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Buenas noches

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Buenas noches

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:25 pm

Well, that Maribel who looked completely like an Aerugese was sitting there in her favorite seat. She always gets that seat, don't ask how because you really don't want to know. The place was simply the movie theater and the movie heroine of this motion picture was none other than lady Tanandra Collier herself or lady Macbeth as Maribel like to call her. So practically, if there was a movie out there where the lady Macbeth was the main actor and that said 'lady' was always the main actor, Maribel would be always there watching it. In any movie theater, typically anywhere..she had the same seat.

Well, where was that seat? Well, it depends on each movie theater but where Momoe sat was the best position to view the movie. Always, the seats beside her were vacant. Don't ask why and how, don't question it!. Well, Dom aves was having her popcorn, a soda beverage and many handkerchiefs.

Her brown eyes were raining tears which was quite the proof that the movie was reaching one of it's apex points and in case you wanted to know the extremely warm moments of any movie, Maribel would be your thermometer. And here it came, the break. True salvation for those who were around, for her tears would have brought a small pond to existence and she would have begun breaking some bones and crushing some skulls out of grief.

Stretching out her hands then using one of her handkerchiefs wiping off the various droplets over her oriental face and cleaning her sniffing nose. It came to her realization that she ate of all of her popcorn. Quickly standing up and finding her way to the outlet that sells this kind of stuff.

It was refilling time..


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Re: Buenas noches

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:18 pm

Blas was as always up for watching a movie about the beautiful Tanandra Collier. his idol, his goddess, his.. well he wouldn't go any further. Simply the thought of her perfect beauty was enough to send his heart on a sky-high high that made him simply chase clouds in a world that didn't particularly exist. His happy place. the goofball had a happy place and it was watching the beauty known as Tanandra Collier in any of her perfect movies. She blessed the movies; perfected them with her utmost beauty. She was a God send. A miracle placed in the earth to brighten the dimmest of days. His heart simply soared at the thought.. and then plummeted when he realized how creepy it all truly sounded. His eyes dipped and he sighed.

As the movie played, Blas watched each and every movement; clung to her every word. She was truly amazing; perfection in the very dictionary definition. Even in guise her subtle body made him think of art (though some a bit scandalous). The tear jerker earned a manly tear but he wiped it away swiftly and found he had to go get a drink. The heat in the theater was almost thick enough to taste and it disgusted him. So, Off he went to the concession stand.

Only a few other people were in line, one being a woman whom looked exotic to him. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he stepped forward, beside her and ordered his soda beverage. He would be punished later. Sweet sodas only added to fat count which would make him ugly... wonderful. His eyes closed, lips to the straw and he sipped. Satisfaction in the following sigh. A hand moved to straighten his scarf. His ensemble the usual jacket and white pants, but feeling a bit sweaty, he shrugged it off, showing his black wife beater. A kind and nervous smile to the woman beside him. "Enjoying the movie?" Well. That was a dumb question and he realized only AFTER he asked. If she wasn't enjoying it.. wouldn't she have just left by now?

Immediately he regretted the whole sentence and wished he had a rewind button. Could we replay that? He wondered. Was there multiple endings to this story like the video games that his friends played? Another thing he was declined, was video games so he simply took their words on it. Ready for the mental pain he was probably about to feel, he threw his jacket onto his shoulder and hid shyly behind the straw he gently nursed. The sweetness did wonders to drown out the bitterness that plagued his mouth. After all stupid words tasted awful on his tongue.


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Re: Buenas noches

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:08 pm

Rewind button! there is no such a thing. Different endings? Oh, there are many but one's path only lead to her or him into a certain end unknowing of all others. Decision are important because...there is no Rewind button.

"Enjoying the movie?"

The question itself was not that odd. Normally, anyone would enter a movie and dislike the whole experience but this was no normal movie. No, it wasn't. The question shocked Momoe's existence asunder splitting her conscience into half. It was a moment of choice..

She turned around her head and eventually there eyes would meet and..


One tiny Esparian Maribel and another Aerugese Momoe each sitting on one shoulder. The Esparian devil whispered to Dom aves. "Kick his ass.." while the angelic Aerugese would oppose "Spare him.."



How dare he doubt lady's Macbeth ability?! Let me give him the uppercut that would send him to mars..from Maribel with love. The devil with two horns said while snapping her fingers.

Look at him. He totally didn't mean it besides nothing better than innocence. Innocence is good. The angel with a floating ring over her head replied as her hands intertwined in prayer.

I guess..innocence is good. Dom aves thought to herself. There was no need to make a commotion and that guy, he didn't seem aggressive.

Damn! Well, I shall win next time, whitey. The Esparian Maribel puffed away into smoke as the angelic Momoe draw her wings in victory Ruthlessness has it's own time but not now..not now. The latter scattered into tiny butterflies.


Yeah, Of course. I would. Lady Tanandra acting is always elegant and outstanding. The true question or rather sarcasm..who wouldn't enjoy this.
Her popcorn was refilled. The half blood between Esparian and Aerugese in a simple white dress that showed actually nothing much, she took artificially made white corns into a tiny small basket.

I am Maribel.. She said while giving away an honest smile. Ah, quite the sweet bitter innocent beauty she was. Mercy be upon this lad's soul, Amen.


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Re: Buenas noches

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:30 am

"Yeah, Of course. I would. Lady Tanandra acting is always elegant and outstanding. The true question or rather sarcasm..who wouldn't enjoy this."

Blas probably had a dumb face for a second as the woman responded rather normally for his poor luck of finding bad luck. Her response earned a bright smile and his whole face lit up. "I couldn't agree more! Miss Collier Is simply a beauty that this world is blessed in even having!" Well.. there went his manly cover. He was having a fangasm. It happened on occasion, he'd get over it.. eventually or not. He couldn't control it, once he started gushing... His heart rate would raise and a slight blush formed on his face. "I'm not sure of a single fool who wouldn't enjoy her beauty and grace! It would simply be despicable in my eyes!" As if he were some sort of almighty judge of the rights of being a fan or not,

People should be able to have opinions, but Blas was so set in his ways, he saw only one side and that was that Miss Collier was perfection. For a moment he realized he was being slightly over enthused, so he pushed his excitement into his chest. Clearing his throat as he did when he found he was in the wrong, he gave a shy smile and rubbed the back of his head. Awkward.. he was so awkward with women... His breathing faltered and her tried to control his 'love' for Miss Collier. He couldn't really love her, they'd met once. It had been the best day of his life, but still it was a one time thing that could possibly never happen again.

There went his buzz. The thought of never seeing her again made his heart sink six feet below. The happiness drained a bit, but hope still sat. Why did he hope for her to spend time with him? His head hurt. It was so frustrating to adore someone who probably only thought of him as one of a million. He knew he was one in a million though and one day the world would see, or so he hoped. "I am Maribel.. " She spoke with such a cute smile.

Th-thump. His heart skipped a beat. She was.. cute! It was frustrating. So many women he ran into on the Esparian grounds that were cute or further up to a 7 on a scale of a 10. Of course Miss Collier being the perfect ten that made everyone else so low on the scale. This one was rather a sweet looking one and had Sebastian been there, he'd have been trying to hook Blas up with her. Though, Blas doubted it would work, just like all the failed attempts before. Taking a bit of a sloppy bow, Blas took his own introduction. "Ah! H-Hello Miss Maribel. I am Blas! A pleasure to meet another Miss Collier fan!" He stated with his face lit up. Had she been sarcastic, he wouldn't have known. Once on the topic of Tanadra Collier, Blas was in a Lala-Land.


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Re: Buenas noches

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:19 pm

SANE! he was sane. Good, it means he was good chap. Indeed, the world was blessed sky high and Maribel, she couldn't agree more. Of course, unknown to her the true identity of lady Tanandra, Momoe completely shared the same beliefs. Fools and stupid, they are who didn't appreciate her. For she was the charming lady Macbeth, very known for her poetic fairness.

Well, Maribel took note of his features. An Esparian he was, She could tell from his peachy skin which resembled mostly the slightly dark skinned natives of Esparia. Ah, Dom Aves could swear she was seeing two blue seas which truly marked him the most else than his chosen ware of a muffler. His twin sapphires were outlined by gentle narrow eyes. He was flashy in his own way, Maribel could ascertain despite not being well versed in the world of fashion, he had this moral voice..

"Ah! H-Hello Miss Maribel. I am Blas! A pleasure to meet another Miss Collier fan!"

Blas! Quite memorable name thanks to his peculiar nature, Did his parents foresee such a thing? Interesting, Though not being an avid reader of psychological articles. The browned eyed oriental woman recognized this air of kindness around him. If such was true, then both were the polar opposite. Well, she would know his true nature in due time.

The pleasure is mine, Blas-san. She gave him the slight bow of respect known for the great cultural civilization of Aerugo. Momoe determined to test his mettle. Well, the word 'test' meant 'know him better' in her vocabulary. So out of the blue, she asked him a question.

Momoe was still in her slight bowing pose quietly raising just her head being by then to be more closer to his Esparian avatar. His facial features didn't show mischief but mostly sincerity. What is your favorite color, blas-san?

And do believe me, colors are indicators for many, many things.


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Re: Buenas noches

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:32 am

"The pleasure is mine, Blas-san." The woman bowed to him, that was rather odd. Blas had to admit while his eyes soaked in the general thought of 'Why bow to just some random smoe?' Then again, who was HE to judge? After all, he did the same thing with this Jane Doe he'd never met before now. Manners were needed and they were showed. It was great promise and gave a good view upon the persons in question.

"What is your favorite color, blas-san?" The question appeared out of nowhere it seemed and for a moment he had to think. What exactly was she getting at? Perhaps it was just idle chit chat. this innocent looking girl couldn't be anything more than an innocent girl! He smiled at her sweetly and for a moment he thought. What WAS his favorite color. Of coures he knew the answer but did he REALLY know the answer? As odd as the question was he simply second guessed his favorite color before deciding on an answer.

Once he agreed completely, his eyes closed and his smile widened. "Blue." He admitted full-heartedly. "My favorite color is blue. What about you, Miss Maribel?" How happy he was to have a conversation where his head wasn't exploding from the excelling heart rate. instead it was a set metronome that slowly ticked in time with the rest of him. No bad thoughts, no worries, he was content. His eyes opened once more to rest upon her. She was adorable though and for that, his cheeks held the color red prisoner.


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Re: Buenas noches

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:24 am

"Blue." Ah, the color of peace. This explained Blas's calm demeanor but was that backed up with the confidence the blue was renowned for? Maybe he was spiritually his own way.

"My favorite color is blue. What about you, Miss Maribel?" Very polite of him, indeed. Maribel wondered to herself how to tell him her favorite color, emphasizing things was something of her liking. The bitter beauty couldn't say her favorite color like that without her demons telling her ideas. That's why she was not only a beauty but a bitter one at it..a rose full of thorns.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The Aerugese angel give away the most lewd and creepy laugh ever, perhaps lustful too. While the Esparian devil on her other shoulder was very astonished sometimes wondering if he was the bad guy. Aren't you supposed to be the angel? The small angelic creature tried to contain her laugh Well, being dressed in white doesn't mean being pious. I just like the the wings and the yellow ring. Regardless..Dear Maribel, now is the perfect time to cause a commotion. The Esparian Devil was distressed Wait a second, Mari is drugged, this is frigging dangerous. No,no, no...Noooooooo.

My favorite color..Mmmmm Momoe stood straight, right arm supported by her left palm that would show her previous stance of crossed arms moments ago. But by then, her left hand was covering her lips as in a complete state of concentration pondering and contemplating. But, it didn't take much of time. it took only a second.

Releasing her arms, Maribel with her left palm gently began pushing the handsome lad backwards to the nearby wall. That if he didn't object and Maria Isabel didn't anticipate such an action from his side, peaceful as he was. Once his back reached the nearby wall, her left palm was change it's stance to a fist and said fist would go flying giving the mightiest punch in all history backed up with strength of her drugs, the full force of 100%.

Of course, the punch was not aimed and never targeted the young flashy Esparian male on the contrary, It went flashing just beside his head for the wall, Blas would feel the soaring air of this ultimate quick flight. Perhaps, he would feel a a very small and tiny strand of his hair cut by the stigma. Eventually, he would hear the load 'Ding' of impact and the little dust falling from the ceiling over his head.

Maribel left a mark on the wall, a good sized crack to be remembered. The other people around paid them no heed, Maribel was pretty known almost in every movie theater not to be missed with, quite an avid movie watcher. Regardless, her hand was slowly bleeding red. Blas's twin sapphires would see the scarlet dripping from her wounded hand. Maribel didn't speak instead opting for her hand to reach his cheek that was red a moment ago smearing it with a line of blood.

It was red, her favorite color. But her lips didn't part the name leaving Blas's mind to connect the dots. It said that red symbolizes life and vitality. Mainly, the true urge to live and the everlasting wish of surviving against all odds. Indeed, Momoe - on her own way - was brimming with life. She never considered herself passionate or lustful though. Or actually, Maribel was but she didn't know.

Oh, I am very sorry. Dom aves was in her world of emphasizing things since there was no rules or true codes controlling her except for obeying her master. The bitter beauty always did what she wanted. But, there was this straight masterfully made line of crimson on his peachy cheek by then. She left her handkerchiefs on her seat, fearing that a vermilion droplet on his well made muffler. She pulled his muffler nearing his face towards her - that if of course, he didn't mind. - as she swiftly licked her red smudging his pretty face. Leaving his muffler and taking a step back later on..

Quite adorable, Eh? Well, if he was still there and didn't run away for his own life. Maribel would continue the conversation and probably doing something new. Call me Maribel, Blas. opting to throw away honorifics, she actually licked his cheek a moment ago. Hugging his left arm, Momoe began to lead him outside. There was still sometime for the break to finish and she wanted to buy something sweet throwing her popcorn to the nearest trash can on a whim.

So, Blas..what is your favorite letter? Momoe returned again to her innocent nature looking to him with very pure eyes while sucking the blood of her wounded hand. Okay, he should be very wary of his answers from now on - if he was still yet around - because this half-blood was serious business.


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Re: Buenas noches

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:34 am

"My favorite color..Mmmmm." Blas watched with genuine interest. Of all the colors, what would this cute woman prefer to the others? A certain color on the spectrum that appealed to the better nature.. or maybe the worse nature? He would see soon and that he did. However the way it was shone almost made him shit himself. His reaction was slow, easily lulled into a false guard by the woman, he was unsuspecting of her true thoughts or even the truth of her being. She was a bit unstable, but he didn't know that. After all, this woman didn't LOOK like an assailant. Then again, looks were deceiving.

Slowly, he was backed to a wall. A sort of menace trickling thickly into the air. Her hand pushing him and those eyes.. seemed like there was a fight brewing. Though, Blas wouldn't fight her, he wasn't one to enjoy fighting. Especially not in public where other people could get hurt. Just as he expected, her hand coiled back and flew towards him. He braced himself mentally, flinching obviously.

The fist didn't hit him. Instead near his head. Was this a threat? Blas' eyes were wide as saucers while taking in the woman's aggressive form. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw a few strands of hair flying and the whole wall creaked. Dust flew everywhere and Blas was left in a confused state of mind. He wasn't sure how to respond. His body shaking in surprise and he cursed himself for looking like such a wimp. Slowly he straightened his back, taking her eyes into his eyes and gasping silently.

What was worse was when she pressed her bloody hand to his face. His face showing the wild flinch while his eyes closed again. He was flinching. This girl was unpredictable and that made him nervous. Not to mention the fact, Blas always had such a bad luck with women. A smeared line of crimson traced his cheek, he could feel it cooling on his face. He didn't like it. The thought of this innocent woman's (though that could be debated it at the moment) blood being on her cheek. Things only got worse from there.

"Oh, I am very sorry." "Wha-?"

Next, she grabbed his muffler. His treasured item and still in shock, he couldn't fight back. He could only watch in awe while her lips got achingly close and then. Blas flinched. His lips pursed and his eyes clenched shut. A growing red on his face. He was short of praying this crazy woman wasn't doing what he thought she was. This was practically harassment, though, he didn't say anything about it. In fact he wouldn't ever talk about it, more than likely.

Within a few seconds he felt something warm and wet press where the blood was. Moisture licking at it. He simply tensed further, his cheeks redder from the thought. S-She was licking his cheek! Blas couldn't handle it. Her tongue licking up the blood. There were.. SO many things wrong with what was going on here. Blas was highly disturbed and just generally unsure of how to react. As he opened one eye to see if she was done, she spoke.

"Call me Maribel, Blas." What happened next left him further lost. Her arms grabbing one of his and began to drag him away. Where was he going, now? He wasn't sure. Yet he shakily followed her. Her hand moving, throwing her popcorn away. He couldn't blame her, sometimes popcorn got old. As his heart rate calmed, he let the past simply vanish and continued to live in the then and now.

"So, Blas..what is your favorite letter?"
Blas looked at her. She was the definition of adorable when she looked so innocent, however she knew now more than ever looks were deceiving. She was a bit crazy, but it was okay. He could deal with crazy. If he had a favorite letter, he was half terrified to tell her, but he was being truthful, "I don't.. really have a favorite letter." Nervously, his right hand rubbed the back of his neck. Every nerve in his body was on edge, screaming at him that being around her was not good, but she wasn't bad. Not in his actual eyes.


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Re: Buenas noches

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:31 am

Blas kept wondering with Maribel despite her weired attitude that purely was reflected in her strange behaviors. Narcotics can alters one's mind applying those strange effects of blurring what is right and what is wrong. Having no ethical caps that restricts her, the bitter beauty always put others into awkward situation such as this. However, Blas was really brave and decided to keep the company even the shows of madness Momoe kept giving him or perhaps she didn't give him a chance to flee holding his arm. Indeed, Blas. It is quite the predicament. However the normal 'she' probably wouldn't have done that and the normal 'she' didn't appear often.

"I don't.. really have a favorite letter."

Momoe puffed her cheeks..Tsumannai~ she said 'boring' in Aerugese however her voice didn't reflect that, on the contrary she was quite amused by the fact that he didn't have a favorite letter. Truth to be told, who would have a favorite letter? Ah, yes. Maribel.

You favorite letter is 'S' for sadistic. She paused for a little then continued however this time the janitor in disguise didn't do anything that would be considered practically weird. However she resumed saying the usual..nonsense.

Well..I like to break arms especially the arms I am holding between my arms..Nothing is better that hearing bones snapping and the agonizing cries that follows . Maribel giggled innocently Oh, I am kidding. Don't worry, I won't break your arm. A pure white lie, snapping bones was actually into her liking. She led him to stall selling fruits outside seeking something peachy exactly like a peach where she bought two, one for her and the other for him.

Cleaning the mushy fresh peach into her clothes taking a bite later on. So, what is your line of work, Blas? Are you an artist? she inquired passing to him his peach.


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Re: Buenas noches

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:06 am

Blas looked at her oddly. She'd puffed at her cheeks and -damn he had to admit that was adorable. His face again a shade of pink. This crazy woman was probably going to kill him in his sleep. It seemed logical, after all she HAD nearly punched him in the face earlier. On the brighter side; she didn't so he supposed there WAS still hope left in the world for him. Maybe he WOULDN'T die some tragic, cute-girl related death, which in all honesty he felt perfectly fine with. After all, if he were going to die a cute girl was a MUCH better thing to see than let's say a sweaty old man. Yes, sweaty old men were not to Blas' liking the thought made him pale a bit and he tried to shake it off.

"Tsumannai~" Wai- Was that Aerugese? This woman was Aerugese as well? How silly a coincidence! It made him swell in his chest the thought of someone else being Aerugese and sure explained a lot about her appearance. She didn't look full Esparian. Yet as he went to respond at being called 'boring'. She had already found something else to talk about. Sadly Blas was unsure of what she said, he just recognized it.

Outside, the scent of fresh fries mingled with burgers and Gyros, along with other more authentic Esparian food, all too fattening for Blas' so when they stopped at a peah stand, he could tolerate the smells much better. He wasn't particularly hungry, but bad foods often lulled him into buying at least a little bit.

Then she started talking about breaking bones which was NOT pleasant. Oh how he could remember the last time he'd broken an arm... A few shivers went down his back. A kind, aggressive, fat woman had sat on his back and bent it until it broke. He had a cast for a few months and it was a feeling he wasn't too keen in experiencing again. So as she spoke of snapping his arm he couldn't help but try and swallow the nervous squeak that betrayed him. As well, he almost felt like he'd vomit. Of course she said she was kidding but- he somehow doubted that.

"So, what is your line of work, Blas? Are you an artist?" Haha from breaking his arm to asking about his work? She sure was an odd girl. Nervously he scratched at his cheek, taking the peach with his other hand before rubbing it against his jacket. "I wish I was as fun as that. Unfortunately I'm just a foot soldier." His teeth sank in, the juices heavenly on his tongue. After swallowing the first bite he smiled warmly at her. "But I'm more interested in you. You're Aerugese?"


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Re: Buenas noches

Post by Shula Brighton on Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:55 am

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Re: Buenas noches

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