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Don't talk to me please. (Dietrich)

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Don't talk to me please. (Dietrich)

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:32 pm

The teen was slowly making her way through town. Her uneven and long pigtails were flowing in the wind as she walked. Her cold blue eyes scanned the area in a calculating way. People were chatting and walking, all happy with their lives. All satisfied with the lies they were being fed. By the government, by Izanagi. Isamashii's blood boiled whenever she heard his name. It made her want to go out and just shoot something. No no, that would be bad. She was supposed to be laying low. If she let her anger get the better of her and blew her cover, Izaya would... she shuddered. Izaya's powers were overwhelming. When he was angry with her, it wasn't good at all.

With a soft sigh, she adjusted her grip on her katana; which was propped on her shoulder and in it's respective sheath. She'd carry her Gatling gun if it wasn't so huge and noticeable. So her katana would suffice for now if she were to be attacked. Her creamy white legs moved forward and carried her over to the window of a store. It was a store filled with amazing products. All based off of the shows you love! Isamashii stared at the new shipments in wonderment. New figmas! Hopefully she had enough cash on her...


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Re: Don't talk to me please. (Dietrich)

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:06 am

Dietrich frowned, looking at the people around him. He was aware of the country's culture, its people, its history... but it always felt off to him. With the Empress, he'd largely avoided her, and when he did he made sure it wasn't on Aerugese soil. But, it was a petty reason, and probably weakened relations between the two. Now, with a new head in charge, here he stood, walking through a town, biding his time, hoping to get over his petty dislike of... whatever he disliked about it.

Turning on to what seemed to be some sort of market street, he began peering through the windows. The Aerugese, at least years ago, liked to keep to themselves, and tended to be hard to export products to. However, importing Aerugese products tended to be popular, as some were... unconventional in nature from time-to-time. He couldn't quite wrap his mind around some of the things, but he could admire the work put into the items.

Biding his time, he made his way down the street, his cane clicking on the stone below his feet. Eventually, something caught his eyes: a sword sheath, poking out above the crowd. The carvings in it particularly caught Dietrich's attention, beyond the casual display of such a weapon in public. Slowly, he approached the individual,only to find it to be a girl staring into a shop.

”That's an interesting piece you have there,” he says, standing next to her, trying to figure out what exactly she was admiring. ”Not very subtle, though,” he comments, his fingers rapping against the grip of his cane. ”I'm Dietrich von Vermont, by the way,” he says, giving a bow appropriate for the situation. ”And you would be?” he asks, tilting his head. Perhaps the stop in this town would prove interesting after all.


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Re: Don't talk to me please. (Dietrich)

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:22 am

Isamashii's attention was pulled away from the figmas when she heard someone speaking to her. "Oh great. Just what I need." ”That's an interesting piece you have there,” The strange man said. He certainly didn't look Aerugese, yet he said it perfectly. ”Not very subtle, though. I'm Dietrich von Vermont, by the way,” he said with a bow. ”And you would be?” Hm, at least the guy had an appreciation for nice swords when he saw one. She'd give him that much. Isamashii didn't know whether or not if he lived in Aerugo though. What if he was one of Izanagi's men trying to kill her? Then what would she do? She couldn't take risks... so she'd just be careful.

"... Yes it is a good piece. And it's supposed to stand out," she muttered in that cold and harsh tone of hers. Isamashii then decided to return to what she was doing. Admiring the beautiful products and deciding what to buy. Izaya had told her to go do something with herself for awhile, so she was. She'd goof around in the market area for awhile, find some food, and then return to Izaya when it was time to. Hopefully this guy wouldn't cause too much of a problem. Or she'd have to.. kill him probably. Isamashii didn't like killing people. But Izaya said it was something that had to be done, for the good of their rebellion. He always knew what to do, and gave such good advice. He'd be the perfect leader. The IDEAL leader. The one the country deserved. Yet still... at times Isamashii wondered how trustworthy a person Izaya was.. and what he would do if they were to succeed. She could only wonder for now...


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Re: Don't talk to me please. (Dietrich)

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:54 am

He couldn't help but chuckle. Kids these days, not nearly enough respect to their elders. He shifted slightly, not used to handling younger folk of this generation. Again, she seemed fixated on something, but his mind was working on other things as well. ”My apologies if I'm causing an inconvenience, Miss,” he says lightheartedly. ”After all, a strange tourist bugging a young girl such as yourself? I'd be put off as well.” Noting her outfit, he raised an eyebrow. Maybe he wasn't dealing with an ordinary teenager, but one of the more loopy ones. Perhaps she was part Gelemortian. That'd explain an awful lot. ”I still believe I haven't gotten your name, Miss. It's polite to exchange names here, isn't it?” Although he was amused, he didn't know whether to continue being patient or to become curt. Etiquette aside, he'd rather get to know the name of this individual. ”Though, I suppose we all have things we want to keep to ourselves.” grinding the cap of the cane against the stone, he shifts slightly. Perhaps he was overstaying his welcome with this one, despite his best intentions.


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Re: Don't talk to me please. (Dietrich)

Post by Csilla Angelis on Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:58 pm



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Re: Don't talk to me please. (Dietrich)

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