opened and just as effortlessly the young man flipped through them with untold speed. Having adjusted the phone’s capabilities, navigating it became almost second nature. Smiling after a moment, he seemed pleased, his shares all spiking, he was gaining interest by the moment. It wouldn’t be long before the unknown presence made herself known, and as a soft, accented voice ensued, Taka would raise his head, smiling charmingly at his new guest.

I don’t mind at all.” He exclaimed in fluent Cretan, stranding before pulling her seat out, gesturing for her to take his kindness and relieve her legs of the stress of standing.


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Re: CHAPTER I: Steel Industrialism&Caramel Perfection

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 16, 2012 11:56 am

She noted the gesture and couldn't help but smile, this man certainly had manners. "Thank you-" She replies sweetly, gently sitting down on the chair that was offered out for her. A wave of relief began to spread beneath the soles of her feet as she felt herself sink slightly into the thick cushion of the seat. This new found comfort nearly tempted the young woman to lean her back against its' rest, however that would not have been a proper thing to do at a setting such as this. But that wasn't much of a big deal in comparison to being seated with the host of this extravagant gathering. That was enough for her to beam like a gleeful idiot, at least on the inside.

Looking up at the man before her, she couldn't help but notice his mixed features, from the shape of his oriental eyes, to the sea blue orbs she nearly found herself drowning in. He was rather attractive, she had to admit. But coupled with the fact that he was alone made her wonder as to why someone of his looks, not to mention status, would seclude himself from the world around him. Curiosity was her main fault, after all. "So are you just here on business?" She tilts her head slightly to the side as she gently swivels her glass around. Her golden irises, with their strange almond shaped pupils, were fixed on the young man beneath a soft gaze that lasted about a second before turning her attention to the glass of wine before her.


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Re: CHAPTER I: Steel Industrialism&Caramel Perfection

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 17, 2012 6:52 pm

She had accepted his gracious offer to pull her chair out by allowing her ample bottom to trickle into its comfortable padding. It had become second nature for the young man to act rather respectfully to woman with gestures considering his charismatic mannerism and sexual entice was exuded near-unconsciously. This ceremony—this assembly of the wealthy and contemptible had allowed Taka to slip away from their sights rather easily. His appeal to the opposite sex was diminished the moment he concealed himself in the corner under the guise of being disinterested. Truthfully, he wanted to mingle, but alas he enjoyed this new woman’s conversation much more.

Business brought here; pleasure is allowing me to stay,” He exclaimed, his tone as smooth as the attire he fashioned on such a night as his eyes weren’t even focused on her, but the crowd off to his left. His right hand having grasped the fine crystal that held his wine moved upwards, bringing the rim to his lips as he took a sip. “I don’t get much time to myself, so when I do, I’d rather much enjoy it.” Finally turning his ocean blue hues back to the woman, Taka found himself smiling attractively. Her appearance was rather exotic; foreign to the natives of his homeland. Her tanned skin and full lips were only complimented by her voluptuous frame. Regardless, he wouldn’t seethe over her, or lust for her physically; it wasn’t his style or forte.

Honestly, you’re the first person to approach me without an tributary motive. And for that, I thank you. My name is Taka,” He exclaimed, Taking a stand, only to move to her side as he extended his hand to her in a welcoming gesture.


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Re: CHAPTER I: Steel Industrialism&Caramel Perfection

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:00 pm

“Business brought here; pleasure is allowing me to stay.. I don’t get much time to myself, so when I do, I’d rather much enjoy it.”

Her ruby red lips curled into a smile before she took another light sip of her wine, curious as to what was keeping him in the country longer. Perhaps it was the food? The elegnt array of old buildings that decorated the country of Amestris? Or the women perhaps? She wouldn't be surprised if that had been the case, for Amestris was the home to a vast number of blond beauties that graced the world with their angelic looks.

“Honestly, you’re the first person to approach me without an tributary motive. And for that, I thank you. My name is Taka,” He held out his hand for her to shake, to which she did. One would think her grasp would be limp or gentle, given the small size of her hands. But hers was in fact firm enough to signify equality and confidence. Unfortunately, her foreign genetics had the best of her at this moment, for the massive hall was a bit cold, and being that she was built for the warmer seasons of Esparia, her hands were slightly chilled. Her gaze made up for this however, for her eyes, the color of the sun, were fixed right into his blue orbs.

“My name is Blanca Perez." She replied, releasing her hand from the shake before returning it to its' rightful position around the stem of her glass. Gently, she lifts the glass to her lips to take another sip of its’ intoxicating contents, before placing it back on the clear circle-shaped mark it had left on the white cloth of the table. The color of the print her lips had left were almost exact in hue as the remaining liquid that took up the bottom of the glass. "And-" She adds with a chuckle, "actually, I came to you because you looked a little bored." That alone was something she was still rather curious about. It just did not make much sense to her as to how the man of the evening was all by himself.

Perhaps he needed to take a break from everything that was going on all around him? Her eyes began to linger around the hall, and indeed she had spotted a few individuals glancing at the man before her, looking rather eager for her to leave so they could take her place on the table. Did this man just want escape from his normal routine? Honestly, she wasn't quite sure.


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Re: CHAPTER I: Steel Industrialism&Caramel Perfection

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:39 pm

Her grasp what rather tight—a sign of confidence and egalitarianism amongst gender. It showed she wasn’t a weak-minded individual or a cowering woman; traits of a powerful woman only found attractive by equally powerful men. He didn’t tighten his own, but allowed a subtle density of mutualism to ensue before leaning in, allowing his soft, full lips to please the surface of her brown skin. Her flesh was smooth and contradicted with the strength she presented in the form of a shake. Regardless, there was a softer side to her and it was evident within the feel of her smooth rind.

I must say, it’s rare to find an angel with the buoyancy of a warrior.” She didn’t have to gain an understanding of the words he spoke; it wasn’t for her to truly understand; but to consider on her own accord. Taking back to his side of the table, the young blonde couldn’t help but find himself momentarily lost in the sea of golden wealth that sanctified the coloration of her eyes, and as her words brought him back to reality, he found himself smiling just as pleasingly as she was.

Not so much bored, but relieved” His sentence cut thin as an older, shorter man of told age through the wrinkles along his face intruded.

Master Taka, it’s time to give your speech.” He exclaimed, oldness flooding the wealth of his ripe voice.

Sighing to himself, Taka nodded tamely in his response as he turned to Blanca, before taking a stand and adjusting his suit’s jacket with a single hand. “If you’d bother waiting on me for just a moment, I’d appreciate it.” He exclaimed before tossing her another trademark smile of magnetism before walking towards the front, though not before turning his head back to face her once more.

Beautiful name, might I add.” Always the charmer.

The crowd formed into an ocean of fluctuating colors as cheers erupted throughout the interior of the dome building in response to Taka’s walk to the stage. He was forced upon my hands and applauds of the most deafening sort as the blonde found himself increasingly motioning through the upheaval before taking a stand behind the fancy podium at the front; several translators just in front of him to translate his words into the different cultures that occupied its space. Gesturing for the maelstrom of veneration and approbation to end, he would clear his throat before smiling; his words resultant.

Thank you… thank you; but please, don’t praise me today—this is not my celebration. (slight pause)… A wise man once wrote that technology is the bridge that links the world—connecting what seems to be endless miles separating each out us by a single thread; its evolution at its finest. I was blessed enough to have parents who cared enough about my education to send me to the finest schools and force wisdom into my mind. However, I won’t be doing that here—I will not force anything. I’ve donated ten million dollars to those that are willing. I cannot live your life, or tell you how to live it; I can only guide you into the next generation of evolution. Use these resources and learn from our mistakes—turn this imperfect world into excellence itself. I’m an ignorant man who only dreams of perfection—make it your reality. Thank you.

The crowd erupted into applaud once more, finding Taka’s words the most lustful of the night as he exited the stage and took his time making it back to Blanca. Rubbing his head, looking down and sighing, he reached out to the table, taking a fine sip of his wine before placing it back upon the cloth that held it in place.

Now where were we?


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Re: CHAPTER I: Steel Industrialism&Caramel Perfection

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:17 pm



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Re: CHAPTER I: Steel Industrialism&Caramel Perfection

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