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Cruise vacation

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Cruise vacation

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:15 pm

Now to unravel and relax from all the stress and rigors of his work time. All work and no play makes Polly a dull person. Just what better could he ask for than a vacation of all things? The weather was mild and sublime, pleasing and overcast, the oceans were sparkling and pristine, and the locale he was to go to was rather ravishing from the brochures he read from. A resort where one can relax, without a toil or worry from the world. No longer could he flirt with danger.

Rolling with Dietrich was the best thing to ever happen to him. Being a Royal Guard had perks, and his boss does recognize contributions, especially in the colloquially known "Dietrich War" with Amestris. In this instance, he really topped the cream when he had a vacation paid off, so he can unwind over the loss of his friends. A shame really, Curtis was a good buddy, but Oliver lost too much to ever stick over the loss of one, eeringly apathetic as a result.

But hither come, he shall enjoy his now current occupation of the lounge chair. Wearing a set of sunglasses, slacks, and a Hawaiian patterned cyan shirt. Enjoying his leisurely time on this moving cruiser in the clear and beautiful waters, as he would be within the view of the helm of it, as well as the view of the swimming pool. Particularly among many vibrant youngsters that decided to enjoy the cruiseline, minding his own business... and quietly reading his rather colorful magazine instead of the buttocks of those women scantly clad but in these apparatuses called 'bikini'.

Perhaps his discipline is effecting what should've been his social time too much? Poppycock. He can do whatever he needs, without consideration of protecting anyone in particular, or a palace, or ANYTHING.

"Finally... a moment ta unwind and relax. 'Bout bloody time." Thought the Calesman.


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Re: Cruise vacation

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:42 pm

Under this ever so perfect sky, Lucas Rosario was beginning to feel a bit peckish. He had decided to give himself a nice little vacation without Lily for once. It was the first time in a long time that he'd ever done so, given how close the twins were. So close, in fact, that they shared the biggest secrets of their lives - Lucas was in fact female, and Lily was truly male. Despite this, they were excellent and convincing the general masses otherwise. If the names weren't enough, then the hormonal supplements they took on a regular basis would certainly quell any doubts, not to mention that Luke wasn't very feminine at all to begin with.

Luke sat up from his recliner on the cruise ship and stretched. His current outfit consisted of some yellow and black swim trunks and a tank top designed for swimming. He had planned on swimming a bit later after all the rowdier folks left, but taking into consideration the time and the energy exhibited by said group, Lucas guessed it might be a while before he could take a relaxing swim. Instead he decided that he might entertain himself by the buffet tables.

Slipping into his all black converse high-tops, he grabbed his iPod and headphones and began to make his way inside. As the headphones went onto his head, he scrolled through the artists on his modern miniature jukebox. Some Skrillex would do nicely. Or perhaps some Deadmau5? It was a tough decision, because if there was one thing Luke didn't like, it was switching back and forth between songs. Scratching his head he walked into the ship and grabbed a plate of fresh fruit - watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, pineapple, and grapes.

As he walked around deck, he tripped over a stray toy, most likely left by the child of some other guest on the ship. Unfortunately, this led to him spilling the majority of his fruit on some blonde guy wearing slacks, sunglasses, and a cyan Hawaiian shirt.

"Oh, bloody hell! So sorry," he muttered, just hoping that the guy wouldn't attack him or anything. After all, this was supposed to be a vacation cruise, right?


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Re: Cruise vacation

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:38 am

Oliver's eyes scanned hawkishly through the pages of his erotic magazine, taking in the details in a stone faced demeanor he seems quite fond of in partaking in at a constant. What vulgar and dirty material he read, seemed like an average science magazine article to those not prying the hearty and delightful contents, as the title page was in black, yet resided within the sultry and the most profane of 'chicks' in the modern lingo go.

It really was a vacation to enjoy, everything is going exactly as he wanted. No interference from snotty tourists, flashes from their cameras, or anyone of them attempting to aggravate a response from the Royal Guard. No. Today, he was Oliver Blingworthy, a really normal person whom just so happens to be enjoying his timing here.

But wait...

When did Jessica Poppiton's buttcheek was ever in a shade of purple? And covered in splattered grape? And why did everything feel so moist and suddenly heavy? If not prickly and pointy. Oliver answered that conundrum with a simple glance at his current state of self, having become one would say... most... fruity. Oliver was not amused. Grumbling to learn he was soaked in sweetness, becoming an Oliver Blingworthy Fruit-Punch Sundae Delight. That cherry on his head topped the flavor.

Slapping that magazine to the close as he inclines his eyes towards the apologetic blonde with a mighty frown. Setting off his seating to tower over the sorry one. A sense of tension was conveyed in mighty abundance, as one would be so certain Oliver's glare is almost murderous. Dropping his magazine to the ground.

"I'd appreciate a handkerchief, if yeh're truly sorry." He bluntly puts it in that deadpan tone of Calish accent, much to the contrary of that atmosphere earlier, "It's not drying off anytime soon, get ta it, old sport."

His feet subtly pushes the magazine he discarded away and under the chair. Hopefully it wouldn't be seen.


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Re: Cruise vacation

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:05 pm

As expected, the man didn't take very lightly to having fruit spilled all over him. It didn't help that such a murderous glare came from someone who was taller than Luke. Feeling himself shrink, Luke felt chills go down his spine. Despite the fact that he wasn't a saint and had killed a number of people himself, this man was quite intimidating, but the alchemist couldn't quite figure out why. Many thoughts raced through his head, including how me might fight this man off if it came to a confrontation of that nature. He was only pulled back into reality when the man spoke.

I'd appreciate a handkerchief, if yeh're truly sorry. It's not drying off anytime soon, get ta it, old sport."

"I-I...o-of course, a handkerchief," he muttered in response, pulling one out of his pocket and offering it to the man, "There y'are, sir..." Hopefully this small peace offering would get Luke out of here unscathed, but he could sense that this wasn't going to be the end of this forced relationship of sorts. "Again, I'm sorry, I should have paid more attention," Luke mumbled, reaching in his pocket with his other hand to turn off his iPod.


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Re: Cruise vacation

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:28 pm

He took the handkerchief gently from the lad, although he could've sworn the hands are a bit more feminine than masculine from the looks of it. But he shrugged this sudden glimpse of the bloke's hands away with a simple wipe of the stains, which have soaked deeper than he expected within his cyan shirt. A sticky feeling itched against his skin in this terrible strawberry sorbet. Prompting Oliver to discard the tissue to the seas, as he unbuttons his shirt and loses the trousers. Unveiling his well toned abs and strong arms more clearly. Grumbling at the fact it was deeper than expected, and that he had to be confined towards his swim trunks he wore underneath. Draping his attire on his arms though.

"Again, I'm sorry, I should have paid more attention."

He shot a glare at the boy once more, his hands reached out, threatening to wring the boy's neck to an easy snap of a twig. They were methodical and precise. His eyes were hawkish, threatening him with death, as the atmosphere was heavy with the tension of all that is macabre. Then...





Oliver pats him on the hair, ruffling it to a messy do. Easing his expression to look at him in a pleasant way, as he smiled.

"Relax lad, everyone makes mistakes." His tongue rolled in a thicker Calish accent, "This ain't nothing ta fuss about. I need me a change of attire is all."

The older man steps past the shorter and younger boy, with a mind filled with the intention to grab him something fresh and clean from his room. He ever so disliked the idea of running around in trunks. Tends to be awful breezy, and he wasn't exactly inclined to swim. Taking his nonchalant strides ahead, and onward to his rather nearby room.


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Re: Cruise vacation

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:30 am

The man removed his outer layer of clothing, leaving swim trunks. He seemed well built, and the alchemist found himself doing a double take. Of course of all the people he could have run into on this cruise, it had to be someone attractive. Luke flinched as the man's hand seemed to fly at him viciously, but then relaxed a bit when the hand moved above his line of sight, tousling his hair.


Shit. That was a heartbeat.

Ba-dum. Yep. Definitely a heartbeat...and it was Luke's. Shit. Shitshitshit. What the hell was this? He'd only just met the guy...and not even properly met him...and already there was something wrong here. Luke's heart was meant to only be there to keep Lily in check, since they were twins and it felt right. It was his duty as Lily's twin brother...but...that smile...

"Relax lad, everyone makes mistakes. This ain't nothing ta fuss about. I need me a change of attire is all."

The man began to walk past him, most likely to get a change of clothes. Luke didn't want him to leave. Then they would probably go their separate ways and never so much as lock eyes ever again. For some reason, Luke dreaded the thought. He wanted to know more about this man...but...but...Ah, shit! There was no time to be thinking about it! "I- Wait!" Luke called, reaching out a hand to touch the man's back, but recoiling quickly. Touching him would only make this worse... and Luke certainly wasn't acting like a man today. It was this guy's fault! Really!


Wasn't it?


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Re: Cruise vacation

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:53 am

He was off on his way just to get his things from his room, honestly it was strange to be on this artificial thing called vacation. Not having to be strict and stiff all the time, like his typical duties back at the palace. So this was what they call... letting go of your discipline and relaxing. Refreshingly it can make one wind down despite what steely exterior a Royal Guard possesses. And contrary to popular beliefs, they are not fuzzy teddy bears inside that would hug another person if their stoicism is broken.

"I- Wait!"

Was that familiar voice peaking into his earlobes actually summoning for his attention which he could've sworn sounded a tad bit high pitched? Why yes it was. Nobody here as far as he was aware that would've been called out for, and he was the one enacting the basic principles of physics aptly labeled as motion to in fact be considered and differed towards the simple request of waiting. An act of moving from point A to point B, halted by such a call as if it were an order, stopping stiffly right there.

"Hrm?" He looked over his shoulders at the younger human, for what reason was he delayed from putting his mufti's on? "Was there something more you needed, lad?"


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Re: Cruise vacation

Post by Reila Tsukino on Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:21 pm

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Re: Cruise vacation

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