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MISSION: The South

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Re: MISSION: The South

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:35 pm

Scion was a bit surprised when the man grabbed his sword and threw it away, along with Scion himself. He flew a few meters and landed on his feat, thanking whatever reason he learned acrobatics. He was near Xan and Jay again, and saw as the girl attacked Layus... quite skillfully he had to admit, whoever she was - she was not just some girl with automail. He was sure she had to be pretty popular, but even Scion had no ability to remember every dossier he was given by the Fuhrer's Office.

"Nooo, nii-san - his blood made me nauceous, get it off!" - Lilith was almost panicking.

Then he took a closer look at the man, and finally he began to recognize him. It was Layus Carnovorus - a Homunculi. The fact that he regenerated made it obvious. Fuhrer gave him a dossier of all the homunculi - so that he would know them on sight. He had strict orders concerning them, but then again.... Gluttony attacked first. Scion also knew that the homunculi should know the Horsemen as well.... this was strange.
Scion moved backwards, making a slash with his sword to his right - he simply threw off the blood. And he spoke before Jay made her last attack, hoping to stop it before it began.

"Wait, we have no need to fight - Layus. Do you not know who you face?" - Scion hoped the situation was still reversable, and truth be told, even if he did kill this one the Fuhrer would not be that mad with Death... perhaps, - "Anyway - we have no time for this - die or get out of our way, homunculi."

Scion expected a pursuit soon, Xan's alchemy would not go unnoticed - of that Death was sure. They had little time, and even if the offircers wouldn't be here soon - simple soldiers were a nuisance too.


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Re: MISSION: The South

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:54 pm

Layus was caught off guard from the girl's attacks. It was like she came out of nowhere, how the hell did she move so fast? "Ah...crap...," he groaned as the sword came and sliced his body in two. His eyes rolled in annoyance, just how many times were these people going to kill him? The person who was cloaked in a hood was talking to him. What was he saying, he didn't feel like listening but he caught some of what he said. Humph, not know who he faced? Well it was true, maybe he was a little confused on the whole mission and what his role was. He wasn't exactly listening to Father when he was talking. Why was that again...? Oh yeah he was hungry.

But man...looking at things now maybe he should have listened. The cloaked person and that Ishvallan humph they weren't such a big deal but that girl...she was scary! "I think I'll save you as a snack for another day...except the girl she's too scary," he mumbled. He hoped he wouldn't be scolded by Father for attacking the wrong person. With that thought in mind, he turned on his heel and ran from the group before they could attack him any further.


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Re: MISSION: The South

Post by Xan on Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:11 pm

Xanthus Icarus was out of patience. He had come to the cell on purpose because he thought that he might get a little bit of sleep, then to talk with Scion when he learned that the hooded man was also being arrested. Now that he had conversed with Scion and been accepted into the ranks of the Horsemen, he considered any and all business in South City completely finished. As far as he was concerned, Gluttony (for the Ishvallan was sure that was the Homunculus attacking) was hardly even worth the effort to kill.

Noticing that the Homunculus had backed up a considerable distance from the group, the Ishvallan wasted no time in pressing his left hand against the wall nearest him. This just so happened to be the wall that Layus was on the other side of, so he would have no idea what was about to happen, and even if he did, he wouldn’t be fast enough to deal with it.

When Xan put his left hand against the wall, he sent a transmutation down the wall and to the ground outside, causing it to rise in front of Layus at the same rate as it had last time, ten feet per second. In five seconds, a fifty foot wall was erected with Layus on one side, and the group on the other. And just to make sure that Layus didn’t bother him further that day, Xan used a second transmutation. This time, the ground underneath Layus would suddenly not be safe anymore, as ten spikes simultaneously rose to skewer the homunculus.

Xan walked out of the police station with a slightly agitated look on his face. He didn’t even seem to be at all shaken by Layus’ ambush.

I'm not an energy alchemist, but I can do a simple transmutation to get one of the interrogators cars running. I'll take that vehicle, and you two can take mine. The keys are still in the ignition, and it's a standard military type. Scion, I'll meet you back in Central. And girl from the Xerxian name is Xanthus Icarus. We should meet in Central too, for we have some things to talk about. However, I first must go somewhere else and settle some...sensitive business.

Following this somewhat abrupt goodbye, Xan gently put his left hand on the ground. A pillar rose that sent him straight to the top of the stone wall. Without even looking down at Layus, the Ishvallan did a few more quick transmutations and ended up on the other side of the police station. Without another word, he noticed that the interrogation team had left their keys in the ignition and he smiled. Finally, something was going his way today!

A few minutes later, the Ishvallan was on his way North. He had some business to attend to...

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Re: MISSION: The South

Post by Jay Furor on Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:21 pm

Jay looked from Layus to Xan instantly, upon hearing that they would be leaving via car. "Um, I'd actually prefer to walk, thanks. I don't much like vehicle transportation... By the way, my name is Jay. Jay Furor. And I'll meet you there. So saying, she wave dto oth Xan and Scion, turned to Layus and made something similar to a small wave. She then held her automail arm out, a grappling hook exploding out from the hand piece, grasping a far of building, which she hurled herself to. She did such until she was gone, far from the holding cell.




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Re: MISSION: The South

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:43 pm

Scion listened to Xan, as he proposed Scion and Jay to take his car. Well... this was good enough, but Xan did say he had to take care of some bussiness. Perhaps he was running away? Scion didn't believe that - he was pretty sure Xan had no reason to leave the Horsemen - they had all he would want, leaving such an organization on free will was simply stupid. Who would throw away the best for an unknown future? No sane man for sure, and Xan wasn't a madman.

Scion moved quickly - he sheated his sword and made a dash for Xanthus's car. It was not that far away, luckily, and Scion reached it after a few minutes. He could already hear screaming in the distance, perhaps the persuit was finally here. Scion jumped into the car and started the engine. He quickly turned back and shouted in a calm voice, which was freaky and unnatural to say the least...

"Girl, better move faster, jump in or I'm leaving without you." - Death had no time to waste, and put the pedal to the metal! Should the girl make it in time she would leave with him. Should she not - she would have to make her own way to the Central City HQ. But it seemed that Jay Furor, as she called herself, had alredy used a different method of escape.

It was a loooong time since Scion drove a vehicle of any sort. The road ahead could be fun.



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Re: MISSION: The South

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:27 am

Alright. I'm going to say this now.

Congratulations to everybody who played a part in this Arc. We lost characters, made alliances and enemies.

I do declare this arc to be... COMPLETED!


You have all earnt 15 points for this, you won't go unrewarded.

Except for Zaska, who shall be sorely mourned...


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Re: MISSION: The South

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