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The Night Dive ( Open )

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The Night Dive ( Open )

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:50 pm

Mitchell walked the streets of London, and boy was it alive despite being around midnight. People bustled throughout the street, most being drunks coming from the bars or tourists, sometimes even a drunk tourist but it was all fun to watch. The night was quite a clear night despite being in a city the stars were visible to most everyone. The moon was a crescent almost out of sight off in the corner of the sky. Mitchell strolled with his trench coat's bottom flowing behind him in the wind that grazed the streets, the contents of all the many compartments shifting with each step. Mitch decided that since he was doing nothing with his time at the moment he would pay a visit to his favorite bar which was just around the corner. Mitch rounded the corner and slipped inside fairly simple.

Once inside he looked around, oddly enough despite all the people on the streets it was not over crowded but only at the same rate as it is on any other night. Mitch sighed he was actually hoping for some entertainment from some irregular patrons, the only patron offered entertainment offered here was was Old Jack who could certainly talk as much as the day is long, his stories were interesting but after a while they just didn't do the same trick. " Hey there, Jack! " Mitch yelled across the bar.

" Hey there Mitch, come over! " Jack said waving over

" No thanks, maybe another time sorry! " Mitchell replied. He walked over to the bar and smiled and mumbled to himself while looking around seeing everyone act rather friendly which is odd for this end of town " God, this place is such a dive ha ha I love it. " Mitch ordered a simple beer and just sat back watching the people, and the door in case of any newcomers he thinks might be a tad interesting at least it was a long night after all.


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Re: The Night Dive ( Open )

Post by Guest on Tue May 07, 2013 12:15 am



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Re: The Night Dive ( Open )

Post by Lily Rosario on Sun May 19, 2013 9:31 am

London was such a splendid place, really, despite the weather being slightly chilly. And while Lily had grown rather fond of Philly, it'd be silly to just disregard her previous location, and birthplace, really quite silly indeed, Lily. Anyways, Lily was wandering the streets of London, in the middle of the night, mostly looking for somewhere to eat. She'd been in town, for once NOT because some church wanted a guest sermon, but instead because she just wanted to visit London for a week or so. But now she was hungry after a day of reminiscence, so she sought out a good place to catch a meal. It was quite late, and many of her favorite places were closed for the day.

And while she'd have avoided it any other time, a few drops of rain tapped her on the head, before being followed immediately by a full onslaught of rain. Ahh, one of those freak storms out of nowhere, just her luck... Seems she'd have to walk into the dive of a bar. Curse the ice cold Cretan rain!

At least they'd have bar food. She stepped in through the door, taking a quick survey of the room. It looked liiiiiiiiike... a cesspool of sin. But that's what most bars looked like to Lily, so that doesn't matter. "Hey there, miss, what can I do ya for?" She glanced at the bartender with a small smile as she took a seat at the bar, near some man with a beer. "Hmmm..." Glancing at the small list of food items behind the man, she sighed as she realized that she didn't want any of them. Defeated, she said with a somewhat weakened smile. "A glass of water and a glass of wine, I suppose."
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Re: The Night Dive ( Open )

Post by Jay Furor on Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:16 pm




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Re: The Night Dive ( Open )

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